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Weed'Em and Reap (season end) Meeting Nov. 11th
Posted Wednesday, November 9, at 7:40 PM
Our "Final Meeting of the Season" will be this Friday the 11th, 6:30pm at the Agriculture Extension Office meeting room at 2105 Midland Rd.....Our usual spot of course! As always, "Everyone Welcome" with members encouraged to bring a friend! With "Old Man Winter" approaching rather quickly, it would be a great time to talk about shutting down outdoor gardens, what can still be grown indoors and out, pruning for winter, and what to plant now for spring arrival, etc. ...

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Weed'Em and Reap Dinner Social Time Again...This Friday!
Posted Tuesday, September 20, at 3:21 PM

The "Weed'Em Reap Garden Group" will be meeting for a "Dinner Social" this coming Friday night September 23rd at "Legends Steakhouse located at 1609 N. Main here in Shelbyville. We will meet at 6:30pm for dinner and I'm sure some excellent conversation. Of course, anyone would always be welcome to join us!...

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Weed'Em and Reap Social this Friday August. 26th!
Posted Tuesday, August 23, at 8:20 AM

The "Weed'Em and Reap" group will have a dinner social this Friday Aug. 26th at "The Dinner Table Restaurant" located at 802 Union St......We will meet at 6:30pm. If you are planning on eating that night let me know so I have an estimated count to give them closer to the time!...THANKS!...

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Weed em' and Reap Social at "Yummy Thai"
Posted Wednesday, April 20, at 2:51 PM

There will be a "Weed Em' and Reap Social this coming Friday April 22nd 6:30pm at our new "Yummy Thai Asian Kitchen" restaurant in town N.Main St....."Bring a Friend Night" You can definitely come by yourself as well!... In case you've never been, Weed em' and Reap is a club where we talk gardens; vegetable, floral, ornamental, or any gardens, we swap seeds, plants, books and things, explore new and exciting ways and wonders of composting, growing etc. ...

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Weed'Em and Reap Annoucements for Social on Feb. 26th
Posted Friday, January 22, at 8:20 PM

Taking ideal restaurant suggestions for the social on Friday Feb. 26th! Mexican, Italian, Wendy's....Pizza, Captain D's...etc etc etc....speak up! Watch this space for future announcements!

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"Brine and the Turkey" -A New Chapter-
Posted Sunday, November 22, at 2:06 PM

One of the biggest complaints in cooked, lean protein like "Turkey" is dryness; you can prevent that issue with just a few basic, simple, techniques. One would be; a few days before you start the roasting, "Brine" your birds by placing it in a container large enough to submerge, cover, and hold it. ...

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"The Simple Rewards of a Practical Go at It"
Posted Friday, January 16, at 2:41 AM

I've simply been thinking about starting some seeds for spring planting, maybe I just can't wait for a good tomato but the yearning is getting stronger. The only ones worth eating this time of year are those sweet grape tomatoes and they are almost not worth the money. ...

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"A Snickerdoodle of a Christmas"
Posted Sunday, December 21, at 2:17 PM

It's tradition, every year for the last 20 years or so I have perfected a single cookie down to an addictive edible gift. I have taken am old colonial recipe that once used goose fat and honey, and over the years refined it to today's world. Now it's a traditional achievement...

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"Cold Turkey"
Posted Friday, November 14, at 12:18 PM

Burr, it's going to get cold out there this weekend and last year's pull-over hooded jacket has shown up on its nail in the den as usual this time of year. It is November already, I've barely had time to even think about Christmas shopping and it's just six weeks away. ...

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"Holy Cow that Cost What?"
Posted Sunday, September 28, at 1:21 PM

I made a few comments earlier this week about what's available to eat here in town. It was frustrating a little to me because most was true. It's not only our town, it's across America somewhat. There are so many food shortcuts in our restaurants and grocery stores sometimes you feel like you're paying for nothing more than colored water and fancy flour. ...

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"A Fall Apple for the Winner'"
Posted Sunday, August 31, at 1:47 PM

I'm already seeing early signs of fall with the Halloween and Holiday items already available at our local grocery. Speaking of our local grocery, as in "Kroger", have you noticed it's getting a make-over? They were painting wheat on the back wall and adding some kind of wood strips for decoration when I strolled through there after the Horseshow had started the other evening. I'm anxious to see how it turns out!...

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"Fresh Eggs and Daily Dairy"
Posted Sunday, August 3, at 1:55 AM

Thank goodness God made the "Hen" and the "Cow"! What would we have ever used without milk or eggs in our little food world? Most Americans here throughout the "Bible Belt" eat a couple eggs almost every morning of their lives, I know I do, with a slice of toast slathered with butter or a biscuit for sure. ...

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"Tomato Fever" "Cucumber Chills" and "Corns"
Posted Thursday, July 17, at 3:48 PM

I got that fresh from the garden fever! Those summer tomatoes, including some great heirlooms, are coming in like wildfire. O yes, I've eaten several heirloom tomato sandwiches thanks for asking, at almost one a day for a couple weeks now. I'm bad about a lot of mayo too! They are crazy good this year, so good that "Cherokee Purple" (the best ones so far, according to mom) might be the name of my next cat. ...

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"Jello Art, July 4th and Other Summer Things to Flip Over"
Posted Thursday, July 3, at 2:12 PM

Holidays, like the "4th of July", really bring out the food creativity in folks. For many years in my younger cooking days, there was that red, white and blue cake made with blueberry stars and strawberry stripes as my patriotic offering. I still see them on occasion, usually soaked with milks fresh out of the oven and topped with either "Cool Whip" and coconut or white frosting with those stars and stripes. ...

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"Dad Day"
Posted Friday, June 13, at 12:33 PM

With "Father's Day" upon us and the 4th of July to follow within a couple weeks, food may play a very important task over the next month. Grilling out for any summer occasion is always an easy way to impress a "Dad" or a crowd, but dads usually end up manning that grill on most occasions. ...

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" Grillin' & Chillin' "
Posted Thursday, May 22, at 7:17 PM

These days are warming up fast. That means I'll have to close the windows and cut on the air conditioner, which is okay, but I so hate that bill at the end of the month. It also means it's time for cooler lighter fare from the kitchen. You do realize "Memorial Day" is upon us already and the "4th of July" is just around the corner?...

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" Garam My Tandoori"... If you know what I mean!
Posted Saturday, May 10, at 1:44 PM

Throughout my culinary career, there were several flavors that teased me on occasion. One was "Tandoori", which is usually associated with chicken and Indian cooking. Now I'm not much of a fan when it comes to heavy or real earthy type spice, however this particular flavor mix has to be one of my all time favorites...

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"I'm Fat with Nowhere to Hide"
Posted Friday, April 25, at 11:14 AM

I'm a fat man and can't suck it up enough to hide somewhere; hopefully part of the cure to my moderate obesity is first admitting that I'm overweight. Oh it's also a definite that I have an abundance of excuses to charm my own ego, like "We here in the south are all overweight" or "There's a lot of people bigger than I am that can't touch their toes either". ...

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"Strawberry Feels Forever"
Posted Tuesday, April 8, at 9:04 AM

Spring has definitely sprung; my face knows it quite well, but I ain't complaining. If I could only smell those beautiful blossoms and flowers headed for the sun and showing their colors, it could be a wonderful thing. Allergies seem to be the nemesis of such wonder. ...

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"The Early Sunday Morning Mind"
Posted Sunday, March 23, at 11:54 AM

Had a great dinner with friends last night at "Mildred's" in Lewisburg, they called it steak night, but they also had a buffet set up for the heavy hitters. For $9.99 you get catfish, two kinds of shrimp (boiled and fried), clams, ribs, fried chicken, beans, and other veggies (even hominy) including macaroni-n-cheese, a salad bar with a spicy hot slaw which they are famous for, and of course peach cobbler. ...

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