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Shelbyville Drivers vs. Nashville Drivers

Posted Thursday, August 9, 2007, at 7:35 AM

We had been living in Shelbyville about a week when my husband came home and complained that he had to sit behind a driver who would not pull out into a highway because a vehicle was coming "way down the road". Evidently that driver was not accustomed to the high, fast traffic in Nashville. If you drive there very long, you learn you have to get out into the road -- in a hurry. Try sitting on the ramp to an interstate while the cars whip by. You will soon learn the meaning of road rage from the drivers lined up behind you.

Nashville drivers

The biggest complaint I have with Nashville drivers is they run red lights. I don't think they started out to intentionally run them; it just happened. When the light turns yellow, they tend to keep going. I have done this myself. If you are going the speed limit and there is a car on your bumper, you are afraid not to proceed through the yellow light. Then you realize that not only did the driver behind you come through with you, the car behind him came too. Sooner or later some of those cars run red lights. Now if they are several yards from the light and see it turn yellow, they just speed up and keep going. I've seen many drivers go right through those lights -- after they have turned red.

Shelbyville drivers

I also have a complaint about Shelbyville drivers. You proceed through stop signs. I know you may just roll through, or you can see well enough to know that nothing is coming in any direction and just keep going. This is far more prevalent here in Bedford County than it was in Nashville.

Driving habits

The way we drive is often influenced by where we drive. When I was young my father drove an ambulance in Lewisburg, as well as a hearse. When he was in that ambulance he could do just about anything he wanted. He sometimes took that attitude to his personal driving. I remember having lunch with my parents in Nashville at the old Cooker on West End. As we left I was turning right to drive back to downtown. Daddy wanted to go left, but there was a sign that said "No left turn". Did that bother Daddy or keep him from turning left? I cringed as I watched that stationwagon pull out into that traffic. Then there was the day in Lewisburg after turn lanes had been painted on Ellington Parkway, and Daddy didn't know how to properly use them. I knew we were going to be killed as he sat there with the front end of the stationwagon in the turn lane and the rear end in the traffic lane. Cars were honking as they had to pull around us.

Be careful out there.

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Well, I have to say that the drivers around here (Nashville, Shelbyville, and everywhere else in Middle TN) beat the drivers in Jacksonville, FL hands down. Driving around here is so much more pleasant and relaxing than it ever was there. Sure, people may tend to do things that are wrong, or inconsiderate, but that's not the norm around here. And I am VERY glad of that.

-- Posted by Thom on Thu, Aug 9, 2007, at 9:49 AM

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