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Picturing the Past 155: Truly Southern

Posted Tuesday, April 17, 2012, at 1:50 PM

An outhouse, still and bootlegger...yep, it's the South, as depicted in the 1960 Central High homecoming parade. (T-G File Photo)
This image from fall 1960 is, simply, timeless.

The Central High junior class (class of '62) captured the traditional Southern stereotypes perfectly in this homecoming parade float. This float was the overall winner, according to the negative envelope.

An outhouse (I guess that's what it is), a whiskey still and an armed "bootlegger" by his whiskey barrel armed with a double-barrel...shotgun, that is ... taking aim at the "revenooers."

This photo's a little fuzzy, but I'd bet that's a real gun, which was probably - hopefully - unloaded. In 1960 you could parade a high school student holding a gun through downtown. Just try that today. Cops would swarm from all around.

That's the old Dixie Hotel in the background. And note the barber pole at far right. Whose barber shop was in the hotel?

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The time frame we're talking about here is the "sweet spot" for a lot of us. Going back to about 1956, I remember a group of us were playing marbles during recess in that area by the walkway that connected the high school with Central Elementary, and lost track of time. We were called to Mr. Jett's office for a reprimand, but I recall that among the group were Gray Hill, Jerry Robertson, and Jerry Looney, all of whom were the sons of teachers...so our warning was less harsh than it could have been.

-- Posted by marnold1118 on Tue, Apr 24, 2012, at 11:05 AM

Mr. Jett got my Yo-Yo and I never saw it again.

Also I talked with someone this AM. that says the Untouchables pic is in the 1961 Aquila in the sports area and is taken from the South with the Court House in the background. It shows an A model on the second trailer with Chuck Woodruff hanging on the running board.

-- Posted by Cal t on Sat, Apr 21, 2012, at 10:46 AM

Yes, I remember the "Goat Man" well, and that triggered another memory. Do you remember the guys who came around to all the schools doing demonstrations for the Duncan Yo-Yo company? They always gave away the Yo-Yo that they were using for the demonstration. I just wonder if anyone still has the Yo-Yo they got at one of these demonstrations. I always wanted one of those Yo-Yo's that "hesitated" so bad, but all I ever got was one that was black on one side and red on the other, and did not hesitate.

-- Posted by leeiii on Sat, Apr 21, 2012, at 7:49 AM

Do you remember the "Goat Man" that would come to town? He claimed he was traveling down to Fla. He would sell pictures of his goats.

-- Posted by eyeavol on Fri, Apr 20, 2012, at 7:00 PM

Another of my best memories, the little popcorn stand on the corner.

-- Posted by moonwalker on Fri, Apr 20, 2012, at 5:51 PM

Thanks Cattleman for checking that out. I don't have any other ideas at the moment.

-- Posted by Cal t on Fri, Apr 20, 2012, at 10:00 AM

I know that feeling well.

-- Posted by leeiii on Fri, Apr 20, 2012, at 9:04 AM

Hey I stay confused,but you are right.I guess I just got that in my head and it became a fact.Oh well old age is rough.

-- Posted by mytaxesaremine on Fri, Apr 20, 2012, at 8:57 AM

mytaxesaremine I think you have Bob and Harry confused with each other.

-- Posted by leeiii on Fri, Apr 20, 2012, at 6:27 AM

I don't have a 1961 Aquila, but understand there is a pic that shows the entire float which had a second trailer with the "Untouchables" on board. Remember the T.V. show 1959-1963 which featured Robert Stack as Eliot Ness.The front trailer had a shotgun but the "Untouchables"had their "tommy guns".

-- Posted by Cal t on Thu, Apr 19, 2012, at 9:58 AM

If you remember the blind man at the courthouse also had a side job down on Depot street.Anyone tell me what it was LOL Hint---That could have been his float in the pic.

-- Posted by mytaxesaremine on Thu, Apr 19, 2012, at 8:29 AM

Anyone remember 'dead read' or the little guy called 'lightning'??

-- Posted by moonwalker on Wed, Apr 18, 2012, at 11:36 PM

The Cab Co. around from Parks Belk was #10 and the one in the side of the Dixie Hotel was #162..........In both cases the name was their phone no......There really was a time when you picked up the phone a phantom female voice said, "number please."

-- Posted by cmcclanahan on Wed, Apr 18, 2012, at 7:51 PM

I had forgotten all about the blind man. Everyone said he depended on his customers to be honest and tell him the amount of a bill. Back at that time it was accepted as normal behavior. Times do change.

-- Posted by Grits on Wed, Apr 18, 2012, at 7:21 PM

No, I left Shelbyville in th late 50's so don't remember. I do remember the blind man in the court house selling concessions, did he really know what was a $5 or $1...

-- Posted by moonwalker on Wed, Apr 18, 2012, at 6:55 PM

Does anyone remember the man's name that use to sell pencils on Depot St in front of the old Peoples bank,and the corner of the street where the new pawn shop is? It was in the 60's when he did so.

-- Posted by mytaxesaremine on Wed, Apr 18, 2012, at 6:44 PM

Thanks mytax..after almost 60 years, that great Shelbyville Square holds many precious memories.

-- Posted by moonwalker on Wed, Apr 18, 2012, at 6:33 PM

Moonwalker I think the one under Braceys Hardware was City Cab.Belk later knocked out the wall to expand in what is now John Nortons office.City Cab was in the basement.

-- Posted by mytaxesaremine on Wed, Apr 18, 2012, at 6:20 PM

What was the cab co. just around the corner from Parks-Belk? A # comes to mind, 51?? Back when the telephone operator said 'number please'.

-- Posted by moonwalker on Wed, Apr 18, 2012, at 6:10 PM

Just to play devils advocate, I brought a functional rifle to high school history class in the late 80s to show the rifle (a 1903 Springfield) that was used by our soldiers in WWI.

The faculty approved it and the police were never called.

-- Posted by quietmike on Wed, Apr 18, 2012, at 4:56 PM

If memory serves me correct the sign at the top of the out house was General Shofner's loan company that later became Mid State Finance.I do not remember a pool room being there,but there was one before you crossed the rail road tracks on the right going down South Main st.It was at an angle across from Statum Cab.Now that(cab co) was the original man cave.

-- Posted by mytaxesaremine on Wed, Apr 18, 2012, at 3:57 PM

OMGoodness...you can't make this stuff up!! I am still laughing.

I don't remember the barbershop, but was there a pool hall down there? If memory serves, some of us teenage girls decided to take a look at the orignal 'man cave' and we were escorted out with the threat of police action. Never tried that again.

Keep up the good work David, your old photos are my favorite.

-- Posted by moonwalker on Wed, Apr 18, 2012, at 2:50 PM

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