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Fireworks Overhaul?

Posted Friday, July 6, 2012, at 2:44 PM

After the extensive use of fireworks and numerous complaints of fireworks being used dangerously by individuals prior to and on the 4th of July in extremely hot and dry Shelbyville and Bedford County, do you think city and county officials should reconsider their stands on selling and using fireworks?

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-- Posted by leeiii on Fri, Jul 6, 2012, at 6:04 PM

I don't see the problem. Just because some people fired them off irresponsibly does not mean that the county should punish everyone. We shot ours off, without any problems. So, as long as people are responsible, I don't see why the county should ban everyone.

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Fri, Jul 6, 2012, at 9:15 PM

I agree with Hze but isn't that the government way? I don't see the need to shoot money into the sky for everyone to awe but people should have a choice.

-- Posted by eglnation on Sun, Jul 8, 2012, at 6:38 AM

I'm not sure if Bedford Co/Shelbyville has a burn ban or not. But if there is, the sale of fireworks should be suspended.

I know that's a difficult position, especially given that stands set up shop a month or so before the 4th. But anyone with a functioning brain, can see when conditions can see when conditions are dicey and make the intellignet decision not to purchase them.

I live inside the Murfreesboro city limits and we had a few idiots in our neighborhood shoot them in defiance of the ban. While some parts of town have gotten slight amounts of rain - though not enough to change conditions - our neighborhood had gotten none. We have two very dry open fields in our SD, but these individuals were too obtuse to see the danger.

-- Posted by malamutemom on Sun, Jul 8, 2012, at 9:59 AM

Not everyone has the entire week off of work. We had extremely loud fireworks going off in our neighborhood until well after midnight. That is disrespectful and should not be allowed. Surely I am not the only one who had to deal with this. I think they should be stopped by 10:00 PM or so, so working folks can get some sleep.

-- Posted by grannybee on Mon, Jul 9, 2012, at 8:46 AM

I think a ban on fireworks and a burn ban should have been in place. At least people would have been able to get help when irresponsible people shot fireworks. A neighbor shot fireworks, started a small fire, got it out, then continued to shoot more for over 2 hours. If their field had caught fire it more than likely would have burned my home down and no telling how far it would have spread in our area or what it would have burned. There was nothing I could do but pray. I was afraid to go to bed and kept looking to make sure no sparks had smoldered and caught fire until well after midnight. Several of the other neighbors did the same and some of them had to go to work the next day.

-- Posted by Catlady49 on Wed, Jul 11, 2012, at 7:57 AM

we had some nimrods shooting off fireworks in our neighborhood as well. with the whole area as dry as a tinderbox, everyone else was holding their breath.

it does seem remarkable that the government would have to issue a fireworks ban at a time of high fire hazard; but when i see people using the term "responsible" in reference to playing with incendiary devices when a single spark could burn down the whole neighborhood, i realize that sometimes the government has to protect us from the idiots among us.

-- Posted by lazarus on Thu, Jul 12, 2012, at 12:03 AM

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