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Go Fund the Bookmobile
Posted Thursday, July 30, at 8:33 AM
The Shelbyville-Bedford County Library has set up a "gofundme" page to raise money for the bookmobile that went up in smoke last week. The page can be found here: http://www.gofundme.com/g89sguq55w

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About "Welcome to Shelbyville"
Posted Saturday, May 21, at 5:01 PM

As many of our readers are aware, in late 2007, I wrote a five part series about the impact that the introduction of Somali refugees were having on Bedford County. The stories focused on how the refugees got here, their traditions and beliefs, and took an honest look at the many cultural clashes that were taking place between the locals and the newcomers...

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Suspended for saying "no" to drugs
Posted Friday, March 5, at 10:12 AM

If you wonder why more and more parents are homeschooling their children, this story on the completely blind stupidity of "zero tolerance" should explain some of it. Do administrators even think when they throw kids out of school for doing the right thing ... or is it just about enforcing the rules, no matter how foolish they are ... and ruining a child's future?...

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Anonymous tips ...and why many of them are anonymous
Posted Thursday, December 31, at 12:52 PM

This is a perfect end to the year. Just a little while ago, I got a call from a woman claiming that some serious abuse of horses was going on out at a farm here in the county. She told me that there was one horse lying dead in the field and others were being starved...

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South bound
Posted Tuesday, October 20, at 3:40 PM

Time to hit the road again. My byline will return to the pages of the T-G next week after my wife and I rest, recuperate and recharge. I've had this trip planned for months, and we had originally looked at going to Charleston, SC while we checked out the fall foliage along the way...

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The rumor mill
Posted Thursday, October 15, at 3:41 PM

The rumor mill is getting way out of control, folks. Here at the T-G, we've had to come down with an iron fist as of late on those of you that simply can't take a hint and won't stop posting every little inflammatory rumor or story they hear either at the beauty shop, in line at Walmart, or within the dark recesses of their overripe skulls...

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Dress code issue
Posted Thursday, August 27, at 8:17 AM

As anyone who visits this site is no doubt aware, the issue of school dress codes really sparks a debate. So, when I saw this story from ABC News this morning, I knew I had to share it with you. The new rules are so draconian, some say, that more than 150 high school students -- about 10 percent of the student body -- were suspended the second day of class alone. Dozens more were suspended in the following days, some more than once...

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Heading south again
Posted Sunday, May 31, at 6:28 AM

Well, it's that time of year again. You won't been seeing my byline during the coming week. My sweetie and I are loading up the car, tuning the XM radio to Maragritavile and hitting the road today to points south. Before that, we'll gathering with family for a brief ceremonial incantation, followed by a one night stay at a famous Chattanooga landmark and then we'll be heading down to Panama City Beach for the rest of the honeymoon...

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So much for my car
Posted Friday, April 10, at 5:45 PM

I picked a great day to get sick. After finishing stories for Friday's paper last night, the symptoms kicked in, so I took an Ibuprofen and hit the sack. However, I felt much worse upon rising this morning, so after I got things done at work, I took the rest of the day off and came home...

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Apparently, enough WAS enough...
Posted Thursday, February 12, at 1:10 PM

Back in November, I blogged about the use of classic rock hits as background tunes in a post titled: "Muzak.... when is enough, enough?" Well, I just got my answer Music and entertainment company Muzak Holdings LLC, which is known for providing background music in stores and hotels, said on Tuesday that it has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection to restructure its debt...

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Oh deer ...again.
Posted Thursday, December 4, at 8:19 AM

I was lucky this time. Just about 10 minutes ago, coming into Shelbyville via Hwy. 130, I spotted a four point buck standing on the side of the road. I slammed on my brakes as it began to sprint across the road, but the damp highway caused me to keep sliding right into the poor beast...

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Muzak.... when is enough, enough?
Posted Tuesday, November 18, at 2:31 PM

The other day, I was having a quick lunch a local restaurant, when unfortunately, I began to notice the background music, which typically consists of either jazzed up or orchestral versions of classic rock tunes. Normally, I try to tune this out, seeing how annoying some of this stuff can be for an old rock and roll fan...

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Change that your kids will HAVE to believe inů
Posted Friday, November 7, at 1:04 PM

Well, we're starting to see what kind of "change" that many of you folks voted for last week. This is from a new government website called www.change.gov, where you get to see what your new president has planned for you and your children. From America Serves:...

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Vacation time again
Posted Friday, October 17, at 9:54 AM

Well, it's time once again to take a break and relax. My beat will fall to others next week while I recharge. There will be a day or so spent in North Carolina and the general area with my ladyfriend. I'll be keeping an sharp eye out for bears as well as those kamikaze deer that I seem to attract...

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Your questions
Posted Thursday, October 16, at 11:05 AM

This is a note to the many readers who send us questions via our "Respond to editor" link at the top of our stories on the T-G website. It is very important that you at least give us an e-mail address to respond to when you have a question. Recently, I've been unable to answer questions raised about stories because there is no reply address...

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Oh deer...
Posted Wednesday, October 15, at 4:26 PM

Everyone needs to keep a sharp eye out while driving over the next few months. While on the way into work this morning, I encountered a group of young deer sprinting across the road at the golf course on Highway 130. A group of the beasts ran in front of me as I came to a stop. I came very close to running into two of them...

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A timely movie review
Posted Monday, October 6, at 8:00 PM

I've been feeling really under the weather this weekend and thought that I was well enough to work Monday, but the immediate rejection of lunch put that notion to rest. So it's back to bed for me. But lying around watching the constant sordid flow of political and financial news would likely make things worse, so instead, I grabbed a handful of used DVD's I bought last Christmas that I never got around to viewing, and hit the hay...

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About that Labor Day story...
Posted Sunday, August 3, at 2:25 PM

Last December, while I was researching my series about the Somali refugees that have moved to Shelbyville over the past few years, I received an unsolicited call from an enraged employee at the Tyson Foods plant. "THEY'RE TAKING AWAY LABOR DAY!!!" she screamed."They're giving the Somalis some day at the end of their Ramadan," the lady told me. "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT! THIS IS AMERICA!"...

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Posted Tuesday, July 22, at 8:56 AM

As it was noted yesterday, my fellow co-workers and I picked up a variety of awards this weekend from the Tennessee Press Association and the Associated Press, which included the Malcolm Law Award for Investigative Journalism for my series about Somalis in Shelbyville...

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Bad words or bad ideas?
Posted Tuesday, June 24, at 10:30 AM

I'm trying wrap my head around this one and maybe our readers can help me sort this out. Last night, I was kicking back looking at the Yahoo wire and noticed two things. For the top entertainment story, there was the new flap about comments that radio shock jock Don Imus made yesterday. In case, you haven't heard, the AP reported that:...

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