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Thomas P God's grace manifested

Posted Sunday, March 22, 2009, at 2:53 PM

Thomas P. Wilikers
Sometimes God shows His grace and love in interesting ways.

One year, about 8 years ago, two stray kittens wandered up in the yard.

People were always dumping animals behind the old Cracker Box restaraunt and they would invarably end up at my house.

What was differant about these kittens was that they were both wild and skittish and it was winter time.

I fixed a box on the back porch with a comfey blanket and heating pad. I put my jammies in the box so they would get used to my scent.

I set food out and it would be gone by morning.

I was reassured to see the kittens in the box keeping warm.

One day i noticed the darkest kitten was missing, the only one left was a small feisty, orange male.

He would not allow me near him at first.

He would puff up and hiss and growl like he was 20 times his size.

Eventually i could get near him if i laid down on the back porch and touch him while he was eating.

Soon we became mealtime friends...

It got to where he enjoyed my other cats and they took care of him too.

This kitten, whom i named Thomas P. Wilikers, became the comic relief around the porch.

Soon, i could touch and hold him for short bursts at a time.

As soon as i was able, I took him and had him vaccinated and neutered.

Thomas soon became intergrated in the house hold.

He loves to sit beside the family if we are sitting at the breakfast nook in the kitchen.

If you don't pay attention to him he will reach out a paw and touch you. And touch and meow and touch! Demanding Kitty!

He is the ruler of the house, a veteran fighter. He weighs 19 lbs and he is a big love.

Before we had the evil neighbor, he would cruise the neighborhood keeping it safe from other cats and dogs.

He has lost some teeth due to fighting, and we built a sancturary for them to go out in.

He still managed to get into a fight through the fence and broke a long fang on the fence, resulting in Dental work at the vets.

We sing little songs to him and he answers, with a loud meow. He is quite the gentleman and will love on you and talk to you all night if you let him.

He is still skittish if visitors come over, but he is getting more used to people.

I tried to put the harness on him and walk him like i do Teddie, but Thomas was not having any of that. He instantly became jello kitty and fell to the ground like a stone.

He loves to make certain we are "clean" and grooms us if he thinks we need it.

He loves my Dr. Bronner's Hemp peppermint soap.

As i look back at the scared kitten he was to the big love he is today, I see God's grace at work.

He takes what is scared and lonely and loves it, and feeds and cares for it, wraps it in the scent of God, until it feels safe and comforted.

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I guess handsome cats help inspire me. ;)

Like Thomas P. Willikers,I hope we may be tame but never boring.

-- Posted by quantumcat on Mon, Mar 23, 2009, at 2:54 PM

quantumcat, you are amazing. Alot of wisdom in what you said.

Yep i agree we do learn from nature.. we are just wild, but love teaches us to be tame.

-- Posted by 4fabfelines on Mon, Mar 23, 2009, at 7:26 AM


I'm reminded of the flip-side of this.too.

Years ago,I read of a scientist's conclusion that Man didn't domesticate plants and animals.

They tamed us.

So long as we could live by ourselves and for ourselves,we'd stay "feral".

But,every time we were led to make connections and think beyond the moment at hand,we became a little more developed.

Some of the principles of civilization might have come from our copying what we observed animals doing.

(Working together,pooling childcare,grooming and tending one another,guarding the group,tutoring,migrating,farming food sources,even the designs of homes could have been suggested by Nature.)

The beasts that came to our fire as pets (rather than dinner) helped teach us how to love someone different from ourselves and how to forge relationships that would last longer than a season.

Maybe,we got the idea for riding horses by seeing a monkey or bird swap a ride on a grazer's back in turn for eating the bugs that swarmed around their ears.

Maybe,once we learned to gather eggs and milk,store food reserves and plant crops as well as hunt and forage,we figured out how to go from being individuals to packs and then to communities.

Studying different types of plants,animals and soil,noting details about the weather and figuring out how to make items like pottery,cloth and paper led us to our concepts of technology and science.

When we learned from our Maker and used His stewardship of us as a template for how we dealt with His Creation,we were starting to be who we were designed to be.

When we also let the living things around us instruct us,protect us,provide for us and add to our ability to nurture,we became a little more human in the best sense.

Nature has helped give us the concepts of beauty and play instead of existing solely for survival.

(Even though all of these gifts have a practical side.)

We hear so much about how Man's dominion of the earth has led to exploitation and cruelty.

All of us (human and otherwise),have been given the chance to gain by interacting rather than being mere users and victims.

Maybe,we need reminding that much of what we have from Nature is a gift and that by co-operating and co-existing instead of being adversaries,each component becomes so much greater than it would be alone.

-- Posted by quantumcat on Mon, Mar 23, 2009, at 12:12 AM

Bless the ones who takes care of God's creatures.

-- Posted by michaelbell on Sun, Mar 22, 2009, at 3:26 PM

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