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Speeding into four-way stops

Posted Saturday, November 28, 2009, at 2:03 PM

Let's say you pull up to a four-way stop in your vehicle and no other vehicles are in sight except one approaching the intersection from 40 yards or so away at a high rate of speed.

Do you go ahead and drive through the intersection or wait for the approaching vehicle to come to a stop?

I will always wait for that vehicle to stop rather than take a chance being t-boned by a driver who may be talking on a cell phone, texting, changing a CD or any number of things other than concentrating on driving.

For the past few months I've noticed too many drivers speeding into an intersection and slam on the brakes to come to a stop...and then glare at me as if wondering why I waited rather than driving on though the four-way stop...but I got through safely.

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Always wait, other drivers terrify me. Everyone is always in a hirry it seems.

-- Posted by eglnation on Sat, Nov 28, 2009, at 8:22 PM

You are so right.

These same indifferent or distracted drivers can hit pedestrians in crosswalks,too.

It's not enough to do the right thing oneself.

Survival demands being vigilant enough to compensate for any sort of unexpected problem - and the sort of "loose nut at the wheel" hazard that is familiar enough to become the default expectation.

If a driver is oblivious to a light changing or a car making a legal turn,how can they notice the item that falls from the back of a truck,the dog that runs into the street,the bike rider forced into their lane,the downed tree or whatever else might be encountered?

We might be far better off when they come out with cars that drive themselves on dedicated roadways.

Unfortunately,too many local drivers act as if their vehicles were already capable of self-direction.

(Even horses do a better job of getting folks to their destination intact if the riders stay alert and give them the proper guidance.)

So long as there are people who won't look out for us,we have to pay attention to what we're doing and them,too.

It's a miracle that more of the erring drivers don't take out one another plus anyone else unfortunate enough to be on the road (or the sidewalk or a yard or...) anywhere near them.

-- Posted by quantumcat on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 7:07 AM

I always make sure the other guy stops, at four-way stops and traffic lights. Once at the old river bridge just off the square. I was sitting at the red light just having left the square, the light turned green I sat there for what may have been three to four seconds and the car behind me started blowing his horn. I remained stopped because coming across the bridge at a high rate of speed was a tractor trailer. He slammed on his breaks at the last moment to attempt to stop and jack knifed in the middle of the intersection. I then slowly went around him and drove across the bridge in one piece. I've seen a car pinned under a trailer at the intersection of Derry and Madison. I have lived in a lot of places all over the world, and I have lived in Shelbyville for twenty years, and this town by far has every other place I've lived in, beat hands down for running lights and stop signs as far as my experience.

-- Posted by docudrama on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 11:01 AM

Put a little faith in the other driver. I drive for a living and I understand your concern but waiting for me to stop adds time to my work day. Would you like me to make you waste time at your job so that you would have to get home late?

-- Posted by Richardm on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 11:03 AM

I'd hope we'd all take just enough time to insure we all get home in one piece.

-- Posted by quantumcat on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 1:05 PM

If I practice safe driving, I am making driving safe for others. Let them glare, cuss and complain. At least they are behind the wheel and alive, maybe because of my safe driving practices.

-- Posted by chs61 on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 1:30 PM

I much prefer getting home, then having to make a trip to the ER on the way, or worse yet, the funeral home.

-- Posted by Sharon22 on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 2:34 PM

Put a little faith in the other driver. I drive for a living and I understand your concern but waiting for me to stop adds time to my work day. Would you like me to make you waste time at your job so that you would have to get home late?

-- Posted by Richardm on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 11:03 AM

This is a learned attitude, and it starts at every local DMV. Fifteen dollars and 6,000 lbs of solid steel on wheels, the world becomes a rulette wheel for idiocy. I dare say that 95% percent of accidents are caused by someone doing something stupid. Sadly though, once buckled in the risk is on.

Late is late, one minute or one hour. If your integrity is worthy of the effort I suggest starting work earlier. Never pass the blame because someone else is slower, plan for it and you'll never have to rush a stop sign or red light.

My faith is in God, not your driving skills or the efforts of your mechanic.

More people die on our highways and byways each year than American soldiers in war by ten fold. I'm certain it will someday make a headline....

Last but not least; How in the world does anyone waiting on you to stop make you late getting home? unless you weren't intending to stop...and someone else wondering whether or not you intend to stop should tell you a little bit more about how you are approaching such intersections.

Now, just cause its a driving oriented blog I will take full advantage of airing it out here. Doesn't matter which of the big chain stores people frequent but the problem is always the same. The dumb masses leaving the stores consistantly walk thru the doors and into the crosswalk without looking. I'm halfway thru the crosswalk driving and some fool inevitably rushes out the door with their buggy of crap and in front of my truck. Then they want to take their time... and give dirty looks and hand jestures.

Stop at the crosswalk and look both ways, then procede after traffic acknowledges your presence and stops. I have had great results teaching such minor life skills to three and four year olds.

-- Posted by big daddy rabbit on Sun, Nov 29, 2009, at 10:23 PM

Being late getting home is ever so much nicer than never getting home. There are good and careful drivers out there but do you know who they are? I sure don't, so I always assume that its an idiot with no insurance coming at me. I will always wait til I know I can cross safely.

I made a promise to the Lord when I went airborn on Eakin hill at 120 mph almost 50 years ago, that if He saw fit to save me I would never ever be a stupid driver again. I have kept my word.

-- Posted by cherokee2 on Mon, Nov 30, 2009, at 8:53 AM

I wait! You never know why the other person traveling at such a rate of speed and if they are paying attention or not. Better safe than sorry.

-- Posted by Juju35 on Mon, Nov 30, 2009, at 10:48 AM

Definitely wait. Patience is a virtue! And I would rather be alive than some forgotten news blurb about another accident/fatality. I think my wife and kids would agree too. So what if I am late, or you are late, or we are all late? Geesh, what has this world come to?

-- Posted by driedleaves on Mon, Nov 30, 2009, at 12:36 PM

I think I'll shall get a sticker plastered onto my bumper/fender that says "Hey Shelbyville! I'm a safe driver". Because you really can't ever be to safe! I want to wait because if I'm driving I've got my child in the car with me and I don't want anything to happen to him. Bo Melson,,,,your a safe driver and while these others haven't I commend you for it.

As for this retard:

Put a little faith in the other driver. I drive for a living and I understand your concern but waiting for me to stop adds time to my work day. Would you like me to make you waste time at your job so that you would have to get home late?

He "drives for a living". Well,,,,the way he sounds like he drives....he might be driving for a gravesite...if he doesn't start acting like a normal person not some cockey little jerk. He's the type who should have BRIGHTLY COLORED tape all over his vehicle so we can all see him coming and be aware that he's dangerous so he doesn't hurt anyone. Us, or himself. Next time you consider this driving state of mind,,,think..."Does that Toyota have a family on there way to church, the grocery store, etc in it?

"Does that Buick have a elderly person going to see there grandchilderen in it?"

Could I injure those people?

Consider those mannerisims before you take off like a bat out of torment.

You've just been set straight by a 19 year old girl.

You however are most likely considerably older then me so in all honesty you should have my outlook on driving and I should have yours.

Oh the irony!

And in response to your sarcastic question sir, yes I'd rather you have to make me late getting home...to MY HOME then the FUNERAL HOME.

Have a little faith? How about have a little common sense?

-- Posted by freakyfriday on Thu, Dec 3, 2009, at 10:44 PM

Amen! Amen! Rock the vote! Ohh wrong blog. Sorry. But I agree with friday!! And Bo. Because Bo is the man.

-- Posted by driedleaves on Mon, Dec 7, 2009, at 12:04 AM

I will always wait to see what the other driver is going to do before I take off at an intersection! Good things come to those who wait. And making it thru an intersection alive and unharmed, is definitely a good thing!!

-- Posted by onenamil on Wed, Dec 16, 2009, at 12:44 PM

Going to work on the north side of Shelbyville, I would take some of the side streets to avoid a lot of traffic on Madison and Main, but that seems more dangerous because on two different occasions, I was stopped at the 4-way stop at Blue Ribbon & Perfection Dr heading north and 2 different drivers just blew right through the intersection without slowing down or stopping. Thank God I stopped and was looking carefully both ways to see that these drivers were not going to stop before I pulled forward to go through the intersection. I believe both were talking on cell phones when they did this.

-- Posted by webstergirl on Wed, Jan 20, 2010, at 5:51 AM

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