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Yes, Virginia, there is a Grinch, & he stole my Christmas!

Posted Tuesday, December 28, 2010, at 4:55 PM

We had a big Thanksgiving with Jeff, our son in Orlando; my sister Janice had been to visit when I had shoulder surgery early in December; & then we visited with Gary, our son in Dyersburg, the weekend before Christmas. We knew we were having a small Christmas -- just the 2 of us. We had a few things on hand to cook. Jim also bought a couple of ingredients we still needed to make ambrosia. That was to be our simple Christmas.

Jim came down with a respiratory infection the Wednesday before Christmas. The following day our doctor sent him a prescription for a Z-pak. I suggested that we have chicken noodle soup for lunch & make a pot of homemade vegetable soup for later. (He had to peel & chop the potatoes & dice the onion because of my surgery.)

Thursday night I remember sort of aching all over, all night long. For some reason, I didn't have the good sense to get up & take Tylenol.

Friday we went out, & I picked where to go. Once I got there, I developed a chill. That was the worse chill I have ever had in my life. He took me straight home. By that time, I knew I had a bladder infection, & got some antibiotics for that. By bedtime Christmas Eve night, my temp was 101.8.

That's about it for the holidays. My husband tells me that I had a fever of 103 Saturday morning, & that he told me what it was. Is it possible that you don't hear or grasp information when you are really sick? He mentioned a couple of family members who called me that day, but I have no idea that they called. I vaguely remember talking with Jeffrey, the 16-year-old grandson, in the afternoon & then Jeff later in the day.

Then it was Sunday. Whoa! I missed something there, & it was Christmas. It's as if I was somewhere else that day. We had planned to have a Harry Potter marathon. We have all 6 DVDs, & I want to watch them all in order & then see the last movie. That was not a good idea. After shoulder surgery I could just prop up in bed & go through all of my DVR recordings in the bedroom. Not this time.

I thought we would drive around & see the Christmas lights Friday night. I never even got to hear the prancing & pawing on the roof this year.

We both got up this morning & declared that we are feeling better. Now, can we have a do-over?

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