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Carl McClanahan


Posted Monday, July 13, 2020, at 5:05 PM
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    Ok, Dr. Carl. But better yet, why not reopen everything with no restrictions? At least until resources (hospital beds) are getting close to capacity. Then regional dialing back of freedoms just enough to keep from exceeding capacity.

    -- Posted by fair share on Mon, Jul 13, 2020, at 6:01 PM
  • I read this yesterday.

    "Jeff Tymony

    Yesterday at 10:10 · Shared with Public

    A few very good questions for Betsy DeVos, United States Secretary of Education:

    I listened to two interviews with the Secretary this morning.

    In both she was asked about plans to keep students and staff safe.

    In both she said that the primary goal is to return students to physical classrooms five days a week beginning with the first day of school.

    These are the questions we need answered.

    Betsy DeVos, we have a few questions for you:

    • If a teacher tests positive for COVID-19 are they required to quarantine for 2-3 weeks? Is their sick leave covered, paid?

    • If that teacher has 5 classes a day with 30 students each, do all 150 of those students need to then stay home and quarantine for 14 days?

    • Do all 150 of those students now have to get tested? Who pays for those tests? Are they happening at school? How are the parents being notified? Does everyone in each of those kids' families need to get tested? Who pays for that?

    • What if someone who lives in the same house as a teacher tests positive? Does that teacher now need to take 14 days off of work to quarantine? Is that time off covered? Paid?

    • Where is the district going to find a substitute teacher who will work in a classroom full of exposed, possibly infected students for substitute pay?

    • Substitutes teach in multiple schools. What if they are diagnosed with COVID-19? Do all the kids in each school now have to quarantine and get tested? Who is going to pay for that?

    • What if a student in your kid's class tests positive? What if your kid tests positive? Does every other student and teacher they have been around quarantine? Do we all get notified who is infected and when? Or because of HIPAA regulations are parents and teachers just going to get mysterious “may have been in contact” emails all year long?

    • What is this stress going to do to our teachers? How does it affect their health and well-being? How does it affect their ability to teach? How does it affect the quality of education they are able to provide? What is it going to do to our kids? What are the long-term effects of consistently being stressed out?

    • How will it affect students and faculty when the first teacher in their school dies from this? The first parent of a student who brought it home? The first kid?

    • How many more people are going to die, that otherwise would not have if we had stayed home longer?

    30% of the teachers in the US are over 50. About 16% of the total deaths in the US are people between the ages of 45-65.

    We are choosing to put our teachers in danger.

    We're not paying them more.

    We aren't spending anywhere near the right amount to protect them. And in turn, we are putting ourselves and our kids in danger."

    These are all VERY VALID QUESTIONS !

    In her interview the other day she was asked a host of either questions about what she and her department, and the federal government's plans are, she had no answers beyond kicking the can down the road and not accepting any responsibility.

    Our nation needs leadership, solutions and real answers from Washington, not threats and blackmail. And the additional funding to supplement the newly needed safety measures need to fight this virus. It's easy for them to make demands to open schools, it's easy for them to threaten ( blackmail) the states by threatening the funding needed to keep the schools running under NORMAL conditions but not nearly sufficient to cover the added costs of needed to properly protect our children and those who will be caring for them.

    It is true kids need to return to school at some point, they don't only need to have structured education but also interaction with each other to learn how to functions socially, however unless the environment is safe then it is unrealistic and unacceptable.

    YOu can bet that if it were her kids or grandkids they would NOT be put in that dangerous setting. And that goes for a good percentage of those calling for sending the students back.

    Most students being sent back do not have the option of alternative methods. Not every home is suited for homeschooling. Many parents work, many homes do not have access to what would be needed to provide virtual learning, you can not expect them to sit in a car at a hotspot location for 6 1/2 hours with multiple devices if they do not have adequate wifi. SO what is being asked of these parents is that their kids safety be threatened or that they fall further behind in their education.Neither is in the best interest of the kids and it's a lose lose for the parents.

    I realize and respect that our local level school administration has put in many hours and have put their hearts and knowledge into trying to find the best solutions at their disposal to provide for our students. These people are to be commended for their devotion and efforts, but their options to choose from are limited and until this virus is under control we need leadership and backing from the federal level not threats and empty words from devos.

    Just out of curiosity will you have grandchildren that are going to be attending schools? What are your suggestions to the issues listed above?

    -- Posted by Keep it simple on Tue, Jul 14, 2020, at 11:30 AM
  • I have grandchildren and great grandchildren in the Bedford Cty. system. If all adults in the school are checked for virus prior to opening and are checked for temperature daily and wear masks, I am very comfortable.

    We are never going to have a perfect, risk free situation. If we did not have a looming election, I suspect the questions and answers would be very different. The CDC has determined children are at little risk of getting virus and little risk of propegating the virus. Worse case analysis based on anecdotal information is a tool of politicians not scientists.

    -- Posted by cmcclanahan on Tue, Jul 14, 2020, at 1:54 PM
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    How many of you PERSONALLY KNOW someone who has the Covid-19? Not someone who supposedly died from it! People who die are listed as a Covid-19 Death.

    The numbers are False!!! Who lives in a climate controlled environment of 47 degrees fahrenheit or colder? The Virus dies above 47°. Just how stupid can people get. They just want to keep listening to the Main Stream Media run by the Deep State, than use their own head. Oops, there goes another Red Pill!

    Without testing every human in the USA, you can throw away your all your phony statistics. You are Fools to even listen to all that garbage.

    -- Posted by sui on Thu, Jul 16, 2020, at 2:39 PM
  • Wile most of those questions are valid, many are not reasonably answered. If we/she knew all the answers, she should be running the world not just Department of Education and the people asking her KNOW they are not able to be answered, thus Carl's comment about it being political more than anything else.

    Let's ask a few questions back.

    What does the world do if this never goes away?

    What does the world do with the NEXT novel virus?

    How many people will die due to lack of food when the world goes into depression? As a guessing tool, how many died during the last Great Depression?

    How long can a government already almost 23 trillion dollars in debt keep holding up a non-working society?

    -- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Jul 17, 2020, at 10:56 AM
  • Steve, what are they going to do about testing teachers, and what happens to them if they test positive? They only have 10 sick days per year that they earn (one per 20 days worked). if we are not requiring the basics like kids washing hands more frequently and wearing masks as they will be inside most of the day, then you are really putting the staff in an unsafe work environment. Open schools, fine, but put things into place to protect the workers and the kids so that we are not just going to backslide in a month or two from cases skyrocketing or not having any well staff to teach kids. If not, won't it be worse having to close the school system down after everyone has gone back to working for a while?

    ...also, to my knowledge, there are no plans to test teachers AND no plans to offset when they might get infected. OSHA and Worker's Compensation will not help (prove you got infected at school).

    Please be kind to the people you know that are facing going back to work in schools. This is a daunting task, and they are again being vilified because they are asking for a safe place to work to education our children (I have three kids in Bedford County Schools). From what I have seen, this is the same type of rash decision making that has not helped us in the past.

    I desperately hope I am wrong, and everyone is fine and healthy (including all of you and your loved ones).

    -- Posted by mrmosier on Fri, Jul 17, 2020, at 1:24 PM
  • Mrmosier, my comment was not meant to be mean to anyone concerned about themselves or their family. I got sidetracked from the school conversation and was talking more about the questions raised by keep it simple.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Sat, Jul 18, 2020, at 8:53 AM
  • Steve, you are fine. I did not take any offense. I have very scary questions and concerns that I do not believe are being considered by our school leadership here. I have also seen how many people simply do not seem to care about anything but getting kids back in a building, and it worries me. We need to do it right so we do not end up in a worse spot.

    -- Posted by mrmosier on Sat, Jul 18, 2020, at 9:13 PM
  • The flu, even with a vaccine and antivirals, kills 40-65 thousand every year. Covid isn't much different. Election year politics is driving the hysteria.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Sun, Jul 19, 2020, at 8:48 AM
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    Want an education on the Covid-19 Plandemic? Everything you need to know about Covid-19


    This is my shortest post because I don't need to add anything else.

    -- Posted by sui on Wed, Aug 19, 2020, at 12:25 PM
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