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Friday, July 25, 2014

My big beef! Castle Street and Kroger!

Posted Saturday, May 30, 2009, at 2:23 PM

I live right behind Kroger and it gets intertaining to say the least. All the trash to pick up, all the yelling and noise, all the traffic.

When they first put Kroger in, they allowed access to a dead end street called Castle street.

Small single family homes are on that very narrow street and it was quiet and relatively crime free.

Well all that has changed. I have sat in my back yard and watched while people play "who can get to the road first", and have actually watched them hit each other.

The main problem i have with this is this is a residental road, very narrow and people drive very fast down this road and come blazing in the back of Kroger.

Peoples pets have been hit as well as cars.

Now on to another situation: getting out of Castle onto Fairfeild Pike. That is another whole adventure in itsself.

I have seen people get hit, dodge other cars and have had narrow misses myself.

My husband actually hit someone, he just could not see her for all the traffic. And he is Mr. Super Careful.

I am very concerned that a elderly person is going to get hit trying to pull out of that road one day. Some one is going to get killed, if they do not block access to this street as a exit.

I have been to the City and asked them to please put up a mirror so we can see the cars coming in the opposite direction or some solution.

I will go Monday and ask again. They were supposed to bring this up in a meeting.

I would like to see a solution before someone is critically injured or some fool spins out of control in my back yard.

Any how that is my beef....the graffiti on the back of Kroger is another subject...

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Agreed! Another problem: trying to get off Fairfield Pike onto Castle Street. There's just not enough room without hitting the curb on the right side of the road, unless you're driving the smallest of cars.

-- Posted by David Melson on Sat, May 30, 2009, at 3:26 PM

When we lived in Shelbyville,I was surprised at the number of idiots driving behemoth vehicles that attempted to use that entrance/exit.

Newsflash, people: Large vehicles take up the entire street. Use the other main entrance.

-- Posted by gottago on Sat, May 30, 2009, at 4:13 PM

So true Gottago . . . I never understood why people in bigger vehicles never see the stupidity of them trying to use that road.

-- Posted by jaxspike on Sat, May 30, 2009, at 10:40 PM

yes, way too small of a foot path to be considered a road. If they intend to keep it as an access point, at lease make it wide enough, and add more safety precautions as Lesa had mentioned.

-- Posted by driedleaves on Sun, May 31, 2009, at 2:30 AM

I feel the very same way. I do not go that way cause there is NO ROOM. But I understand if you live right there you have no choice. Can't they make it a one way only some how. They should know about this problem with out any of us having to call and go there to let them know. They always wait until something really bad happens before they jump up and do anything....

-- Posted by rebelrosecountrymom on Sun, May 31, 2009, at 12:30 PM

I think it needs to be a one way street off of Fairfield Pike. That way nobody would be trying to pull onto Fairfield Pike and it wouldn't slow down traffic. I always like when two cars or trucks fight to see who can get to that narrow spot before you get to Kroger.

-- Posted by poochie82 on Tue, Jun 2, 2009, at 8:22 AM

I agree with you Lesa but I must admit with the

traffic being rerouted due to flood water drainage

problem I am guilty myself taking the back way

into Kroger. I do feel for the people on that

road especially at night. They must have headlights shining in their windows constantly and their yards are so small they can't even sit

outside during the nice weather to enjoy them

-- Posted by InTheMaking2 on Tue, Jun 2, 2009, at 1:37 PM

I see your point but let me ask this question.

How would you suggest a person might turn left out of Kroger`s onto 231 then?

Talk about an accident maker !!!

People fly up and down 231 and make no effort to allow anyone access from the Kroger lot.

So while going out the back way may not be an option for some for me it is the only way to go!!!

I love the store and drive 25 miles just to shop there.

I just try to be careful going in and out whichever way I go.

-- Posted by Raintree60 on Tue, Jun 2, 2009, at 2:07 PM

Really, the traffic on 231 has really no reason to 'allow access from the Kroger parking lot'. Mainstream traffic needs to keep flowing.

During heavy traffic periods, it makes most sense to turn with the traffic and access the side roads or parking lots to regain your dseired direction. This is certainly preferable than trying to cross 4 lanes of traffic.

-- Posted by gottago on Tue, Jun 2, 2009, at 8:25 PM

Now I have heard everything !!!

No reason to allow access to 231 !!!

Well if that is your way of thinking then that means any and all businesses on any street have no reason to expect anyone to ever shop there...It might disrupt the flow..

We should all just keep the main flow of traffic moving like good little lemmings and not rock the boat..


-- Posted by Raintree60 on Sat, Jun 6, 2009, at 9:38 AM

I did not say the Kroger parking lot should not have access to 231. Read the comment.

While I don't exactly what you point you are trying to make, you comment 'People fly up and down 231 and make no effort to allow anyone access from the Kroger lot'seems to imply that those traveling on a 5 lane federal hwy should stop and let people pull out a parking lot.

Any intelligent person can see the potential danger here. How obtuse of you to think that anyone driving along really cares whether you get out of the Kroger parking lot or not. I would never stop on a busy road to let someone out. I have seen the result too many times here in Murfreesboro on 231 when some dolt tries to pull out against the traffic against 5 lanes of traffic.

-- Posted by gottago on Sat, Jun 6, 2009, at 2:56 PM

I think maybe YOU should go back and read YOUR comment.

I checked my post and I did not see anywhere in my comment where I said traffic should stop on 231 and allow someone to exit there..

Since I have no intelligence to speak of I guess I took your comment literally.

I don`t recall having said anyone on 231 SHOULD stop for traffic coming out of Kroger`s lot.

My point or maybe what I should have said is that I imagine Kroger pays many state and federal taxes to do business there and maybe they should be shown some respect !!!

Your idea that we should all just turn right out of there and follow the flow until we can turn around is nuts !!!

Do you reckon the business lots or the people who live on these side streets will appreciate this ???

As for 231 the speed limit is 30 mph and it is only 5 lanes in front of Kroger`s so maybe if we are flying up and down that street we need to slow down some and maybe then we could exit there safely.

Sorry I was too much of a dolt to get my point across.

But thanks for the kind words and thank goodness we have wonderful people like you to point out our mistakes...

You have a nice day now.

-- Posted by Raintree60 on Mon, Jun 8, 2009, at 10:13 AM

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