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True Results?

Posted Monday, October 3, 2011, at 2:43 PM

Do you think the public is being given the true results on such TV shows as Dancing with the Stars, the new X Factor and American Idol?

I'm not totally convinced on Dancing With The Stars.

Do you have any thoughts on this matter?

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I believe that Dancing With The Stars is a popularity contest. If you will notice it sometimes takes several weeks for the worst dancers to get voted off, that is if they are a popular figure. Even at that, I continue to watch.

-- Posted by cookie on Mon, Oct 3, 2011, at 4:08 PM

It is all rigged.Have you ever noticed that all the reality shows have people that lie and cause trouble.They are never voted off till the last of the series.By doing this they draw attention and more viewers.Reality TV should be banned!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Posted by mytaxesaremine on Mon, Oct 3, 2011, at 5:37 PM

Don't care if they're rigged or not...don't watch them. I have more important and interesting things to do like clean the oven and watch paint dry.

-- Posted by volfanatic on Tue, Oct 4, 2011, at 9:47 AM

I don't watch any of the reality shows except for Hell's Kitchen, but I can tell you that they are rigged. After seeing someone who cannot cook, but they keep them there because they draw viewers to see what trouble they cause next.

As for getting rid of reality shows vs scripted shows ... maybe in the future, but not now. There are too many people who want their 15 min of fame and will do almost anything to get it.

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Tue, Oct 4, 2011, at 10:21 AM

How do you get reality shows that aren't reruns?

Everything I watch on TV now is a rerun.

The only show I can think of that isn't a rerun yet is Two and a Half Men. I am so upset with TV viewing that I actually missed their show last night.

When I try to watch TV I am amazed at the amount of commercials that are run every 5-10 minutes. I thought we were in a recession. Now I know what these Big Corporations spend their tax dollars and bonus from the government on... Advertising.

Not sure if it is really advertising or just another way to annoy the people.

For example, just last year, I could actually watch two movies at the same time without a second window.

When a commercial came on, I would just switch to the other movie. When a commercial came on that station, I went back to the first movie. I could actually keep up with both movies.

This year, the Stations wised up and run commercials on all the stations at the same time. You switch over during a commercial and you just get another commercial.

I have turned the TV off and gotten on my computer many a time.

Reality shows are great, even though I don't watch them. They put new shows out there all the time.

They go from Bachelors to Bachelorette, Dancing with the stars to talent shows, Mining for Gold in Canada to Extreme Couponers. What Next? Who cares, it is a new show for entertainment.

If I didn't want to watch reruns, I could always watch those crime shows with all the super heroes in them that make the people think cops are gods of some kind. Most of those crime shows deal with agents using unconstitutional power or authority. They do however, always get their man, kind of like king Obama and his secret laws.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Tue, Oct 4, 2011, at 12:08 PM

We watch more shows online than we do on the TV. This season, there aren't many family-oriented shows on, so we end up watching something online from BBC or we just leave the TV off.

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Tue, Oct 4, 2011, at 12:28 PM

Now may be a great time to introduce your kids and grandkids to classic oldie movies. My grandkids were fascinated with the Grapes of Wrath, To Kill a Mockingbird, Ma and Pa Kettle series, Singing in the Rain, State Fair, The Whale Rider, etc. I explained the times in which these movies were made and a little history before watching the movie and discussing it afterwards. They loved the old westerns. They said they were like "Star Wars!" Beats the brainless reality TV we have now....

-- Posted by caligal on Tue, Oct 4, 2011, at 1:14 PM

Cali, did you ever think, back there in the 50's we would be thinking of our grandchildren.

I see them often, usually they have something sticking from their ears and thumbs ready to pounce. In 1955 the one thing I remenber, an am radio station playing Elvis.

-- Posted by marwi on Tue, Oct 4, 2011, at 7:49 PM

DWTS is political/social event. Remember Bristol Palin episode. Now we have Chas and Nancy Grace. I stopped watching after the Palin fiasco.

-- Posted by ckna910 on Wed, Oct 5, 2011, at 6:25 AM

There is actually a website, votefortheworst.com and I think maybe it is used frequently for the realty shows like Dancing With The Stars and American Idol. If anyone watches Dancing With The Stars, last night was proof that something weird is going on. Again it is frustrating, but I continue to watch it.

-- Posted by cookie on Wed, Oct 5, 2011, at 10:12 AM

Marwi, no, in the 50's, all I thought about was getting out of Shelbyville and seeing the world, which I did, but, in my old age, I am realizing what a wonderful place it was to grow up. Recently we celebrated out 51st wedding anniversary and my children and grandkids made a memory book for us and the one thing my grandson wrote that he remembered was watching "To Kill a Mockingbird" at our house during the summer when he visited. I thought that was interesting considering all the places we took him, that that was what he most remembered.

-- Posted by caligal on Wed, Oct 5, 2011, at 10:26 AM

Btw Bo, so sorry to get off topic. I don't watch reality shows. I don't have cable and since the goverment took our anolog from us, I use my 10 year old 22 inch Magnavox for a very nice movie screen. I choose what I want see, and it is free from my local library.

Years ago I did see bits and pieces of a show call Surviors,? seems a fellow named Hatch spent time in prison over the money thing. What does that tell us.

Bo, I believe if more people like you would put this out there it could all change, one Bo Melson at a time.

-- Posted by marwi on Wed, Oct 5, 2011, at 3:43 PM

Bo, I agree. I don't think these shows are legit. Maybe there should be an investigation into them like there was years ago when the "$64,000 Question" was proven to be "fixed." Maybe then we can get some quality TV again.

-- Posted by caligal on Wed, Oct 5, 2011, at 4:17 PM

caligal, I agree.

By the way it is good to know you are still out there and apparently doing well.

I too am from the "Rubber Mill"

-- Posted by Wolf Clan on Thu, Oct 6, 2011, at 5:50 PM

Only a fool could be led to believe the cast members of Survivor are actually stranded on some remote island without any kind of aid, rescue or medical assistance immediately available should there be some type of emergency. Not a single member of that cast is underweight, malnourished or seriously injured such as they would be if they really were "surviving". Entertaining, but as fake as W.W.F wrestling.

-- Posted by Tim Lokey on Sun, Oct 9, 2011, at 7:46 PM
John Carney
I'm no defender of reality shows, but I don't think "Survivor" has ever claimed that the contestants were without "aid, rescue or medical assistance." In fact, although I'm not a regular viewer of the show, I've know that there have been a couple of cases where contestants were injured, and the show was quite open about having them checked out by its medical staff. There may be other aspects of that show that are hyped up by the editing, but they're pretty transparent that the crew (and Jeff Probst) are living nearby, in their own camp, with access to technology and home in case of a genuine emergency.

@Tim Lokey, I know that when Survivor was filmed in Gabon a few years back the area where they filmed it was on a game preserve and they were completely surrounded with armed guards from the Gabonese government to protect them (my husband knows some people that live near where they filmed it). So, at least in that case, they actually were in the middle of nowhere but they were protected.

That said, I don't watch reality shows.

-- Posted by cfrich on Tue, Oct 11, 2011, at 11:00 AM

Do the people still keep voting off people who obviously can dance 100 times better than Chaz Bono? That causes me to wonder if Dancing With The Stars makes a guarantee of so many weeks to certain conrestants.

-- Posted by bomelson on Wed, Oct 12, 2011, at 3:17 PM

The former English princess, Sarah Ferguson, was asked to be on the show. She demanded that she would be in the final three. They turned her down and she wasn't on the show. I'm sure it is not all on the level, but they seem to have some scruples.

-- Posted by caligal on Thu, Oct 13, 2011, at 7:49 PM

I still think that it is either a popularity contest or people vote for the worst for the fun of it. Some of the dancers that now remain on the shoe have two left feet, so it will be interesting to see who wins.

-- Posted by cookie on Fri, Oct 14, 2011, at 11:39 AM

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