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Mail on Sunday

Posted Monday, February 2, 2009, at 11:41 AM

At least two people in the newsroom were surprised at the results of our online poll about the Post Office's suggestion of eliminating one day a week of mail delivery.

Anyway, I was looking up some information about the Postal Service for another purpose and I found something interesting on Wikipedia. (Wikipedia is not infallible, of course, but I did a search and found confirmation at a few other sites.)

Until 1912, post offices were open seven days a week. Because post offices were often community gathering places, religious leaders thought that closing them on Sunday might encourage people to go to church instead, and they lobbied the government to drop Sunday mail service.

I'd never heard that before and thought it was worth mentioning.

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Well why aren't the Church's full each Sunday since there ain't no mail on Sunday. Just another way for the government to schedule a day off. More pay and Work less rules and regulations. If they would stop delivering junk mail by the tons cheaper than I can mail a letter across the street then they might could take a day off. And get back to basic mail. It dosen't make since to take all the mail to Nashville and sort it out then bring it back to Shelbyville to be diliverd. They should not complain about anything they created the mess. Just be thankful they have a JOB. With today economy.

-- Posted by RGeneW on Mon, Feb 2, 2009, at 3:37 PM

I never did understand why mail carriers are paid so much..it doesn't look all that hard as long as you know how to read you should be ok..even though sometimes I wonder about my mail carrier and if he/she can read cause I get so much mail that isn't even mine and not even addressed to my box. Makes me often wonder, who gets my mail :>)

-- Posted by Dianatn on Mon, Feb 2, 2009, at 4:28 PM

My mail carrier likes to leave my mailbox open when it rains so my mail gets wet. I have no clue why . . . that is the only problem I have.

As far as pay . . . I think they get paid so much because they furnish their own vehicle and gas and that does add up when you drive all day. I could be wrong though on that.

-- Posted by jaxspike on Mon, Feb 2, 2009, at 6:22 PM

Not to mention the wear and tear on the feet,knees and back...

I'd have thought having more reasons to gather together in the city (especially,if it meant using a "Sunday House" in town) would have brought more people in to church.

(Otherwise,the country folk or people who'd partied hard on Saturday might just have stayed put until Sunday evening or Monday morning.)

Yep,I'd have thought the way to fill pews with luke-warm types would have been to have the post office open till time for services and have hours for stores,restaurants,picture shows,sporting events,etc. commence right after (and continue until evening services?).

Church might have started out as a way to fill the interim between worldly activities but developed into a habit in its own right based on the good people derived from it.

-- Posted by quantumcat on Mon, Feb 2, 2009, at 8:25 PM

I can remember times when I was a child in Lewisburg that mail was delivered twice on Saturdays before Christmas. That was probably when it cost about three cents to mail a letter and we had penny postcards.

-- Posted by bettyhbrown on Mon, Feb 2, 2009, at 10:30 PM

County mail carries drive their own cars and they do get paid a certain amount for gas, but when gas goes up it really digs into their pockets.

The reason they send mail to Nashville to be separated is because Shelbyville doesn't have the machines to do the separating and it would cost to much money for a new building and the equipment. They hardly have enough room at this post office to separated the mail for each route. And the clerks separate mail in morning before the post office opens for the carriers and the carriers put it in the order they deliver.

The part time carriers have to fill in for everyone so it's impossible for them to memorize everyones route.

If they would only deliver five days a week they would have to pay more out in over time and everyone would be complaining how late at night they are getting their mail.

And lets not even think about how bad Christmas time would be.

-- Posted by bellbuckletn on Tue, Feb 3, 2009, at 8:26 AM

Mail carriers make very good money. My friend is a part-time carrier and makes around $16 a hour...maybe even more now since they have been there a few years. They do supply their own vehicle, but they are paid so many cents per mile that they drive for gas. Still sounds like a good deal to me.

-- Posted by honda14 on Tue, Feb 3, 2009, at 8:47 AM

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