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How much is enough?

Posted Tuesday, June 12, 2012, at 9:04 AM

Maybe I should ask, "How much is too much?"

We have cable at our house, and we bundle. That means our home telephone, our TV channels, and my Internet all enter the house through the cable.

Last Tuesday about 2 am Jim awoke because the panel for the security system was beeping. That's the signal that the cable is not working and the phone is on battery. I don't hear as well as he does, so he had to get up and get rid of the beeps. When we both awoke later we found that the Internet was out and so were the movie channels. We could get the Nashville channels, even the HD version. However, all movie channels and functions for the DVR were dead. Then even the lower channels went out. Two new shows we wanted to see and record that night were not available. We assumed the outage was caused by a storm that morning.

I called the cable company, and an appointment was scheduled for the following afternoon. They used to always tell me the first time available was a week away. This was an improvement. Jim and I survived until the man came Wednesday afternoon, but it wasn't easy Tuesday night. I was awake longer than Jim and got up twice to get rid of the beeping on the security panel. He said after I went to sleep he was awakened by it two times and had to get up to silence the thing. Evidently the cable was going on and off. Each time the phone went out, the panel started beeping. It turned out that the problem was not at our house but down on the main road. Another man showed up later to say he had repaired the problem. Indeed everything was working. The repairman said the problem was not caused by a recent event but something that appeared to have been there a couple of weeks. Who cared as long as everything was functioning properly?

Yesterday afternoon with the first sound of thunder we heard the beeping of the security panel. The DVR and movie channels bit the dust; my Internet was gone; and there was no telephone service. I can live without the Internet, as emails come in on my iPhone. We can get calls through the cell phones also. However, that beeping gets to me sometimes. We also enjoy watching movies and shows that we have recorded on the DVR. Someone is to come this afternoon to check out the system.

Before I went to bed last night (actually this morning), the Internet was back on and the phone was working. That's the situation this morning. The fancy stuff is still out.

Do other people have this problem? Do you use broadband, dish, what? I have a contract, but it's plain to see that the cable company is not keeping its part of the bargain. If I try to change, they will probably say it was weather related.

What should we do? How much is enough?

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I installed an old fashion antennae on the house, total cost around 100$. We get about 15 channels and all are FREE.

-- Posted by Bill H on Tue, Jun 12, 2012, at 1:20 PM

Enough was enough for my family about 5 years ago. Cable would go off all of the time, they played the same shows over and over on the premium chanels etc. So we changed to satelite for a few years and over a period of time our bill went from $25.00 a month to $75.00 a month...that is when my husband went outside with my permision of course haha and took a saw and cut the satelite pole down to the ground. Now I pay for internet for my news etc. we watch movies or television seasons that we order through the mail and rent movies sometimes from the video store. No more paying high prices for television at my house. Now women, dont get mad at me if your husband goes outside with a hacksaw and saws down your satelite too! haha.

-- Posted by AmericanWoman on Tue, Jun 12, 2012, at 12:26 PM

I used to have the same problem when we had AT&T - but we only had our phone through them. But it seemed to go out at least once a week. Finally, Feb of last year, it went out and I called to get someone out here to fix it. They told me that it would be at least 2+ weeks before someone could come out. We cancelled our phone through them and got it bundled with our Charter instead. I haven't had any problems so far. Occasionally our channels will go out or the internet on one side of the house will go out. But they come back on within 30 minutes.

We've been with Charter since '04 and haven't had any problems with them. We also have the box but we don't have the battery back up since we have our cell phone.

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Tue, Jun 12, 2012, at 10:15 AM

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