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ISIS verses ISIL
Posted Saturday, February 28, at 2:51 PM
The most dangerous group of terrorists in the Middle East, and the world, call themselves ISIS, the Islamist State of Iraq and Syria. The present administration refuses to call them by their self-identified name and have subjectively renamed them ISIL, the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant. The mainstream press has also refused to call them ISIS, but are starting to use the term more often...

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Posted Saturday, February 28, at 11:29 AM

Interesting......Inviting Netanyahu to speak before a joint session of Congress is bad. Inviting Netanyahu to a closed door meeting with Senate Democrats is good.

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Posted Friday, February 27, at 10:47 AM

Facts: (1) African-Americans make up less that 13% of US population. (2) 40% of inmates in prison in the US are African-American. (3) 76+% of players in the NBA are African-American. Given these facts, (2) is deemed atrocious and (3) is deemed wonderful. What am I missing here?...

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Academy Awards
Posted Monday, February 23, at 9:02 PM

As I was watching the show, I came to believe I was at a political rally rather than a show to honor outstanding achievement in the making of movies. I was regaled with problems of racism, sexism and I am sure of a few other isms I missed as I became very bored with the entire proceedings. This from an unashamed fan of the movies...

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Education: Our Most Important Endeavor
Posted Thursday, February 19, at 3:46 PM

Our system of education has declined from clearly number one in the world to very nearly not in the top thirty. This in the face of spending evermore obscene amounts of money on administration, capital and operating costs. Yet, while this system is demonstrably less efficient and proficient, the most common mantra to "fix it" is more money!...

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Will of the People
Posted Thursday, February 19, at 3:18 PM

Another piece I had in the Tennessean several weeks ago. Now that the mainstream press has thoroughly demagogued the Tea Party Conservatives as residing in the far right fringes of the Republican Party, I would like to coin a term for their antithesis, the Elite Party Liberals that inhabit the far left fringes of the Democratic Party...

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Posted Tuesday, February 17, at 6:11 PM

A piece I had in the Tennessean a few weeks ago. President Barack Hussein Obama is incompetent. President Obama is black. He is not incompetent because he is black, he is incompetent because he is incompetent. He is lauded by followers as being brilliant, yet we don't know if he has any education at all. ...

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Pet Peeves
Posted Friday, February 13, at 8:03 PM

As an admitted political junkie I think the most upsetting thing I find in the press is when pundits or lackies seek to tell me what I just saw or read really means. Every time a prominent person misspeaks or sticks his foot in his/her mouth a talking head appears on video outlets explaining what they really meant. This, or someone else's statement, appears in the print media also espousing the same position...

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Posted Thursday, February 12, at 1:00 PM

It is very interesting that for the many months of ongoing strife and aggression in Ukraine that no mention is ever made of the Budapest Memorandum of Security Assurances. This was/is an agreement to assure the security and border integrity of Ukraine...

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Gruberization of America
Posted Thursday, February 12, at 10:23 AM

The recent past in Washington has presented an opportunity to coin a word that has a chance to become ensconced in America's vocabulary. The word: gruberization. The lead proponent of this phenomena is POTUS. A few disciples; John Koskinen, Lois Lerner, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton and of course Jonathan Gruber...

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The Deindustrialization of America
Posted Monday, February 9, at 10:14 PM

The United States is racing to be the first post-industrial nation in history. This journey is being driven by social theorists using our great Country as an experimental lab to test their socio-economic theories. This theory holds a large and complex country such as America can exist and prosper as a services economy. ...

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Posted Sunday, November 29, at 3:06 PM

It seem several commenter have a problem with the sentencing on William T. McMahan in the Roger Ritch fiasco and the re-sentencing of Chad Tucker. I or they one, don't understand the system. Probably me. Mr. McMahan apparently was elevated to "king pin" status when most thought Roger Ritch was. ...

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Election 2010
Posted Wednesday, November 18, at 3:57 PM

Seems my prediction that Jim Tracy would run against Bart Gordon for the U.S. House of Representatives in 2012 was off a couple of years. Look for him to announce soon he will run against Bart Gordon in 2010. Watch for the move to the 'boro also...

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Gambling Sentence
Posted Monday, November 16, at 8:17 PM

The United States District Court on Friday last, sentenced Chad Tucker to 42 months probation, $3000.00 fine and $100.00 assessment. I now rest my case. No incarceration in Federal Court for being major player in illegal scheme and 45 day in lock-up for the most minor players. I hope to hear from the commenters on my original blog concerning the local trial...

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Wartrace Liquor
Posted Thursday, November 12, at 8:26 PM

I have been following the Wartrace situation, re legalizing liquor by the drink, with much interest. I have come to the conclusion the situation is being approach in a most infantile and unprofessional manner. My opinion, for what it's worth, is the legislative body, board of aldermen/women, are to set the policy for the citizens of Wartrace. That is what they were elected to do, yet they apparently lack the political courage to act...

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Gambling Article
Posted Thursday, November 12, at 8:03 PM

This piece was publish by the Times Gazette early in this century as a two part guest column. I reran it here 14 months ago. With the interest in the great poker game of recent weeks, I thought it might be of interest to some. The original piece was published just the legalization of the lottery was gearing up...

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Gambling Update
Posted Monday, November 9, at 10:54 AM

As of a couple of hours ago, Christina Tucker was sentenced in Federal District Court in Chattanooga. She was sentenced to two years probation. Chad Tucker's sentencing was deferred untill Friday. I believer this proves my point of an earlier blog that the dealers, working irregularly, for tips only, were treated more harshly than the "king-pins."...

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Thomas School
Posted Friday, November 6, at 3:47 PM

I visited Thomas Magnet School last evening at the request of two grandchildren (cousins). I was absolutely amazed at the turn-out and participation. There literally were hundreds in attendance. This crowd, most of whom were fed dinner, was very obviously family including extended family such as grandparents and aunts and uncles...

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Policy Making
Posted Tuesday, October 20, at 1:26 PM

I often wonder how and why people forget what they almost surely have learned at some point in their life, usually in their youth. This phenomena is the duties and operations of a legislative body. This duty is always, at all levels, one of establishing policy and nowhere is there any evidence that this is not so. ...

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Election "09
Posted Thursday, October 8, at 2:19 PM

I don't believe I have ever had the displeasure of seeing such a malicious political campaign. We have two candidates from the major parties, both of whom are good people, now comes the Parties and the games begin. The candidates and the Parties will spend, it appears, in an aggregate amount of approximately $200,000 and perhaps more. ...

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