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Need a Job???

Posted Monday, August 22, 2011, at 7:21 PM

Many people are out of work and are in desperate need of a job. Are you one of these people? Have you been beating down doors looking your hardest for a job? It is difficult to find a job in this economy, yet our government tells us that things are improving? Well there are some U.S. companies that are hiring. Such as, Coca Cola, they have invested $3 Billion in new facilities in the last three years alone, and just announced that they plan to invest another $4 Billion by 2014. Also three new factories opening this year will add 940 jobs to the workforce.

Disney is hiring as well. In April Disney broke ground on a $4.4 Billion project that is sure to create thousands of jobs during construction alone. Once open, the new theme park will employ several hundred more.

Another company, Procter & Gamble, who manufactures products such as Tide laundry detergent and Crest toothpaste also have plans to expand. They have invested over $1 Billion in their operations this year.

Caterpillar, a major producer of heavy machinery, expects lots of growth. They plan to build a new factory that will employ about 400 people.

And finally a company named Merck, which is a large pharmaceutical company, reported a 30% sales increase from this time last year, also have plans to expand.

Maybe the economy really is improving, any time a company is expanding and adding jobs it is a good thing, right? Yes, this is a small list of companies hiring and yes, none of these companies have facilities near Shelbyville, but you could consider moving. People relocate for jobs everyday. Would you relocate for a good job? I think many people would, but there is one catch to obtaining one of the jobs that I have described above. Yes you would have to relocate......to China. That's right all of these jobs that these U.S based companies are creating are in China. Is it any wonder that there is discussion about China surpassing the U.S. as the top economic country of the world? I think it will happen one day and it may be sooner than some think.

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If anyone is looking for a job, I do know that Ingram Book in LaVergne is hiring. Since Borders, which was next door is closing, I am guessing they are now receiving the orders instead. Some shifts are actually getting overtime as well. Here is a link to the positions that are open http://careerlink.com/employer/jobscust/...


I know some people will agree with my comment and some people won't. But the American jobs have moved to foreign soils because some, not all, Americans have become greedy and lazy. Workers here want high pay, but put only a little work effort in. Workers here also want excellent benefit packages, etc. Companies are not going to pay people $15+ a hour here in the US plus benefits, if they can move the company to Mexico and pay them less than $4 an hour without benefits. Or China where they will still pay them lower than the American workers so they can see their profit margins go through the roof.

Most of the items that we use everyday are imported into this country. Very little is made in the US anymore. From food to electronics to clothing. The United States used to be a manufacturing country. We made everything. There were manufactures everywhere and jobs were plenty. Those were the days where Americans worked their fingers to the bone to get their work done. Those were the people who were the first ones there at the beginning of the shift, and the last ones out the door at the end of the shift. But now, most Americans like taking the easy way of doing things. Most products are now assembled by robots instead of humans. And find ourselves only caring about our paycheck instead of taking pride in our work.

China will surpass the US, because our government no longer stands for Americans. They are all about money, greed, and corruption. They could care less what all of the "little people" are going through. As long as they can still take their vacations, and get their 6-figured paychecks(that they don't deserve). More and more people everyday are obtaining food stamps and unemployment. This government has lost control and have lost touch with reality especially if they think that the economy is back on track. I worry everyday, how my children will be able to function in society where jobs are hard to come by, tuition is being raised and are almost unattainable. My oldest will be most likely entering college or the work force within the next 5 years. Most kids are looking forward to turning 18 so they can get their own place, and job, or college. But will that be even possible, with the way the US is going?

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Mon, Aug 22, 2011, at 10:30 PM

Very well said PrpleHze!

-- Posted by jaxspike on Tue, Aug 23, 2011, at 7:16 AM

I have a job but sometimes wish I would be laid off. Why? Because I see my neighbors and some family members who are unemployed drawing disability, welfare, and medicare benefits and prospering more than I am.

These folks are busy making money on the side by hauling scrap metal, farming, mowing yards, tending horses and various other cash paying jobs. Oh, did I mention they are drawing disability checks while doing this physical work? Their check(s) are around $1200/month. Not bad pay, especially when you consider the perks.

Here is a good link as to why jobs are moving to China.


We are caught in a spring-loaded Chinese finger trap. Labor is pulling against the corporations while being forced apart by the spring(government). The only way to get free of it is for us to move towards each other by collapsing the tension spring.

Politicians want to paint corporations as evil greedy entities to labor, and labor as lazy unproductive parasites to corporations.

The truth is we are all greedy to a certain extent. We all want as much as we can get for as little effort as possible. If it were not so, we wouldn't buy the cheapest product on the shelf.

The failure of our entitlement programs is imminent. Most people know that! Some are busy trying to get what they can while they can. Others rely on it so much, that they will be utterly lost once it is gone.

The money to support such things can only be extorted from labor and corporations/business. Both of these groups are WE THE PEOPLE. This extortion and lack of discipline is the reason we have $14 trillion debt.

Would I consider moving? Yes! but where? To China? NO!

This is my country. We will probably be reduce to the same standards of living as the Chinese, since that seems to be the intent.

I also share Prplehaze concern for my children, but I am working to prepare them.

Be blessed!!

-- Posted by Liveforlight on Tue, Aug 23, 2011, at 8:15 AM

If our government would stop charging 35% tax on business and be competetive with countries like Ireland who charge 12% then these business would come back to America. But we have a government who only looks for what money they can get right now, instead of what they can gain down the road by bring jobs back, companies with more money hire more people,people working equals people spending money and the econemy is off and running.

-- Posted by bellbuckletn on Tue, Aug 23, 2011, at 8:43 AM

The problem with spending money right now, is that you have no idea what the economy is going to do next. So, instead of out shopping people are learning a lesson by saving the money. So we cannot jump start the economy by waiting for consumers to start pumping money into the system. Especially with unemployment so high. Some people are barely making it by as it is. We no longer have money for the wants - instead most people are focusing on the needs. But if companies will start hiring people again and relax a little, then the economy will get better. But as businesses close and move away, it makes it tougher for the economy to recover. Giving money to people in stimulus does not produce jobs. But giving money to companies no longer encourage them to hire people either. So we are in a no-win situation currently.

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Tue, Aug 23, 2011, at 10:22 AM

The world bank owns the whole world. It controls every country in the world by giving them credit with the rest of the world.

Our government sold us out several times over. One is when it let American Coumpanies move out of the country and use cheap labor, then ship their products back in and charge more than if they were made in America, putting millions of people out of work. It also threw in the shaft by allowing aliens into our country to take the jobs away from the American people.

I spent years working and getting my prices up to a reasonable amount just to have the Mexicans under bid me. I had no intentioned of lowering my prices. You get what you pay for, or so they say.

It got to the point that it wasn't worth the effort to continue competing with the Mexicans so I retired early. I have never regretted it.

The Mexicans have moved in and sent their money home to Mexico. They live like sardines to save expenses, yet American people are not allowed to live that way. They have taken so many jobs that

now even the Mexicans can't find jobs in America.

That isn't a problem with the Mexicans because they sent for their wives and girl friends and had babies here so they can stay and get on all the free programs to pay them not to work and get free health care, food and housing.

Corporations don't pay taxes so they can afford to buy automated robots to do the work of thousands of unneeded workers. I reported on this months ago saying factories will be using robots instead of people when the recession ends.

Homes are about the only thing that you can say is American Made in the United States today. "American Made by Mexicans."

Bush signed a North American Union treaty with Mexico and Canada stating that no fences or walls would be erected to keep either country out of America. That is why King Obama isn't protecting our borders and is doing everything he can to prevent Arizona and Texas from protecting their borders and people.

Homeland Security can do nothing when it comes to protecting us from invasion since President Bush signed into law no stopping at borders with walls and fences or troops. Soon the Mexican drug lords will own all the homes and ranches along the Mexican border with the help of Homeland Security, FEMA, ATF and the Department of Justice.

King Obama will continue to take jobs and money from the taxpayers to force them into poverty with the poor.

He is taking credit for helping to free Libya from Qadafi, but the people think they are getting freedom as a way of life. The only way they can have freedom like America is for the people to draw up a constitution like ours then hold their congress to it, which we did not and now it has usurped power it was never given.

In order for Libya to continue to exist, it needs money now to start over. Here is where the IMF comes in. The IMF will offer the new ruler Billions of dollars to help establish their country but in return for the money they will have to obey all demands of the IMF. There goes their freedom before they even get on their feet.

Libya may be the place to go to find work. Me, I'm staying put. I am waiting to see if the Muslim Brotherhood takes control in Libya or not.

If you think the Billions of USD king BO gave to the UN was something, wait til you see how much king BO gives to Libya to set up a Dictatorship in the name of a Free Democracy.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Tue, Aug 23, 2011, at 12:38 PM

PrpleHze is absolutely right. Greed and laziness are the culprit. Both by the American population, and its corporations.

Right now, U.S. corporations are hoarding trillions in cash, the most in history, while their profits have reached the highest levels ever. Americans want the best of both worlds, the nicest things at the cheapest price. American companies have a way to do that, by building an identical good in a completely different country. It is cheaper for our companies to ship raw materials from our country to China, India, etc. have them assemble them and ship them back to America.

But don't expect the government to intervene by demanding U.S. companies hire U.S. employees, because you can't expect the government to interfere with business, at your convenience.

The number one objective of every publicly traded company is to maximize shareholder wealth. Employees, ethical standards, and sustainability all take a back seat to wealth maximization. The short term price for what we buy may be cheaper, but the long term impact is the true casualty.

-- Posted by darrick_04 on Tue, Aug 23, 2011, at 1:00 PM

This is a big country and a big economy and it's not as simple as blaming Big Buisness for taking jobs out of the country. Here's an example of how some local money exits the area. - I'm new to Shelbyville and I drive into LaVergne to work everyday. That takes a fair amount of gas. I like to keep my buisness local. I understand that the price of gas differs depending on location, but, not only do I pay less for gas at the stations in LaVergne, but I have found several stations where I can always clean my windshield (water containers filled & squeegee in good condition)which is important when you log as many miles as I do. I can't seem to find a place in the Shelbyville area where the containers do not have a small amount of bug-filled water (if you're lucky) and a 1 year old sqeegee, in addition to higher priced gas. Like I said, I'm for keeping my buisness local, but I will not be taken advantage of when it comes to service. Buisness is more than selling a specific item. So until I can find a local gas station that is run as professionally as the ones I find elsewhere, my fuel dollars will not be spent in the area. That's basic economics, and if you can't solve problems like that, I think the global issues are better left alone.

-- Posted by jzinsky on Wed, Aug 24, 2011, at 12:05 PM


I am hoping Darrick will put in a truck stop on 231 soon.

I use to work in Murfreesboro and actually all around middle Tennessee and found gas was cheaper in Murfreesboro, Manchester and even Tullahoma than it was in Shelbyville. I would buy where it was the lowest prices, without going out of my way.

I just read yesterday where GE is moving their X-Ray technology plant out of the United States and into China.

GE doesn't pay taxes in America and Uncle Obama gives GE Billions of US Dollar Bonuses here in America. That wasn't good enough for GE I guess. Maybe they are looking for a better Bonus deal from China.

Point is... there goes another thousand or more American jobs. Uncle Obamas job Czar sends American jobs to china, but says he has an employment plan. Where will his NEW Jobs plan be sending the American Jobs to?

Unemployment is slowly moving to the 40-50% rate. Don't believe that 9.2% rate for a second. Thousands of people are no longer in the rating system and are counting as people having jobs.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Fri, Aug 26, 2011, at 1:45 PM

unique --- I know what you mean, gosh those republicans are fighting Obama so hard to make him TAX their big buddies,and bring the jobs back if not for Obama we all know they would make those buddies of theirs keep jobs here and pay taxes on all their profits!!!! It all Obama's fault, up until his first day everything was perfect we had no debt,none of the jobs had been taken out of the states, there was no unemployment everything was perfect we wouldn't have any problems with out that darn black guy in office it's all his fault..it all happened the day he first stepped into the White House........( sarcasm for sure, but sadly too many are out right stupid enough to believe that way...... they actually have ate up the rights BS that stuffs their empty heads with the stupidity of it's all OBAMA"S FAULT)

-- Posted by wonderwhy on Fri, Aug 26, 2011, at 2:57 PM

I have a family memember who "plays the system". Her husband turned down a FULL TIME JOB because they would have to pay rent. It is the entitlement programs that get me. I am tired of paying for them too. Go set at the food stamp office for one hour. You might be surprised by who you see going in. I don't have time, I am working 60 hours a weeks to support the L&L... (Lame and Lazy).... Do the math... Until the US establishes a "Living Wage" which is better than the "Welfare Wage". The downward spriral shall continue!

-- Posted by Union on Sun, Aug 28, 2011, at 4:51 AM

Union, very few of those who receive help play the system, and yes the ones that do are a disgrace. However most would much rather have a good job that pays a living wage. Some who turn down a job to keep the assistance do so not because they are lame or lazy, they just can not survive on min wage, even with 2 jobs. If they have a medical condition, even minor, they have to do what they can to get coverage in some cases.

Here is an very informative site:


It shows spread sheets for poverty, min wage and living wage, for counties in the United States.

then it has another that shows the figures and amounts they used to come up with the "living wage"

For a family of two adults and two children it says the amount needed pr hour is 23.81 pr hour, or 49,531 pr year. The figures are modest at best - who do you know that can live on 630.00 a month for housing (keep in mind utilities are part of houseing expenses.)Can you imagine the dump they would have to rent? The lower the rent, the nastier the place and you can bet that the electric will be much higher than in a well built and up kept home.

Now considering that most jobs these days are near min wage, that would mean they would need the equivalent of 3 jobs and have to live very meagerly. ( they figure 2080 hrs pr year so triple that, to just survive) and that is if you have 2 adults able to find work. They consider 9.83, to be poverty. So two adult working full time at near 10.00 hour will get you UP TO poverty level.

SO you said do the math, this is a good site to help with those math figures.

I totally agree that until there are jobs that pay a livable wage people will be on assistance, but in most cases it is not lame and lazy it is survival. If your hoping for a LIVING WAGE you better not count on the tea party they are of the opinion that even a welfare wage is too high to expect from the big corporations.

-- Posted by wonderwhy on Sun, Aug 28, 2011, at 9:38 PM

Union, I agree that some people do play the system, but not everyone.

As wonderwhy stated, it is hard right now for anyone to be able to live off of min. wage or anything slightly higher.

I am currently teaching finances in our Home Ec class to my kids. If you make around $8 an hour and you are lucky to get 40 hours every week - that is a total of about $1000 +/- after taxes a month. If you are single, your groceries are around $400, Utilities including phone $100. That leaves $500. If you have a car that's paid for, you still need insurance - approx $130 = $370. Gas for your car - $100 (a month). This leaves you a total of $270 left over a month. And you haven't even paid rent yet. And as far as I know, unless you live in a homeless shelter, you are not going to find a place to live for $270 a month. This also does not include luxuries such as cable, internet, cell phone. It also doesn't include oil changes, tag renewals, or any other expenses.

For those who are on the system honestly, are not freeloading. They are skimming by just like everyone else. For a family of 4, I think foodstamps is around $600 a month; which is about $200 per person. Could you live off of a grocery bill for $200 a month? Unless you do some extreme couponing you wouldn't be able to. As for rent allowances, and such; you have to again understand - if you found a job paying $8 an hour, there is no way you would be able to afford rent or necessities.

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Mon, Aug 29, 2011, at 10:35 AM

Prplehze - "For a family of 4, I think foodstamps is (are) around $600 a month; which is about $200 per person". Just wondering, what kind of good-paying job do you think you can get when you divide 600 by 4 and get 200? The problem isn't $8 an hour jobs, it's the large number of people that aren't even qualified to earn $8 an hour.

-- Posted by jzinsky on Mon, Aug 29, 2011, at 5:06 PM

jzinsky , lol, sorry about that. I was doing multiple things at a time. Sorry, it should be $150 a piece. That is what I get for multi-tasking.

But as for earning $8 an hour, I don't know what the rate of pay is now, since I have been out of the workforce for a few years. I was giving an example. But the problem, as we have seen, is that some companies will not hire people who have been out of work for a long time. There are also some companies that will not hire people with bad credit and so on. Very few companies are willing to give others a chance to succeed in life. But they are willing to pack up their companies and move to another country to save a few bucks.

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Mon, Aug 29, 2011, at 7:25 PM

jzinsky, "The global issues are better left alone" by whom, and to whose advantage? Are you suggesting that this dialogue framed around global economics should be shelved until you have local access to clean washer fluid and a fresh squeegee? That is interesting. I do happen to agree with you about one thing; it is not as simple as blaming big business for taking jobs out of the country. It is systemic and permeates right through to the prevailing ethos of our society.

I am curious though, what qualifications do you believe are prerequisite to acquiring an $8.00/hr. position? The way I see it, any job that is worthy of being filled deserves a living wage, irrespective of the tasks assigned, or the credentials of the person performing them.

Just so I can be clear about your position, you assert that everyone whose vocational skills do not pass your muster, do not deserve an $8.00/hr. job, and that furthermore, the prevalence of which is not the problem in the first instance? Is that what you wrote? If so, what do imagine the problem is (aside from unworthy people)?

-- Posted by memyselfi on Tue, Aug 30, 2011, at 1:27 AM

memyselfi - please forgive me, I tried to make my comments short and avoid ambiguious statements such as "It is systemic and permeates right through to the prevailing ethos of our society". Your college professors must be so proud of you.

Global issues - I meant that local issues are more relevant and easier to solve than global issues.

Living wage - I don't know what a living wage is. I grew up in the 50's & 60's, my family worked the Pennsylvania coal mines and I have been working a full time job since 1963. I provided for my family by learning a trade and continuing to develop a marketable skill throughout my lifetime. In reading your second paragraph, I will assume that you are a borderline socialist, possibly a union member. I can only say that this is a capitalist, free-enterprise system, and as such, everything is negotiable. Any job worthy of being filled is worthy of the best qualified applicant. As for "any job that is worthy of being filled deserves a living wage, irrespective of the tasks assigned, or the credentials of the person performing them." I can only say, "Let's make this living wage $250,000.00 a year and we can all go to Disneyland".

$8.00/hr. jobs - As an employer, if I can not find good qualified people for a job that pays, let's say - $8/hr. I will raise that amount until I can find a viable candidate. The reverse is also true, which I pointed out by saying "the problem isn't $8.00/hr. jobs it's the large number of people who aren't even qualified to earn $8 an hour".

-- Posted by jzinsky on Tue, Aug 30, 2011, at 11:51 AM

"In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread." But everyone wants as much bread and as little sweat as possible.- Qouted from the Bible and Frederic Bastiat in "The Law"

What I see competing for low wage workers is the Social Security, Welfare, and Medicare systems.

As some said we all need to make a "Living Wage" and, as Bastiat said, we want that living wage to come to us as painlessly as possible.

Thus, a man draws $1200+/month disability from the government, $600 in food stamps, and gets free healthcare and other assistance. He is not required to do anything to get this "Living wage" which is over $10.00/hr other than secure the right kind of advice and fill out the proper papers. He is likely to continue on that assistance as long as it is the most painless way to meet his needs.

He also does odd jobs for cash while taking the taxpayers money. I know at least 4 people on my street who are all doing the same thing. I have even considered the possiblity of doing it myself, but the pain to my conscience exceeds the pain in working.

The problem here is that these people are making a good living taking my, and your, tax dollars.

Shouldn't the people who make their living from tax dollars be employed serving those who pay those dollars? Even a blind man can answer a phone! There is no one who is completely disabled unless they are dead. This vast resource of labor could at least lighten the financial and working hour burdens on the rest of us by performing public service.

Everyone has value and something to give, if they are willing.

What we have is a government eager to take, or plunder, from those who would use their God given value to sustain themselves under the pretense of giving to those who are incapable.

The idea that everyone wants to work is rubbish! Everyone wants their needs met!! They will take the least painful most productive path in accomplishing that task! If it happens to be working a job, then that is what they will do. If it happens to be working the system, then that is what they will do.

The problem for those working the system, is that they are not producing anything. Sooner or later the system will fail them as it is on the verge of now.

-- Posted by Liveforlight on Tue, Aug 30, 2011, at 12:42 PM

Liveforlight - very accurate and very aptly said.

-- Posted by jzinsky on Tue, Aug 30, 2011, at 2:43 PM

jzinsky, I appreciate your efforts to avoid any ambiguity with your comment. Unfortunately, your response to PrpleHze was just vague enough to warrant your clarification, which I also appreciate you providing. Likewise, I apologize for my own abstruseness. What I meant to write was: "It is systemic and permeates right through to the prevailing ethos of our society, manifesting primarily within persons, not completely unlike yourself, who have come to believe that the symbols of a token society have more intrinsic value than the society itself.

Now that you mention it, my professors do appear to be relatively proud of me, especially the conservative ones. ;)

Local issues are no more, or no less, than the effects of the global issues. There is no separation of the two. One is just the day to day appearance of the other's imposition, and primarily driven by the government that represents us. Any attempt to untangle the two would be fruitless, at least as far as I can tell.

I would define a living wage as a rate of pay that does not require the use of food stamps to feed one's family.

I respect that you have worked hard and made your own way in life, but you do not appear to understand that the protections that were offered you no longer exist. Specifically, I am referring to the global economy that you do not concern yourself with. I imagine that in 1960's Pennsylvania most of the goods consumed were made by Americans and sold by local businessmen who had ties to the community. I further imagine the miners did pursue collective bargaining options. Today, people are not competing with their neighbors for jobs, but very desperate people, typically living under harsh political conditions, whose standards of living are far below our own.

I may be a socialist, but I guess that depends upon how you choose to define the term. If you believe that a socialist supports governmental regulation in order to normalize the market, or alternatively provide protections to all parties equally, then I guess I am guilty. You see, "free enterprise capitalism" as it exists today is not free for everyone who lives under its umbrella. To be fair, it is free for only those who have accumulated capital. I am not a union member though. Sadly, the last of those were destroyed several years ago, and we have replaced them with temporary agencies.

Disneyland for everyone? That sounds great, but let's start small. How about a minimum wage that is above the poverty level, whatever that may be?

I do understand you position as an employer, but of course you understand that it is to your benefit to have a large population of desperate people from which to choose candidates for employment, do you not? It seems to me as though your version of free enterprise capitalism seeks to subdue the majority for the benefit of the few, with all of the global economic policies creating an environment that makes subjugation extremely easy to achieve.

Still, I am curious about one thing. Again, you bemoan those who are unqualified to deserve an $8.00/hr. job, yet you fail to offer any solutions. Do you advocate those who are not up to your standards being unemployed/underemployed perpetually, or do you advocate working toward achieving an environment within which those whom you deem unworthy become worthy?

-- Posted by memyselfi on Tue, Aug 30, 2011, at 3:26 PM

Here is an old twist to free handouts:

Luke 8:1-3 New International Version (NIV)

1 After this, Jesus traveled about from one town and village to another, proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. The Twelve were with him,

2 and also some women who had been cured of evil spirits and diseases: Mary (called Magdalene) from whom seven demons had come out;

3 Joanna the wife of Chuza, the manager of Herod's household; Susanna; and many others. These women were helping to support them out of their own means.

Then the middle class hate people who live off handouts.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Tue, Aug 30, 2011, at 5:01 PM

Then the middle class hate people who live off handouts.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Tue, Aug 30, 2011, at 5:01 PM

That is a stretch, even for a judgmental mind, to sterotype the entire middle class, or any other class, and assume there is hatred involved.

The voluntary charitable giving to another is scriptural and Godly. The involuntary plundering of ones faculties and property by "The Law" at the point of a gun is not the same.

"The law perverted! And the police powers of the state perverted along with it!The law, I say, not only turned from its proper purpose but made to follow an entirely contrary purpose! The law become the weapon of every kind of greed! Instead of checking crime, the law itself guilty of the evils it is supposed to punish!"-- (Frederic Bastiat 1850 "The Law")

2th 3:10 For even when we were with you, this we commanded you, If any will not work, neither let him eat.

Again, every living human being is capable of some type of work. Everyone should be working whether they are paid by tax dollars, an hourly wage, salary, contract, etc.

Need a job?? I think the more appropriate question is, "Do you want a job, or just money?"

-- Posted by Liveforlight on Tue, Aug 30, 2011, at 9:48 PM

I am totally amazed at the character that is displayed here. We have people who CLAIM to be christians, yet they the character and actions they exhibit are enough to send anyone on the fence running the other direction!!! It is not our place to judge another, that is Our Lords, HE alone knows the heart of a person, He knows the where why and how each of us have gotten to the place we are at. HE has given us a wonderful book, that we all have our favorite parts of -and all have other areas we are not as happy to have to accept. He gave us a Son, who in the New Testament has become our savior who has taught us the new ways that his sacrifice has bought for us. He taught compassion, he taught us that we are to treat each other as we would have treated him !!! People are very good at picking and choosing what they want to back from the bible. They are quick to boldly, often forcefully promote the scriptures that back their OPINIONS of how things should be ---- what I find of extreme interest is how they are so great at keeping quiet about the parts of the bible that do not back their opinions. Like obese person who is loudly protesting the gay person, or the prideful person who is boasting their greatness while they speak lies about others to make them out as lowly creatures not great like them, how about the ones who condemn others as sinners and do their best to make sure those around them do as they do and encourage others to help create the rift and "discord" their lies and misrepresentations are intended create........Gosh I guess this is a good time to remind ourselves that we shall be judged as we judge others

Proverbs 6:16-19

16 These six things the LORD hates,

Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:

17 A proud look,A lying tongue,

Hands that shed innocent blood,

18 A heart that devises wicked plans,

Feet that are swift in running to evil,

19 A false witness who speaks lies,

And one who sows discord among brethren.


And the GREAT COMMANDMNET: "to love others as we love ourselves"

When we hear them condemning those who they deem beneith them, are they not again conveniently forgetting the words of our Lord? I have not found the part where it says " Love thy neighbor who is good enough by your standards as thyself and condemn, berate and spew your hate towards any you deem not worthy" I do not see where it says " loves those who are wealthy enough"


Matthew 22:36 Master, which is the great commandment in the law? 22:37 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. 22:38 This is the first and great commandment. 22:39 And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. 22:40 On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.


Matthew 25: 35-40 "'For I was hungry, and you gave Me something to eat; I was thirsty, and you gave Me something to drink; I was a stranger, and you invited Me in; 36 naked, and you clothed Me; I was sick, and you visited Me; I was in prison, and you came to Me.' 37 "Then the righteous will answer Him, 'Lord, when did we see You hungry, and feed You, or thirsty, and give You something to drink? 38 'And when did we see You a stranger, and invite You in, or naked, and clothe You? 39 'When did we see You sick, or in prison, and come to You?' 40 "The King will answer and say to them, 'Truly I say to you, to the extent that you did it to one of these brothers of Mine, even the least of them, you did it to Me.' "


I do not see in there where it says if they held a job we consider worthy, or their income is acceptable by your standards, perhaps I missed something because so many here preach that if someone is not up to what they consider worthy they do not deserve the treatment above.


I have found that people are all about being out there and putting forth the word of God, of speaking out against those who they say are not following it ---- but they are very careful to only raise their voices against the words of God that do not touch upon their short comings. A great example is the obese person knowingly using misrepresentations (lies) to put an attacks on an unwed mother or gay person because they have sinned.... Yet they are silent against gluttony, lies, starting and attributing to discord,while doing all they can to prevent those in need from getting the help they need.......Are they better in the eyes of God? Are their acts against Gods laws any less unlawful than those they condemn?

Greed and sloth, pride, and disdain for your neighbor or those you hold your nose up at ----- Just because one persons sins are classier, or committed in a big fancy house does not make them any less of a sin than those in a poor home by person who has limited education or fancy cloths.

So perhaps we should all look our own mirrors and judge our own sins - and then focus on them,chances are the lies, and attacks made with judgmental pride can be much more damaging to those around us than the sins of a gay couple who keep to themselves. When all is said and done God will ask us each about OUR OWN sins not the sins of others our pride put stepped on at will........

When I hear you folks here bellowing and spewing hate toward those who are unemployed or under employees saying that they are lazy and there by choice, I see ignorant blindness. I see people who appear to forget we are all children of GOD, whom HE loves - equally. I see the mother who works 2 low paying jobs to support her children, who chose to be a good mother by staying home and putting them before a career - then had her hubby decide the cute little single girl was better and dumped his wife ----- I see the man who worked hard at a decent job but the company would rather give it's CEO a huge millin dollar bonus than pay their employees a reasonable, livaable wage so the man lost his job like millions of others, now he does not have enough hours and there are not enough jobs for him to keep up with his barely middle class life, after rent and food nothing is left so he has to use the ER ( like his trusted President a few years back said) when his child get sick because 50.00 does not exists unless it comes out of groceries or utilities....I have personally know my share of people whom abuse the system , like the rest here it disgust me, but I refuse to ignore the reality that most who receive aide just want to survive till they get back on their feet. I find it much more deplorable to see a rich man, who was born into money, had education and opportunity handed to them on a silver platter, sitting in the lounge sucking his martini , never having worked for a thing- run his mouth about the low life, lazy person sucking of him. His ignorance glares brightly, right along with his greed and empty soul.

Jobs you ask, sure they want jobs - but if it can not pay a livable rate what should these people do?

-- Posted by wonderwhy on Wed, Aug 31, 2011, at 1:50 AM

You make some good points wonderwhy. As Jesus said, we can't remove a speck from our brothers eye while there is a beam in our own.

The difference between obesity, homosexuality, and theft, slander, is there is no victim (other than themselves) with the first two.

It it amazes me that some seem to think I hate people on public assistance or am disgusted by them. I never said or implied any such thing. These people are family members and neighbors whom I love dearly and give anything they ask of me. I don't hate them for taking advantage of whatever resources are at their disposal. That is only human.

The problem is with our government over reaching its authority and with "The Law". These things, and the improper execution of justice, is what is killing our jobs and economy.

Read this from Frederic Bastiat and see if you agree;

"Life, faculties, production--in other words, individuality,liberty, property--this is man. And in spite of the cunning of artful political leaders, these three gifts from God precede all

human legislation, and are superior to it.

Life, liberty, and property do not exist because men have made laws. On the contrary, it was the fact that life, liberty, and property existed beforehand that caused men to make laws in the first place.

What, then, is law?

It is the collective organization of the individual right to lawful defense.Each of us has a natural right--from God--to defend his person, his liberty, and his property. These are the three basic requirements of life, and the preservation of any one of them is completely dependent upon the preservation of the other two.For what are our faculties but the extension of our individuality? And what is property but an extension of our faculties?

If every person has the right to defend--even by force--his person, his liberty, and his property, then it follows that a group of men have the right to organize and support a common force to

protect these rights constantly. Thus the principle of collective right--its reason for existing, its lawfulness--is based on individual

right. And the common force that protects this collective right cannot logically have any other purpose or any other mission than that for which it acts as a substitute. Thus, since an individual cannot lawfully use force against the person, liberty, or property of another individual, then the common force--for the same reason-- cannot lawfully be used to destroy the person, liberty,or property of individuals or groups.

Such a perversion of force would be, in both cases, contrary to our premise. Force has been given to us to defend our own individual rights.Who will dare to say that force has been given to us to destroy the equal rights of our brothers?

Since no individual acting separately can lawfully use force to destroy the rights of others, does it not logically follow that the same principle also applies to the common force that is nothing more than the organized combination of the individual forces?


If this is true, then nothing can be more evident than this: The law is the organization of the natural right of lawful defense. It is the

substitution of a common force for individual forces.And this common force is to do only what the individual forces have a natural

and lawful right to do: to protect persons, liberties, and properties; to maintain the right of each, and to cause justice to reign over us all.

If a nation were founded on this basis, it seems to me that order would prevail among the people, in thought as well as in deed. It seems to me that such a nation would have the most simple,

easy to accept, economical, limited, non-oppressive, just, and enduring government imaginable--whatever its political form might be.

Under such an administration, everyone would understand that he possessed all the privileges as well as all the responsibilities of his existence. No one would have any argument with government,provided that his person was respected, his labor was free, and the fruits of his labor were protected against all unjust attack.

When successful, we would not have to thank the state for our success. And, conversely, when unsuccessful, we would no more think of blaming the state for our misfortune than would the

farmers blame the state because of hail or frost.The state would be felt only by the invaluable blessings of safety provided by this concept of government.

It can be further stated that, thanks to the non-intervention of the state in private affairs, our wants and their satisfactions would develop themselves in a logical manner.We would not see

poor families seeking literary instruction before they have bread.

We would not see cities populated at the expense of rural districts, nor rural districts at the expense of cities.We would not see the great displacements of capital, labor, and population that are caused by legislative decisions.


The sources of our existence are made uncertain and precarious by these state-created displacements. And, furthermore, these acts

burden the government with increased responsibilities.

Complete Perversion of the Law

But,unfortunately, law by no means confines itself to its proper functions.And when it has exceeded its proper functions, it has not done so merely in some inconsequential and debatable matters.

The law has gone further than this; it has acted in direct opposition to its own purpose.The law has been used to destroy its own objective: It

has been applied to annihilating the justice that it was supposed to maintain; to limiting and destroying rights which its real purpose was to respect.

The law has placed the collective force at the disposal of the unscrupulous who wish,without risk, to exploit the person, liberty, and property of others. It has converted plunder into a right, in order to protect plunder. And it has converted lawful defense into a crime, in order to punish lawful defense.

How has this perversion of the law been accomplished? And what have been the results?

The law has been perverted by the influence of two entirely different causes: stupid greed and false philanthropy"-- FREDERIC BASTIAT 1850 "The Law"


"A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy."

This is happening before our very eyes today. This is the problem with Socialism and public entitlement programs. They are nothing more than PLUNDERING BY LAW. The ones gaining the most are the ones who put these laws in place. If we consider the rich, how many politicians are millionaires? Why would someone spend millions on a election campaign to get a job that only pays 400 thousand? PLUNDER!!

I have been plundered by "The Law" my entire adult life. I do not expect to ever recieve any of the money that has been taken from me back, although I could probably get disability for an injury I had yrs ago if I tried. I am not bitter or hateful about it, but at the same time I realize that my children will be dealing with the injustice impressed on them by "The Law". The only hope for this to be corrected is in the people of this country. Including, and especially, those who are the receipents of entitlements dollars.


If there is not adequate pay in a job to make a living, then there is either one of two things happening.

1.) The job is not worth doing.

2.) The laborer is being plundered by the employer.

"The Law" should work to prevent the plundering from taking place, not commit plunder itself by seizing the money of the employer and redistributing it to those who did not perform the labor.

Most people will seek the most pay for the least effort! That is common sense!

If we think in Biblical terms, we should all be working and helping each other without any government involvement whatsoever. Also, what is the retirement age in the Bible?


Ge 3:19 in the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return

Lu 12:16 And he spake a parable unto them, saying, The ground of a certain rich man brought forth plentifully:

Lu 12:17 and he reasoned within himself, saying, What shall I do, because I have not where to bestow my fruits?

Lu 12:18 And he said, This will I do: I will pull down my barns, and build greater; and there will I bestow all my grain and my goods.

Lu 12:19 And I will say to my soul, Soul, thou hast much goods laid up for many years; take thine ease, eat, drink, be merry.

Lu 12:20 But God said unto him, Thou foolish one, this night is thy soul required of thee; and the things which thou hast prepared, whose shall they be?

We have all been decieved into this life of ease and retirement mentality that is not beneficial to our own well being.

Work for the night is coming!

-- Posted by Liveforlight on Wed, Aug 31, 2011, at 9:27 AM

But...... as wise ole Solomon said.....

"Then I commended mirth, because a man hath no better thing under the sun, than to eat, and to drink, and to be merry: for that shall abide with him of his labour the days of his life, which God giveth him under the sun".

-- Posted by Blessed Assurance on Wed, Aug 31, 2011, at 10:49 AM

Yes, and as even wiser Jesus said, "wherever your treasure is, there your heart is also."

-- Posted by Liveforlight on Wed, Aug 31, 2011, at 11:32 AM

That is what I like to see. People showing some signs of life to something I post.

I merely posted a verse that shows that Jesus and his disciples were working to save and heal people and didn't have time to go do moonlighting for money to buy food and supplies.

Jesus being the number one man on earth (at least in my book) he accepted the gifts of the women who went out and worked to pay for the things Jesus and his disciples needed.

That is all I heard from the middle class. They are paying for everything that the poor people get free weather it be food, housing, heat or money.

I have explained that the taxpayers don't pay for any of that. You only pay on the interest of the debt.

As far as our children and grand children having to pay the debt off is just plain stupidity. No one can ever pay off the debt. That is a fact.

The Middle class is only working to put themselves into the poor class.

The Rich people don't have to pay for things. Many things are given to them because they are rich and the givers are kissing @ss.

The rich get more things free than the poor or middle class. That includes money as well.

If you are in the middle class then you are paying more for the rich who don't pay.

Here is a secret for you:

UCC 9-307 (h)

(h) [Location of United States.]

The United States is located in the District of Columbia.

That is what the Constitution told us from the beginning (Article I, Section 8, clause 17). The United States is Foreign to the States and doesn't have the power to do what it is doing. It has jurisdiction in Washington DC. and over 14th Amendment citizens.

The People are the sovereign owners of America and the boss of the government. The People do not dilute their sovereignty by delegating authority to others any more than the King of England would lose his sovereignty by delegating certain powers to others. If America is to be restored to the well respected, prosperous, and righteous and free Nation it once was, it is up to We the People, the absolute sovereigns to make it happen. It is time for the American People to unite and use the power of our election to do some house cleaning in our government.

People need to stop asking "...what the government can do for you but what you can do for your government" like President Kennedy once said just before he was killed.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Wed, Aug 31, 2011, at 2:49 PM

Unique LIES your last paragraph ( People need to stop asking "...what the government can do for you but what you can do for your government" like President Kennedy once said just before he was killed.) shows all to well the lowly, manipulative tactics used by those who want to confuse FACTS with bull ____________

so just to put FACTS AND TRUTH out there for you here is the REAL QUOTE you chose to change to force an agenda you need to stoop to try and get out there since FACTS and TRUTH won't back you the way you want............

""""JFK said "ask not what your country can do for you--ask what you can do for your country" in his inaugural address on 1/20/61."""

Do you realize that when someone takes facts, in this case the fact is the REAL quote, and change them to mean something different, that they lose creditability and are seen as untrustworthy?

That people who value truth, honor, and honesty will lose all respect and see the manipulation for what it is? Had you not related the comment to President Kennedy it would be different and could have stood alone but to try and make people wrongly think that Kennedy said it was really low and tacky, one would think you were being prompted by the tea party on that one, perhaps re-quoting one of their darlings who are out to stomp on the citizens of this county.

The word COUNTRY is in reference to the people, when you chose to manipulate the message and replace country with GOVERNMENT you knew your intention was to sway people using dishonorable tactics. My guess is those behind the murder of President Kennedy would be proud of your attempt .

-- Posted by wonderwhy on Wed, Aug 31, 2011, at 3:51 PM

Unique LIES........Do you realize that when someone takes facts, in this case the fact is the REAL quote, and change them to mean something different, that they lose creditability and are seen as untrustworthy?

Posted by wonderwhy on Wed, Aug 31, 2011, at 3:51 PM

Uniquelies lost all creditability quite some time ago with his twisting of scriptures.

-- Posted by Blessed Assurance on Wed, Aug 31, 2011, at 7:51 PM

Yes, and as even wiser Jesus said, "wherever your treasure is, there your heart is also."

-- Posted by Liveforlight on Wed, Aug 31, 2011, at 11:32 AM

Your use of the parable in Luke 12 to address the issues of this blog topic relating to work and jobs was somewhat helpful but you left off much of the rest of the parable that perhaps relates to the same.

A few verses further and we find....

24Consider the ravens: for they neither sow nor reap; which neither have storehouse nor barn; and God feedeth them: how much more are ye better than the fowls?

A few verses further we find....

27Consider the lilies how they grow: they toil not, they spin not; and yet I say unto you, that Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.

28If then God so clothe the grass, which is to day in the field, and to morrow is cast into the oven; how much more will he clothe you, O ye of little faith?

29And seek not ye what ye shall eat, or what ye shall drink, neither be ye of doubtful mind.

30For all these things do the nations of the world seek after: and your Father knoweth that ye have need of these things.

A few verses further we find the verse that immediately and fittingly precedes the verse you posted about "wherever your treasure is, there your heart is also."

33Sell that ye have, and give alms; provide yourselves bags which wax not old, a treasure in the heavens that faileth not, where no thief approacheth, neither moth corrupteth.

I have to ask you.... where is your treasure and your heart really at? Are you as the ravens in verse 24 and the lilies in verse 27 or are you with the rest of the world in verse 30?

Are you following verse 33?

Remember the early Christians in Acts 4 adhered to the advice wise Jesus gave in Luke 12

Acts 4

34Neither was there any among them that lacked: for as many as were possessors of lands or houses sold them, and brought the prices of the things that were sold,

35And laid them down at the apostles' feet: and distribution was made unto every man according as he had need.

Again, you claim to be a follower but I must ask where is your treasure and heart at? Has it been laid down and given up to be distibuted to those who have a need?

In an earlier post you said...."I have a job but sometimes wish I would be laid off. Why? Because I see my neighbors and some family members who are unemployed drawing disability, welfare, and medicare benefits and prospering more than I am."

Have you ever thought or considered these folks you mention may be closer to being a possible variety of ravens and the lilies than ourselves?

-- Posted by Blessed Assurance on Thu, Sep 1, 2011, at 9:31 AM

B.A. Where is my heart you asked. It is focused on God. Maybe not as intensely as I, or God, would like, but focused none the less.

My treasure? It is only to be told "Well done" by the father. Of course, I have earthly treasure as well family/possesions and I give those and my gifts to those in need nearly every day. But I always get more, I am blessed!!

Yes, I know God provides for the birds, flowers, animals, and all who are aligned with his purpose for which he causes all things to work together for their good.

Do I think that those folks may be closer to ravens and lilies? That is a possibility! I don't try to judge them. That is God's job, not mine or yours.

What I know of my own employement experience and the word of God is that honest work is rewarded. I entered the work force making min wage at about $2.50/hr. A living wage? Well, I had an old truck, stayed at home, paid my parents room and board, went to school at night (paid my own way), and continued looking and finding better and better jobs.

I believed that if I lived right, worked hard, and listened to the Holy Spirit I would do well. I still do!! God has provided everything for me, thanks be to God!!

What I see, in the people I know, of whom I spoke, is that Uncle Sam and his doctrines have replaced God and his doctrines as their provider.

Casting your bread upon the water is not the same as having it snatched from you and given to another while the snatcher, with a mouthful of crumbs, says "Look what I have done for the poor".

WORK is plentiful for someone willing to do it. It is the PAY and PAYER that is in question.

-- Posted by Liveforlight on Thu, Sep 1, 2011, at 2:28 PM


So your interpretation would be, "ask not what your people can do for you - ask what you can do for your people".

That sounds so stupid and makes no sense!

I wasn't Quoting JFK. I was only stating in my own words what JFK said in his speech. I used quotes to separate it from the rest of my sentences.

Let's break it down. Would you say the people would ask your people for food stamps, soc. sec., welfare and unemployment checks? No I think your would ask your government, just as they are doing today.

We would ask not what we could give to your people but what power we could give or take away from the government.

JFK knew about what FDR done when he passed laws declaring citizens of the United States as the enemy anytime we were in a state of emergency or at war. FDR also made it a crime to hold onto gold with a $10,000 fine and 10 years in prison for anyone who did not exchange their gold certificates into federal reserve notes or hide any solid gold they had.

Yes, F.D. Roosevelt declared a banking holiday and a state of emergency because of the recession, then took away the gold from the people and gave them Federal reserve Notes that are only redeemable for another federal reserve note. (Just like Obama is leading us into - A banking Holiday so he can introduce a one world currency.)

Somehow Kennedy found out about this and started minting Silver coins to cover the Debt of the United States and printed up Silver Certificates so the American people would have Lawful money again in order to pay their debts legally.

Kennedy was assassinated and the Silver coins were melted down and the silver removed from our coins (even the Silver Kennedy Half Dollars were melted and new Kennedy half dollars minted with very little Silver in them.

Vice President Johnson became President and ordered the Silver Certificates destroyed and the Silver coins melted before Kennedy was put in the ground. President LB Johnson served his term and died from a heart attack soon after he left office.

This means Johnson knew about what FDR had done and what JF Kennedy was trying to do and was assassinated, so LBJ did what he was told. He passed the coinage act during his term in office.

Marlyn Monroe was seen dating JFK on several occasions so I believe she was assassinated also because she knew a lot of officials and couldn't be trusted to keep quite.

Kennedy was trying to tell the people not to ask the government for help but to do for themselves and help each other.

Kennedy was right because anytime you ask for help from the government, the government takes control.

Now you can read whatever you want to into this "misquote" as you call it.

I have spoken on this matter several times long before the Tea Party every came into existence.

I know those behind the murder of President Kennedy would not be proud of my conclusion NOW. If you think they would, something is wrong with your way of thinking.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Thu, Sep 1, 2011, at 4:04 PM

Blessed Assurance,

I tell things in my own words, so I don't always quote people or sayings.

There is a difference in repeating what someone says because you don't have the intelligence to know what something means and being able to put it in your own words using Quotation marks for emphasis.

When you read a quote do you take the time to find out why they made that quote and what it is really meaning? I think not.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Thu, Sep 1, 2011, at 4:12 PM


I believe Gold went up from $1,500 an ounce to $1,897 and oz. Although it didn't quite reach a $400 gain, it came withing $3.00 of reaching it. I guess my prediction fell short by $3 making me a liar, or will it continue to climb as I said it would?

Before tells you, I want you to know that He is going to ask Congress for even more money now for... you guessed it, Roads and Bridges again.

Just when the people were told a unique lie about the recession recovering, a new storm comes along and extends the double recession into a triple recession now.

Sorry, but I predicted that this recession would NEVER End. At least not until the anti-christ appears.

That means King Obama will have to remain in office so he can eventually build the NAFTA Super Highway complete with Bridges and Interchanges and High Speed Rails for Fast Trains.

Then again, the Puppet Masters may get it through their heads that Obama isn't the man they thought he was. He just doesn't seem to be able to do anything except blame everyone else for his failures.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Thu, Sep 1, 2011, at 4:36 PM

Unique, nice try, but your intent was clear - your intent was to misrepresent Kennedy's quote and manipulate a different meaning from it. Here look at it again........ even added the assignation as a extra touch thus insinuating by the connection that that was why he was killed.......

"People need to stop asking "...what the government can do for you but what you can do for your government" like President Kennedy once said just before he was killed."

it is what it is

-- Posted by wonderwhy on Thu, Sep 1, 2011, at 6:35 PM


When you pull your head out of the sand you may understand who the Government is and who the Country is.

However, you don't have much time left before king Obama shows you who the government is and why you no longer have a country.

The people are the Sovereignty not the Country.

The Country is the real estate (Real Property) not the people.

This Country consists of the American Sovereign People AND Foreigners who become 14th Amendment Citizens who are under the governments Exclusive Jurisdiction.

The Government Grants rights, Privileges and Immunities to these foreign people who become American Citizens by the 14th Amendment. The Government also supplies them with aid if they ask. The Government will also give the Sovereign Citizens of America free aid if they want to surrender their Sovereignty for "Free benefits like Food Stamps or 'Snap' or Welfare Checks and Medicaid and/or Health Assistance.

President JF Kennedy was telling those who were smart enough to get his meaning - to stop asking for Government Assistance and start doing for yourself and keep their Sovereign Status.

There is a quote from Benjamin Franklin

"people willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both" .

As for my misquoted statement, it was my own words as to what Kennedy was saying. You see I understood where he was coming from and what he meant by it.

I also know that in a chilling speech to Columbia University, November 12, 1963, ten days before his assassination, JF Kennedy stated, "The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy America's freedom and before I leave this office, I must inform the citizens of their plight."

Kennedy was assassinated 10 days later and if you research LB Johnson it will give you the reason to why JFK said what he said.

it is what it is.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Thu, Sep 1, 2011, at 7:24 PM


Please just be quite for just a little while with all your nonsense.

-- Posted by Blessed Assurance on Thu, Sep 1, 2011, at 8:17 PM

Sorry but you just clutter the screen up a little too often.

-- Posted by Blessed Assurance on Thu, Sep 1, 2011, at 8:18 PM

"All that we are is the result of what we have thought. If a man speaks or acts with an evil thought, pain follows him. If a man speaks or acts with a pure thought, happiness follows him, like a shadow that never leaves him."

This is a Buddhist passage; which seems to fall into this subject. Now everyone can read this and comprehend something completely different than someone else. And what we all comprehend or read into the quote is neither right nor wrong. It does not matter if you follow a religious path or not. What matters is how you conduct yourself. For those who are abusing or playing the system, it will come back to them. For those who may be on the system because otherwise they would starve or their families are in dire need, then they are doing what they need to do to survive. There is nothing wrong is asking for help. I know in the past, asking for help was a sign of "weakness". But, as I have come to learn from experience, sometimes you have to ask for help.

The system is to "HELP" people. Not to provide for them for their entire life. There are people who have been on the system and have never had a job. I am proud to say that I started working at the age of 16 and have always paid for everything that I have ever gotten. But it came a time in my life when I was no longer able to work or provide for my children so I had to ask for help - though temporarily - but I had to. It destroyed every single inch of pride that I had to ask for it.

As for the JFK comment:

JFK was for the working man. He tried to teach people to take pride and stand up for their country. Be a proud American. I believe he was one of the strongest presidents that we have ever had. And unfortunately, being strong-willed lead to his downfall. "Ask what you can do for your country." This is more of a military stance. In other words, help those in your country by fighting for it, protecting it and those who live in it. I think my favorite JFK quote would be "Things do not happen. Things are made to happen." Meaning that if we want something, do not sit back and expect it to happen. You have to work and fight for it.

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Thu, Sep 1, 2011, at 10:13 PM

I will only say that President John F. Kennedy was the last good President this country ever had. There will never be another like him. He stood up to the Puppet Masters with his life. JFK admits - "The high office of the President has been used to foment a plot to destroy America's freedom...".

The high office of the President is still being used to destroy America's freedom and you can actually see it being done if you just look.

No one needs me to tell them. It's right there in plain sight. The Tea Party is fighting it and the people hate the Tea Party because they want the government to...?

I have laid this information out for everyone. There are just as many websites out there that will tell you it never happened. What you do with it is up to you.

"Things do not happen. Things are made to happen."

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Fri, Sep 2, 2011, at 9:58 AM

All our Jobs were send to other countries and other countries came here for the rest of American Jobs and now We Have to leave American and go out of the country to work at the jobs that left American in the first place for less money. Give up my freedom and rights to go live in another country I don't understand that concept of freedom.

-- Posted by RGeneW on Mon, Sep 5, 2011, at 3:39 PM

Freedom? - Watch this animated Video of American History. It will explain some of the things I have spoken of in the past. This one hits on President Kennedy as well.


Then sign this petition that is emailed to the Speaker of the House to Enact "The American Sovereignty Restoration Act" (H.R. 1146) which will withdraw the United States from membership in the United Nations and remove it from our sovereign shores.


Then you have taken a step in the right direction to protecting your Freedom.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Tue, Sep 6, 2011, at 1:08 PM

I must congratulate Mr. Rodney Simmons for presenting such an engaging topic. Very provocative subject and commentary from those who contributed. Thank you all.

-- Posted by jzinsky on Tue, Sep 6, 2011, at 4:02 PM

jzinsky, You think it is provocative now, wait until Obama is re-elected. You will know what provocative is then.

Look at what the union Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa, had to say!

Hoffa, Jr. may wind up with his dad if he keeps saying what he said.

President Obama Declares (below) that he's proud of Jimmy Hoffa after Hoffa declares "war" on the Tea Party and states that his Union is the President's "army" to march and "take these sons of bitches out." The pro-Union, pro-Democrat crowd goes wild. President Obama, as far as I know, has not denounced Hoffa's violent rhetoric. Here's what the president said:

You can read it for yourself in the news.

How does that make our President someone the people can look up to? It is this kind of talk that caused the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Tue, Sep 6, 2011, at 5:45 PM

Unique-Lies, Forget to take your meds again??? Everyone here is entitled to their opinion, and their prognostication. Actions, however are a different subject. Chill out! Talk is cheap, as evidenced by all of our responses.

-- Posted by jzinsky on Wed, Sep 7, 2011, at 10:58 AM

Here is some cheap talk for you. I predicted this recession would never end for a long time, if ever. Economists are starting to agree with me.

As for Jobs. well, that is just wishful thinking. The Unemployment rate is around 20% now regardless of what the white house says. How can the unemployment rate stay at 9.1% when there was no new jobs in August, yet students graduated from High schools and colleges and that didn't raise the unemployment rate. The white house lies about everything.

What about food? Cost of food keeps climbing and will continue to climb because of the economy and disasters like never before in this country. Not only is there a food shortage now, but the people and stores in these disasters have lost what food they did have making the shortage worse.

My talk is Cheap but is anyone learning from it?

Watch as king Obama and Congress raise the debt ceiling once again in spite of the fact that Obama has destroyed our country with his spending against everything the Tea Party has said and done to help the American People. The cost of Products and Services in America will climb higher next week. Did any of you stock any food up in case there is a disaster here? What about just stocking up to save money? You could be the next family without a job!

Did anyone make any money on Gold? I predicted it would go up to $400 or more. It has dropped down now but will rise again. The drop is just a scare. The rich bankers are playing the Market. When it drops they buy making a bundle as they run it back up. With the cost of everything rising, stocks in businesses that have to stay in business during hard times is where your money should be invested. The low interest rate will keep your stocks down. When the interest rate goes up that is when you need to invest.

King Obama has just added the Union workers to his list of Obama Voters along with the Muslims, Blacks, Road & Bridge workers, Financial Industry employers/employees, government employees, Illegal Aliens, Mexicans, college students, family members of returning military personnel and white house staff who got huge raises.

King Obama hasn't been to the Indian Reservations yet. That will be next as the Republican Candidates sit back and cut each other down and lose votes they don't even realize was available.

I said Obama would be re-elected and I still believe he will. Barack Obama will also be the last United States President. Put all that in your pipe and smoke it.

The Tea Party has fought for our right to work and has saved more jobs than the Union or king Obama.

The Tea Party is telling Congress to stop spending money we don't have. It is not telling Congress nor the white house to cut Soc. Sec., Welfare, Medicare, Medicaid nor any other program that helps the people. It is telling Congress to stop spending and for them to find money in other programs they can cut. Even shrinking the government would be great.

It is king Obama and the White House that is threatening to cut the programs you hear about being cut. These are scare tactics used by Obama and the white house to make the people blame the Tea Party as wanting to do away with these programs. This is your king doing that, not the Tea Party.

Look at how the Black Caucus is using Hate speech and Racist remarks against the Tea Party who is working to protect our rights. The Tea Party isn't Racist nor Violent. It is the White House doing it and the Black Caucus who don't know what they were sent to Washington to do! They took an oath to protect the U.S. Constitution and have done everything they can to destroy it.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Wed, Sep 7, 2011, at 12:08 PM

My talk is Cheap but is anyone learning from it?

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Wed, Sep 7, 2011, at 12:08 PM

Yea....to stay away from drugs. Way away!

-- Posted by Blessed Assurance on Wed, Sep 7, 2011, at 3:43 PM

Good Lesson, Sport. You can put your head back in the sand now.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Wed, Sep 7, 2011, at 3:55 PM

Sorry unique but it honestly is just the first thing that popped in my mind when I read your latest.

You're way out there. Completely off the chain.

-- Posted by Blessed Assurance on Wed, Sep 7, 2011, at 8:53 PM

Just listened to most of the tea party debate............Had to laugh when Ron Paul said it would be good for the poor to lower the min wage....Sure they would be ever so grateful to bring home even less each week. They need about 3 jobs now to scrape by, I'm sure they would love the excuse to need a forth.These tea party lunatics get crazier with every lung full of hot air they expel!!!! I am disgusted by the fact that there are actually middle class and poor who are stupid enough to back these tea party nuts who want to rape them and grab every penny they can and then have the gull to say the poor are just too lazy, or what ever way they choose to berate them as scum.

I have some suggestions --- the right expects to have additional cuts for even emergency funding, how about they insist on even tax dollar breaks for the middle class and poor ----- for ever dollar in tax breaks given to the rich give a dollar in tax break for all other Americans too -- How about when they deregulate and allow oil drilling they put it in the back yards of those who vote to have the wells drilled --- how about when they vote in concessions in wages and benefits they cut their wages and benifit s by the same percent, have them put their kids in the schools they underfund and let them LIVE THE POLICIES THEY VOTE IN FOR OTHERS!!!! TAKE THEIR ENTITLED BUTTS OF THE SILVER PLATTERS MOST DID NOT EARN TO BEGIN WITH Pay them the less than livable wages that Ron Paul says will be so wonderful for the poor to get----------IF it's all so wonderful and acceptable let them live it for a year or so let them find out the reality behind the ignorant suggestions and actions they are spewing out their. Their greedy, ignorant, elitist fannies would not last a week. The question sounded like the candidate told them what they wanted to be asked. This was a dog and pony circus at best and they have once again shown they have NO clue about what is truely going on and that they have no desire to find out about reality. It is like they are in the middle of a thunderstorm handing out metal kites and the fools who follow them are in line begging for the biggest kite before the next lightening bolt strikes. Their followers are just begging to get burned.............

-- Posted by wonderwhy on Wed, Sep 7, 2011, at 9:38 PM

Very well said wonderwhy.

I thought the tea party was okay at first, out there fighting for the common man and trying to take on the government. But now, it needs to go away.

As for Ron Paul, in my opinion, he is a total idiot. For one, he thinks that our military is a "luxury" not a necessity. Next, he would like to cut all of the "luxuries" for our soldiers such as air condition - even though I'm sure Paul has air. As for the poor having lower wages will make them happy; I haven't figured that out unless he is meaning that they can qualify for more help from the government. Otherwise, I don't see how someone can be happy working a min. wage job. Unless you have plenty of money and just want extra coming in. Even Michelle Bachmann stated that she would consider lowering the min. wage.

Just like you said, wonderwhy, these are people who probably have never had to live in roach infested apartments or runned down homes where parts of the ceiling are missing. They have all been rich all of their lives. They have no idea what it means to live paycheck to paycheck. They have no idea of what it means to have to budget food to make sure that everyone eats. Or to budget what money you have to pay the necessities.

Politicians have no idea what is like to have to live in your car and tell your children that it will be okay and that things will get better. Politicians get on stage and tell you what the majority of people want to hear. Then when they get in office, their views "suddenly" change. And then they are back to thinking about themselves and their other rich friends.

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 11:33 AM


That is a great one sided solution. Sure, I would love to see the minimum wage higher... or at least my wages higher


You have to look at the employers side of the coin. With a minimum wage, the employer can only hire so many new workers. Then he/she has to train them to do the job at the employer's expense, just to have that employer go somewhere else to work that pays more money after they learn their profession. What does the employer get out of it?

If there was no minimum wage, the employer could hire more workers at a lesser starting fee then raise them as they progress.

No minimum wage would mean more jobs and that would mean a great deal to the people who don't have a job now.

You want higher pay, then ask for it. Make your employer see what you bring to his business and what you are worth.

As for the 3 Branches of Government, well, they will continue to do things the government way. The way that doesn't make any sense and the ones that screw everything up they get into.

The TEA PARTY?? - You better thank your lucky @ss that we have a Tea Party that will stand up to the Congress and White House.


The Tea Party is protecting YOU from things that YOU don't even know is being planned for you in the future!

The Tea Party is sending Petitions to members of both parties of Congress telling them to stop Obama from spending money and SHRINKing the US Dollar.

The Tea Party is sending Petitions to members of both parties of Congress telling them to get the United States out of the United Nations and the United Nations out of the United States. The American Sovereignty Restoration Act (H.R. 1146) has been introduced by Rep. Ron Paul.

The Tea Party is sending Petitions to members of both parties of Congress telling them to Stop the legislation giving the United Nations power to enact a gun control law that would take away your right to bear arms and your guns (from Automatic weapons down to BB Guns). This is one legislation that Hillary Clinton wants passed. God help us if she runs for President!

We need to thank the Tea Party for trying to keep the UN from having power over the US.

The Tea Party is sending Petitions to members of both parties of Congress to support the "Postal Reform Act."

The Tea Party is sending Petitions to members of both parties of Congress to PROTECT Your Rights and Country from King Obama's Path of Destruction.

Here is a copy of the letter the Tea Party sent as a Petition to members of both parties of Congress on raising the debt ceiling:

"I understand that our nation cannot default on its obligations,but if the debt ceiling is raised without addressing the underlying spending problems, it will signal to me that you are incapable of the leadership our nation so desperately needs. I understand that making spending cuts can be difficult and painful, but pray that you have the courage to make the right call. I pledge to remember your courage, or lack thereof, when the time comes again that you ask me for my vote."

Does this sound like a group of Racists? A group of Haters? A group of ignorant people? Does this sound like people who are kidnapping Congress and the White House?

Does this sound like Radicals carrying guns to the White House and Capital to overthrow the Government?

No, the Tea Party is people like you who are doing whatever they can to make Congress obey their Oath of Office they took to Protect the Constitution of these United States of America.

It is the White House and the Democrats who speak out against the poor and the programs in place to help them.

It is the ignorant that scream Racism and terrorist with Hateful cries of desperation to be left alone to usurp more power from the People.

The Tea Party tells congress to cut and the white house (President) uses the poor programs to threaten the tea party. The Tea Party knows this and stands firm. The President wouldn't dare cut these programs. These are only scare tactics just like the IRS uses.

But the best news is; Tennessee is Legislating to stop any and all possible use of Shariah Law by Radical Muslims in our sovereign state of Tennessee.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 12:40 PM


To better describe it I will convey what I heard a Black man state on TV.

He said that with a higher minimum wage, the companies would hire the more educated white youth and that would prevent the black youths from being employed.

I thought the black youths were just as educated as the white youths since they both go to the same schools teaching the same subjects. This black spokesperson didn't seem to agree with that.

I can see his point though.

He was saying that the employers should not be forced to have a minimum wage, not to keep the wages down, but to allow the lower income population a chance to get jobs. (If the employer pays less, he can hire more workers).

Makes perfect sense when you have all the information surrounding the problem.

I personally have never thought of it that way. I always thought the companies were just greedy and wanted to keep the wages down. Instead it is to allow more blacks an opportunity to find jobs.

However, I must warn the blacks... you would have to move fast or the Mexicans will get the jobs right out from under you.

If you will just watch Ron Paul, you will see he is a Hero. He is too soft spoken to be the President, but his legislation is Super Great!

I wished we had more congressmen like him.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 1:00 PM

Unique-Lies, suppose they put an end to the min. wage. Then what? It will be great for illegals to grab up the jobs. But what about Americans? How can Americans live on $2 or even $5 an hour job? Even if you live stripped down to nothing but food, electric, water, and rent. A $5 an hour job will not cover your expenses. If you live in a tent or a car, then you could make it. But then you would have to have a car, so there goes another expense.

As for employees moving from one place to another; that is to be expected. When your employer is cutting hours or is not willing to give you a raise, then you have the right to look where you can be paid what you are worth.

The Tea Party, again, was okay until they started having Palin, Paul and others jump on the bandwagon, then it went downhill. They are just another party that will fade away and be forgotten. When someone opens their mouths bashes the poor and middle class people, then there is a problem. If it wasn't for the poor and middle class, then the rich wouldn't exist. We are ones who have made them rich. We are the ones who supply the white collared workers and business owners with jobs. Do you think that Sarah Palin or Ron Paul will go walking in the field for 8 hours picking vegetables. Do you think that they will walk through the sewer systems or any other job where it requires you to get down and dirty. NO! They would hire someone else to do it, just as any other posh person.

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 1:11 PM

Ok UL you like to put out long posts ---- show us how lower wages will help the poor, give us a BUDGET showing the hours they need to work to like a decent life. here is a location that will provide you with a base to start your figuring from:http://www.livingwage.geog.psu.edu/

Put together a budget for an average family of four. include what you consider to be the expenses they should be able to cover- rent, insurance, utilities, food, transportation, childcare, health care, clothing, education, savings, don;t forget holidays, school related activities, taxes and all the stuff that may cause them to need money - now keep in mind you are against any government help so assistance is out. Write a budget, tell us how much a month they should have for these expenses and then how much income they need to survive.

Back your tea party show us how it would be just fine to get paid less than min wage......Show all of you consider to dumb to get it how it can be done.....

-- Posted by wonderwhy on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 1:28 PM

Hmmm, the playing of the race card. "White youths are more educated than blacks."

All colors and races are allowed education. No one prevents them, not even illegals right now, from obtaining the highest education that they WANT to receive. Education is based on yearning and dedication. Education is color-blind because it sees no colors. There is nothing stopping anyone from getting a high school diploma. In all of my years of working I NEVER had to show my diploma. After graduating high school, I have had to show it once, and that was to the BOE when I signed my children up for homeschooling.

No one prevents the thugs who sell drugs on the streets - rob stores - and live a lazy, crime-filled life from going to school or college. No one says okay your black so you have to sag your pants and take a min. wage job. They do it because they WANT to, not because DA MAN says so.

But again, with lowering the min. wage just for them is giving them more handouts instead of teaching people that they have to work to get what they want.

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 1:32 PM

When I got married the second time, first one was a laugh, we bought our first home. I was just out of the service and qualified for a home loan. I was poor and had 6 children 4 were step children. I also qualified for a 235 home program. That is a program that helps pay your mortgage.

Well, needless to say, I don't think I have to tell you which option I took.

When the recession hit in the 70's I lost my home in foreclosure. The only thing is, I was smart enough to sell my home while it was in foreclosure court. I sold everything in the house so I could to pay my lawyer on a daily basis to handle the selling of my house and the foreclosure court. My Lawyer told me he had never seen anyone sell their home after it went into foreclosure court like I did.

I walked away with enough money to come to Tennessee and start over if I could find a fix it up house somewhere.

At that time I was begged not to go to TN because people were starving in TN and moving out of TN to find work.

I came here and had to start my own business because no one had any work. We survived the recession, but got thrown out of a couple rental places because we bought food instead of rent.

It was the Mexicans that forced me to retire. Damn cutthroats.

So lets look at the minimum wage. That is just what it is. The company has to pay the minimum wage when he/she hires someone. It isn't a high paying job by no means. That job is usually the worse job in the business.

If you take on a job planning to only earn the minimum wage for the rest of your time there, you are looking at it all wrong.

Minimum wage gets you in the door! You have to impress your boss so he/she will raise your salary.

Look at all the companies that moved out of the country! That is all about low wages. Not only is it a low minimum wage but it stay low so the companies can make more money in a foreign country than in America.

If Congress doesn't lower the minimum wage, more companies may move to foreign countries where the wages are ridiculously lower than here in America.

A lower starting wage is better than no wage at all. The way jobs are today I think it is first come first gotten. That is if it is a job where you don't have to use a computer to get it.

Then you have to have computer skills, so why not apply for a high-Tec job that requires computer skills?

It's a cruel world out there! Look at it this way. Suppose you get married, buy a home and have a great job then the plant shuts down. Where does that leave all these rich or middle class people?

It is going to happen.

I found a fix it up house and rebuilt it with out of pocket money while paying rent elsewhere. That took a long time because I had to buy the property also at the same time. And don't forget the taxes on the property each year. It took me years to do it.

But my house is paid for. My car is paid for. My home furnishing are paid for.

But the Government demand more. Althou I am almost debt free, I still have to pay for electricity, water, sewer, phone service, internet service and TV. Use to be able to hang a clothes hanger on TV but not any more. Then you add the Property Tax on and you have to work for the rest of your life to keep what you worked for.

And the costs keeps going up each year. Now that everything is paid for it cost MORE to keep it.

And Obama is shrinking my dollars more and more each time he talks to Congress.

So what we need is someone who can tell Congress to start doing the things that will help the people.

Oh that's right, we now have such a group of Americans...the Tea Party!

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 2:13 PM


BUDGET? WHo the hell can keep a Budget? Obama has stuck his hands in my budget so many times that I don't waste my time putting money back that I don't have.

My dad once told me to "Save for a rainy day". I looked at him and told him it was raining everyday!

You can't put back money for a rainy day when you have to send 6 kids to school and only making less than $100 a week.

Like I told PrpleHze, The minimum wage is not your retirement pay. It is a starting wage to get you a job and in the door on your way to earning more money on your paycheck. When I worked for a company, I expected a raise of at least 10 cents on the hour each year. If I didn't get at least a dime, I went looking for another job.

Back then there were jobs so it was different than today.

To use a government printed guideline table is crazy. You can't live by their calculations.

There are too many parameters to put together a calculation.

For example; You own your own home and it is paid for. You still have to pay taxes on your property unless you stand up for your rights under the Tennessee Constitution. You will need money in the bank for repairs to your home. That's not including any flood, hurricane or Tornado damage.that would be undetectable.

Me I lived in Florida so I knew I would not be able to buy another home or even rent one in Florida when they foreclosed on me. So I wa smart enough to get out of Florida and came to Tennessee which was cheaper because people were selling cheap to leave TN.

In your chart for Typical Expenses the Annual Income required was $15,575 for one adult.

A couple years ago I saw a report on TV that claimed it takes over $20,000 to house just one inmate in prison. That shoots all kinds of holes in the TN Calculation. Why should each prisoner cost more to house than what it cost for one adult?

My wife and I raised 6 children including ourselves on less money than it takes to support one adult today.

I have never made $10,000 a year in my life, yet we own our own home and accessories

Just so you will understand LIFE better, You can not live on any minimum wage and have all the finer things in life. You have to live without a lot of the luxuries like cable TV, new cars, etc..

Let me ask you one question, please.

Are you still working for minimum wage?

You prove to me you are still only earning minimum wage after years of employment, I will tell you what you need to do to survive.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 3:08 PM


That was a black spokesperson playing the race card, not me.I think he was referring to youths that dropped out of school, which would also include many white youths.

I agree with him that by lowering or doing away with the minimum wage, it allows the business owners the power to set what he can afford to comfortably pay his new employees.

If the business owner is burdened by a minimum wage that he can't really afford to pay, then he just won't hire anyone or only one person and for only so many hours per week.

When I got out of the service I had to show my DD-214 form from the service when I applied for a job. It seems the higher your rank, the better job you got and higher the wage you got.

Look at what the Post Offices want to do. Cut back employee work days to 5 days, because the minimum wage is making them have to pay too much per person.

The Town of Bell Buckle is only open in he mornings because they can't afford fulltime employees. That is their way of getting out of paying Insurance for employees and staying within their budget (if that is Possible).

Some schools are only going to have 4 days of school to save money on their budgets.

What you aren't thinking about is that Ron Paul mentioned "Doing away with a Minimum Wage altogether) not just lowering the minimum wage.

So the way you and wonderwhy are thinking, you may get a job that may only pay a dime if there is no minimum wage. What will you do then? I would like to think you would look for a job somewhere else that pays more to start.

When I came up here from Florida, I ran into some people who told me they worked for business owners who refused to pay them what they agreed on. In fact I know of a couple cases where the boss would not pay his employees. Why they would stay with them is beyond me but they did.

When I was working, (here and in FL) I gave anyone a job who asked me for one. I was always able to find something for them, but it wasn't full time.

Now I have to add this!

Obama offered anyone a chance to go back to college to get a good education that would lead to a good job. Just how many women took him up on that offer remains a mystery to be. That was one of his brainy ideas of creating jobs. I don't see it working.

I also have to make it clear that no one is saying anyone is lowering the minimum wage just for the black youths. That was just one black man's opinion.

Ron Paul is talking about deleting the minimum wage altogether. It has nothing to do with the black or the white. His idea is to get the Federal Government's usurped power out of the states.

Ron Paul wants the business owners to have the power to decide what he is willing to start someone out at and not the government. It is not a lifetime wage. It is only a starting pay, unless you sit back and don't ask for a raise.

Why would the store keeper pay anyone more if they are willing to stay at the starting wage?

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 3:54 PM

Unique if you can not keep a budget how can honestly expect the poor to be paid even lower wages? You wimped out on the budget thing because you are not willing to back your beliefs with a bit of math. You say lowering their wages will help them again I say show us a budget that proves you and your back stabbing greed mongers. Give us a good mathematical example, show us the figures in dollars and cents as to how lowering wage will help the poor? The only way I can see is that it will help kill them off faster making more money available for the rich. Save the bla bla bla and show us some figures -

-- Posted by wonderwhy on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 6:31 PM

Unique.....Save the bla bla bla.....

Posted by wonderwhy on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 6:31 PM


-- Posted by Blessed Assurance on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 7:00 PM

"A Fatal Tendency of Mankind

Self-preservation and self-development are common aspirations among all people. And if everyone enjoyed the unrestricted use of his faculties and the free disposition of the fruits of his labor, social progress would be ceaseless,uninterrupted, and unfailing.

But there is also another tendency that is common among people. When they can, they wish to live and prosper at the expense of others. This is no rash accusation. Nor does it come from a gloomy and uncharitable spirit. The annals of history bear witness to the truth of it: the incessant wars, mass migrations, religious persecutions, universal slavery, dishonesty in commerce, and monopolies.This fatal desire has its origin in the very nature of man--in that primitive, universal, and insuppressible instinct that impels him to satisfy his desires with the least possible pain.

Property and Plunder

Man can live and satisfy his wants only by ceaseless labor; by the ceaseless application of his faculties to natural resources. This process is the origin of property. But it is also true that a man may live and satisfy his wants by seizing and consuming the products of the labor of others.This process is the origin of plunder.

Now since man is naturally inclined to avoid pain--and since labor is pain in itself--it follows that men will resort to plunder whenever plunder is easier than work. History shows this quite clearly. And under these conditions, neither religion nor morality can stop it.

When, then, does plunder stop? It stops when it becomes more painful and more dangerous than labor.It is evident, then, that the proper purpose of law is to use the power of its collective force to stop this fatal tendency to plunder instead of to work. All the measures of the law should protect property and punish plunder.

But, generally, the law is made by one man or one class of men. And since law cannot operate without the sanction and support of a dominating force, this force must be entrusted to those who make the laws.

This fact, combined with the fatal tendency that exists in the heart of man to satisfy his wants with the least possible effort, explains the almost universal perversion of the law.

Thus it is easy to understand how law,instead of checking injustice, becomes the invincible weapon of injustice. It is easy to understand why the law is used by the legislator to destroy in varying degrees among the rest of the people, their personal independence by slavery, their liberty by oppression, and their property by plunder.

This is done for the benefit of the person who makes the law, and in proportion to the power that he holds." FREDERIC BASTIAT "THE LAW"

-- Posted by Liveforlight on Thu, Sep 8, 2011, at 8:47 PM

Liveforlight, That is a pretty cynical understanding of humanity that you and Bastiat share. I am thankful that I am not burdened by the same outlook.

-- Posted by memyselfi on Fri, Sep 9, 2011, at 2:35 AM

memyselfi- Cynical? perhaps, but are the statements true?

Even your user name (me myself i) bears witness to our tendency to be self centered.

It is a tendency, nothing more. If we all face the truth and realize those tendencies within ourselves, we may be able to overcome them and have laws that counteract them.

-- Posted by Liveforlight on Fri, Sep 9, 2011, at 7:08 AM


Let me take your example website for the whole state of TN located at:


Annual income for one adult that is required before taxes is................ $ 15,575.00

Annual income for 1 Adult & 1 Child that is required before taxes is... $ 31,000.00

Annual income for 2 adults that is required before taxes is................ $ 24,791.00

Now let's look at the current rate of $ 7.25 per hour.

$7.25 x 40 hours per week x 52 weeks = $ 15,080.00

$8.00 x 40 hours per week x 52 weeks = $ 16,640.00

$ 8/hr will only pay for one Adult living by himself or herself.

According to the TN chart a family of four would have to make $ 25.42 an hour to meet their Annual requirement of $ 52,870.00

So in order to meet a proven budget for living in Tennessee, you would have to make at least $ 25.42 per hour. That's $ 1016.40 a week or $ 4065.60 each month

How many married Tennesseeans make that much money an hour/week/month/year raising 2 children?

Anyone who makes this requirement is not concerned with the minimum wage. They have been hired at minimum wage and gotten several raises to earn that much.

If they do away with the minimum wage that doesn't mean everyone will be hired at no pay at all. It just means the employer gets to say what he will start people out at.

Lowering the minimum wage or not having a minimum wage would allow people to get a job. It is up to the individual to make an effort to get raises.

No matter how hard you work and how fast you get raises, Obama has destroyed the country by Shrinking the dollar. Your raises won't pay you bills any more because you bill have gone up with the inflation.

And Now! If you watch King Obama's Speech last night, I think you heard "HIM - the President of the United States" say that He was going to cut the Soc. Sec. Program and wanted Congress to add $447 Billion more onto his bill. Obama said HE would tell his 12 Disciples to add the $447 Billion in the cuts they make.

POINT IS... it was not the Tea Party cutting Soc Sec. It was Obama himself! (the Democrats)(the Left)

Now can you believe what I say when I tell you the Tea Party is trying to protect us from his Wrath of Destruction and not the cause of his Destructive Nature. It is King Obama and his Cronies in the White House, not the Tea Party.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Fri, Sep 9, 2011, at 12:35 PM


Laws are now Commercial laws that are in reality contracts. Every thing you do is a contract between you and whoever you sign with.

You are charged with crimes of breaching a contract.

How do you defend yourself from that?

People who don't make an attempt to understand what is going on will never know what hit them.

The Mark of the Beast is just around the corner and most people will sign an agreement before they know who they signed the contract with.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Fri, Sep 9, 2011, at 12:42 PM

Liveforlight, While there is some truth to what you posted (I would have to be devoid of all senses to discount the pleasure principle), many of the presumptions asserted do not ring true when compared to my own experiences.

I do not doubt my own considerable vanity, but my user name was lifted from an old rap song that was on my mind the day that I registered, and is wholly separate from my self-centered tendencies.

You see, it is not the universal existence of egocentric tendencies that I question; it is the invariable expressions of those tendencies that were asserted, in order to frame the argument presented, that I am skeptical of. The passage is rife with false logic and overarching suppositions that do not accurately reflect the true nature of human complexity, at least as I see it.

I'll be more specific about what I think of it, if you would like to go further into it, but I dont want to waste my time typing what no one will read.

-- Posted by memyselfi on Fri, Sep 9, 2011, at 2:40 PM

Nothing? No defense of the tracts you have been posting for over a year now? Maybe I am being too sensitive about this, but if I didn't know better, I would have to assume that you did not like me very much.

-- Posted by memyselfi on Mon, Sep 12, 2011, at 6:43 PM

Over a year? Man, time flys! I love you! If we have differing opinions doesn't mean I dislike you.

You stated your opinion based on your experiences and I mine. I happen to agree with Bastiat and he wrote very clearly ,to me, on these concepts.

I realize there are admirable human qualities such as compassion, generosity, charity, and love.

I make no attempt to be cynical, only seeking the truth. Sometimes that truth may be found in your words through gifts God has placed in you.

Thanks for reading my posts this last year, perhaps you have gained something as well.

-- Posted by Liveforlight on Tue, Sep 13, 2011, at 9:13 AM


Does the book, "The Law" by Frederick Bastiat tell you how to defend your rights from the Courts or just how the law has become perverted and powerful with Police Powers against the people?

I have read Supreme Court opinions that explain what has happened over the years and how the Government, Department of Justice and the Legislative Branch has done it all in violation of the US Constitution.

The Supreme Court Rulings also give you a defense if used in a Timely and Specific manner.

I found a website that said the only defense you may have to beat the Court System, if I understood what little of what I read... is to become a Nation.

If you are a Nation, the State has no jurisdiction over a Nation (you and your Family and friends). No court in the USA would have any jurisdiction to try you nor hold you for trial or any Family Member or Friends in your Nation.

I won't try to explain it because I never read it nor bought it. The book costs $1,500.00 and I didn't need to learn something that complicated right now. To learn the ins and outs I would have had to buy the book. It sounds like your only defense from the Perverted Police Powers of the World.

I have lived 69 years without it and survived. The main reason I am not interested in a $1,500.00 safety system of being a separate Nation, is because if the United Nations becomes the New World Order Government while I am still alive, well... All Nations will come under its exclusive Jurisdiction (including all these Unique Nations).

What a waste of money that would be, because the UN is slowing becoming the One World Government with the donations of Billions of US Dollars from the USA.

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Wed, Sep 21, 2011, at 11:29 AM

I have lived 69 years without it and survived. The main reason I am not interested in a $1,500.00 safety system of being a separate Nation....all these Unique Nations

Posted by Unique-Lies on Wed, Sep 21, 2011, at 11:29 AM

Aw gee whiz.... come on now unique.....start your own nation and show us how it is done....don't let $1,500.00 stop a nation from sprouting.

Hey...I've a got a two page instruction book on forming a nation I will sell you for $80.00.

-- Posted by Blessed Assurance on Wed, Sep 21, 2011, at 7:15 PM


Does the book, "The Law" by Frederick Bastiat tell you how to defend your rights from the Courts or just how the law has become perverted and powerful with Police Powers against the people?

-- Posted by Unique-Lies on Wed, Sep 21, 2011, at 11:29 AM

Bastiat Has many insightful things on the subject of "The Law" here are a few that seem relevant to your post;

"The admirers of unity are very numerous, and that is understandable. By a providential decree, we all have faith in our own judgment, and we believe that there is only one right opinion in the world, namely, our own.Therefore we think that the legislator could do no better than to impose it on everyone; and, the better to be on the safe side,we all want to be that legislator."

"When misguided public opinion honors what is despicable and despises what is honorable, punishes virtue and rewards vice, encourages what is harmful and discourages what is useful,

applauds falsehood and smothers truth under indifference or insult, a nation turns its back on progress and can be restored only by the terrible lessons of catastrophe."

"God has given to men all that is necessary for them to accomplish their destinies. He has provided a social form as well as a human form. And these social organs of persons are so constituted that they will develop themselves harmoniously in the clean air of liberty. Away, then, with quacks and organizers! Away with their rings, chains, hooks, and pincers! Away with their artificial systems! Away with the whims of governmental administrators, their socialized projects, their centralization, their tariffs, their government schools, their state religions, their free credit, their bank monopolies, their regulations, their restrictions, their equalization by taxation, and their pious moralizations!

And now that the legislators and do-gooders have so futilely inflicted so many systems upon society, may they finally end where they should have begun: May they reject all systems, and

try liberty; for liberty is an acknowledgment of faith in God and His works."

-- Posted by Liveforlight on Wed, Sep 21, 2011, at 10:47 PM

Wow, just got back to reading this blog. Some heavy stuff here! My opinion has NOT changed. There are to many FREE BEE'S that some have to pay for, while the others receive FREE! It is the sweat of my brow that pays for these things. I am NOT talking of SS or medicare for our elderly people that have worked all their lives and paid in to these programs! I am talking about the L & L's.

I worked for minimun wage for 10 years! I did NOT spend what I did not have; However, I did not go get in the food stamp line either, I could not afford to miss work! I did NOT have a phone, I did not have cable. For 3 years I did not have a TV. (The library is a WONDERFUL place and don't cost anything) I did NOT have a brand new car. On 82.23 cent take home pay, I paid my rent, car payment, insurance, and child care. I grew my own garden in the summer from FREE SEEDS, I even shot a deer for meat, I bought clothes at yard sales on my way home from work on Friday and I worked EVERY minute I could. I picked up coke bottles, baby sitted on the side, and did odd jobs for other people such as mowing their yard, regardless of the pay. I winterized my RENTAL house and I did not have air conditioning until I could AFFORD it.

Are you trying to tell me you cannot make it on a 9.00 an hour job? Sure you can. You just can't drive a Lexus, have a 200 phone and rent a 600 a month house. Lets get back to basics. I happen to know a man making 9.00 an hour now. His rent is 100 a week and that includes utilities. He puts 50 a week in his gas tank and spends 50 a week on groceries. He has minimun insurance on his car at 300 a year for libiality insurance (yes, his 500 dollar car is paid for). He has a minute phone and spends about 40 a month! He then paints on the side and picks up odd jobs. I think he told me he makes 300 a week after taxes. He sticks back about 50 a week and sometimes he has to dig into his saving to put his car back together. Let me guess, you think this is "to hard". It is manageable and it can be done and no this man does NOT have children, but I imagine if he did, he would still manage to support himself! It is not the taxpayers who should provide him with the extra's. I still believe in a living wage, but I also believe you need to do a budget and live with in your means!

I don't even want to get started on our government and why they seem to think they can tax and spend for any pet project. Freedom don't come free!

Nuff said!

-- Posted by Union on Thu, Sep 22, 2011, at 6:06 AM

I do think that someone who is single without any loans can live on $9 an hour, with the bare min. Before having my children I worked making about $9 at a manufacture and had no problem. But that was in the 90's. I paid cash for my car. I didn't have a cell phone, cable, or anything that was not a necessity. I even had extra money to go out to the clubs on the weekend.

But times have changed. Since there are no jobs in Bedford County, people have to go outside of the county, meaning that what they spend in gas goes up. Prices of everything has been inflated - including food here in Bedford County. Just recently, I was doing our shopping at Wal-Mart and became sticker-shocked of how much prices had jump in just about 3 weeks from the last time I went shopping. However, I found that going to M'Boro Wal-Mart the prices are actually much cheaper.

But back to the jobs, a majority of the people who are having financial problems are families. American families cannot rent any place for $100 a week. If they could, I am sure that they would rather live in an apartment or home instead of a tent city. There are some people who take what they have for granted. They don't appreciate what they have and are always look to upgrade and compete with the Jones. Why???

I have never understand that, I guess because I can care less about fitting in, but people really do need to stop and take a look at what is a need versus a want and budget themselves.

-- Posted by PrpleHze on Thu, Sep 22, 2011, at 10:38 PM

It is sad when wanting to earn enough money to care your family is considered greed, and people have no problem with a corporation that makes billions in profits getting takes breaks, while their workers wages are low enough to qualify for social assistance. No people who make lower wages are not lazy , wanting a good life for your family is not greedy. Your so brain washed by the true greed monger like Koch, Exxon, Walmart and the likes. You have those who bash unions but sure do part take in the benefits that the unions fought for and won. You would be funny if it were not so sad the way you will sell out your neighbor to help the billionaire get the entitlements and destroy the middle calss and this country. may I suggest all of you put your actions where your mouths are :

Anti-Union Card

I am opposed to all Unions. There-fore I am opposed to all benefits

the Unions have won through the years. The paid vacations,sick leave,

seniority rights, paid holidays, wage increases, pensions, insurance

plans and coverage, forty hour work weeks with time and a half for over

time, unemployment benefits, work saftey provisions and job security.

I refuse to accept any benefits that have been or will be provided by the

efforts of a Union and here by request and authorize this employer to

withhold the amounts of union won benefits from my pay and to donate it

to charity.

Signed_____________________________ dated________________________

You can copy the above, have it notarized and turn onto your employer at any time. You do not need to be at a "union" job since ALL employees partake in the benefits that the UNIONS have fought for and earned for the workers of the United States of America.

If Unions and fare wages and working conditions are so horrible here you , really stand for your beliefs - or be the hypocrates y ou are.

-- Posted by wonderwhy on Sat, Jun 2, 2012, at 3:08 PM

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