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Monday, Jan. 16, 2017
Spinal Fusion...would you do it? (11/03/15) 6

Shelbyville Artist Melissa Fults honored as Featured Artist of the month (02/10/14) 3

August Recipe Swap: Now You Can Have Krispy Kremes at Home...ANYTIME! (08/06/13) 4

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Rick Akers SHOOTS People and Loves it...Come Hear Why at The Bedford Art Gallery on Monday Night (11/10/12) 1

Let us take a moment to mourn the death of Capitalism and Free Enterprise in America... (11/08/12) 56

Successful Art in the Park event clears path for October's Featured Artist, Melissa Fults (10/07/12)

Come Check out Craig Damron's Unique Style Art at the Bedford Art Gallery (11/14/11) 1

Homeschooling Gripes (09/09/11) 12

Twice as Nice Tonight--Monday, August 8th--at The Bedford Art Gallery (inside The Fly) (08/08/11) 2

Oops, Your FLY is OPEN (07/21/11) 2

Budget cuts should focus on Welfare Reform, not Social Security Elimination (07/13/11) 39

The Lessons We Are Teaching Our Children... (06/23/11) 7

Bedford Art Gallery Artist of the Month: Zephy Art--Reception Monday, June 13th at 7pm (a must see) (06/10/11) 4

Bedford Art Gallery to feature TWO local artists in April...Stop by The Fly to see their display before it's gone (04/08/11) 2

Rediscovering Christmas (12/31/10) 4


Bedford County Homeschool Enrichment Program (HEP) SPRING CLASS REGISTRATION (01/10/10)

Facing Stroke in Your 30s...A Personal Account (10/23/09) 6


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Continuation of Bo Melson's "Warning Signal or Violating Rights?" (10/05/09) 17

Meet Me "ON GOLDEN POND" (09/30/09) 4

What's New in Fibro-Land...A weekly online support group for those living with (or who know someone with) Fibromyalgia and other "invisible illness" (09/27/09) 11

Fibromyalgia - I've Learned to Live Each Day One at a Time (09/23/09) 19

Government Funded Abortions--Will You Allow Your Tax Dollars to Be Used to "Terminate Life"? (09/03/09) 70

Convicts Cash In on Government "Screw-up" (08/29/09) 9

A once self-proclaimed entrepreneur with a strong background in photography, computer assembly, and digital arts/graphic design, Shawna is a dual-major graduate who was forced to leave a middle-management position after a serious accident and illness left her unable to work. As a mother of six and former teacher, she is now homeschooling her two youngest children and volunteers her time as an educator for the Bedford County Enrichment Homeschool Program.