David Melson http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/ en-us Picturing the past 205: Floods http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/61004 I'd guess most of you (myself included) are too young to remember the pre-floodgate days when floods were common in the area roughly around the areas near today's police headquarters-Big Springs Shopping Center area up to North Main Street. The urban renewal project when the floodgate was built transformed much of Shelbyville. Here's a look at Shelbyville on Friday, Feb. 1, 1957, when high waters hit. The top photo shows an area, then North Spring Street, that looks to me to be about where... Mon, 19 Jan 2015 09:36:51 -0600 Picturing the Past 204: Sam Moore's store http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/59279 Here's a photo of Sam F. Moore & Son Grocery, (remembered by most as simply "Sam Moore's Store" on West Lane Street where today's West Lane Market is. Looks like from the fenders of the cars in the photos this is probably from the late 1950s or 1960s. Thanks to Sam's son, the Rev. Bobby Moore of Georgia, for sending the photo. And note the Double Cola sign. Remember when Double Cola was sold in most stores here? I'm not sure if it's sold anywhere locally now. A look at the company website... Mon, 18 Aug 2014 16:36:49 -0500 Picturing the Past 203: 41 Drive-In burns http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/59177 So many remember the 41 Drive-In Theater, but probably few remember the 1957-1980s version was actually the second one. The screen and living quarters underneath burned on a Monday night in May 1957, according to T-G reports of the time. About 10 minutes before "A Man Called Peter" was to begin, a passing motorist saw flames at the top of the 60-foot screen and called the fire department. There was no hydrant nearby and the only water was in the fire truck that responded; the story said... Fri, 08 Aug 2014 15:06:05 -0500 Picturing the Past 202: Country stores http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/58719 Remember country stores? And, for that matter, some in-town "mom-and-pop" neighborhood stores? Here's a look at part of a store in the Newtown area, just over the Rutherford County line from Longview Road, circa around 1960. The store's been restored by Kenneth Smith and moved to his property on Kingdom Road in Bedford County, and you can read about it in the Sunday, June 29, 2014 Times-Gazette or, from Sunday on, elsewhere at t-g.com. This photo didn't make the paper, but it looks like so... Fri, 27 Jun 2014 07:16:05 -0500 Picturing the Past 201: The popcorn stand http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/58496 The popcorn stand on the Shelbyville square -- from which goodies are served today only on a few special occasions -- has a history going back into the 1930s. Julia Delk and her husband Burt Delk, were the original operators of the popcorn stand on the square. Here she is in a photo taken at the stand in the 1930s. Burt Delk died in 1939 and Julia supported her family with the popcorn stand during the 1940s, according to a 1999 T-G story by Kay Rose. Jim Tune told people at the time he didn't... Mon, 09 Jun 2014 09:31:47 -0500 Picturing the Past 200: Early-day Central High http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/57801 Here's a photo of the old Central High School on Elm Street, probably made shortly after it opened in 1939. Thanks to Don Hoover for the contribution. Go {http://www.t-g.com/photos/20/55/89/2055899.jpg here} for a larger view. I'm guessing this photo was made no later than the late 1940s, based on the age of the cars. I can recognize cars from late 1940s models on, but those older ones look so much alike. Seems odd to see cars parked along the four-lane Elm Street most of us are familiar... Fri, 11 Apr 2014 09:28:31 -0500 Picturing the Past 199: 1915 Football team http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/57682 I'm not planning on using photos this old on a regular basis, but I found this in a 1964 Times-Gazette and imagine a lot of folks in Bedford County today are related to some of these 1915 Brandon Training School football players. From left, front, are Floris Tompkins, Lewis Lynch, Ernest Robertson, Wick Cooper, Virgil Hastings (who supplied the photo in 1964), Ronald Jones, Lawson Hill; second row, coach Frank Faulkenberry, Knox Brandon, Jimmie Harrison, Manning Kirby, Lillard Smotherman,... Mon, 31 Mar 2014 12:14:01 -0500 Picturing the Past 198: "Typical" '63 school day http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/57166 Here's a very much tongue-in-cheek look -- yet most of us can relate to it -- at a "typical day at Central" from the 1964 Central High Aquila yearbook. Considering the lead time in production, these photos were probably made in fall 1963. Go {http://www.t-g.com/photos/20/25/57/2025575.jpg here} for the big view, and you'll really need it on this one. I never placed tacks in a chair (and this guy probably didn't, either) but the rest...yeah. I graduated in '78 and it was like this in the '70s... Tue, 18 Feb 2014 14:51:52 -0600 Picturing the Past 197: Depot Street in 1940s http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/56715 It's amazing how one street can change so much and yet so little. Here's a look at Depot Street in what I'm guessing is the 1940s. Look up today's Google Street View for approximately 200 Depot St. and you'll see the left side looking much the same - except for the signs. Go {http://www.t-g.com/photos/20/03/49/2003499.jpg here} for a larger view. There's still a fire hydrant in the same place, though I don't think it's the same one. Seems like I remember a Ben Franklin dime store on the... Wed, 15 Jan 2014 15:16:33 -0600 Picturing the Past 196: Landers & Russell Gulf http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/56118 It's been too long since I've posted a Picturing the Past blog...but it hasn't gone away and there are plenty more to come. You're looking at Landers & Russell Gulf as it appeared on Aug. 6, 1955. Doyle Landers, who contributed the photo, says this was where the former Swing's Phillips 66 was (and that station's building still is) on the northwest corner of the North Main-Lane Parkway intersection. Note Parsons Motors in the background. I'm guessing that's today's ServPro building, which you... Mon, 02 Dec 2013 11:41:20 -0600 Picturing the Past 195: Merry-Go-Round http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/55583 A 1977 fire left a landmark of over 20 years in ashes. The Merry-Go-Round on Madison Street near Wartrace Pike started as a typical 1950s-type drive-in restaurant and ended up as a bar. For you newbies, it was about where Wall Street meets Madison today. Seems like the remains of that building were around for several years before being cleaned up. But in its day, it was the end of the run for teen cruisers between downtown and the edge of town out Madison. I'm hoping I can find a photo of... Wed, 23 Oct 2013 17:54:32 -0500 Picturing the Past 194: Milner's http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/55209 One of the signs in this photo contributed by Lee Shelton says "O.A. Milner" and another says "Milner's One Stop" (rest is covered). A sign in front advertises paint and a sign in the window advertiser Downyflake donuts, so apparently Milner's sold practically everything -- sort of like Handy Dandy Market was to later generations. Go {http://www.t-g.com/photos/19/45/46/1945463.jpg here} for a larger view. Where was Milner's? It's before my time, so someone's going to have to fill in that... Wed, 02 Oct 2013 10:38:17 -0500 Picturing the Past 193: Future collector cars http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/54988 For those of you who like old cars and trucks, take a look at this vintage 1968 photo of the old Cannon Chevrolet's service department. That's a nice-looking 1966-67 Nova in front. And when's the last time you saw a Corvair truck, also known as a Corvair rampside? Or a 1960 Impala sport sedan with the rare flat roof? As usual, go {http://www.t-g.com/photos/19/38/44/1938443.jpg here} for the big view. Every vehicle in this photo would be worth a big chunk of money (well, maybe not the... Sun, 22 Sep 2013 17:51:48 -0500 Picturing the Past 192: Recognize anyone? http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/54782 We're publishing this as a "mystery photo" in the Thursday, Sept. 12 Times-Gazette print edition. Recognize anyone? I've had the impression this photo, contributed by Lee Shelton, could be either Fly or Eureka Manufacturing Co. or possibly a group from the old rubber mill. Go {http://www.t-g.com/photos/19/31/55/1931550.jpg here} for a larger view. It appears to be some sort of summer outing and was one of a group of photos. Another photo showed a small group around a car with a 1941 license... Wed, 11 Sep 2013 15:18:53 -0500 Picturing the Past 191: Teachers 'strike' http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/54714 Actually, it was a "practice" strike. On Sept. 7, 1976, members of the Bedford County Education Association picketed Bedford County Courthouse in a "practice strike." Go {http://www.t-g.com/photos/19/28/58/1928583.jpg here} for a larger view. The teachers walked out, refusing to work until the Bedford County Quarterly Court, as today's county commission was known then, agreed to a $350 salary supplement. Commissioners proposed a $150 supplement. I'd guess very few of these teachers are... Fri, 06 Sep 2013 15:35:58 -0500 Picturing the Past 190: Cycles roar http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/54435 I have no idea who was involved in the Shelbyville Motorcycle Club, but in August 1968 they were roaring around a dirt track. But I do have a fleeting memory, from my childhood years, of being near a dirt track near Halls Mill on a Sunday afternoon with quite a crowd around. I've thought for years it was an auto race, but I'm beginning to think this is what I'm remembering. This would have been several years before Duck River Speedway was built. Go... Mon, 19 Aug 2013 12:00:34 -0500 Confusion near the square http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/54307 Has anyone else noticed that traffic seems to be moving more smoothly on the Shelbyville square since the worn-out traffic light on the southeast corner was changed to continuous yellow flashes on two sides? Drivers pulling onto the square from Depot Street and to Depot or South Main Street from the square's south side no longer have to stop. I'm across the square several times a day and things appear smoother to me. Now if something can just be done about out-of-towners driving around the... Thu, 08 Aug 2013 14:58:44 -0500 Listen to all, not just the rich http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/54274 Here's an example of why I wonder if politicians really listen to the average person. Sen. Bob Corker is visiting Middle Tennessee this week. Between Tuesday and Thursday, he will have visited two Rotary clubs, three Realtors groups meetings, a home builders association, a chamber of commerce and a bankers' group. Corker will be discussing his bill to replace the federal housing finance system with a privately-capitalized system. He hopes to keep mortgages available to qualified home buyers... Tue, 06 Aug 2013 14:17:25 -0500 Picturing the Past 189: Stolen cars at the jail http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/54238 Recognize this location? The jail built in the mid-1980s - the one the state says is outdated - sits on this lot today. Some of you may remember when Bedford County Emergency Medical Service was first formed in the late 1960s-early 1970s and operated from a trailer and carport at this location for a few years. The cars lined up along the fence were recovered from a vehicle theft ring, according to the T-G caption with this photo dated July 29, 1965. They appear to be two 1965 GTOs, three 1965... Sun, 04 Aug 2013 20:41:01 -0500 Picturing the Past 188: Muscle cars in the showroom http://www.t-g.com/blogs/davidmelson/entry/54165 These are cars. Serious cars. It's 1968 and the old Cannon Chevrolet has just moved to their new Lane Parkway building (today's Southern Energy building). On the showroom floor for their grand opening are three dream muscle cars: two Chevelle SS396s and a Camaro Z/28 (I've got another photo showing the Camaro close-up. It is a Z/28). Go {http://www.t-g.com/photos/19/06/32/1906329.jpg here} for a larger view. Wonder if any of these cars are still around? If so, and if they're in decent... Tue, 30 Jul 2013 15:09:14 -0500