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My Three Boys

Posted Wednesday, January 4, 2012, at 10:14 PM

It isn't hard to see even in a picture that Chaco thinks he is big and bad! ...but only 3 pounds!
I have written many columns when I worked at the Times-Gazette about my beautiful daughter. She is at the age now where she would prefer I did not tell the whole community her business - especially if it is embarrassing. Since she is my best material, I will always write about her. I just might not tell her!

But, today, I want to introduce you to my boys. They are stair steps to each other. The oldest and biggest is Oscoda, followed by my middle boy, Bud. The youngest and smallest is Chaco.

Oscoda is about nine years old and is a black and brown Rottweiler-Lab mix. Bud is four and a half years old and is a black toy poodle. Our newest addition, Chaco, is not even a year old yet and is a black and brown chihuahua.

They keep me on my toes!

Oscoda is the protector of the land. Every time I pull up in the driveway, he runs across the drive into the neighbor's yard to tell their big dog, Wolf, not to go anywhere near his momma! The two have tangled more than a few times. It always scares me to death!

Unfortunately, Oscoda usually ends up getting hurt somewhere. I've doctored his ear twice and his leg and foot other times.

Although he is older and means business when it comes to taking care of his family, he is also a big ham. He thinks he is still a puppy and tries to act like one. He is an outside dog with inside privileges. So when he is inside, he knocks everything down (including us) with his powerful tail.

He likes playing with squeaky toys more than the younger two. Every trip he makes inside, he tries to take a toy outside.

But, Oscoda's favorite toy? A rock. He is great entertainment when we have guests. People think we are crazy when we say, "Oscoda! Go get a rock!"

Then, laughter overtakes them when he returns seconds later with a rock. And his rocks are not little rocks out of the driveway. They are usually so big that he drops it a couple times on the way. We then have to get it away from him as he tries to hold onto it with his paw and throw it back into the yard so he can go get it and bring it back. I cannot explain the hours of enjoyment he gets from playing with rocks!

He has other tricks as well. He can sit and shake hands or give high fives. But the most amazing thing is that when he was younger, he could climb ladders. I've witnessed him try to climb a brick mailbox. There was a rock at the top...

Bud is special. I never liked poodles until he came along. My grandmother bought him at six weeks old and gave him to my daughter. He is a sensitive dog soul. He has no tricks except to lick a lot. Oh! And he likes to bring everyone's underwear into the living room. But, he is a friend to all who meet him. I worry all the time that we have hurt his feelings somehow. Like right now, I feel like I should write as much about him as I did Oscoda but there is really nothing else to say other than to emphasize how sweet a dog he truly is.

Chaco. My favorite breed of dog, the chihuahua. I like their tenacity and their spunk. (My first dog as an adult was a chihuahua named Paco. I miss him terribly.) I named this one Chaco in honor of Paco and because my mother had a dog when I was born named Chaco.

And my Chaco is full of spunk! Did I say that's why I liked these dogs? Maybe I should rethink my favorite breed. I am going to need a new home before Chaco gets out of his puppy stage.

I am waiting on him to calm down before I wallpaper my living room to cover where he has chewed the old wallpaper at the floor. He is the smallest (about 3 pounds) and thinks he is bigger than Oscoda, although Oscoda has recently set him straight.

I can leave the house for ten minutes and when I return the living room floor is covered with something like toilet paper ripped to shreds. (I seriously just had to get up from my writing to go get something out of his mouth!) And poor Bud! Chaco will not leave him alone. He is constantly tormenting him by jumping on him, nipping at him, or other unspeakable acts.

I really must check into getting Chaco some medicine for ADD or Bud some Xanax! Oscoda will be fine with a rock.

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How cute!! those chihuahua's are big dogs in a little body!!

Our dog Jeep is a rottie blue heeler mix and he love to carry in anything from the car or outdoors.

He is really great at bringing in firewood!

The groceries , so-so. I gave him bacon by stupid mistake, and it was gone.

But the ones' who really rule are our cats. They walk around the huge dog in a superior huff. They like to play with him, but on their terms and when he paws them too much that is enough.

He always comes away shamefaced.

-- Posted by 4fabfelinez on Sun, Mar 31, 2013, at 7:49 PM

I would absolutely love to get into Bud's mind! I definitely agree that there is probably more to him than meets the eye. Thanks, Steve.

-- Posted by SFrame912 on Thu, Jan 5, 2012, at 12:46 PM

The more I am with animals in close proximity to observe, the more I am fascinated by their personalities. Even the wild ones we are able to observe every day have their own special way of doing things.

I enjoy watching our dogs interact with the deer in our yard. At times they just look at each other, other times they seem to play, occasionally they are confrontational and often they just ignore each other.

There has to be more to Bud than meets the eye. Wouldn't you love to get in his mind to know what he is thinking?

-- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Jan 5, 2012, at 7:06 AM

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Sherri Frame, a former staff-writer for the T-G, grew up in Wartrace and now makes her home in Shelbyville with her daughter, Jordan. She graduated from Cascade High School and earned her bachelor's degree in management at Trevecca Nazarene University. Sherri is currently unemployed.
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