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Shawna Jones

Let us take a moment to mourn the death of Capitalism and Free Enterprise in America...

Posted Thursday, November 8, 2012, at 2:01 AM
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  • "I'll have more leverage after my election".It really isn't the words that bother me,it is to whom they were spoken.I wonder what his plans really are with the Russians?And he keeps talking about ending 10 years of war in the Middle East for America,but does not seem to realise the impact he will have when he completely turns his back on Israel.Then he will apologise for Americas past support of Islams mortal enemy.2016 can not come soon enough....

    -- Posted by mdstover on Thu, Nov 8, 2012, at 7:13 AM
  • Someone has been watching way too much Fox News...

    -- Posted by GoTitans on Thu, Nov 8, 2012, at 8:24 AM
  • In this age and time we are free to make any decision we want...as a christian I pray for those who suffer from making wrong decisions including the decision of abortion regardless of the circumstances at the time the decision was made...we alone have to deal with the guilt sometimes for a lifetime...I chose to build a business and be self employed and paid vary little into personal security as allowed by government in a sub s corporation...I am a highly educated southern gentle man that was raised with the bible belt common sense factors that created not only my values but my personality as well...I ended up being well traveled buying several homes and became independently wealthy by the grace of God...as busy as I was during that growth I feel I was also called to help the poor so several times a month I found myself with friends in Knoxville feeding the homeless regardless of their addictions and without judgement thinking the whole time it was what was written in the good book to do...that was 10 yrs of my life before the bone cancer was diagnosed and everything started going down hill...I then found myself having to file for disability just to eat and to keep from being homeless myself, I ended up waiting 6 years fighting,appealing,chemoing,and living with others just waiting on approval ....I was sent a letter from my insurance that said they would no longer insure me so in order to get treatment I also had to file for medicaid or just lay down and die...so I ended up making decisions to get this help just to survive I didn't want to give up and die....when it all came to settle they threw my case out and told me I still owned the corporation at the time I filed so three of the years waiting I had to refile and miss out on those years in retro payment so I settled for vary little after 3 more years of waiting bedridden and did not qualify for SSI only DSI(disability income)...which after the minimal needs bills are paid there is nothing left if I even have enough to start with...so I still find myself getting help from family and friends....I am not allowed to have any investments including retirement,a back up second vehicle, property or inheritance without reporting it and deducting it from what I do receive....and when I die my estate goes to the government as payback....getting terminal cancer changes your mindset to no longer caring about the white picket fence scenario, marriage, the dreams you had of how your retirement would be in perfect settings and catching bigger fish...it absolutely knocks you off any soapboxes you were standing on and sets you in the mode of just making it one more day unselfishly waiting for a life to end,watching the days go by and hoping the emotional and physical pain will end at sleep.

    I voted for Mr. Obama mainly because of a preexisting condition and the knowing, no one man could solve all the problems in four years that faced this nation and that he was there and familiar with it already...I also noticed his reasoning of it don't matter who you are,who you love, or what color your skin is and the notions of " We are all in this together"....I was only able for the last 4 years to sit and watch all the media televise the bickering between congressional parties to the point he had to even force an executive decision,just so immigrants children born here can have the freedom to fill their dreams and become someone I can no longer be.....There are many circumstances that cause people to make the decisions they do...the freedom we have in this country is astounding...I no longer care what party anyone claims to be part of...I do care tho when folks need to get things done that they should work together united to achieve what is in the best interest for all Americans and stop slamming and degrading each other...you never know what your regrets will be or if you have to live with the guilt of hurting others by the words you say... especially if all the sudden your handed a death sentence beyond your control...

    -- Posted by chefgrape on Thu, Nov 8, 2012, at 10:05 AM
  • Shawna, you make some great points and some that aren't so great.

    First, let me open the can about abortion. It is none of anyone business what a woman chooses to do with her body. If she has an abortion - then she must pay for it. I am not against abortions, but against our tax money paying for it.

    As for what the electoral votes got us... is more destruction:

    *Jobs being reduced from Full-time to part-time to side-step the insurance law

    *Possibility of Puerto Rico becoming the 51st state - draining more of our resources and causing our deficit to be even higher

    *Taxes increasing up to 20%

    *Invitation to more illegals to invade our country to get amnesty and overload the entitlement programs

    *The false notion that taxing the rich more will fix the deficit

    *More people milking the entitlement programs

    -- Posted by -Beth- on Thu, Nov 8, 2012, at 10:45 AM
  • Republicans are for the rich getting richer. How was Obama suppose to fix in 4 years what has been broken for so many years before he took office? I might not be rich but im not stupid either.

    -- Posted by AmericanWoman on Thu, Nov 8, 2012, at 1:13 PM
  • Let me clarify, I do believe in aiding our sick [ie., disabled] and the elderly. I do not deny your entitlement to social security earnings you paid in, nor do I condemn receiving funds for a disability if you are unable to work and failed to pay in. We should want to help those who cannot physically or mentally help themselves, and yes it may mean forced taxation...the taxation we already suffer should be enough. How can the working class stand another 20-30% cut out of their paycheck? Who do you think pays for all these "changes" being proposed and implemented?

    My family would fall into the working middle class category presently, but with a 20-30% cut we will then fall under the working poor. But unlike the non-working poor, we will not be eligible for WIC, foodstamps, free medical/dental/eye care, free phones, reduced rent or utilities. Why? Because rather than factor in our Net pay...the money we will actually take home from the bank and use to pay our debts and provide necessities for our family...these public assistance programs factor your Gross overall wages to determine your eligibility-which includes all the money you have to hand over to the government to pay for OTHERS to receive these assistance benefits...money you NEVER actually hold in your hands. Why would anyone in their right mind keeping working hard every day and give away half their income to pay for someone's abortion, or braces, or other non-emergency expenses? I have several grown children with crooked teeth because we couldn't afford braces for them. And my younger children who are still at home will tell you that they have to practically be half dead before we take them to see a doctor, because unlike the children with public assistance benefits, we can't afford any unnecessary doctor visits due to co-pays and deductibles (especially since we already pay over $350 a month for the medical insurance alone). But if we weren't paying for other people's children to see a doctor we would then have that money to take our own kids when they are sick or need a well-checkup.

    What I hear Obamamites saying is "let's all sit back and let the government take care of us." Well, where do you think the government will get its money to "take care of you" with if we all take the attitude of 'sit back and collect our benefits?' I can tell you right now, if my husband has to work 60 hours a week and give up half his money, he will strongly consider quitting his job and let us become someone else's burden. Why work 60 hours a week and not be able to take your kids to the doctor or have the luxury of being selective and abundant with food purchases? What happens to the economy when all of the middle class starts taking this attitude?

    I respect welfare programs, but what I don't respect is the abuse within the programs...it is a flawed system. Don't bother saying it doesn't happen because I witnessed it firsthand in one of my older children. Welfare programs were put in place as a temporary means of helping people get back on their feet. Over time they have become a way of life for many...in most cases not by choice, but because it is the only life they've known. And now we are saying as a country that this is now 'the American Dream.' Guess what, you no longer have anything to aspire to because you've now come as far as you will ever go in life. What's next, a nationwide uniform injunction so that there are no class distinctions in clothing? The government has full authority over us--"we live under their roof"--so how long before the hard-working people get fed up and begin to rebel against the authority?

    One of the founding principles of our country was Personal Responsibility. Simply, individual liberty works under the assumption that individuals take care of themselves. The world does not take care of the individual. The ideal is that individuals take care of themselves by taking necessary actions, such as getting an education and then either working in an occupation for which they were educated or starting a business and supplying a market with some good...this country was built on ideals like free enterprise. This calls for individuals to develop a sense of personal responsibility.

    There are of course exceptions in the case of physical or mental limitation. This is where an individual's support system steps in...family, formal organizations such as businesses and churches, and more loosely structured systems within communities. The term "welfare" replaces "charity" as it was known for thousands of years, being the VOLUNTARY act of providing for those who temporarily or permanently could not provide for themselves. Welfare was first established as a federal program in 1935, during the Great Depression. The Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock on or about 1620 and the Revolutionary War officially ended about 1783*. There was no formal government enforced "welfare/charity" program for hundreds of years, and yet the people came together and took care of one another...much as we've seen happen time and time again in times of natural disasters, as well as unnatural disasters (such as 9/11). It is primarily those individuals who are not generous and giving of their own accord who scream for "forced" charity, because they can't fathom giving of it freely.

    You'll have to forgive me if I sound uncaring in any way. It is not my intent. I simply do not believe that we should be under a dictatorship of any kind. From his own mouth, Barack Hussein Obama announced on June 15th, 2012 that HE had made the decision to issue amnesty to and for those under age 30 who came to the USA illegally with their parents before age 16 (funny how he managed to once again ignore the Constitution and went around Congress, just in time to guarantee himself the Latino votes). When one rewrites laws to suit their views/needs, he brands him/herself a dictator. And what has history taught us about dictators...they have a very large and strong following within their country (Hitler certainly did in Germany, not that I am by any means comparing Obama to Hitler).

    -- Posted by shawna.jones on Thu, Nov 8, 2012, at 2:27 PM
  • Shawna, you could of fooled me about dictatorship. It is not your right to choose what I do with my body. Nor is it your right to decide who wants an abortion and who decides to have the child and get on public assistance. Public assistance eats about 3% of the budget. Health care is the most expensive (and not a part of the 3%). I did not support Romney, but then the state he was governor of Mass, did not support him either. He bankrupt them. He is also use to spending borrowed money. See some of his investments through "Bain Capital" and how jobs went overseas. His comment on the 47% really upset me and should of upset you unless you are one of the two percent.

    I am the middle class. Having worked for 37 years in FACTORIES! Thats right, somebody has got to do it. Not all can work for the government, be a doctor, be a nurse or what you consider "professional" college educated person. So of us have to get our hands dirty so the "prissy" can enjoy their "eggs". I do think more are getting college educations. My daughter has a college education so she can be a "stay at home mom". I like to say I have a "common sense" degree.

    Obiviously I am years older than you and have saw a lot more of life than what you have saw in your lifetime.

    I agree with Obama on health care. I believed he inherited a terrible mess. We ALL want free health care, but it is not going to happen. Pretty sad when your old people got to figure out whether they want to eat or pay for medical care. It is also sad when a person works all their life and only gets Social Secuity, which is NOT enough to live off of. Especially with the "TAXES" placed on the elders.

    I don't believe Romney was the answer either. What we need are jobs with a living WAGE. We also need families that play together and stay together.

    If I was president for the day, I would NOT IMPORT a penny more than what I EXPORTED. No company would be allowed to use the United States tax dollars to remove another job to another county. The people on food stamps would be "limited" as to what they could buy with it... and it would not be cokes.

    Education is the key and teaching young adults how to manage their money. You cannot spend more than you make and I do believe this is happening now. Parents are telling their children NO at times.

    -- Posted by Union on Thu, Nov 8, 2012, at 3:05 PM
  • To those willing to look, and the economy didn't tank until Democrats took control of Congress under bush. Bush warned of an impending housing crisis at least 17 times, but was poo pooed by Barney Frank and the msm.

    This election is a great example of why the founders originally limited voting to landowners. It is obvious from the election results and some of the posts here that too many are willing to vote for whoever promises to give them the most stuff that they can steal from someone else.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Thu, Nov 8, 2012, at 4:17 PM
  • Backers of Obama should check the line from Alinsky to Obama and Hillary Clinton.

    Read Alinsky's Philosophy. Obama claims to be an avid follower of the man.

    Hillary did her college papers on him and claimed he has the only perfect method to follow.

    Progressive, Socialist,Communist, Democrat are inter changeable words at this date and time.

    Democrats were once Christian but now didn't want a plank in their platform to mention God. When the word God was entered back into the platform they booed God.

    When morals fall as far as they have, you can expect these kinds of elections.

    God will bring this country to its knees when it gets to the right depth of degradation. God Bless America

    -- Posted by Wolf Clan on Thu, Nov 8, 2012, at 9:29 PM
  • I don't understand why people keep saying that a woman has the right to choose what she does with her own body in regards to an abortion. Well, if these women are so concerned about making their own choices then why don't they make the choice to use protection or not have sex so they don't get pregnant. Oh yeah that is right, they don't want to take responsibility for getting pregnant but they definitely want to take responsibility in choosing life and death for an unborn child just because it makes their life easier. There is no accountability in our society today for the actions people choose . . . it seems everyone wants to do whatever they want but not be held responsible for the outcome. It is really sad!

    -- Posted by jaxspike on Thu, Nov 8, 2012, at 9:53 PM
  • Look at the education of the states that voted for Romney.Statistics show those red states have less education.What does that tell you.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Thu, Nov 8, 2012, at 10:34 PM
  • Every single time an abortion is performed (no matter who pays for it) a baby with no choice in the matter dies.

    -- Posted by Tim Lokey on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 12:53 AM
  • Jaxspike and others who have a problem with abortions:

    Abortions don't only happen because some woman can't keep her legs closed. It can also be done to save a woman's life, due to a rape or incest. I personally have had one after being raped. My insurance covered it so it was done. You or anyone else does not have the right to tell me what I can or cannot do with my own body. I am not your or the government's property. And even if the little christians close abortion centers - do you really think it's going to stop it from happening? No, women will go back to the clinics in the alleys or do it themselves, like they used to do with closehangers. Or you will start finding more and more dead babies like the girls who leave them in trash cans, toilets, or in their laundry baskets. I lost a dear friend in high school, because she ended up pregnant due to a rape. Her parents didn't believe in abortions and told her that she would have to carry and be the mother of the monster's child. She committed suicide. If she would have been able to have an option she would still be alive today. I came very close to doing the same until I found out that my insurance, at the time, would pay for it. Until you have survived a rape, you will not understand what it feels like.

    Instead of focusing on the women and blaming them we need to educate guys. Women cannot rape themselves. And very rarely is a woman arrested for rape.

    As for the election crap that just went on...I along with others, stated clearly that Obama would win for a long time. And it wouldn't surprise me if he makes a law stating that he can get a third and/or fourth term. And just to be clear, I KNOW HE doesn't make the laws - he just signs them. But guess what, it doesn't work that way with this czar. He gets what he wants. He has gone against the Constitution. He has gone against the Supreme Court. He has demanded and received everything he wants due to fear.

    The czar/dictator/supreme ruler is not done with us yet. He has the stocks dropping, our deficit rising, jobs shrinking, prices rising, taxes rising, and another recession on the rise. The second recession is to take care of those who survived his first try at bankrupting the US.

    As for the mention of "god" in politics. Plain and simple and to the point ---- if you want religion in politics (where it should not be) then the tax-free exemption for ALL churches should be taken away. All churches should be made to pay all current taxes and back taxes from the moment the church was opened, just like a business. They would no longer be able to accept "donations" since the money taken is a form of income. That too would be taxable. I am sure it would shut down many of the mega-churches.

    -- Posted by PrpleHze on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 7:02 AM
  • PrpleHze . . . listen to these facts.

    1% of all abortions occur because of rape or incest; 6% of abortions occur because of potential health problems regarding either the mother or child, and 93% of all abortions occur for social reasons (i.e. the child is unwanted or inconvenient).

    I am not talking about the 7% of women who have a good reason to think about having an abortion due to rape or health issues, I am talking about the 93% of women who have an abortion just because they don't accept responsibility for their actions. While I am sorry you were raped, your situation is a very small minority in the reasons why people have abortions and I am arguing about the bigger picture. That is what I am questioning and feel that abortions should be illegal for those individuals who decided it was ok to have sex without taking precautions and when they all of a sudden they get pregnant, they think it is ok to discard a life form as if it is trash. If anyone thinks that is ok then they really have some serious issues with morality.

    -- Posted by jaxspike on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 9:13 AM
  • Many seem concerned with my stand on abortion, so like some of you I will take the time to explain exactly where it is I position myself on that matter and my personal reasons behind it. I do not believe abortion should be a method of "birth control." When inferring it's "not your right to choose what I do with my body," you are right. I don't give a flying flip what you want to do to your body, even though I might argue that when conception occurs it is no longer just 'your body.' But still, if you want to extinguish that emerging life, those are your personal reasons and there isn't much I can do to stop it, but by the same token don't try to force me to pay for it!!!

    I am not entirely on the 'right-side' of political issues. Yes I would term myself a pro-life supporter, but I also sympathize with the argument that there are situations when one might feel compelled to terminate (rape, incest, genetic defect, etc.) and for emotional reasons cannot even consider carrying to term in order to benefit someone looking to adopt. I do not take a black & white view on abortion. But abortion should not be used as someone's method of birth control, it is the termination of a living organism that if left alone would grow into it's own person...no longer needing to "share" a body. Yet rather than debate the right to abort a life, let us at least agree that there should be some type of regulation on abortion. We have regulations and limitations on everything else, so why not control the number of babies a woman can abort? Should she be allowed 8 or 9, or even more abortions in her lifetime? And should a woman have the right to terminate solely because she wants a girl but got stuck with a boy? This is a living being we are talking about here, not a handbag.

    Studies show that about half of all U.S. women having an abortion have had one previously. This fact is not new, but dramatically underscored in a recent report from the Guttmacher Institute on the characteristics of women having repeat abortions. We should be equally disturbed by the underlying fact that the unintended pregnancy rate in the United States is so high, and that so many women experience repeat unintended pregnancies. At the current U.S. abortion rate it is estimated about one-third of all U.S. women will have had an abortion by age 45. Given the total number of women in the United States, that is an astounding number of fetal killings...for which hard-working Americans--regardless of their religious or political beliefs--are now expected to pay for.

    The law requires that the work place, prisons, etc. accommodate all "sincerely held" religious views and beliefs without discrimination or prejudice. So how then can the government justify forcing a person to pay for an abortion, when it goes against their sincere religious beliefs? In short, reducing abortion and repeat abortion must start with reducing unintended and repeat unintended pregnancy...which goes back to the basic challenge of helping women prevent unintended pregnancies in the first place. I do not feel I should be FORCED to pay for someone else's contraceptives, but if they aren't able to afford them on their own then I would FREELY choose to have my taxes used for educating men and women on the methods of preventative pregnancy and supplying contraceptives,rather than on aborting unwanted babies. The key word being freely...and of my own accord.

    I would also venture to guess that those who regard the "my body" right, also agree in the right to commit suicide or even assisted suicide. I mean after all, it is their body/their right? Like abortion, that is a topic that can have shades of gray as well. I have lived many years riddled with pain and there have been many moments where I have been so fatigued and both physically and emotionally drained that I just wanted it to end so I could 'rest.' I can honestly empathize with that plight. Do I support assisted suicide...as a general rule "no."

    I'm not just Bible-thumping on the topic of abortion. While I have no shame in confessing to be a God loving Christian, I base my views almost entirely on my own life experiences. It is our real-life experiences that shape us into the person we ultimately become. 18 years ago I came about as close as a woman can to aborting a child without actually doing it. Seeing my 17 year old daughter's face each day reminds me why I choose to support life. At age 24 I found myself pregnant with my fourth child, despite the fact that I had been faithfully taking my birth control pills for several years (this was just before doctors began advising the use of other methods of birth control while taking antibiotics because it minimizes their effectiveness). I was in my second year of college at the time, working a part-time low wage job for the school district, and I had finally found the courage to file a restraining order against my [ex] husband after he'd dislocated my jaw just weeks before. I was overwhelmed when I discovered I was pregnant. I had no idea how I would manage school, finances, another child and most of all...I feared that this would drive me back to my abusive husband.

    My father is a pro-choice liberal, and because I was young and afraid he was able to convince me that abortion was my only option. Despite my belief that abortion should not be used as a method of birth control, I made an appointment to terminate my pregnancy. It required we [my father and I] drive to a neighboring city 60 miles away. The abortion clinic had been bombed the week prior, so we were told to meet at a new 'secret' location. I showed my ID on arrival and signed the consent forms...and waited.

    My father wasn't allowed in, so I was scared and alone and fighting a battle with my own conscience...how could I justify killing this child, when I had three living children? Why didn't this baby deserve the same right to life as my other children? Don't assume to know what that feels like unless you've been there. There is no other time in my life when I can remember feeling more alone or 'lost.' And I can tell you from experience that abortion clinics are sterile, cold and unfeeling. There were other women in the waiting room with me...chatting and carrying on like it was 'no big deal.' It is society's acceptance, and in some cases even encouragement of abortion as an approved birth control method that puts me on the offensive. How can we devalue life?

    So what stopped me from aborting my baby? Prayer...well maybe not literally but I prayed for God to send me a sign, and it came. I was required to have an ultrasound because I had been taking my birth control pills for years and still having regular monthly menstrual cycles, so I had no idea how far along I was. At that time in California you were required to have a different procedure in your second trimester (at 12 weeks), because the baby's legs and arms can tear apart (they insert a device and extract [rip] the fetus out of your womb). My ultrasound placed me at 12 weeks and 3 days, which put me just 3 days into my second trimester.

    I was handed the folder containing my ultrasound photos and asked to wait. When I opened the folder and looked at my baby's pictures I could see [her] head, body, arms and legs and I knew then no matter what the future held, I would never abort my child, and we would face it together. My daughter has grown into an amazing and beautiful young lady, and yes it was the leverage my [ex] husband needed to weasel his way back into our lives, and I suffered another 3 years of Hell and a few more broken bones (domestic abuse is a discussion best saved for another day, since it is a very complex matter and way off topic). If I had to do it all over again, even knowing what it would mean for those three more frightful years and not knowing what lay beyond that, I would gladly endure all the pain and heartache to have my daughter in my life. Would I have gone through with the abortion had I not seen my babies ultrasound pictures? I can answer honestly from my heart with "no."

    When they explained the procedure to me and described ripping out the fetus in "pieces," there was no way I was going through with it. I had tried to convince myself up to this point that none of it was real...it was just a nightmare that would soon be over (you have to keep in mind that just days before I had no idea I was pregnant, since my period had just recently come and gone and I was taking my birth control pills, so it hadn't fully sunk in yet). But the minute the woman mentioned "arms" and "legs" it all suddenly became very real for me and very much alive.

    My point is, abortion should never be entered into lightly and should not be used merely as a method of birth control. Yes it is your body, but would you stand by and watch someone slit their wrists in front of you without trying to stop them? Keep in mind it is THEIR body. And moreover, would you pay for someone to slit their wrists at their request?

    I've shared with all of you something very personal and private from my life in order to give you a better understanding of why I position myself where I do on this topic, just as others have shared their personal and private histories. I would hope that commenters will not belittle mine or anyone else's experience, nor minimize our ordeal. The emotions from that period are still very raw for me, even all these years later, as I'm sure they are for others. I only just recently shared this experience with the child represented here. It was a difficult decision to make, because I never wanted her to feel that she was unwanted. But ultimately I made the choice to inform her, so that it would help her in deciding where she sits on topics like this. She was and is still in favor of life, but she has a slightly better understanding about what may drive some women to make that choice.

    -- Posted by shawna.jones on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 12:04 PM
  • Shawna,

    That took a lot of courage. You are very intelligent and state the case against abortion very well.

    You demonstrate an unselfish caring attitude for others.

    Thank You. God Bless You.

    -- Posted by Wolf Clan on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 2:46 PM
  • Shawna, you are a perfect example of how misinformed a person can get by listening to right wing talk radio and Faux News. Two of your main talking points are completely inaccurate. First of, the top ten most well educated states all went to President Obama in the election. Nine of the ten least educated states went for Romney. And second, abortion services only account for about 3% of Planned Parenthood's activities. Most of it is for other medical services like cancer screenings, mammograms, etc. And a lot of the abortions that are performed due to rape or incest, are never reported, so the percentage is most likely a lot higher than most people think. Do you really think that a woman should be forced to have her rapists baby?

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 3:31 PM
  • For those who say abortion is bad because government shouldn't have the power to tell a woman what she can do with her own body.

    If we ignore the child as a separate person for the sake of this argument, then shouldn't government also let you be a prostitute or drug addict without legal repercussions, since it is your body?

    The abortion argument also ignores the fact that if the unborn baby is killed by a third party, they can be charged with murder. But if the mom kills it it is "just a blob of cells".

    No other instance in science, that I am aware of, hinges the decision of whether something is alive or not, on who is trying to kill it.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 4:56 PM
  • Rocket Valentine

    Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms, never has. At best they will refer a patient to a mammogram provider.


    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 5:00 PM
  • Planned Parenthood does not perform mammograms.


    quietmike beat me to it

    Most people don't realize exactly how much trouble babies can be until after they're born. How about a 6 or 9 month window after the baby is born for mom to have the opportunity to "take care of it?" Its not exactly an independent life form at that point. I'm opposed to abortion in my own life. People should be free to make their own mistakes, but I should be free to not be a party to it.

    Shawna, you are very brave to share so much. You don't come across to me as someone who is uninformed or brainwashed by Right wing radio. You came to your opinions by your own experiences. You have said you have traditionally been a Democrat. People are much too diverse and complex to be represented by two polar sets of opinions based on our current two party system. I consider myself conservative but do not agree with all Republican platform opinions. My experience has been that people's opinions evolve with life wisdom. Your opinions are right for you and are valid. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 5:15 PM
  • cortnerkin, please re-read the first paragraph of Shawna's post where she proclaims that her statistics show a majority of President Obama's supporters in this election were uneducated, high school and college dropouts, etc. And then research the facts yourself and you will find the complete opposite. The top ten most well educated states went for Obama. And nine of the top ten LEAST educated states went to Romney. That is why I said that she is misinformed. Everyone will never be happy about where their tax dollars go. I was never happy about George Bush using my tax dollars to start an unnecessary war in Iraq to look for WMD's that never existed.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 5:55 PM
  • Planned Parenthood does provide Breast Exam Screening, please exuse me for not knowing the difference between the two. They also provide women with cervical cancer testing and treatment of pre-cancerous cervical cells. What a horrible place... Planned Parenthood and Sesame Street must be de-funded!

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 6:11 PM
  • Rocket Valentine--

    Ask my husband Jimmy when the last time I ever listened to ANY news radio program or watched Fox news [I watch ABC, CNN and PBS] and I'm sure he'll say "never." I read newspapers from several states and surf the web, going to numerous right and left wing sites, but staying primarily in the middle. I have been a registered Democrat all my life, and have voted for three Democrat presidential candidates and two Republican candidates during that time (neither were Bush, so don't bother going there). I grew up with Liberal tree-hugging, Gay loving parents who voted for Obama twice.

    When I refer to the statistic that Obama supporters are by majority uneducated and undereducated I am speaking in relation to 'per capita' supporters in total, nationwide. I am not speaking in reference to 'per state.' Pretty much every exit poll shows very little correlation between education and electoral outcomes.

    CNN graphs show only one category that correlates with level of education: postgraduates. President Obama won those who didn't attend high school, those who didn't attend college, and postgraduates. Gee, Obama won the election, so he won slightly larger perecentages of everyone. In fact, as education level increases, tendency to vote for President Obama decreases until you get to the postgraduate level. This is largely unsurprising when you consider that one of President Obama's major supporter groups - teachers' unions - consists almost entirely of members who have some sort of postgraduate education. When you compare the number of voters to account for race and demographics in addition to education--not electoral votes per state--you get a more true view of the demographic lay out of supporters. Significantly more high school drop outs and undereducated citizens voted for Obama than Romney.

    History shows Conservatives have for the most part always captured the majority of university educated individuals, even now. According to PBS data break down of the electorate--this election--51% of college educated voters voted for Romney and 47% for Obama. And 64% of voters who did not finish highschool voted for Obama. This chart is more telling of ethnic divirsity. That's why you see a place like Nevada tipping to Obama. Many of these "educated" states voted nearly 50/50. Less than 50% of their populations have a higher degree. Even the non-close states had a sizable group of Romney voters. So again, I am comparing the number of actual supporters, not states.

    And FYI, I clearly state two comments above you "I am not entirely on the 'right-side' of political issues. Yes I would term myself a pro-life supporter, but I also sympathize with the argument that there are situations when one might feel compelled to terminate (rape, incest, genetic defect, etc.) and for emotional reasons cannot even consider carrying to term in order to benefit someone looking to adopt. I do not take a black & white view on abortion."

    I also go on to state "In short, reducing abortion and repeat abortion must start with reducing unintended and repeat unintended pregnancy...which goes back to the basic challenge of helping women prevent unintended pregnancies in the first place."

    ...Think before you type.

    -- Posted by shawna.jones on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 6:26 PM
  • Rocket Valetine

    WMD's were found in Iraq.

    Over 500 metric tons of yellow cake uranium plus various chemical weapons



    How ironic is it that you snidely comment that people who watch Fox News are misinformed, yet you seem to be the one who have blindly swallowed the soundbites w/o doing any research?

    -- Posted by quietmike on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 7:10 PM
  • Will you remember Hillary Clinton lied to you as well when she asks for your vote in 2016 or is it only on a partisan basis you get angry at the lies?



    Where are Camaros assembled?

    Who is John Galt?

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 7:58 PM
  • Also, Sesame Street is a multimillion dollar commodity with lots of product licensing, DVD sales, and corporate sponsorship options. Big Bird does not need your welfare pittance.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 8:56 PM
  • cortnerkin and Wolf Clan, thank you for your kind words of encouragement.

    I wish others would understand that I am not trying to force-feed anyone my beliefs or political views. I am simply fighting to stop the government from force-feeding me their beliefs and views. You can have yours and I can have mine, and we can all stick to following the guidelines spelled out by our founding fathers in the Constitution of the United States...instead of trying to "rewrite" the Constitution to suit one's political needs, as Obama has attempted to do on more than one occasion.

    -- Posted by shawna.jones on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 9:18 PM
  • Shawna, you can try to break down the numbers to fit your agenda however you like. But if you really do some research before you type, you will find that the poorest and most uneducated states such as Kentucky, West Virginia, and most of the southern states always vote republican. As they did this time also for Romney. But one interesting thing you may find is, that even in these "red states", you will find some areas that ended up going for Obama. And if you take a closer look, you will find that theses areas always have a major university there. So even the red states that voted for Romney actually lost in the areas where people were more educated. And I never really understood why people like to push their beliefs on other people. If you don't believe in abortion... that's cool, don't have one. But don't think you can make that decision for someone else. And quietmike, maybe you should read this link about those WMD's. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/7634313/ns/world_news-mideast_n_africa/t/cias-final-...

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 9:19 PM
  • quietmike, you should probably read your own links before posting them. The article clearly states that the materials found weren't even potent enough to make a dirty bomb. Uranium needs to be enriched, and you also need reactors. Sadaam had neither the materials or the means to do either. The impotent materials were sold to Canada for electrical purposes.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 9:38 PM
  • "If you don't believe in abortion... that's cool, don't have one. But don't think you can make that decision for someone else."

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 9:19 PM

    Stay out of my wallet and I'll stay out of your bedroom.

    I can see why Rocket Valentine took offense to the under-educated Obama supporters statement. I hear a lot of stuff from liberals about studies showing conservatives are unintelligent all the time. There are stupid and uninformed people on both sides, and unless there is an IQ test to vote, it matters little because everybody gets a say if they want it. University students for the most part are young, inexperienced, and impressionable. A good portion of the people I was surrounded by in college haven't amounted to squat, educated though they may be. To me, it appeared that mainly urban voters went for Obama. I like sparring with you Rocket, but I don't think your stupid. I would like to know your response to the Hillary Clinton question though.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 10:14 PM
  • Thanks cortnerkin, I also like a good political debate and respect your opinions as much as I disagree with them. Your Hilliary Clinton question is irrelevant because she won't run for President in 2016. But there are a couple women that have the potential for a future presidential run and that I would vote for. First on that list would be Elizabeth Warren.

    -- Posted by Rocket Valentine on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 10:28 PM
  • Statistics show that about every state Romney won except for nevada are the poorest states and have less college graduates than states Obama won.These are the states the most racist tweets and comments are coming from.Americans will be watching to see who in Washington will vote to keep Bush tax cuts.I think the economy will get better inspite of the haters.Some of us is watching to much Faux news.Obama supporters have worked and paid taxes just like the Romney supporters.I am a Obama supporter and have had a job since I was 13 years old.I have never been on welfare or had food stamps.I agree with Rocket Valentine about Elizabeth Warren

    -- Posted by lets be real on Fri, Nov 9, 2012, at 11:22 PM
  • Now I ain't gonna make no claim to be the sharpest tool in the shed, but I ain't dumb enough to believe that wealthy business owners are gonna go on a hiring spree after their taxes go up.

    -- Posted by Tim Lokey on Sat, Nov 10, 2012, at 1:07 AM
  • Tim Lokey . . . not only will business owners cut jobs due to taxes increasing but they are already cutting jobs due to Obamacare and the expense it places on companies.

    Here are some examples

    Welch Allyn

    Welch Allyn, a company that manufactures medical diagnostic equipment in central New York, announced in September that they would be laying off 275 employees, or roughly 10% of their workforce over the next three years. One of the major reasons discussed for the layoffs was a proactive response to the Medical Device Tax mandated by the new healthcare law.

    Dana Holding Corp.

    As recently as a week ago, a global auto parts manufacturing company in Ohio known as Dana Holding Corp., warned their employees of potential layoffs, citing "$24 million over the next six years in additional U.S. health care expenses". After laying off several white collar staffers, company insiders have hinted at more to come. The company will have to cover the additional $24 million cost somehow, which will likely equate to numerous cuts in their current workforce of 25,500 worldwide.


    One of the biggest medical device manufacturers in the world, Stryker will close their facility in Orchard Park, New York, eliminating 96 jobs in December. Worse, they plan on countering the medical device tax in Obamacare by slashing 5% of their global workforce - an estimated 1,170 positions.

    Boston Scientific

    In October of 2009, Boston Scientific CEO Ray Elliott, warned that proposed taxes in the health care reform bill could "lead to significant job losses" for his company. Nearly two years later, Elliott announced that the company would be cutting anywhere between 1,200 and 1,400 jobs, while simultaneously shifting investments and workers overseas - to China.


    In March of 2010, medical device maker Medtronic warned that Obamacare taxes could result in a reduction of precisely 1,000 jobs. That plan became reality when the company cut 500 positions over the summer, with another 500 set for the end of 2013.


    A short list of other companies facing future layoffs at the hands of Obamacare:

    *Smith & Nephew - 770 layoffs

    *Abbott Labs - 700 layoffs

    *Covidien - 595 layoffs

    *Kinetic Concepts - 427 layoffs

    *St. Jude Medical - 300 layoffs

    *Hill Rom - 200 layoffs

    Darden Restaurants

    According to the Orlando Sentinel, Darden Restaurants, a casual dining chain best known for their Red Lobster, Olive Garden and LongHorn Steakhouse restaurants, is "experimenting with limiting the hours of some of its workers to avoid health care requirements under the Affordable Care Act when they take effect in 2014".

    JANCOA Janitorial Services

    The CEO of JANCOA, Mary Miller, testified to Congress that Obamacare was a "dream killer", adding that one option she had to consider "is reducing the majority of my team members to part-time employment in order to reduce the amount that I will be penalized."


    The American retailer in Cincinnati, Ohio recently was reported to be planning a significant slashing of their hourly workers. Doug Ross writes:

    Operative Faith (a mid-level manager with the company) reveals that Kroger will soon join the ranks of Darden Restaurants and slash the hours of its non-exempt (hourly) workers to avoid millions in Obamacare penalties. Obamacare could result in tens of thousands of Kroger employees being limited to working 28 hours per week

    -- Posted by jaxspike on Sat, Nov 10, 2012, at 1:23 AM
  • The poorest states also tend to be the most rural. Plus the southeast had been held back due to its 100 years of devotion to the Democrat party after the Civil War. As blue states continue to squeeze their tax base, many of their citizens and businesses will wind up here. Unfortunately, they'll bring their politics with them.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sat, Nov 10, 2012, at 1:37 AM
  • The greedy Ceos of companys will do whatever to make bigger profits.The ceo of Papa Johns worth #300 million pays millions for stupid Payton Manning ads but does not want to pay insurance for their minimum wage workers.And Obama care does not start till 2014.The pizza there is already bad and cutting workers will make it even worse plus hurt their bussiness.Walmart has been doing this for years.

    They have always worked people 39 hours a week and call them part time to prevent paying benefits.This was before Obama care.Now they are just upset because they may have to buy one less vacation home.The same for Kroger.The same for the greedy ceo of Apple.For these people to claim they care about america is a joke.Dont they realize that with insurance their employees will have access to preventive care and prevent missed days from work.All these companies are worth billions. It is a shame they cant see past their hatred of Obama and their greed to help their own employees.I would be willing to pay 25 cents more for a pizza to help these people.I work in a hospital and our Ceo has already told us how Obama care will boost our hospital.There is a lot of americans willing to pay what they can afford to have coverage.Even people with prexisting conditions need coverage.How can these millionares hold up their heads and call themselves Americans.Lets see how they feel when the 51% of Obama supporters pass on by their bussiness.There is no excuse for any medical bussiness to lay off now that everyone coming through the door will have insurance now.This has got to be better than having to take care of all those people with no coverage.People will no longer have to use the ER as a doctors office.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Sat, Nov 10, 2012, at 12:13 PM
  • Romneycare did not result in decreased ER visits in Mass. People who have no monetary investment in their healthcare don't mind going to the ER. Your hospital may get a boost, but it will be at the cost of the middle class public. The hospitals I've seen have been laying people off and building up cash for the uncertainty that awaits.

    Is Obama gonna go after those greedy CEO's? Will it be for revenge or donations? Let's hope he crushes capitalism before it's too late, right? Maybe we have reached critical mass in this country where people can vote themselves more money from their fellow citizens. Where do we go from here? Down.

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Sat, Nov 10, 2012, at 2:56 PM
  • Medicaid expansion will probabally be denied to millions of the poorest in the south by their republican governors.Turning down a program that would provide 100% reimbursement and drop to 90% reimbursement is nuts.States could save millions in the long term basis by providing preventive care vs Er visits.After many in the red states die from lack of insurance this will lead to newly elected officials in the future.When these governors are up for office again the poor and uninsured can go to the polls vote them out.Lets not forget Medicaid is what keeps the Nursing homes going for our elderly not medicare.America is going to be fine,

    this is a great country,Obama won Florida today with a landslide of 332 electoral votes and the most popular votes.God is great.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Sat, Nov 10, 2012, at 6:26 PM
  • Romney won every state that required photo I.D.

    Obama won 8 out of the top ten states for welfare recipients.

    Obama did nothing during his first term to help the country, he only promised "free" stuff he could steal from someone else.

    But I'm sure all of that is just coincidental.

    -- Posted by quietmike on Sat, Nov 10, 2012, at 8:05 PM
  • I have only one real question. Does the national debt matter or not? I mean, if it doesn't, then why not spend like drunken sailors and buy evertones food, housing, medical care, etc. Most of my liberal friends think that is the case. Are they right?

    If it does matter, then what will happen when (not if) we go bankrupt? Many people I know cite the Constitution in matters of religion, marriage, and gun control, etc.. (now there is an interesting grouping). But I seem to recall that when the USSR went belly up, they wrote a new Constitution. I wonder what our new one will look like?

    -- Posted by Liveforlight on Sun, Nov 11, 2012, at 5:05 AM
  • About the "it's my body" thing. Really? What if a landlord was to say, "It's MY Building. Who cares about the people living inside of it."

    -- Posted by Mrs.Beth on Sun, Nov 11, 2012, at 1:25 PM
  • You can not compare someones body to a building.If insurance companys pay for birth control there will less abortions.The tea party has ruined the republican party with their extreme ideas.The republican party failed to buy tha election.They will continue to fail unless they try to appeal to the poor as well as the rich.These companys ready to lay off even before Obama care takes effect are just greedy Ceos wanting to pocket more profit.Why would you not want your employees healthy.This means less days of missed work.Tax the rich as Clinton did to help the deficit,and it didnt hurt small bussiness.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Mon, Nov 12, 2012, at 12:14 PM
  • You can already get free birth control from Health Departments. And many insurance companies will pay for a woman to get fixed. Mine did.

    -- Posted by Mrs.Beth on Mon, Nov 12, 2012, at 3:02 PM
  • You can not get free birth control from the health department if you have insurance.Doctors will not fix you if you have one child.All those middleclass in the republican party did not help Romney,who really sent jobs over seas.Now people who cant accept the election filed sucession petitions.I quess we will have to move the fence further north.How will it feel to have no social security,no medicare, no Fema,more taxes for own military,and be classified as a foreigner to US.Maybe they can self deport

    -- Posted by lets be real on Tue, Nov 13, 2012, at 11:28 AM
  • Lets be real, how can you claim that. Reality is a long way from your perspective.

    -- Posted by Wolf Clan on Tue, Nov 13, 2012, at 9:52 PM
  • "LET'S GET REAL" lets be real, and try using a fact checker. By the way, we have a president who's a foreigner to the US. Perhaps it is he who should self-deport.

    -- Posted by So_Sue_Me on Tue, Nov 13, 2012, at 11:30 PM
  • Show me the facts that Obama is a foreigner.Fact showed that Romney owned plants that sent jobs overseas.This type of disrespect is what cost Romney the election.I say let them sucessed from America I will help them pack.They cant except that the majority of america voted for Obama.He won despite voter suppression.So get over it.The demographics in america has changed and there is nothing that can be done about it.There will probably never be another republican president again,unless they make a lot of changes.

    -- Posted by lets be real on Wed, Nov 14, 2012, at 9:08 PM
  • Do you mean secede?

    -- Posted by cortnerkin on Thu, Nov 15, 2012, at 12:03 AM
  • This posting is written to encourage voters to participate in their patriotic duty to VOTE in the Presidential Preference Primary for Tennessee. The Presidential Primary for Tennessee will be conducted on Tuesday, March 1, 2016. In order to vote in the Primary you must be Registered to vote by January, 31, 2016. I urge everyone who has not registered to do so by going to the Election Commission Office. You will need to bring documents establishing your Tennessee residency and a valid government issued Photo-ID. See: http://www.tn.gov/safety/topic/photoids .

    The 2016 election year will be the most consequential vote in decades due to the many problems in the governing of our nation and state along with the wildly divergent positions taken by the candidates.

    Why is your vote important? In the 2012 Presidential Election, only 57.5% of (218,959,000)voting age population voted in that election (126,849,296). Of those, 51.1% voted for the Winner and 47.2% voted for the Loser. This means that for the popular vote, the highest elected leader in the USA was elected by only 29.6% of voting age adults. 42.5% of the voting age population had to put up with the results of NOT voting. And if you don't vote, you have no basis to complain about the wisdom of the people who voted for the Winner. Even worse, because of the winner-take-all approach, rather than proportional, assignment of electoral college votes in our election system, the 27.9% who did go vote and voted for the Loser had their vote gain absolutely zero benefit. Winner-take-all allocation of votes in the electoral college leaves massive numbers of people with no representation and should be rectified. So the current allocation method makes it extremely important you vote on election day. Indeed, in 1980 Political Strategist Paul Weyrich stated that he doesn't want everyone to vote because it would be bad for the party. See:


    As a result we see several red states implementing voter suppression.

    Politicians at the federal and state levels are supposed to vote the interests of the constituents in the district they represent. But thanks to the Supreme Court opening the floodgates of massive election spending by corporations, claiming corporations are "people", the politicians primarily vote the interest of "people" in Delaware or Nevada where most of these corporations are domiciled. This same political strategist went on to co-found the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). ALEC puts on (private) meetings whereby state politicians wine and dine with corporate lawyers who have drawn up cookie-cutter templates of laws which benefit the corporations. The state legislators then duly implement these corporate created laws into state codes. If you think that when this happens, YOUR interests are being considered, well I have about 100 acres of prime agricultural land resting on top of the empire state building that I will sell you cheap.

    It's up to you to study the position on issues (platforms) of these candidates and decide which candidate will support your interests and whether you trust that he/she will carry them out. Candidates have been know to say one thing and then do right the opposite when attaining office. On the matter of trust first, I suggest you Follow-the-Money. See who is backing the candidate with donations. See: https://www.opensecrets.org/pres16/ at the Center for Response Politics. As a second step concerning trust check into the past history of the candidate on matters of importance for you. For example, if you were against the War on IRAQ, check to see how he/she voted on this matter.

    As an aid in deciding on candidates why not determine your position on several problems plaguing our nation in 2016.

    Why not answer YES/NO to the following questions. YES means this is important, I'm Voting. NO means I'm Staying home.

    MINIMUM WAGE: The Minimum Wage, unlike other laws that affect incomes of Americans has never been adjested for inflation.

    The minimum wage was last raised on July 24, 2009 to $7.25hr. The value of the minimum wage has fallen dramatically. Since the minimum wage was last raised in 2009, the price of apples went up 16%, bacon 67%, cheddar cheese 21%, coffee 27%, ground beef 39%, and milk 21%. The minimum wage went up 0%. Plus, in the 1960s the minimum wage was essentially half the average wage. If that was still the case it would be $12.50 an hour. If our standard for minimum wages had kept pace with overall income growth in the American economy, it would now be $21.16 per hour. Job losses from raising the minimum wage are negligible. Minimum wage has already been raised 23 times. Every time it was raised it was opposed by some few who said "it is going to lose jobs and wreck the economy" which is factually untrue as study after study has proven. There is widespread bipartisan support for raising the minimum wage. In a 2015 poll, 75% of Americans, including 53% of Republicans, support raising the minimum wage to $12.50 by 2020. As President Franklin Roosevelt said in 1933: "No business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country." For further justification see: http://www.commondreams.org/views/2015/03/16/top-ten-arguments-raising-minimum-w...

    YES: I'm voting. The minimum wage is a national tragedy. Millions of people are suffering.

    NO: I'm doing fine. Not my problem. I'm staying home.

    LOW CD RATES: In the dead of night, on December 23, 1923, Congress passed a Wall Street written law which turned the total control of Money over to a Private Banking Cartel. Thus was birthed the Federal Reserve. Private control of the money creation and supply is a direct violation of the US Constitution, Article-1, Section-8. The reason that Main Street Savers get less than 1% return on Certificates of Deposits is that the FED has pushed the Discount Rate and the Federal Funds Rate to near zero. The Discount Rate is the rate which the FED charges commercial banks to borrow money from the FED. The Federal Funds Rate is the rate banks use to charge one another and their best prime customers. The outcome is that the banks and credit unions only need enough CD deposits to cover their Reserve Requirements. They profit more from borrowing money from other banks at near zero rates and loan to the federal government for wars and weapons. They have no incentive to give fair rates to customers.

    YES: I'm voting. Control over the money supply should follow the constitution.

    NO: I've got plenty of money. Not my problem.

    SOCIAL SECURITY: During the Bush Administration a push was made to turn Social Security funds over to Wall Street Banks. It would have been a disaster as the 2nd Depression Crash of 2008 demonstrated. Big money interests have tried to cut Social Security benefits by claiming falsely that the SS funds are going broke. The problem is that SS administration invested these funds in Treasury Securities which are due to be redeemed from the Federal Government Operating Fund.

    YES: I'm voting. Social Security funds are owned by the citizenry who rely on them in retirement.

    NO: I'm not voting. I won't need Social Security in retirement. Not my problem.

    FEAR MONGERING: In 2014, four terrorism-related incidents involving Muslim-Americans -- two using firearms, one a knife, and one a hatchet -- killed seven people in 2014, bringing the total number of fatalities in the United States from terrorism by Muslim-Americans since 9/11 to 50. Meanwhile, the United States suffered approximately 14,000 murders in 2014 and more than 200,000 murders since 9/11. The main terrorist threat in the United States is not from violent Muslim extremists, but from right-wing extremists. Just ask the police. All violence is bad, however you are more likely to be struck by lightning than being victim of terror attacks.

    YES: I'm voting. I want a president who will stop this hijacking of the public airways for fear mongering.

    NO: I'm NOT voting. I will be hiding in my basement from the terrorists.

    WAR: General Wesley Clark, Ret., was told by an officer in the Pentagon: "This is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran."

    YES: I'm voting. I don't believe the USA should be in Perpetual War.

    NO: Doesn't effect me directly. Not my problem. I'll stay at home.

    Now VOTE! It's your patriotic duty.

    You must be REGISTERED by January 31, 2016 to vote in the Democrat Primary


    -- Posted by manicrealtor on Sun, Jan 3, 2016, at 4:50 PM
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