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Friday, Sep. 4, 2015
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Horse Show controversy (continued)

Receiving feedback on a story on convicted murderer

The Weed'em & Reap garden club will meet this coming Friday August 28th.

íNo masticar chicle!

Politics aside for a moment, what are your thoughts about these two statements

If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be.......

Democratic Primary, what looked boring is livening up!

Weed'em & Reap Garden Club this Friday August 14th.

Opossums have become part of the family.

Well, the debate is over and we've had time to talk it out with friends

When I say miscellaneous chatter, mean it!

Garden stuff and miscellaneous chatter

Good morning World!

Go Fund the Bookmobile

Well, the votes are in and Weed'em & Reap will have another social this Friday.

Any super-tech out there who can shed light on this issue?

Do they still have campaign fans with themes like this?

It's magic!

eBay split from PayPal yesterday and a new eBay leader Devin Wenig took over

Tomato Art Festival is coming up soon in East Nashville community.

Two weeks, already? Weed'em & Reap Garden club will break bread (rolls) this coming Friday, the 17th of July

How safe are the fish in the Duck River to eat?

Your turn again, what's on your mind?

Wasps communicating? Can they do it through glass?

Favorite Son

Racism by Executive Fiat

Photography club organization, testing the "waters".

Movies on the Fourth

Judicial Activism

Walking Horse show this weekend moving to Calsonic?