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Sixth District race gets ugly early

Posted Monday, March 9, 2009, at 8:22 AM

Although the 2010 general election is almost 20 months away, charges and counter-charges are already flying between Democratic U.S. Rep. Bart Gordon, the longest-serving member of Tennessee's Congressional delegation, and Dave Evans, a Wartrace Republican who hopes to challenge him.

Evans, who is chairman of Bedford County Republican Party, formally announced his candidacy for the Sixth District seat at event last week in Cookeville.

Several weeks ago, Evans' campaign sent out a press release questioning Gordon's whereabouts and whether he was traveling in Europe at the taxpayers' expense. Gordon's press spokesman told the Times-Gazette during a visit to Shelbyville that Gordon was attending a NATO parliamentary assembly and produced a letter from a Republican congresswoman, Rep. Jo Ann Emerson of Missouri, defending U.S. Rep. John Tanner's participation in the same trip against criticisms by the state Republican Party. Tanner led the delegation, which included Gordon.

A Washington Post columnist, Al Kamen, mocked the trip, noting that it included a number of tourist-friendly destinations like Paris, Vienna and the Bavarian Alps.

Now, Gordon's campaign has alleged that position statements on Evans' campaign web site were plagiarized from the web site of a minor 2008 presidential candidate, Jerry Curry, and noted that they accidentally left in some references to the presidency ("As president, I will ...").

The disputed portions of the web site, daveevansforcongress.com, were still up at midday Friday but were removed at some point Friday afternoon. The new web site, which had only recently replaced a previous web site on blogspot.com, still included Latin placeholder text for its terms of use and privacy policy.

Evans' campaign told Adam Kleinheider of the Nashville Post that the copied text was part of a preliminary design and had not been meant for public consumption. However, the old site had already begun directing readers to visit the new site while the disputed text was being displayed.

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What you did not say was the following:

Emerson said she thought the Europeans had been receptive to her colleague's message and described how Obama's historic November election had helped transform transatlantic relations for the better, seemingly overnight.

"It's amazing to watch," she said, described partners with whom Washington has had "difficult discussions" suddenly declare that "we're excited about President Obama and we want to do everything we can."

This was reported in Yahoo news.

Remember, JoAnn Emerson represents Southeast Missouri and the owners (Rust Communications) of this newspaper and is a Republican. The owners of Rust Communications gave about $4600 to her during the last election. They also gave about $7200 to McCain. I have been unable to find any reporting about her trip in any of their papers except this one. They own most of the newspapers in Emerson's district.

-- Posted by Grit on Wed, Mar 11, 2009, at 7:18 PM

Remember the Japanese interrment camps in America. Soon, if you are a republican, there will be a bunk in an BHO camp with your name on it. Accoring to American Spectator, His operatives (volunteers for obama) will be fanning out across our country to ask us to sign a pledge to support all of his (S/On) wonderful, superior, for our benefit, unequaled in brilliance policies that are only looking out for our own good (S/off. I got a can of pledge beside my door for the 1st one that asks me to swear my loyalty to BO. My home is off limits to these (expletives). My loyalty is to my country and it's constitition, not an above his paygrade politician.

-- Posted by cherokee2 on Fri, Mar 20, 2009, at 3:22 AM

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