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Friday, May 6, 2016
Now that the side fights are just about over, the heavyweight round is about to begin.
Posted Thursday, May 5, at 12:35 PM
For those who want to relive the "old days" when there were a multitude of contenders, go back to this post to read our participants views. http://www.t-g.com/blogs/stevemills/entry/65368/ For those who are ready for the next stage, the forum is open. Let's keep it a clean fight so the post can run its' course...

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Just too cute to not post
Posted Thursday, May 5, at 8:25 AM

If you are on Facebook, you might have already seen this. It may not even be real, but sure looks it and is so darn cute and uplifting that I had to re-post it here, not on FB. I hope it brightens your day just a tid.

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What's that weed in my garden? Weed? Really!
Posted Wednesday, May 4, at 8:53 AM

Uhm, excuse me, that herb, wild medicinal, valuable botanical plant being crowded by my paltry vegetable or flower? Palindrome and I were discussing the weed stinging nettle and she had plenty at a home she lived in previously but none here. To many of us, probably most of us, it is a weed and got its' name for a reason. Many are allergic to the tiny hairs on the leaves and stem, resulting in a rash...

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Oops! Garden club meeting coming up NEXT Friday, the 13th.
Posted Tuesday, May 3, at 12:39 PM

No kidding, the 13th I forgot we had changed from every other Friday to the second Friday of each month. The next full meeting of the Weed'em and Reap Gardening club Friday May 13th at the Ag Extension office 2105 Midland Rd, Shelbyville. It will start at 6:30...

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Changing from meat to veggies, almost.
Posted Sunday, May 1, at 3:10 PM

Not me! I would like to but can't seem to kick the carnivorous longing. However, our latest rib tray from the grocery store has morphed into a seedling nursery for 6 types of eggplant (think I have more, but...) Black Cherry and Rutgers tomatoes, a flower and a new herb (stinging nettle)...

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Latest garden in many years but.....
Posted Tuesday, April 26, at 8:50 PM

I planted a few cool weather crops, but nowhere ear what I planned. May be good though. They are already bolting, so I may stop planting early and instead, plant late. But that is not what I meant by latest garden. By now I usually have all my warm weather crops in the ground or about to plant from starting inside months ago, but.... I just put a few seeds in yesterday, a few today with MANY more to go...

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Earth Day! Hope you take a moment to consider.
Posted Friday, April 22, at 10:15 AM

Consider what? How about considering the impact we humans have on our earth's ecosystem? I am not clamoring about Global Warming because I am not sure how we influence it. I am sure we do, but I think the jury is out for a long time as to exactly how...

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It is TIME! Time to get your plants and time to gt that garden going..
Posted Friday, April 15, at 7:09 AM

It may not be quite time to plant warm weather seeds, but it sure is close. Depending on your micro-climate, it MAY be time. Coming up tomorrow is the Herb Society of Nashville's fundraiser and while I am at it I need to start jogging our memory about the annual Middle Tennessee Plant Swap at Henry Horton...

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Ripe Near Me
Posted Wednesday, April 13, at 2:02 PM

One of our gardening friends shared this with our gardening group and I think it merits its own post. I've got spinach, kale, radish, lettuce, bok choys and my first sugar snap pea flowers and I would bet that some of you have a LOT of this cool weather crops coming in...

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Anyone know the background on how this "bathroom" thing got started?
Posted Tuesday, April 12, at 11:03 AM

I guess I have to get out more because I have never seen a person walk into a bathroom and declare their sexuality. If a person is washing their hands in the male bathroom, I presume they are anatomically a male, but I've never asked, so how/why are these folks being threatened?...

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Saturday musings and safety cats?
Posted Saturday, April 9, at 8:19 AM

I will start with the "safety cats" since that will probably have you wondering. When I turned on the overhead light in my office area this morning, Molly was sleeping on the stereo and immediately started looking at the light switch. Not just a glance but a stare, with ears perked up. Then her brother Mike came up and started doing the same thing. Suddenly, the light went out...

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When does 2 cups not equal 2 cups?
Posted Thursday, April 7, at 8:40 AM

I've been dangerous in the kitchen lately and part of that required me to measure water. We have a 1, 2 and 8 cup measuring made of glass and made in the U.S. but when I measure 6 cups and pour it into a coffee pot, it becomes 10 cups. Mysteriously, I measure 2 cups into my smoothy container and the first batch is 1.75 according to that device, the second 2 cups is also shy of 4 cups but when I add another two cups it suddenly becomes synced and I have six cups in both. Huh?...

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Those who use eBay for income, the new Spring Update is here.
Posted Tuesday, April 5, at 4:41 PM

Not too long ago, those words struck fear in the hearts of many, myself included. But the times have changed with a new President at the helm and this "update" appears to benign in some areas, and positive in others. Come see for yourself. http://pages.ebay.com/sellerinformation/news/sprupd16/index.html...

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Full Weed'em & Reap Garden Club this coming Friday, April 8th.
Posted Sunday, April 3, at 5:41 PM

We meet at the Ag Extension office 2105 Midland Rd, Shelbyville and start at 6:30, but we are not too formal, so if you are late, no worries, we want you there. BUT, for those who know our meetings, they will be a little more structured than in the past. No meeting minutes, officers or stuff like that, but we will have a defined topic for each meeting and spend about 45 minutes on that before it opens to general discussion...

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Great success at a local pet rescue group.
Posted Friday, April 1, at 8:34 AM

History was made as 11 dogs and 12 cats left Tn to go to Vermont to find forever homes!I don't know if you need a Facebook account to read this https://www.facebook.com/MiddleTennesseeTreasures/posts/2005116339714428?comment_id=2011071872452208&reply_comment_id=2011439642415431 but if you love pets, hate to see them abused, abandoned, or turn wild, these folks are doing something good...

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Tire Garden Beds and upcoming garden club meeting.
Posted Thursday, March 31, at 6:58 PM

The reason I led with the tire beds is to get the attention of those who came to our last meeting to learn about them. This time you will be able to come (anyone is invited) and bring two tires per person to get them cut and reversed for you. I've been cutting some more for "special" gardens and have it figured out again so I figured I would pass along some of the "love" by helping you try it without all the fuss and muss. ...

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Oh, what a beautiful morning! Oh, what a beautiful day!
Posted Saturday, March 26, at 9:58 AM

Sound familiar? Ever watched the musical "Oklahoma"? Well.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9LdIL5WCso8 I just happened to find the clip. A little nippy but I can remember so many good days in my life that started out this way. About 12 or 13 of them had to do with fishing. The first day of trout season was a big thing in my family...

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Is it auction / yard sale season! Yes!!!!!!
Posted Thursday, March 24, at 2:57 PM

Of course "Thrifting" is an all-season event, but the garage sale, auction season is right around the corner and there have actually been some sightings already. :-) If you are going to try your hand at buying to resell on eBay or some other venue, here are a few things to consider:...

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First recorded spotting of a hummingbird 3--22-16 in Nashville!
Posted Thursday, March 24, at 1:48 PM

Surely some came by here first. Anyone have them yet? http://www.hummingbirds.net/map.html We have our feeder out but if they visited, they were fast. The feeder seems to have gone down a little, but I think it was from wishful thinking.

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Can we get back to gardening now?
Posted Wednesday, March 23, at 3:47 PM

Our daffodils are about done for the season. I have to let them gather food and energy for next year but I so want to dig/divide and rework the bed. My lunch consisted of a little food and a lot of distributing hay and cow poop. I am going to till these new beds one more time before I let them "cook". It has been so long since I broke new ground that I forgot how much clay I have here (and rock)...

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