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Porn Vs. The Public

Posted Friday, April 23, 2010, at 2:48 PM

I heard today there was much alarm over too many members of the Secutities and Exchange Commission looking up and downloading porn on their computers at work.

One allegedly resigned while another was sent home for two weeks. Why not fire all whose computers showed they were more interested in porn than the BIG financial problems our country has and and continues to plague all of us from Wall Street to Main Street?

What do you think should be done with any federal, state or local employee who shows such blatant disregard for the people they are supposed to be serving?

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Anyone that views porn while they are at work should be fired. But, since private businesses have the right to set their own rules, the government employees should be fired at the first sign that they're attempting to view porn at work. I've got no problem with people viewing it in the privacy of their own homes on their own computers and their own time. When you're being paid to work, you should be working, not looking at porn.

The company I work for has about a thousand laptops in the field and it is thoroughly amazing what people think is acceptable to do on company computers. And we get to clean this stuff up when they get viruses or spyware on them. I work in IT and I wouldn't dream of doing this on a company machine.

-- Posted by Thom on Fri, Apr 23, 2010, at 6:03 PM

I totally agree. I think that they should all be fired. I heard on the Ralph Bristol show that one of them downloaded so much he started putting them on DVD/CD's because his PC was so full.

Seriously, they need to do that at home and not in the workplace.

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Fri, Apr 23, 2010, at 8:07 PM

Well, that fellow has a serious problem if he's got that much porn. Then there's the guy that hit the firewall for 16,000 blocked sites. They can't say they didn't know it was going on because those blocked sites fire off a report to IT or Security when someone tries to go to them.

-- Posted by Thom on Fri, Apr 23, 2010, at 9:28 PM

Everybody knows you can't fire a government employee. To get rid of a government employee, you have to promote him. In this case since it's a medical problem (sex addiction), they will likely be required to attend sex addiction classes at tax payer expense. Maybe the government could hire Tiger Woods to be their counseler. They could probably get him relatively cheap these days.

-- Posted by cortnerkin on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 12:49 AM

That just proves we have a lot of Jerk offs running our offices!

Did I say running? I think I meant just sitting there.

I only come in and out of Shelbyville by way of Main street or Murfreesboro/Shelbyville Highway. I see all Construction on the By-Pass Bridge has shut down. Has all other construction shut down also or just 231?

If they are not going to work on it anymore they need to remove their MEN WORKING signs and put them away.

Maybe they took the Construction Project stimulus money to pay for porn site viewing???

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 11:33 AM

Whats the by-pass work have to do with anything? And why are you so concerned about it?? I mean, you and my fiance are unnerving with that crap! Shut up about the stupid by-pass it's a great thing to do and we DESPERATELY need it so why don't you stop trying to harp on the work that Shelbyville IS trying to do?

-- Posted by freakyfriday on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 3:58 PM


Is all work stopped on the bypass or just on 231?

Don't you know that by putting in a bypass around Shelbyville, that is going to destroy a lot more businesses here that are barely surviving as it is now?

That will make it easier for people to just drive around Shelbyville on the way to work or shopping in Murfreesboro or Tullahoma. The town doesn't have the I-24 Interstate to bring tourists in town, so why make it easy for everyone not to come into our town.

The horse show will still bring in the traffic and congestion.

Hopefully, this Bypass will create more businesses around the outskirts of Shelbyville, but again, it will only destroy the businesses that can't afford to move out on the bypass.

The big chain stores will move to the bypass leaving shut down buildings like the ones on Madison street and around town.

Walmarts, Lowe's, Gas stations, Resturants, fast food chains including auto dealers, motels and medical offices will leave their buildings empty and rebuild on the bypass. Anyone wanting to attract any customers and cash in will have to relocate.

That will represent a false economy. It will produce some new jobs for construction workers from out of state, but not bring in any new local jobs to amount to anything and lend to the false impression of a growing and expanding town.

A town that will look more and more like a ghost town inside the bypass.

But then, what do I know? I only have a high school education! But it smells like a big tax hike in the very near future.

I wouldn't write your fiance off just yet, freakyfriday. Sounds like he may know something. Just hope that he doesn't decide to pull up and leave town!

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 8:11 PM

So...we should start producing porn in Shelbyville so that the federal government can support us?

-- Posted by Thom on Sat, Apr 24, 2010, at 8:18 PM


I always thought you were smarter than that.

I was just trying to keep my other comment linked to the subject, with of course, a little comical sarcasm.

Althou, you may have a good point there. That would be bringing in one of the biggest industries into Shelbyville. Oops, there goes most of the Bypass frontage, lol.

If the local gov would run it, they wouldn't have to tax anyone any more.

And last but certainly not least, I wouldn't trust the government to support ME! The gov can't support themselves, that is why they tax the people over and over again.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Sun, Apr 25, 2010, at 10:53 AM

Trust me, I certainly agree with you in regards to the federal (or any) government supporting me.

"A government big enough to give you everything you want is a government big enough to take from you everything you have." - Gerald R. Ford, August 12, 1974

-- Posted by Thom on Sun, Apr 25, 2010, at 11:40 AM

Government sponsored porn. Now there's a thought that might actually work! Surely there's enough sleaze going in Washington to take in about a zillion dollars in revenue. I don't think I'd want to see anything involving Nancy Pelosi though. I'd likely have nightmares afterwards. lol

-- Posted by Tim Lokey on Sun, Apr 25, 2010, at 12:55 PM

Nancy Pelosi in porn?? I think I just lost my lunch.

Thanks for that very disturbing and frightening image.

-- Posted by jaxspike on Sun, Apr 25, 2010, at 2:45 PM

Wow at least there is bipartisan support for something up there........................

-- Posted by wonderwhy on Mon, Apr 26, 2010, at 12:42 PM

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