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Easter time fun and dangers to Pets! Be aware Please

Posted Saturday, April 23, 2011, at 6:52 PM

Some things just don't mix.
Easter is alot of fun for adults and children alike and the Sunday morning rolls around with Baskets of fun and trinkets.

But some of these trinkets and decorations can be deadly to the family pet, here are some to be aware of:

1. Easter shredded plastic grass. It is very tempting and fun for family cats but can be deadly. It can be ingested and trapped in the intestine of the pet, causing serious harm and death. A very expensive surgery is needed to help the pet. Cats have a special made tongue for grooming they cannot "spit out" this grass..also a special note this goes for Christmas tinsel and your sewing thread and needle. My mothers' cat swallowed her sewing thread with needle and the surgery was costly.

2. Chocloate: It is not a good treat for dogs or cats. Even a small amount can cause big problems:

Symptoms of Chocolate Toxicity:



3.excessive urination


5.panting hard

6.fast heart rate

7.excessive thirst

Also, the tin wrappers can cause blockages in the intestines..

Easter Eggs dyed and plasic. They may look like toys but the plastic may become lodged in the throat and the candy hidden inside is a threat... see above mentioned.

Easter lilies: VERY Toxic to the house cat. Vomiting, lethargy and loss of appetite are symptoms of lily poisoning. Cats who take a bite of the flower can die from kidney failure in less than two days if left untreated. Even a small amount of the pollen can be deadly. Use a pretty fake.

Baby Animals: Those cute chicks and bunnies grow up, they have to be fed and watered every day and cared for. The newness for most children wears off after the second day when they start to be a irritation to care for.Buy a cute stuffed plush. Also live animals carry Salmonella, again.. get the cute plush.

Xylitol: it is a sweetner found in candy and gum. Very toxic to pets.

Signs of toxicity can be seen as quickly as 30 minutes after xylitol ingestion in dogs. The xylitol causes a rapid release of the hormone insulin, causing a sudden decrease in blood glucose. This in turn may cause the following symptoms:



*Ataxia (uncoordinated movements)


What to do if your pet is poisoned:


Have a happy and SAFE Easter for all the family members.

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thanks Equinepro... i have seen so many discarded animals within a week of easter it is pitiful.. or they die from rough handling or neglect.:(

-- Posted by 4fabfelines on Sun, Apr 24, 2011, at 10:36 AM

Great reminders for everyone. Thanks for posting. (I also read somewhere that the dark chocolate is worse than the regular.)The plush toys are excellent replacements for live animals.

-- Posted by Equinepro on Sat, Apr 23, 2011, at 8:48 PM

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