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Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Prom memories

Posted Friday, March 13, 2009, at 9:43 AM

To Prom or not to Prom..
From what i understand Prom will be soon.

That always brings me back to my high school days. (shudder)

I would like to know your stories on Prom/high school, do you have good memories or like mine it is memorial.

Here is my story:

I lived overseas, so when we came to the USA i had to have two classes.. to graduate otherwise i would have graduated in 1979.

Texas history and health..so boring..

so time goes around for the prom, i knew a dude i was friends with in health class. He was a riot, funny, neat and a delight to be around. His name is Kevin.

So,prom is coming and he said hey i am going but don't have anyone to escort, ya wanna go?

Sure, might be fun..

So my MOM, gets wind and wants to dress me up like Barbie..

I was more of a leather and laces gal.

So i got this Grecian over the shoulder teal coloured dress (i told mom John Belushi's Toga looked better) and these ridiculous shoes to match..

So prom night came around:

I wait, and wait and WAIT.. for Kevin to show up...

Finally I get pissed (can i say that?) and go to Kevin's house...In my ridiculous garb with the '80's poofy hair..

His older brother said he went to so and so's (a gay bar) with someone...effeminant. So that is why Kevin was so neat and never had a girl friend? DUH.

I saw red! I am dressed in the uncomfortable garb and shoes and he is frolicing with the Village People!

So i did what I would usually do... Got out of the stupid dress, put my leathers on(and Doc Martens) and went to the Gay Bar!

I found Kevin, Gave him a good peice of my mind,and had a blast..They were fun! They did not try to hit on me when they got drunk.

My MOM was not amused.. the dress cost quite a bit and so did those stupid dyes shoes..

The dress stayed in my closet for 18 years, and then i gave it away.

Kevin has since passed away due to complications from AIDS, but we had fun, and i have some hilarious memories of the High school i took two classes from.

What are your stories? I hope you had a laugh from mine..

Have a good weekend.

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This wasn't *my* prom but when I started high school,there was ONE guy all the older girls were interested in.

He was so smart and decent and good-looking that even the other guys liked him and didn't seem to begrudge their dates giving him a glance.

(After all,the ladies' attention always returned to them.)

When it came time for the first school dance,I was floored.

My mom said he was going to take ME!

No way.

I was going to go serve punch and stuff with my friends.

Mr.Dreamboat (Think David Selby,Jim Morrison,that guy from "Poldark" and every gorgeous secret agent ever to grace the cover of 16 magazine.) could just make do with the exquisite senior girl I'd seen him paired off with.

I wasn't about to attend my first major school function with the same cousin I'd been throwing rocks at for the last twelve years.


(Note to all you young girls: boys CAN get more tolerable after their wisdom teeth come in-even the ones you're related to.)

I think I'd have preferred going to a vegan pleather bar and donating my gown and dressy sandals to someone who LIKED going out in drag.

I don't think we had one available (not the Carousel or the Cellar ) so we wound up serving refreshments then going home to watch "Shock Theatre" (or was it "Sir Cecil Creape"?).

By the time I was a junior and senior,it didn't matter who the school's "alphas" were.

I knew they were regular folks underneathe it all.

(I even knew they could get along with us irregular folk.)

Been there,coulda done that. Got the t-shirt anyway.

Some of us became Wally Cleaver and Betty Anderson and some of us graduated from Sunnydale.

Either way,there were more laughs than you might expect,some tears and lessons that went far beyond what we learned in the classroom.

-- Posted by quantumcat on Fri, Mar 13, 2009, at 4:23 PM

quantumcat that is so funny.

-- Posted by 4fabfelines on Fri, Mar 13, 2009, at 10:03 PM


I think I'd have liked your prom night,too.

I know I was curious back then as to how one can eat junk food,play "cryin' songs" and declare that all members of a certain sex are monsters when one is the same sex as the clueless scum who break hearts.

(It tends to make one look at folks as individuals rather than subgroups,huh?)

-- Posted by quantumcat on Sat, Mar 14, 2009, at 6:46 PM

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