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The Weed'em & Reap garden club will meet this coming Friday August 28th.
Posted Tuesday, August 25, at 8:18 AM
The Weed'em & Reap garden club will meet at Yamato Restaurant 729 N Main St, Shelbyville, TN 37160 at 6:30 this coming Friday August 28th. No formal meeting, just garden conversations. How is everyone's garden? The heat was great for some things but if you just helped some weather the summer, now should be a re-birth. I tend to lean toward vegetables too much but it is getting time for a great fall flush of flowers too!...

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Politics aside for a moment, what are your thoughts about these two statements
Posted Friday, August 21, at 9:56 AM

A friend had this posted on their Facebook page and it just seemed that the observations needed discussing. To me the answer to the first is common sense. You can't or shouldn't judge a group by the actions of a few fanatics, but can the group be can be judged by what they do to correct the image?...

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If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be.......
Posted Tuesday, August 18, at 7:42 PM

Is there a place that can give you the best of all things? If I love seafood, it would appear to be close to the sea. If I hate humidity, it wouldn't be here, but is there a place that would meet most of your wishes for a place to live? Would it be a city with lots of people or a remote place out in the middle of nature?...

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Democratic Primary, what looked boring is livening up!
Posted Wednesday, August 12, at 11:41 AM

It seemed to be a slam dunk for Hillary, but is it? I have to admit, I barely know the names of other contenders so I have no idea if the Democrats will field any other real contenders, but with Clinton's growing "e-mail gate" will others jump in?...

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Weed'em & Reap Garden Club this Friday August 14th.
Posted Tuesday, August 11, at 4:49 PM

Our next meeting for the Weed'em & Reap garden club will be at the UT Ag Extension office 2105 Midland Rd. Shelbyville, TN 37160 starting at 6:30 PM on Friday August 14th. Come in out of the heat and enjoy the friendship of fellow gardeners talking about their successes, setbacks, favorite plants and tips for growing here in Bedford County...

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Opossums have become part of the family.
Posted Tuesday, August 11, at 6:41 AM

I know they do not live very long but I bet ours live a few years longer. They line up with the cats waiting for the food to be served. The outside cats all gather around dusk to sit a wait for me to come out with two cans of wet cat food. Lately, as I scan the faces of all waiting, I have noticed an opossum face in the mix. I did not get a current photo with them all together, but will try if they do it again...

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Well, the debate is over and we've had time to talk it out with friends
Posted Monday, August 10, at 7:57 AM

So.... anyone want to share their opinions. Did Rubio stand out as the winner. Did Bush? Someone else? Who, besides Trump, was the most controversial? Anyone stand out that was a surprise? Did their physical presence matter? Some were tall and some weren't...

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When I say miscellaneous chatter, mean it!
Posted Friday, August 7, at 8:31 AM

Most of you associate my blogs with gardening. Good, I do my fare share of writing about it, BUT give the whole conversation a quick "once over" because I don't mind when it gets diverted, and often do it myself. The last one started out with a picture of some beans, but touched on campaign ads, eBay, virus software, internet ISP service for the country and ended (maybe) with Windows 10 and the merits of other operating systems from the past...

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Garden stuff and miscellaneous chatter
Posted Wednesday, August 5, at 10:28 AM

I'll get the non-garden comments first so those not interested can gather my "pearls of wisdom" and move on. With campaigns going on around us, I just recently started hearing the annoying, "I am so&so and I approve this message". Not sure why it has been missing from many of the adds but maybe because of the type of office? (Local, State, or Federal)...

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Good morning World!
Posted Tuesday, August 4, at 6:53 AM

I feel (not know), that most of my readers are much closer to my age than the other end of the spectrum. With that premise I can say the World has changed immensely in our lifetimes. I suppose the time of big change started with our parents, but if our children can write similar words when they are in their sixties, wow, what a world it will be at that time. Hopefully for the good...

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Well, the votes are in and Weed'em & Reap will have another social this Friday.
Posted Tuesday, July 28, at 7:27 AM

The Bedford County Fair is occupying many of us this week. The Ag Extension office is allowing the fair to use their lot so we will flip our meeting calendar to another "social" this coming Friday. The vote was unanimous for Bocelli's 102 E. Depot St. Shelbyville, TN 37160 at 6:30ish. No program but come meet, greet and eat. (Wow, what a poet in hiding!)...

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Any super-tech out there who can shed light on this issue?
Posted Thursday, July 23, at 8:24 AM

I have an education website that I go to all the time. Suddenly, I can not sign on. I get a note saying "Server not found". The unique thing about this is that is perfectly loadable if I change Internet Service Providers. I use Firefox and IE for browsers and both malfunction on one ISP but work fine on the other...

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Do they still have campaign fans with themes like this?
Posted Wednesday, July 22, at 6:04 PM

I ran across this a few weeks ago and it kind of jumped out at me. I don't usually pay attention to political stuff like this, but this one got me. I suppose I would not be surprised on a local basis, but what about National?

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eBay split from PayPal yesterday and a new eBay leader Devin Wenig took over
Posted Tuesday, July 21, at 8:19 AM

I sheepishly have to admit that I was enthusiastic when John Donahoe took over but just like some presidents, it did not go the way we had hoped. From the early actions we have seen by Devin and Jordan Sweetnam (Vice President of Seller Experience) things have already improved. http://for-business.ebay.com/our-mission-clear-we%E2%80%99re-focused-you...

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Tomato Art Festival is coming up soon in East Nashville community.
Posted Monday, July 20, at 10:18 AM

Last year I did not hear about this in time but this year our daughter is searching for the smallest, largest or ugliest tomato to enter in the contest, so she asked if we had anything that might fit. I doubt that we will have the largest, so tiny or ugly are our possibilities...

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Two weeks, already? Weed'em & Reap Garden club will break bread (rolls) this coming Friday, the 17th of July
Posted Wednesday, July 15, at 4:28 PM

We will be meeting at Legends in Shelbyville for food and conversation......anyone is welcome to join us, you will have a great time for sure! We inadvertently told the newspaper it was the 24th, but I was wrong. I'll try to get it corrected in time...

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How safe are the fish in the Duck River to eat?
Posted Tuesday, July 14, at 4:43 PM

The question came up in a blog about what's on your mind and I don't know the answer. Does anyone out there in Internet land? When I fished the East Fork of the Stone's River in Rutherford County the fish started having funny looking growths on them. I saw the "writing on the wall" there, although I am sure it had nothing to do with the landfill ;-)...

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Your turn again, what's on your mind?
Posted Monday, July 13, at 10:55 AM

This is where I take your suggestions for new posts to allow you and others to chat about the things on your mind. I don' mind controversial subjects but one word of caution, if it gets on a 'personal attack basis', I will ask that the posts be removed and if it turns continuously nasty, I will shut the whole post down...

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Wasps communicating? Can they do it through glass?
Posted Wednesday, July 8, at 1:04 PM

An interesting thing just happened. Well, interesting to me anyway. We let most insects go free if they get in the house so when one of our cats alerted me to a wasp pacing the window in front of my desk, I dutifully got a cup to trap it. As I did this, I noticed another wasp on the other side of the window, frantically pacing the glass as well. When I released the wasp from inside (out a door 20' away) the other wasp disappeared...

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Photography club organization, testing the "waters".
Posted Thursday, July 2, at 11:21 AM

First, let me ask the question, Is there an active photography club/group in Southern Middle Tennessee? I have not been able to find one, so if there is one, I want to check it out. If there is NOT one, I want to see how much interest there might be in starting one. It would not be just for Shelbyville, or even Bedford County since I am sure there are photographers in the contiguous counties who might want to get involved...

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