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Your top story
Posted Saturday, January 3, at 3:18 PM
Someone used the "send a comment" feature to pass along the following note about our annual countdown of the year's top stories: "voted best story by a panel (of news staff members). "well, duh! "What do Readers have to say?" Well, actually, we're very interested in what readers have to say -- that's why the very story to which the commenter was reacting had a poll embedded in it. We conduct that poll each year, and we publish the results...

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Live, from New York, it's ... Shelbyville!
Posted Monday, December 8, at 12:07 PM

I, and several others I know of, did a double-take this past weekend while watching "Saturday Night Live." The show, hosted by James Franco, included a sketch which was a parody of a campaign commercial. I have seen some online comments which say the sketch was probably inspired by a recent news story about a town electing a teenager as mayor. ...

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Business plans
Posted Saturday, September 27, at 9:47 AM

A story last week in the Times-Gazette talked about the loss of sales tax revenue and had city officials speculating that Bedford County residents were going to surrounding communities for even their regular shopping. I was not too surprised, of course, to see someone use our anonymous send-comment-to-editors feature to demand that Shelbyville go out and recruit a Target...

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Remembering Robin
Posted Monday, August 11, at 6:28 PM

After the statement from Robin Williams' wife imploring us to remember his life and career rather than dwell on today's tragedy, I went online and found this:...

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Once an alum, always an alum
Posted Friday, July 25, at 3:15 PM

Writers, by definition, tend to be aware of, and annoyed by, various grammar offenses and misuse of words. I was as amused as any writer at "Weird Al" Yankovic's very funny "Blurred Lines" parody, "Word Crimes," which came out last week: But I try, with varying degrees of success, not to be too much of a jerk in the way I point things out, if I point them out at all...

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'John: Pardon my dumb ass.'
Posted Friday, July 11, at 1:16 PM

The news today about the passing of former Tennessean publisher John Seigenthaler sent me scrambling for the laminated printout of the e-mail I received from Mr. Seigenthaler in 1998. It's a cherished possession. Mr. Seigenthaler had already retired from the Tennessean at that point, and was working at the Freedom Forum First Amendment Center. ...

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Watch this, you hockey puck!
Posted Thursday, May 29, at 11:47 AM

If you missed it (and I almost did), the tribute to Don Rickles that aired Wednesday night on Spike TV will be rerun Friday and Monday on Spike, and I believe it will also be run on TV Land and Comedy Central in the near future. (A couple of the presenters took jabs at Spike, and I wonder if those will be left in when it airs on the sister channels.)...

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The Quiet Man
Posted Friday, March 14, at 3:19 PM

I was disappointed to see that Turner Classic Movies is not going to be showing "The Quiet Man" on Monday, St. Patrick's Day, as they often do. The next scheduled showing is going to be in April. I have the movie on DVD, so I can actually watch it any time I like, but my DVD player isn't hooked up at the moment and I'd have to watch it on my computer screen, which means I'd have to sit in my desk chair. Even so, I might have to do it Monday night...

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Carneys, but not related
Posted Tuesday, February 25, at 2:13 PM

Both I and my father have received expressions of concern today about Josh Carney and his son Mason, who were injured in a car accident last night. I'm sure that Josh appreciates the good thoughts, and I think I speak for my Dad in saying we share them completely and hope for a swift recovery for everyone involved. But -- just for the record -- we're no relation at all to Josh...

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Posted Thursday, January 23, at 7:09 AM

Someone used the anonymous send-comment-to-editor feature on our web site to react to a story about education policy. They called teaching a "gravy train" and claimed teachers work only 35 hours a week, 9 months a year. School may be in session 35 hours a week, but anyone who thinks teachers only work 35 hours a week doesn't know any teachers...

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Storms are brewing for DirecTV and the Weather Channel
Posted Monday, January 13, at 3:33 PM

Every so often, the companies that own TV channels get into disputes with the major cable and satellite providers, with the upshot being that a channel is taken off of a particular provider's lineup. Sometimes, this just gets to the threat stage and the takedown never happens. Sometimes, the takedown happens but is then resolved fairly quickly. Sometimes, it lingers or turns out to be permanent...

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Note drop in Nashville
Posted Monday, December 30, at 2:45 PM

One of my big pet peeves with the Nashville TV stations is how they handle New Year's Eve. Nashville's New Year's Eve celebration has become a big thing in recent years, and I've seen it covered live by CNN. But it isn't covered live by any of the Nashville TV stations, who instead run the New York City Times Square ball drop -- tape-delayed by an hour, so that it seems to take place at midnight Central time when it actually happened an hour earlier, at midnight Eastern time...

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A no-win situation
Posted Tuesday, December 10, at 8:06 AM

I had to laugh -- and feel grateful that I'm not a school administrator -- at the Facebook comments this morning related to the announcement of schools running two hours' late. Here's one: "Totally stupid! The road in front of my house is a sheet of ice!!! Close the d--n schools!!"...

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Changing the past
Posted Thursday, November 21, at 3:50 PM

I wrote a column earlier this year in which I referenced having just read Stephen King's incredible novel "11/22/63." But the column wasn't a straight-up review of the novel, so I thought I'd pop in here and say that if this week's coverage of the 50th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination intrigues you, you really ought to read "11/22/63."...

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Noodling around
Posted Wednesday, November 6, at 11:52 AM

This is really Mark Woods' turf, but I felt like sharing anyway, so hopefully he won't mind. Channel 8 re-ran the episode of "America's Test Kitchen" last weekend with the recipe for fresh pasta without the need for a pasta machine. I loved this recipe and made it several times after they first ran the episode, and I was reminded last weekend that I hadn't made it in a while...

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It's the 31st
Posted Monday, October 28, at 3:48 PM

It always amazes me that, without fail, we start to get calls and e-mails this time of year asking "What day is Halloween?" and even "What time does trick-or-treating start?" Halloween is not an official government holiday. It's a tradition. It falls on October 31, the night before the religious holiday All Saints Day...

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Posted Monday, September 30, at 2:38 PM

I've been to Kenya five times, and my heart was broken by this month's siege of the Westgate shopping mall. When I first heard about the tragedy, I recalled one shopping mall we visited in Nairobi in 2009, but after seeing photos I realized that the Westgate mall was nicer than the one I recalled visiting. I don't think I'd ever been to the Westgate mall...

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Dancing With The Stars
Posted Wednesday, September 4, at 2:13 PM

If you'd told me a few years back I'd ever watch a TV dance competition, I'd have laughed in your face. But I've grown to enjoy "Dancing With The Stars," even though I'm no expert, either on my feet or watching others. I think I enjoy the personalities sometimes more than the dancing. ...

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A virtue of necessity
Posted Friday, August 23, at 9:15 PM

This year, as a cost-saving measure, the Celebration didn't rent the two large video screens it's been using for several years. Instead, there's one screen, which is more of a graphic marquee, displaying judges' cards and the like. I know there are some people who miss being able to see the video, but there's actually one thing I don't miss. ...

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Fire at Jomo Kenyatta
Posted Wednesday, August 7, at 9:38 AM

I was stunned this morning to hear of the huge fire that has shut down Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi. I flew into and out of JKIA for all five of my mission trips to Kenya. There's speculation that the fire may be terrorism-related, since it fell on the anniversary of the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi...

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