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Pedestrian crosswalks

Posted Wednesday, September 8, 2010, at 1:31 PM

I was on the northeast corner of the square, in front of U.S. Bank, a few minutes ago. I had been on the square looking for "Scene In Bedford" photos, but it's a muggy day, and most people had the good sense to stay inside.

I got ready to cross the street headed east to come back to the newspaper. I waited for the light, and when it came a car stopped at the light in front of me, completely blocking the pedestrian crosswalk. The car had tinted windows, so the driver couldn't see me giving him the stink-eye. He was pulled up so far that, in order to cross in front of him, I'd have had to get out into the middle of the intersection, potentially in the way of traffic.

He stayed there, and the light changed. Then, a county department head pulled up to the same light and did the same thing. He saw me staring at him, rolled down his window, and asked if he could do anything. Did I need a ride somewhere?

I appreciated his courtesy, but what he could have done for me was not pulled up on top of the pedestrian crosswalk.

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Really, webb school should be required to build a cross bridge over the highway. Much safer, without a doubt.

docudrama, jealous much?

-- Posted by gottago on Wed, Sep 15, 2010, at 10:15 AM

RCBC / there is no other way to get to I-24 unless you drive ten miles out of the way by driving down Fairfield pike. The students are in general extremely rude, privileged snobs that have no regard or respect for people that actually have to work for a living. They are smug and you can see it in their faces while they look at you sitting there waiting on them to move along. I think a trip to the preverbal wood shed would do a lot of them a lot of good.

-- Posted by docudrama on Mon, Sep 13, 2010, at 11:40 PM

Cross walkers have the right away and if yal don't wanna wait for the students to walk find a different way to get where you going

-- Posted by RCBC on Mon, Sep 13, 2010, at 8:49 PM

Speaking of Bell Buckle and Webb School . . . Has anyone noticed that some of the children walk across the walkway and don't even look to see if something is coming? They seem to be in their own little world. I always try to drive slow and stop for them, but what if someone does not make that effort and hits a child who doesn't bother to look? I pray it never happens.

-- Posted by bbbluebird on Thu, Sep 9, 2010, at 9:40 AM


You have hit the nail right on the head about Bell Buckle. It sucks in several ways and the public is supposed to adapt to it weather they like it or not.

1. The web school thing. I have set in traffic many times while a kid stands in the middle of the crosswalk waiting for a line of other students or a friend and deliberately blocks or holds up traffic. They actually think it's funny and the school which I have called will not do one thing about it. No one there cares and it shows. Even the teachers speed in the 15 mile per hour zone and that seems to be OK.

2. If you should drive the posted speed limit a lot of drivers see how close they can tailgate you and even blow their horns and flip you off because you are going the speed limit or even 5 miles over the limit. I've actually had people follow me home and curse me out for driving the speed limit. That could be considered assault because you never know what they are really going to do. All of those were young men in pick-up trucks wanting to run fast.

I see no end to this. People have no respect and it starts at every age level. I cringe every-time I have to go through Bell Buckle and actually hate it more than you might know. I see no solution to this problem. Just a nice little town showing how rude they can really be for no reason.

-- Posted by Photo Man on Wed, Sep 8, 2010, at 10:55 PM

Here is a reverse courtesy. We have a private school in Bell Buckle and Hwy 82 runs right through the campus. Obviously the speed limit needs to be 15 and crosswalks are well marked.

The reverse courtesy is for the students to walk with a purpose when they cross and not stop to have conversations or wait for someone to catch up or walk as if they have no better place to be than in the middle of the road.

If you go through here frequently it starts getting old that they do not appreciate that we stopped, do not acknowledge it and even seem to go out of their way to detain you longer than necessary.

-- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Sep 8, 2010, at 6:48 PM

Way too many people have lack of respect for others these days whether it is in traffic driving or something else. My husband called to price check a huge amount of gravel the other day and handed me the phone asking me to take over the conversation since the woman on the other end of the line aaparently had no etiquette in dealing with customers. She spoke so fast it was extremely hard to understand what she was saying, then when you asked her to slowly repeat what she had said it must have made her mad because she suddenly had a bad attitude. I am paying a little extra to have the gravel hauled in to my property from a different company because I wont tolerate that type of behavior with someone I am spending hundreds of dollars with. I deal with rude people in my job and I do my best not to bring it home with me. We need to respect others the way we would like to be respected. So slow down, dont park on top of crosswalks,dont stand in the middle of the isle at the grocery store while chit chatting about your sons soccer game on your cell phone and learn manners when answering your buisiness phone...among other things. Have a nice day.

-- Posted by AmericanWoman on Wed, Sep 8, 2010, at 4:40 PM

Try running or biking in Shelbyville. From crosswalks to road shoulders there is not much courtesy out there. Add the condition of some sidewalks in town and the overhanging of trees and shrubs and it adds to the frustration of any kind of pedestrian.

-- Posted by Jerome on Wed, Sep 8, 2010, at 3:47 PM

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