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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

A simple Way

Posted Thursday, April 22, 2010, at 8:54 PM

If you know me, I am pretty blunt about some things. There are several things I will not tolerate around me, and one is racial hatred.

When I was a youth pastor I had some black kids that would call each other Nigga, and it really upset me. About the third time I heard that I went off on them and asked them why they could call each other a horrid name, but if I as a white person said it, they would get the Black Panthers after me..

The kids said that it was just something they did. I told them not in front of me ever again, it insulted me.

I have been accused of being pretty opinionated and that is true on some things.

1 cor. 13:4-7 is very blunt about what is to be expected out of a Christians' attitude. I had a boss that would read this each morning, and pray over this. Awesome thing to do.

I am distressed at times, when I see people say rude things and treat others in a callus manner. I have jerked the slack out of myself from a time or two, and the Holy Spirit will let you know,"hey this is wrong."

I hate injustice and cruelty. It really bugs me. When children are picked on for being different, odd or just not popular.

I have always sided with the underdog...

I have seen a movement in the Christian "church" that is not a movement of a denomination or a fad.

It is based on Matt. 25: 32-40.

The least of these... it does not say someone who has their act together, someone who is the right color, or even religion. He, Jesus wants us to see others as He sees them. Whether they are gay or straight, black, white or whatever, and anything in between.

I see in the scriptures a Savior that hung out with the distressed, the disenchanted and those that needed

love and direction.

There are some radical people out there that are not affiliated with a church, they are doing the acts of God, without reserve.

Shane Claiborne of the Simple Way, is doing such a thing.


His book the Irresistible Revolution is just amazing.

Wayne Jacobson is another such amazing person, as is the Free Believer's Network, the God Journey and Divine Nobodies a website celebrating people that are just wanting God to show up.

Since leaving the Institutional Church 6 months ago, I have had so much more freedom and joy in my relationship with God. It is not performance minded, I just "do" out of a relationship with the One King and Lover of my soul.

Am I against church as a whole, no. There are some fine institutions that are doing the works of Christ and really wanting to hear His voice.

It was just time for me and my family to step back and say.."are we doing what we said we believe?"

If you want the power of God to flood you, start off hearing his voice that says..."the least of these.."

I guarantee God will bring you on the richest and wildest life you can imagine.

You will be transformed from a judgmental person to a loving one, compassion flowing from you.

Isaiah 58:6-12 is a siren call for those who want a authentic life in Christ.

Now Go and Do Likewise...

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