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Problems? Don't hide them

Posted Monday, November 5, 2007, at 11:47 AM

Government shouldn't be our daddy, momma or nanny.

NASA apologized for withholdng a report on air traffic safety because, according to the Associated Press, officials felt it would "upset air travelers and hurt airline profits."

That's so typical of Washington -- or, for that matter, too many other government institutions.

Governments are supposed to ALERT people if there are problems, even if we may be upset. Protecting profits -- be they airline or of any other industry or institition -- shouldn't be a factor.

Wonder how many products, etc., have threatened our lives but we were never told?

This relates to attempts by officials of some Tennessee cities and counties to dilute the state "Sunshine Law" and allow more private discussions of public matters. Keep in mind that ideally the public, not the private and/or political sector, should define "public" matters.

Much of the problem lies in business, as opposed to individuals, wanting to have a dispportionate voice in how the nation, state, county, city, etc., operates.

It's all about WE, the people. Unfortunately, a few folks could care less as long as they, or the businesses they represent, are in charge.

*NOTE: I originally, incorrectly listed the Federal Aviation Administration as the agency that withheld the report. My apologies for the error.

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