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Carl McClanahan

Listen to the Scientists

Posted Wednesday, September 9, 2020, at 12:19 PM
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    Provisional Death Counts for Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

    "For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death."

    Attention to "only" and "in addition".

    Yeah, pseudo-intellectual liberals can be hard to deal with. But so can pseudo-intellectual conservatives.

    Of course, it would be easier if people could understand what they read and had an inkling of how a death certificate is filled out.

    -- Posted by fair share on Wed, Sep 9, 2020, at 3:17 PM
  • Carl. I hope you did not increase your potential exposure to Covid 19. Over 1100 cases and 14 deaths in Bedford County.

    -- Posted by tcreek on Wed, Sep 9, 2020, at 10:31 PM
  • Believe the science....

    ...unless it says chromosomes determine your gender not your feelings.

    ...unless it says the climate has been changing since the world started spinning.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Sep 10, 2020, at 1:56 AM
  • fair share, nice try. Your reference source makes my argument exactly, which is: Science factually determined only 6% of the Covid reported deaths were due to Covid. 94% of the deaths reported may not have been influenced by the Covid-19 virus. We will never know. These are the scientific facts. Medical providers have a vested interest in citing Covid as it enhances their asset base and income.

    -- Posted by cmcclanahan on Thu, Sep 10, 2020, at 9:46 AM
  • tcreek, I appreciate your concern. If one were to "listen to the Scientist" there was only one death in Bedford Cty. caused by the virus an a matter of FACT.

    -- Posted by cmcclanahan on Thu, Sep 10, 2020, at 9:50 AM
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    Carl, you need to get your parents' money back from your grade school reading comprehension teacher.

    " For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19"

    This means that for 94% of deaths, Covid-19 was a cause, but so were other things.

    I'm not one of "the anonymous liberal pundits", but I can explain it to you. Just wish I could understand it for you.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Sep 10, 2020, at 11:21 AM
  • fs, your interpretive skills re the English language are sorely lacking. The CDC findings in 94% of cases means only, factually, the deceased tested positive for the virus and no factual data denoting it was a contributing factor in the death. By the way, what part of "the anonymous liberal pundit" are you not?

    -- Posted by cmcclanahan on Thu, Sep 10, 2020, at 11:51 AM
  • I noticed a definite slide of the mainstream press towards discounting other "scientific findings" if they did not go along with the narrative.

    Likewise, I see the "full court press" by the media starting to take place for the election. Books coming out, new folk coming out of the wood-works to accuse and denigrate anyone associated with Mr Trump.

    Those who disagree with the charges get very little and usually NO coverage.

    -- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Sep 10, 2020, at 5:02 PM
  • They have long since not been journalist but liberal activists Steve. I sincerely don't know how they can sleep at night.

    -- Posted by cmcclanahan on Thu, Sep 10, 2020, at 5:11 PM
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    To answer your question, Carl, I am not a liberal. I am anonymous (neener, neener). And I consider myself a pundit.

    Now, to answer your ignorance. The "factual data denoting it was a contributing factor in the death", if not the primary factor, is the fact that it was listed as such on the death certificate. Now, they don't list every little thing the person ever had on the death certificate. They do list the proximate cause (main reason they died) and contributing causes.

    Just because something is listed somewhere on the death certificate does NOT mean everything else listed was a lie. This can be hard for some, especially the supratentorially challenged, to grasp. But if you apply yourself to trying to understand that 1+1 doesn't equal 1, you may be able to stop sounding like a fool.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Sep 10, 2020, at 6:38 PM
  • fairshare, I'm sure everyone is impressed with your courage as you hide in the woods and call people names. I appreciate your two years of college physics makes you a medical expert. I have several medical professionals in my family including MDs, RNs and NPs. Three of the MDs are Emergency Medicine Physicans. They probably sign a death certificate at least once a day. You'll forgive me if I rely on their expertise.

    I know people really appreciate you providing oversite on all providers who authored the 190,000 death certificates. We can all feel better knowing you know as a fact they all actually were infected with Covid and it was the primary cause of death. Thank you for your service.

    -- Posted by cmcclanahan on Thu, Sep 10, 2020, at 8:43 PM
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    Karl, you crack me up. How bout you go ask your ER doctor relatives if they ever fraudulently sign death certificates where they list something as a cause of death just for the hell of it and it really had nothing to do with the death. And if they do, ask if it is just once in a while or as much as 94% of the time. Please let me know what they tell you.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Sep 10, 2020, at 9:40 PM
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    Better yet, Karl, you should take a blank death certificate with you and have them explain to you how they fill them out.

    -- Posted by fair share on Thu, Sep 10, 2020, at 9:59 PM
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    BTW, Karl, I just realized that you have an opportunity to provide a great public service to us peons. What ERs do your relatives work in? I'm sure I'm not the only one out here who would prefer to go to an ER where each doctor does not have a minimum of at least 1 dead patient per shift. But, I suspect they don't oversee nearly as many deaths as you claim. Likewise, they rarely sign death certificates. That is usually done by the coroner or the patient's own doctor.

    On second thought, you don't really have an opportunity to provide a great public service. You are just being your usual bloviating self.

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Sep 11, 2020, at 12:44 AM
  • Has Sui changed his name?

    -- Posted by cmcclanahan on Fri, Sep 11, 2020, at 7:29 AM
  • To believe covid is responsible for all those deaths, for consistency's sake, one must also believe no one has ever died of AIDS. Aids doesn't actually kill you, it just destroys your immune system setting you up to be taken out by whatever random vector comes along.

    There are several documented cases of covid death certificates that are ridiculous, like car wreck victims and alcohol poisonings being listed as covid deaths.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Sep 11, 2020, at 9:41 PM
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    C'mon, karl. Comparing me to sui? Maybe your age is showing. You're gonna have to step up your game or risk losing the nickname of "comedian karl".

    I will try once again to splain this to you so you can understand it. Don't worry, I'll dumb it down as best I can. Perhaps a (personal) parable will suffice. Wish me luck!

    An elderly man that resents having to register his name at the T-G in order to have his own sandbox on the blogs is driving north to Murfreesboro. As he is passing by Tenova the chest tightness heralds the onset of an acute myocardial infarction. Due to myocardial and electrical system irritability induced by local hypoxemia you, I mean he, goes into a not necessarily fatal arrhythmia, say, ventricular tachycardia with a pulse. If your ER MD relatives have a clue, they would confirm this could result in hypotension and even passing out.

    This person indeed passes out and crosses the median head on into a semi. Due to the MVA, a c-spine fracture occurs than severs the spinal cord. The result is effective denervation of the diaphragm and intercostal muscles. Ask your ER MD relatives what level that occurs at.

    When that happens, you, I mean he, will stop breathing.

    As luck would have it, the semi driver is uninjured and uses his cell phone to call 911. The ambulance arrives 15 minutes later (since Tenova is so far out of town) and hauls your carcass, I mean his, across the street to the ER.

    After the ER MD calls TOD and stops the Code Light Blue (since you, I mean he, was DRT) he, or she, calls the coroner. The coroner comes out, hauls off the carcass, and has an autopsy performed.

    Then they will fill out the death certificate.

    What do they put down as cause of death? Did they die because they weren't breathing? Yes. Because of a c-spine injury? Yes. Because of a heart attack? Yes.

    So, karl, if the coroner lists cause of death as respiratory arrest due to cervical spine injury due to mva due to myocardial infarction due to atherosclerosis, sleep apnea, hypertension, obesity, and being an old f@rt, are you REALLY gonna say " they said I was an old f@rt, so it couldn't have had anything to do with the heart attack, neck fracture or lack of breathing"?

    Being an eternal optimist, I am hoping you will realize that person had other causes of death than just being an old f@rt.

    Being a realist, it saddens me that you may well claim that since "old f@rt" is listed on the death certificate, none of the other stuff means sh!t.

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Sep 11, 2020, at 10:54 PM
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    quiet mike,

    I don't think we will ever have an accurate count of true covid deaths. The way it works now is if they have a positive test, sometimes done after death, covid is listed somewhere on the death certificate. Even without a test, it can be listed as suspected and counts in the stats. I have personal knowledge of people expected to die of various chronic diseases that had a positive covid test at death that have covid listed somewhere on their death certificate.

    Covid is, in a way, like AIDS. People die not from the virus itself, but because of the body's reaction to the virus. It certainly is in the cascade of cause of death.

    But, like you say, many people have died of other causes and just happened to be a carrier of the virus. There is too much incentive (monetary), and too much freaking out on the public/ public health side to know the true impact.

    Covid-19, in a way, is like any other virus. Some people can have it and test positive for it but do not get a bit sick from it. Lots of adults get RSV and never know it because they don't get sick from it.

    What gets me about this is the CDC puts on their website a routine accounting of death statistics, which is just a collation of what the States report, that shows covid is the ONLY cause of death listed in 6% of reported "covid related deaths" and the other 94% have contributing factors but some people claim only 6% of reported deaths are really covid related. Do they really think they can only die of covid if they are 100% healthy and having chronic medical problems actually makes them immune to covid?

    Yeah, there is a good amount of fraud in all this, but I seriously doubt it approaches anywhere close to 94%.

    -- Posted by fair share on Fri, Sep 11, 2020, at 11:52 PM
  • It's probably not 94%, but if you have an 85yo with a number of pre-existing ailments,saying covid took them out is a specious claim.

    Nearly half of covid victims in the US are 75yo or older.

    It will probably take a few years to get numbers close to accurate,when/if we see deaths from other causes took a substantial drop over this year.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Sat, Sep 12, 2020, at 1:43 AM
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    You are right, QM. A lot of people die of their cancer, MI, stroke, liver or kidney failure that just happened to have asymptomatic covid. Virus in the body. Enough to be detected but not enough to make them sick. Some people who are in the process of dying from their chronic illness have their death hastened by adding an actual covid infection(illness) on top of what is already going on. And some people whith stable chronic diseases die primarily from overwhelming covid infection. There is such a big push to have covid on death certificates now that I will probably never believe we will actually know the true number of deaths that covid was the primary or major secondary cause of.

    -- Posted by fair share on Sat, Sep 12, 2020, at 11:56 AM
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    Covid-19 is just a propaganda now! By the time the election is over Covid-19 won't exist just as trump told us. The Covid-19 was less dangerous than the yearly flu. The Deep State and their MSM played it up and aded every death as a Covid-19 death so the Demoncrats could control the people just like what Biden wants to do only he can't even control his speeches in front of 5 or 10 camera crew and news reporters.

    The democratic party has already ceased to exist. Look at them. The best they can do is put Joe Biden's clone in a basement to make appearances now and then in front of 10 or 12 camera crew. After the election the democrats won't be seen or heard very often. All the Democratic Leaders in the National Demon Party and Demons in Congress and the Senate will be arrested along with a few Republicans.

    Chuckie wants donations so they can win the Senate back. WHY? Chuckie and Pelosi won't be back after the election and there won't be enough Democrats to fill the House or Senate to vote on anything.

    When Trump is reseated as our POTUS, You will see the whole world rejoice and the Sealed Indictments read. After the election the Democrats will have nothing to throw at the President. Trump will finish draining the swamp using Bill Barr in charge of the Military to serve the indictments.

    Model Amy Dorris is coming out with Sexual Assault charges against Donald Trump just as the 2020 Election is nearing, hoping she can make more money, but guess what? She may be charged with Sedition in the coup to take down Trump and unseat him. That's what happens when they listen to the Deep State Lawyers. She is going to wish she never knew Donald Trump. Gonna be a Great Christmas this Year!

    -- Posted by sui on Sun, Sep 20, 2020, at 2:00 AM
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