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Off the Road Again

Posted Tuesday, December 9, 2008, at 8:05 AM

I love to travel! My father used to say that my middle name was "Go", which explains the license plate on my car. If you see it, you will recognize it. It was fortunate that Jim worked for an airline. We have traveled quite a bit during our married years.

Even so, it was good to sleep in my own bed last night. However, the 19 nights out of the previous 27, were all spent in very comfortable beds -- but elsewhere. There was never a night that I had trouble sleeping. Well, perhaps at that shoddy place in Pigeon Forge where we had to prop a chair under the door knob because there was no security lock on it.

You did read that correctly. We were away from home for 19 nights in less than a month. First, I had a meeting in Orlando -- at Disney World. Since our son and grandson live there, that trip was extended. Our 14-year-old grandson (who is now larger than his grandfather) spent the weekend with us. Our son took 2 days off from work and took us to 3 different Disney parks. The weather was the only problem. The temperature was 87 the day we arrived in Orlando. A couple of days later it started dropping. The first day we were in the parks there was a high of 51 with a cutting wind. Three mornings straight it was 40 for a low. I had taken summer clothes, but they stayed in the bag.

After 7 nights on that trip, we returned home for 4 nights. I had plenty of time to wash the clothes and repack for a different trip. The second one was to the mountains with my sister and her husband from Gulfport, MS, and a cousin and her husband from Shelbyville. We had a great time in Gatlinburg and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Then my sister, brother-in-law, husband and I went to North Carolina. We visited the Biltmore the day after Thanksgiving. I had seen the home before but not with the Christmas decorations. It was lovely. My favorite though was the Inn at Biltmore. If I were wealthy, that's where I would like to stay. We talked about going there in February for our anniversary. The winter months make up the off season. It's almost affordable then. The weather was more predictable on this trip. The only rain was on the day we drove home.

We returned home to unpack, wash clothes, and repack. Also, my sister had to go back home. She teaches in the Harrison Co., MS school system.

The third trip was for a meeting I had in Charleston, SC. This was our second visit to Charleston. Both times we have stayed at Charleston Place, a beautiful hotel owned by the Orient Express. The hotel has stores on the lower level. Most open into the hotel, but some have only outside entrances. The book store was one of the few I entered. They had Coach, Gucci, and others that were way out of my league. There wasn't a great deal of free time, but we did get around the Market Street area and visited the S. C. Confederate Museum.

Since we were so close, we planned to go on to Savannah, GA for 2 nights. We had only driven through the city but knew we wanted to return for a visit. We stayed at the Mulberry Inn, which is currently operated by Holiday Inn. That was a fascinating building. It was originally a cotton warehouse, then a livery stable, before being converted in the early 1900's as the first Coca-Cola plant outside of Atlanta. Of all the places we stayed, this was my favorite. The rooms and service far exceeded the cost of the room. It was a lovely facility. We took a trolley tour both afternoons and also walked down by the riverfront. Again, there was a problem with the weather. It got a bit cooler while we were in Charleston, and a golf game for Saturday was cancelled. Then it got cold in Savannah. It was 26 early yesterday morning when we left to drive home.

I loved all of the trips, but it was time to get back home and stay put. The trips interfered with holiday decorating and Christmas shopping. We don't have anything planned for a couple of months. That doesn't mean something won't come up, and off we'll go. Remember, Go is my middle name.

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