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Political Discourse

Posted Saturday, October 29, 2016, at 1:26 PM


Note ClarkDV entry to your, "A non-political question,......,posted by you on Mon. Oct. 17th.

This is a perfect example of the looney left's cowardly, imbecilic bovine scatology. A classic example of not being able to handle the message, so let's shoot the messenger.

Note he said you and I are stupid for using our own name, implying we wouldn't if we didn't have too. In his cowardly machinations he states on my blog he should not have to identify himself to those "crazies" out there who might do him and his family harm. I think you and I are reasonably well known to many people and are easy to find. I have lived in the same house nearly 44 yrs. I have no fear of any "crazies" that I or my family can't handle and I am sure you feel the same.

He said on your blog mentioned above, "I come here to make sure that the conversations aren't dominated by conservatives". Can you imagine the hubris dripping from such a statement. He has clearly anointed himself King of these blogs and implies only he is capable of saying anything that is factual and interesting to most people.

I will stop pointing out the foibles of the looney left. You may have noted I wrote recently after a couple of months of no posts, even in this environment of riches for those interested in politics. I did so because the looney left likes to shoot the messenger, display their self-ordained brilliance, and espouse, from the bushes, their own agenda with no regard for the subject of the blog. They are simply incapable of sanely and civilly debating the issues. This is why I write and after all these years, never get.

Steve, I will not post again in the near future. I ask that you consider doing the same regarding politics. You have many other areas of interest that you write about and I think that is fine and beneficial to many people. I follow you on most of your posts and have not found a single case, in the comments, where anyone was less than civil and can't find a comment asserting you are stupid.

My position is neither you nor I have any obligation to provide a forum for these people. I find it very interesting not a single liberal/progressive has approached the Times Gazette to write a blog.

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-- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Sat, Oct 29, 2016, at 5:52 PM


I may not agree with you on anything else but your link is funny.....and perhaps fitting.

-- Posted by Blessed Assurance on Sat, Oct 29, 2016, at 6:02 PM

Just what is Carl writing about?

-- Posted by Grit on Sat, Oct 29, 2016, at 11:57 PM

I don't think he likes people commenting on his or other people's blogs. He may have a little burn out going on. It is more than a full time job pointing out the foibles of the looney left.

-- Posted by fair share on Sun, Oct 30, 2016, at 5:05 AM

I thought it was pointing out the heroism and high drama of facing the myriad dangers of going to the T-G office and telling them your name.

-- Posted by quietmike on Sun, Oct 30, 2016, at 8:35 AM

I cannot find the comment from ClarkDV Carl referenced in this blog.

-- Posted by Grit on Sun, Oct 30, 2016, at 9:23 AM

well, I feel like Carl has cheapened the distinction that Fare Share and I received by being the target of special personal attacks all our own. We had to work hard to earn that honor, while Clerk DV resorted to the cheap tactic of attacking Carl. Sure, we could have prodded Carl, and brought him storming out of his cave to maul us with a torrent of multisyllabic words. But, we did not do that. Instead, we made thought out posts of our own ideas, only obliquely offending Carl's sensitivity to any who dare hold an opinion different than his own (which no "right" thinking person can possibly do). Fare and I masterfully brought Carl from a simmer, to a boil, before we induced an explosion. Clerk just poked him with a sharp stick. Anyone could do that... In my opinion Clerk DV is not worthy of this post. he did not earn it.

-- Posted by lazarus on Sun, Oct 30, 2016, at 10:34 AM

Carl, sorry for the slow response. My weekends have been getting busier than my weeks but that will change tomorrow. The weekend won't slack off but the week is going to get more hectic so my time will be even more limited.

I still don't mind posting the start of a conversation, but when it gets the way it did, I walk away. I have enough drama in my life, I do not need, nor ever liked getting into a verbal fray.

I may read it, but choose to let it slide off. That said, there was another comment that was reasonably stated on which I will respond in a moment.

-- Posted by stevemills on Sun, Oct 30, 2016, at 12:45 PM

Doesn't seem fare, does it laz? Somehow my share seems a little less today than it did yesterday. When I responded to ClarkDiVa on Steve's blog I'm afraid my lysdexia was kicked in. Sorry, DiVa!

-- Posted by fair share on Sun, Oct 30, 2016, at 4:25 PM

LOL, you call the left loonie, go back and read how insane your post is..... Your mentality and hate mongering mentality is a big contribution to the destruction of the once great republican party.

-- Posted by wonderwhy on Wed, Nov 2, 2016, at 2:29 PM

Carl, Do you not see the irony of writing of bemoaning the nature of political discourse but immediately using characterizations such as looney, cowardly, and bovine, whatever that term implies? And then to use words like scatology - ewww.

-- Posted by Oliver Klozzoff on Wed, Nov 2, 2016, at 9:56 PM

Are you OK, Carl? You seem to be having a stroke. Thanks for showing what a respectful, stable, thoughtful right-winger sounds like. I'm sorry I didn't kiss your ring before I called you out on your non-existent bravery for posting under your real name.

Wait, that's not fair. You might have done all your TG bloviating using your real name if TG hadn't told you you must, but because we don't have a time machine, we can't go back and see if you would have or not, can we? How convenient for you.

-- Posted by ClarkDV on Thu, Nov 3, 2016, at 7:25 PM

Wow,just shows politics is a ugly business that brings out the bad and ugly in people. I ve been staying out of it and focusing on other projects.I'd rather spend my day teaching history,riding a horse,fishing or helping preserve historical homes.I leave the fighting to others.

-- Posted by beau maverick on Fri, Nov 4, 2016, at 12:24 AM

Trump and the GOP voter suppression effort won't work.And yes trying to suppress voters with intimidation came from Trumps own mouth and his surrogates.He has warned against voter fraud and rigging the election.The woman arrested in Iowa for trying to vote twice was a Trump supporter,Trump convinced her that her vote would not count. He said on national news that people could go vote again if they want to change their vote. Sending people to the polls to intimidate voters is against the law. I am so glad federal judges have ruled against him.He is trying to reverse this law.He is desperate and this is the only way he can win. This is 2016 not 1901 as one judge said.One woman purged in NC was 101 years old and had voted all her life.One senior's ballot returned because she was in a nursing home and still able to comprehend.

Trump has yelled and screamed about undocumented workers in America taking jobs for months.It is a federal law against paying them.Well now it looks like his wife may be one of them.She came here and worked illegally on a visa that does not allow anyone to work and stayed just like millions of immigrants have done.She may not even be allowed to vote. If he wins will he build a Slovenia wall and deport her? She was not the only model Trump kept here illegally and then cheated them out of wages after threats to deport them.

Just think what America would be like if Trump wins with a cabinet of Ailes( a sexual predator),Christie(the worst governor in history) and Giulliani( a mad man).

-- Posted by lets be real on Sat, Nov 5, 2016, at 11:34 AM

Oliver.......I appreciate your thoughtful comment. If you will click on my picture and click on archives, you can see some of my "stuff" I have written since 2008. For a good example of the march of the leftist avatars, just go down three blog entries to my latest blog. As you will see, the thesis of the piece is the importance of considering the Supreme Court make-up in the election. As you can see further, out of 30 comments, only 2 even mention the Supreme Court.

If you haven't realized, the T-G, at the top of the comments entries requests, "please be respectful of others and try to stay on topic."

I greatly appreciate your identifying yourself. I apologize if I have offended you, but I get frustrated at the continued actions of those who obviously don't have the courage of their convictions and feel I, Steve Mills and the Times Gazette are somehow placed on earth to furnish them a forum to anonymously spew their vitriol, with no respect for the subject of the blog on which they comment.

-- Posted by cmcclanahan on Sat, Nov 5, 2016, at 12:26 PM

Carl,I'm glad that you have posted many facts and thoughts that we all should consider.Sometimes we as a society are unable to grasp the truth,accept the truth or are so blind we can't see.I admit I have personally attacked those individuals who seem to hijack every post put on these blogs.I will reveal myself,my name is Doug Soileau and I reside outside Shelbyville. Unlike most in the area I can say I've lived on the east coast, West coast, North ,south and the far east.I work at a job where I interact with individuals from around the world.I have horses,raise show poultry,shoot blackpowder firearms, act in a few movies,am a local living historian and work on history preservation. I know I've ruffled some feathers or scared some of the people around here.However,I only tear into bullies,ones who choose to lie or cheat,and officials who are a disgrace.When one chooses to be in the public eye or make public statements, then you must be prepared to get negative statements.You'd be amazed at the things said to me at public events or work,but I don't cry or run to the cops.Suck it up and be a man but that's asking too much of some individuals.In our local area it's the failure of the officials and uninformed,uneducated citizens.How else could we have gotten into such a mess?I went to jury service this past Monday and witnessed a young man smart the official off and get away with it and the fact that there are no metal detectors in the courthouse only shows that our justice system in the county is truly powerless and vulnerable to attack.Instead of being keyboard warriors,why can't we come together and fix our counties problems.At the end of the day we have no one to blame but ourselves.

-- Posted by beau maverick on Sat, Nov 5, 2016, at 2:14 PM

Beau.....thanks for your understanding and comment.

-- Posted by cmcclanahan on Sat, Nov 5, 2016, at 3:07 PM

Lbr?, why are you talking about voter suppression and intimidation from Trump? Has he hired Black Panthers to patrol the doorway to the voting booths? And people that voted early can't change their minds? Like the tax laws, if you don't like it, elect people to change it.

I do think what it would be like if Trump wins. America will come first again.

-- Posted by fair share on Sat, Nov 5, 2016, at 5:57 PM

And I think what it would be like if sick hilly gets in. Four years of weiner-gate.

-- Posted by fair share on Sat, Nov 5, 2016, at 7:12 PM

Carl,you are welcome.Just if everyone can wake up and realize it's we the people who have the ability and power to change the situation.

-- Posted by beau maverick on Sat, Nov 5, 2016, at 10:42 PM

I know this is off topic, but what is the worst that will happen? This one disappear also? Imagine my surprise when I came to check on Carl's most recent blog and this one popped up. I guess this one is once again the most recent. Well, at least now I have learned my lesson about following and posting on Carl's own private toy. Mic drop.

-- Posted by fair share on Thu, Dec 15, 2016, at 9:02 AM

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