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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Clutter happens!

Posted Sunday, February 1, 2009, at 8:05 AM

I am a avid reader and read a wide assortment of genres.

I was looking around the other day and noticed, I have too many books! They were stacked everywhere and in no certain order.

Shame, I used to be a librarian, no excuse.

So I started culling. Then I started remembering, what a great book. I can't get rid of that one.

That one was so funny. That one is out of print.

But I did cull, and I listed the extras on paperbackswap.com to get rid of some of the extras.

Now I had another problem, no shelf space.

I switched things around, still no space.

Off to Wal-mart! I bought a shelf, moved (squished) things around in my house, and viola, new shelf.

Ok, now I mailed off 10 books on paperbackswap, hurrah.. and got 10 credits.

So.... what does a book freak do? Look for books!

Oh man, there is that one I have been looking for, theres another!

And another.. soon in the mail, free books. The post man is cursing me, the mail box is stuffed with free stuff. It is like christmas. Whoo hoo..

On the web-site I found a Wish List by members, so I checked Goodwill. Wow, books people are wishing for! I have some. Oh there is that book I have been looking for!

Now I have stacks of books, books that are wish listed and some that might be wanted. I can get more credits, more books...

Oh man, I was culling right? I looked around, I have stacks of books.

They make medications for this right? Maybe I need some. Maybe I need to cull again.

I'll keep you posted, right now I have to go to Barnes and Noble, Charliane Harris has a new one out.

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Hey stranger! long time no see.

-- Posted by michaelbell on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 8:35 AM

Try booksfree.com, they are the Netflix of books and audiobooks. They offer new releases and it's way more convenience then the book swapping sites.

-- Posted by Bookworm62X on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 8:57 AM

Hi Micheal!! Hope you and the family is blessed!!

Have a good one.

Bookworm THANKS!!!! I will check out for certain...

RABID readers Unite!


-- Posted by 4fabfelines on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 2:56 PM

Take some to That Book Store, on Depot St., right off the Square in Shelbyville. Credits available and lots to look through and take home.

-- Posted by jbillswms on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 5:05 PM

Or as Steve would say...group them together and sell them on Ebay :>)

-- Posted by Dianatn on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 5:21 PM


Did you read the Twilight series? And didn't you just love it?

I miss it so much I have considered starting all over again with it..

-- Posted by Dianatn on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 5:25 PM

i did read the twilight series. The first one Rocked.. I started to get a tad bit irritated with Bella and her selfishness by Eclipse. Edward and his constant hovering got creepy, but i loved Jacob. I have not read the last one yet, will do that next week. Just finished Devil may Ride by Wendy Roberts. Very good.

-- Posted by 4fabfelines on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 8:12 PM

Ahhh You haven't read Breaking Dawn yet.. hmmm without giving anything away to you. Breaking Dawn is a COMPLETE surprise. You will love it.

-- Posted by Dianatn on Sun, Feb 1, 2009, at 9:33 PM

Cool dianatn, i will read it next week.,


-- Posted by 4fabfelines on Mon, Feb 2, 2009, at 11:34 AM

Im with Dianatn on the Twilight series. I have read many many books, and this by far is my favorite series. Oh, and yes, I believe that Breaking Dawn is the best. I agree with you about Bella though in the first three...she was a bit annoying with all the whining. But, she does a 360 in Breaking Dawn. You'll love it!

-- Posted by 3boxers on Mon, Feb 2, 2009, at 12:05 PM

too cool 3boxers, do you like Sookie Stackhouse series by Charliane harris??

They are quite good. Know any other good ones?

-- Posted by 4fabfelines on Mon, Feb 2, 2009, at 4:03 PM

I'm not familiar with the Sookie Stackhouse series, but I will surely look into it. I haven't been able to get around to too many new ones, but my favorite author is Lois Duncan. You may be familiar with her. Her time was in the 70's/80's. Great mystery author, I believe I've read everyone of her novels. My favorites are Locked in Time and Daughters of Eve, but they are all too close to really choose!

-- Posted by 3boxers on Mon, Feb 2, 2009, at 5:05 PM

Did you watch the Twilight movie? Were you disappointed? I thought the people they had playing were totally wrong. Edward was suppose to be drop dead gorgeous and Robert Pattinson was not Edward to me...Bella was suppose to be pretty but plain Kristen Stewart was not plain she is a very pretty lady. About the best role that was cast in my opinion was Alice..Ashley Greene is the perfect Alice. And Taylor Lautner was a good cast for Jacob.

Of course it may have been hard to find someone who could live up to the expectations I had in my mind of Edward :>)

-- Posted by Dianatn on Mon, Feb 2, 2009, at 8:12 PM

To quote my teen daughter "I think Robert Pattinson is dreamy!!" He did a wonderful job of portraying Edward, but let's face it, Dianatn is right, NOONE could have lived up to the expectation any of us had of Edward in our minds, but thanks to him, I now like my men cold, dead and sparkling :>) Now Kristen on the other hand was just a plain Jane and they could have found someone else to play Bella, I was severely disappointed in the choice they made when casting Kristen. She showed no emotion whatsoever.

Ashley Greene and Taylor Lautner lived up to my expectations, although they didn't occupy as much of the screen as I would have liked, the movie completely skipped major story points and you would be lost without reading the books first, I would have like more of the Cullen family to have been involved, especially Carlisle. But all in the all the movie was wonderful, I guess because I read the books over and over and could fill in the blanks.

Now Breaking Dawn is a masterpiece all on it's own. I loved the book and was completely surprised by it, New Moon was a bit eh...Eclipse redeemed the Twilight Series, but Breaking Dawn is what made it a classic!!! I can't wait til you read it!!!

-- Posted by Disturbia on Tue, Feb 3, 2009, at 11:06 AM

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