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Door to Door

Posted Wednesday, September 10, 2008, at 2:44 PM

Today my husband is working his way around the house by going up and down on a ladder and pressure washing the exterior. He enjoys the work but detests the ladder part.

While he was in the back of the house, someone rang the front doorbell. There was a lady at the door selling a product called Chemical-Tek, which she touted as a cleaner for everything in the house. She handed me a brochure and simultaneously sprayed and wiped the front door glass. She said this product would clean carpets and asked if I had a spot on a carpet. Why, yes, I do. She wanted to go spray her cleaner on the spot, but I told her I would not let her do that. I asked about a name and number, as I did not intend to buy the product today (and probably never). She said she is from Arizona, and they come through once a year selling this cleaner. She said she would be back in a year. As she said that she took the brochure from my hand and walked down the steps. She did tell me not to work too hard, or something to that effect as she left. I noticed she was walking, and there was no car parked on our short street. I saw her approach a couple of other houses, and I know one family did not go to the door.

Has anyone ever heard of this product, and does someone really come around the area selling it once a year? She may be legitimate, or it could be just a gimmick to get into people's homes to view their possessions.

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I have heard of Pro-Tek Chemical Products but never Chemical-Tek.

-- Posted by Dianatn on Wed, Sep 10, 2008, at 2:53 PM


I just did a google search and it came up blank.

-- Posted by Sharon22 on Wed, Sep 10, 2008, at 3:02 PM

I have in the past purchased these types of Chemical Products and have reordered them via the web. I can not remember the name of the cleaner but it worked wonders and was sold only door to door and on line. As best I can recal, it was a red and white bottle and my teen son used the rest to get "school prodject paint" out of my carpet.

-- Posted by Juju35 on Wed, Sep 10, 2008, at 3:05 PM

This woman makes me happy I have two dogs - no one ever comes to our door when they hear the dogs barking.

That was pretty rude of her to take the brochure out of your hand - and to wash your front door without asking.

-- Posted by cfrich on Wed, Sep 10, 2008, at 3:34 PM

All you have to do to get rid of these people is be hateful and look mean. My father-in-law had some these same "salesmen" approach his home (he had been watching them go to other houses) just last week. When he answered the door to this young man, he didn't give him time to give his spiel. My father-in-law said "I don't want it and you need to leave, NOW"! His tone of voice told the young man he was serious, and off down the road he took off like a rocket.

-- Posted by time2relax on Wed, Sep 10, 2008, at 4:17 PM

never heard of this. I just tell folks is have no extra money. I am careful who comes into my house.

A. i don't want them casing it out.,

B. You do not know what kinda junk they are carrying with them. they could bring something into your house. Spiritually or virally.

-- Posted by 4fabfelines on Mon, Sep 15, 2008, at 11:43 AM

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