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Are these signs legal?

Posted Sunday, November 11, 2007, at 1:25 PM

In the Marshall County Tribune dated Friday, November 8, 2007, Pettus Read had an article on the opinion page regarding signs. He wrote about many kinds of signs but also referred to the old Burma Shave signs which would be along the sides of roads. He said the Burma Shave campaign ended in 1963, so that means that even my sons who are in their 40s never got to enjoy them. Mr. Read said the reason for doing away with roadside signs like that was because roads became wider, cars went faster, and people didn't have time to read the signs.

This past Friday morning there was a portable sign on the side of I-65 between Franklin and Cool Springs. This was a rolling sign that could be moved as needed with letters and numbers that flashed across the sign. I saw "Car Show", date and times for Sat. and also for Sun. That's all I saw. Coming back home in the afternoon I saw a similar sign on the other side of the interstate, and I saw the same things exactly. Never did I see a location. I didn't have time.

Why was that sign located on the side of an interstate where cars travel at the rate of 70 mph? To me those signs did not belong there. They distracted me, or I wouldn't have seen as much of them as I did. I realize that the government has signs for amber alert, traffic accidents, etc. These are different. They appeared to be advertising a private car show, probably in the Franklin area. Shouldn't signs like these be outlawed from the sides of the interstate?

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If it was ON interstate it would have to be an approved sign, but you are right, signs are distracting.

The opposite extreme is in the Northeast where they do not allow much signage and all and out of town travelers never know where gas stations or hotels are.

-- Posted by stevemills on Sun, Nov 11, 2007, at 4:34 PM

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