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Nashville TV
Posted Wednesday, April 22, at 10:46 PM
I don't know if other people in Shelbyville watch the TV Series Nashville, but I do. We lived in Nashville for over 46 years, and I still have a great fondness for the city, even though I can't find my way around downtown anymore. I also enjoy the music scene. Therefore, I enjoy watching the show. However, there is one problem...

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Size Matters
Posted Monday, June 16, at 11:21 AM

When we moved to Shelbyville and into this house in Sept of 2006, I was delighted to find a drawer in the kitchen that would hold most of my paper rolls. I had struggled with an ideal location for them in our previous home. There it was, a drawer that could hold waxed paper, plastic wrap, regular aluminum foil, that press 'n seal wrap, and a long tube of extra strong aluminum foil, as well as a couple of boxes of small zip bags...

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False Spring
Posted Thursday, March 13, at 4:24 PM

It is so beautiful today. Granted it's not 70, as it was one day last week, but it feels good out there. I've been walking in the yard in a pullover sweater with no jacket. That's good weather to me. I checked on the flowering shrubs and trees. Most have tiny buds beginning to show. ...

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Fawn Sighting
Posted Thursday, June 13, at 11:19 PM

We have officially had our first sighting of a fawn for 2013! Jim called me into the sunroom Tuesday morning to see a doe and the tiniest fawn on the far side of the field beside our house. There are trees on two sides at the far corner, and that's where she had her baby. Jim continued to watch as the fawn lay down, and the mother grazed around...

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Was it real, or was it a hoax?
Posted Wednesday, January 9, at 5:26 PM

I am thinking the latter. My cell phone rang, & it showed "unknown" rather than a picture, name or number. I answered anyway. It was a foreign-sounding voice who knew my name. He said he was calling in regard to my Windows program. When I asked for more information, he said my XM. ...

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Midnight Sun to Return to Florida
Posted Monday, December 17, at 10:01 PM

On Saturday, Dec. 1, Jim & I went to Lewisburg (my home town) to put new flowers in the urns on my parents' monument. He always has to take me to Shoney's for lunch while we are there. That day was no exception. As we passed in front of the Tennessee Walking Horse Breeders and Exhibitors Association (TWHBEA) headquarters on Ellington Parkway I remarked about the beautiful statue of the horse there. Little did I know that two weeks later word was out that the statue is going home to Florida...

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Should the THP reveal all?
Posted Monday, July 2, at 6:15 AM

A week or so ago the Times-Gazette carried an article which gave dates and locations of roadblocks to be conducted by the Tennessee Highway Patrol during the month of July. I remember many years ago when drivers who went through a roadblock might call a local radio station and have the location announced on the air. As I recall, THP didn't care for that -- at that time...

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Not again!
Posted Sunday, June 24, at 10:18 PM

Do you remember the blog I wrote in early February about all the problems I was having with computers, printers and such? Well, another computer has bit the dust, so to speak. (I certainly hope dust wasn't the culprit.) My sister and her husband were visiting. She had been on the computer on a Thursday afternoon. I started to log on that night but noticed she still had facebook and her email open. I just used my iPhone instead...

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How much is enough?
Posted Tuesday, June 12, at 9:04 AM

Maybe I should ask, "How much is too much?" We have cable at our house, and we bundle. That means our home telephone, our TV channels, and my Internet all enter the house through the cable. Last Tuesday about 2 am Jim awoke because the panel for the security system was beeping. ...

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If it's mechanical, don't let it around me.
Posted Saturday, February 4, at 3:31 PM

Make that if it's mechanical, electrical, digital, analog, computerized. What have I left out? Remember when digital clocks came out and had to be set to the hour, minute and either am or pm? I was the one who did that at our house. When VCRs arrived, I was the one who got to hook up the wires to the TV and get those to working. It was always me when it came time to record programs on those tapes and play them back...

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What a great weekend for football!
Posted Sunday, October 2, at 4:54 PM

I think the football games were especially good this weekend. That is probably because all my teams won. First there was Friday night when the Shelbyville Central High Eagles defeated Lawrence county 41-6. The night was cool and clear, a perfect night for football in Middle Tennessee...

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Will someone please explain finances to me?
Posted Monday, September 26, at 2:03 PM

I'm confused about the United States Postal Service (USPS). I saw a few of their ads on TV yesterday afternoon and then one already this morning. If the USPS is as broke as the government is telling us it is, how can they afford all those ads? Hopefully they didn't advertise during the Superbowl...

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Heritage Medical Center earns our approval
Posted Friday, July 8, at 11:04 PM

In the middle of June, my husband Jim was sick two nights in a row. He was sick at night but not during the day. Both days he thought it was indigestion & took a familiar antacid for relief. Sunday & Monday he felt just OK. Tuesday he awoke at 3 am with pains in his abdomen. ...

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What happened to wash & wear?
Posted Sunday, June 5, at 11:41 PM

When I was growing up it seemed that everything we wore had to be washed & ironed. There were suits & dress clothes that had to be sent to the cleaners. However, other things required that they be washed, sprinkled, perhaps starched, & then ironed. How I hated ironing!...

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I'm not believing these gas prices.
Posted Thursday, April 28, at 7:29 PM

I think it was Monday afternoon that I filled my car at Walmart for $3.63 a gallon. Then it went up to $3.69. Yesterday after the storm subsided we drove into town to eat, & I believe it had gone down 1-cent. On the way home the price had been raised to $3.75, which is what it was this afternoon. Who knows what it is now?...

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Thank God & Delta We're Home!
Posted Friday, March 11, at 7:57 PM

Jim and I just returned from ten wonderful nights in Hawaii. Three we spent on Waikiki Beach, which is a fun place to visit, but not for long. Then we moved on to Kauai, the northernmost of the Hawaiian Islands and our favorite. We spent a week in a condo where we had stayed twice before. The building is three floors high, and the condo is oceanfront. It was fantastic! However, all good things must come to an end, and this trip did...

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Thanks, Times Gazette!
Posted Saturday, January 1, at 8:34 AM

On January 2, 2010, I wrote in this blog that I wanted to find a first cousin in Florida. We had been out of touch for years. He had tried to reach me, but we had not connected. I wrote that the next afternoon I would start my search to find him. I did not use his name...

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Yes, Virginia, there is a Grinch, & he stole my Christmas!
Posted Tuesday, December 28, at 4:55 PM

We had a big Thanksgiving with Jeff, our son in Orlando; my sister Janice had been to visit when I had shoulder surgery early in December; & then we visited with Gary, our son in Dyersburg, the weekend before Christmas. We knew we were having a small Christmas -- just the 2 of us. We had a few things on hand to cook. Jim also bought a couple of ingredients we still needed to make ambrosia. That was to be our simple Christmas...

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National D-Day Memorial
Posted Saturday, November 13, at 11:09 PM

The words on the sign looked familiar. They read, "Welcome to Bedford County." There was just one catch. The sign was welcoming us to Bedford County, Virginia. The town we drove into was Bedford, Virginia. My sister Janice and I had been in Richmond, Virginia for 5 days while attending the General Convention of the United Daughters of the Confederacy. ...

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When will they stop?
Posted Thursday, October 28, at 5:43 PM

They are there every time the TV is turned on. There are the shrieking, screeching, cackling, weird sounds. Will they ever stop? Oh, you think I'm referring to the political ads. Could be. However, I could be writing about the Halloween ads. Have there always been so many Halloween commercials shown so frequently? It's surprising that the car manufacturers can even get a spot on TV between the spooks and the politicians...

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