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Your first traffic stop

Posted Friday, March 21, 2008, at 3:51 PM

Do you recall the first time you were ever stopped by law enforcement because of your driving? Why were you stopped? Did you get a ticket? How do you plead now, guilty or innocent?

The first time I was ever stopped was for an unusual reason. A state trooper stopped me on U.S. Highway 41-A South near Highway 64 intersection.

I had only been driving a couple of weeks. He stopped me because I was going too slow. No ticket, but he asked me to speed it up a little bit.

I was definitely guilty of driving too slow.

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I was 7 months pregnant when I got my first ticket. I was driving my brother to pick up a truck. When the trooper stopped me, he asked me if I was in a hurry. I said no and that I just wasn't paying attention. He gave me a ticket. After the trooper pulled away, my brother told me that I should have told him I was in labor or that the weight from my belly was causing me to press harder on the gas which is why I was speeding!

-- Posted by candasons07 on Mon, Mar 24, 2008, at 9:40 AM

I very well remember my first ticket. Coincidently, I too was on 41-A coming toward Shelbyville. As I passed the intersection of Highway 64 I looked to my right and saw a constable's car sitting in front of a local bootlegger's house, and immediately knew that he had me if he wanted to. As it turns out he did, and he did.

-- Posted by leeiii on Sat, Mar 22, 2008, at 4:44 PM

I had my license for all of two weeks when I was close to missing my curfew. A State Trooper caught me doing 70 in a 55 on Highway 231. I got home a little late and told my dad about the ticket the next morning. He took my car away for a month. Mom had a talk with him and apparently reminded him of his adolescent years and he gave me the keys back that afternoon. I didn't get another ticket while living under his roof.

Oh, Diana, the crying thing only works for you females. I didn't get much sympathy.......LOL

-- Posted by Mike Molder on Sat, Mar 22, 2008, at 10:48 AM

The first time I was stopped by the Police was when I was twelve. I was driving for my Grandfather who was more comfortable behind a mule than he was a steering wheel. My Grandfather explained to the Policeman that it was a lot safer for me to be behind the wheel than him and he let us go on our way. I had a license at age 14... I'm sure I was a better driver then than I am now. In 60+ years of driving I have never had to pay a fine.

-- Posted by Farmer Bill on Sat, Mar 22, 2008, at 8:46 AM

I'm not sure if I was officially stopped or not.

A police car pulled up to the pump next to me as I was getting gas at a BP station on Madison.

The officer asked if I knew how fast I was going.

I knew exactly how fast because my family and driver's ed instructor had put my maximum speed at 27 miles per hour.

(That was within the posted school zome limit.)

He agreed but pointed out that the other folks were going about 70 in the same area.

He thought I'd get killed if I didn't get a bit closer to 40 or 50 while he took care of the rest of the drivers.

As everyone continued on their way without incident,I think that gentleman did a good job of preventing problems before they occurred.

I know it helped me to be a more cautious and confident driver and more attentive to the situations in which I was driving than just the numbers on a sign.

-- Posted by quantumcat on Sat, Mar 22, 2008, at 1:39 AM

I was 17 I ran a stop sign, which I never stopped at because nobody ever did..it was at a place where there was very little traffic if any at all. Of course a State Trooper saw me one afternoon...scared me to death too...BIG man gets out of the car and walks up to my window and said I need your driver's License please..I broke down crying.

He then turned to mush..I didn't get anything except him saying to be sure and stop next time instead of just slowing down.

BTW the crying thing has worked several times since too :>)

-- Posted by Dianatn on Fri, Mar 21, 2008, at 7:17 PM

The first time I was stopped was on my 19th birthday. I was with a friend and I was speeding because we were running late trying to get to a concert, the tickets were a present from my mom. We had gotten lost trying to find Foxwoods Casino, where the concert was being held. When I was pulled over, the first thing I thought to say was, "But we're running late for Tom Jones!" He still gave me a ticket. And yeah, I paid it.

-- Posted by cfrich on Fri, Mar 21, 2008, at 6:32 PM

I guess the one that comes to mind was on 231 back i the 70's. I was not going too slow, but then again, I did not think I was going too fast either.

I was commuting between M'boro and Shelbyville and a when the trooper turned around to catch me, he couldn't because there was too much traffic between us.

I was never aware he was trying so when he pulled me over I honestly asked what was the problem. He took it as a wise crack and was obviously not too happy about it.

End result, no ticket, but it sure took some fast backing up on my part and I don't mean in the car.

-- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Mar 21, 2008, at 6:25 PM

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