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What's New in Fibro Land--Photo Challenge & A Little Humor to Brighten Your Day...

Posted Tuesday, October 6, 2009, at 3:03 AM

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As a target of FMS, CFS, and degenerative disk disease of the spine, I battle depression almost daily. Over the years I've discovered that the best medicine/therapy for me is in my outlet and passion for photography and digital graphic design. I can't always pick up the camera and shoot, but when I am able I make the most of it. My best work is in nature, but I love shooting portraits of friends and family...I've even shot weddings and senior portraits. With years of practice and an instructional course, I've learned to turn my hobby into my dream.

I'm pasting a few of my favorite candids and still shots below, plus some digital enhancements...and some comical [altered] zoo pictures in hopes of bringing a smile to your day (please note, I hold a legal ownership/copyright to these images and they are not to be copied and/or used without my direct permission...for viewing pleasure only).

I am challenging my fellow "Fibros" and friends/family of those afflicted with Fibromylgia and other invisible illness to send me your 3 favorite photos (that were taken by you...and if you don't have 3, just send 1 or 2). I will be posting the best one of your three (or if space permits, all three) in next week's blog (if I find I am not able to post them here, I will upload them to my own host server and include a link in next week's blog to view everyone's photos). This would be a good time to get out of the house--even if it is no further than your back yard--and take some pictures. I've found it is wonderfully theraputic and I think you'll enjoy it. Photos can be any subject--kids, pets, etc. BUT ABSOLUTELY NO NUDITY OR PROFANITY WILL BE POSTED, so please don't send it to me.

 Please attach pictures in JPG format and include a note with your email stating that you are the owner of those photos and that you grant permission for me to publish them (ownership will remain with you). Also, specify if you would like me NOT to include your name or t-g user name as credit for the photo (otherwise, I will post either your name or your t-g username--please specifiy which name you would like used). Send attachments and release to homeschooltrend@aol.com by next Thursday.

glittering camera     That gives you more than a week to find something that catches your eye and capture it forever.  glittering camera

Don't let your illness keep you down...fight it moment by moment, day by day. As always, I am here for you when you need me. Just email me at the address above and include your phone number if you'd like to talk directly. Remember, this photo challenge is open to everyone--sick or not--in support of those who are...Friends Lend Friends a Hand...







    Pretty in Pink   









       He who laughs last....

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Thank you luvnfootball. I'll post some of my youth football pics on next Friday's photo wall, since you're "luvnfootball" (ok, that was corny, lol). But seriously, thank you for the compliment, and taking the time to post it.

-- Posted by shawna.jones on Thu, Oct 8, 2009, at 11:22 AM

I love your work!!!!

-- Posted by luvnfootball on Thu, Oct 8, 2009, at 7:07 AM

Please remember, this photo challenge is open to everyone--to those who are "sick," and to those who want to show their support for them. You do not have to use your name...just include a note that you wish to remain anonymous...or you can use your t-g user name instead of your real name, let me know your preference.

Also, photos do not have to be recent. If you have a favorite photo taken years ago that you'd like to share with others, send it in. I've had one person send photos from a recent vacation...perfect.

This will be a "photo wall" dedicated to everyone who suffers from an invisible illness--not just FMS. To those with Lupus, heart disease, diabetes, etc...we honor your courage to fight a battle with your own body each and every day...God Bless you all.

-- Posted by shawna.jones on Wed, Oct 7, 2009, at 11:22 AM

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A once self-proclaimed entrepreneur with a strong background in photography, computer assembly, and digital arts/graphic design, Shawna is a dual-major graduate who was forced to leave a middle-management position after a serious accident and illness left her unable to work. As a mother of six and former teacher, she is now homeschooling her two youngest children and volunteers her time as an educator for the Bedford County Enrichment Homeschool Program.