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Where Is Our Modern Infrastructure?
Posted Sunday, April 20, at 3:31 PM
We hear and read so much about our aging highways, bridges and rail systems. Why has this happened? Who is to blame? Have we spent it away in a vain attempt to buy democracy for the people of Iraq and the Afghans? I think ouir military forces have performed well despite deployment after deployment after deployment.Is this even remotely fair to them?...

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Guns In Parks
Posted Saturday, March 1, at 3:39 PM

So now many in our state government want to allow people with registered gun permits to carry weapons in all parks, regardless of how local authorities may feel on the subject. Would you feel more safe or less safe if this should be made the rule at Griffin Park or other parks in the city and county?...

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Playing Days Or Rest Of Lives?
Posted Saturday, February 22, at 3:59 PM

All of the concern about athletes and concussions gives me an opportunity to ask readers a question that has bothered me for many years. We already know too many times players who suffered concussions were sent back into action as soon as their heads cleared up a bit...

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Recreational Marijuana
Posted Monday, January 27, at 5:03 PM

I don't even like the name they've given it. As a retired sports editor I picture people, young and adults, having fun, playing games and taking part in healthy activities. Marijuana has never been a part of that picture. Oh, I forgot to mention that in 33 of those years I also covered the police beat and took crime photos 24/7 for city and county law enforcement. I certainly didn't see anything that would fall under the category of recreation...

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Looking For a Name
Posted Saturday, January 18, at 3:47 PM

While driving on North Main Street today I noticed a fairly new and fairly large Hispanic establishment and and and believe it was in a location once occupied by one of Shelbyville's biggest mysteries. Does anyone remember the name of a very small single room beer joint that most nights had a relatively large parking lot filled with cars? Is this the same location?...

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Did Lee Harvey Oswald Act Alone
Posted Wednesday, December 4, at 3:23 PM

Did Lee Harvey Oswald act alone or was he part of a conspiracy to murder JFK? The rest of America offered their opinions recently during the 50th anniversary of the event. What do you think REALLY happened? Why do you feel that way? What bothers me most of all is total failure of our intelligence agencies. That's true today only worse...

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Your Thoughts on The Titans
Posted Wednesday, November 13, at 6:00 PM

What are your thoughts on the Tennessee Titans this season? I think they must draft a good quarterback in the next draft and maybe even find someone to finish up this season. Has Jake Locker, even before his multiple injuries, ever truly earned the franchise quarterback tag? The Titans haven't drafted a good quarterback since Steve McNair...

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That Ghostly Time Again
Posted Friday, October 18, at 2:57 PM

Sorry that I've used this blog in the past shortly before Halloween. I always enjoy a few new responses and even some repeated from previous years. Do you believe in ghosts? Have you ever seen, heard or been annoyed by a ghost? I don't believe in ghosts but realize my opinion is only my own. Believers, I'm sure, are equally convinced ghosts exist...

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Term Limits For Congress
Posted Wednesday, October 16, at 3:10 PM

It could probably never happen because Congress would have to vote such a passage, but how would you feel about limiting congressional terms to three years...running again three years after leaving office. Same old faces, same old arguments, been there so long they only worry about being re-elected. Common sense, not party alignment, is badly needed...

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Should America Attack Syria?
Posted Wednesday, September 4, at 2:39 PM

Do you think America should attack Syria because of that government's use of poison gas on its own citizens? Are the Anerican people in favor of getting involved in yet another country based what has been accomplished in other confrontations? Can we afford it?...

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Would 12-Member Jury Have Reached Same Decision?
Posted Thursday, July 18, at 2:44 PM

Admittedly I'm been confused by the Zimmerman-Wilson trial in Florida from day one. Does Florida alaways use a six-person jury? That seems strange to me but they do a lot of things in Florida that seem strange to me, such as counting ballots. Am I wrong in assuming a couple of people with dominant personalities could more easily away the other members of a six-person jury than could happen on a 12-member jury?...

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John Stanford Memories
Posted Wednesday, July 3, at 4:07 PM

John Stanford, 77, passed away Monday morning, leaving a huge gap in the hearts of those who knew him as a coach and human being. In recent years Stanford, who played baseball at MTSU and returned as coach from 1974-87, built the school's baseball program into a tremendous success in both performance and facilities and then did a equally outstanding job as athletics director for seven years prior to retiring...

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Would Marry Her Again Every Second Of It
Posted Thursday, June 20, at 2:56 PM

This Sunday is going to be super special for me. My wonderful wife, Harriet, and I were married 56 years ago this Sunday and our marriage was also on a Sunday afternoon. There was somewhat a struggle as I attempted to slip the ring on her finger. She won out and kept me from putting it on the ring finger of her right hand...

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Should Tennesee DUI Limit Be Lowered?
Posted Friday, May 17, at 2:44 PM

Do you think Tennesee should reduce the alcohol limit from .08 to .05 percent? I'm admittredly prejudiced on the matter after seeing so many lives lost and ruined by drunk drivers. At the same time I must admit I've seen some people staggering and falling down drunk at very low alcohol levels and a few doing very well whose alcohol level should have proven to be fatal...

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Have You Ever Met An Alien?
Posted Tuesday, May 7, at 4:46 PM

We read and see so much about aliens being present on Earth in magazines and on television. Have you ever seen a space ship or an alien? I sometimes wonder if some of our politicians are from another planet, but that's another blog at another time...

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Why Russia Looked at Shelbyville
Posted Tuesday, April 23, at 4:02 PM

Do you recall why Russia State Television came to Shelbyville slightly over eight years ago? They were here filming part of a documentary to be called "The Death Penalty in America." Shelbyville was chosen because of the Daryl Keith Holton murders. Holton was on death row at the time awaiting execution for the murder of his four children on the night of Nov. 27, 1997...

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Irritating Television Ads
Posted Wednesday, February 20, at 2:36 PM

It's time for another look at television ads we find irriating rather than informative. I'm tired of Progressive Insurance ads that have become so far out it's hard tell what Flo is even talking about most of the time. And just as irritating is the constant flow of advertising from a few law firms that attack insurance companies. Do they really get people more money or just part of what people would receive anyway?...

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American Civil Liberties Union
Posted Thursday, February 7, at 2:53 PM

What are your thoughts on the American Civil Liberties Union? Does the ACLU perform a needed task, go too far in some instances protecting the rights of a very few as opposed to the vast majority of the people or perform at an appropriate level?

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Mistaken Identity
Posted Wednesday, January 30, at 3:22 PM

Have you ever been the victim of mistaken identity or actually approached someone and found out too late after making some remark or gesture you didn't even know the person? My wife and I were out-on-the-town in Atlsnta one Saturday night when a man and woman approached me, called out a name and I told him he was mistaken and gave him my actual name, They looked me over again and the man asked, "Are you real sure you're not..." and called the name again of a man from some place in South Carolina.. ...

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Smile Or Frown?
Posted Wednesday, January 23, at 3:43 PM

Does it ever cross your mind that you are under video surveillance almost constantly while driving around the streets of Shelbyville and as you enter, shop and leave various places of business? This isn't the same as a popular tv show from years ago called, "Smile, You're on Candid Camera" but rather security is the primary issue...

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