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Like Nature, being outdoors, water, invigorating and restorative natural beauty?
Posted Saturday, November 28, at 9:12 AM
Oh yes, and fishing too? There is a great article in the paper http://www.t-g.com/story/2254236.html about some of our local neighbors doing our State proud in recent trout fishing competition. Don't worry, it is catch and release. The article and pictures are really something. Such beautiful rainbow trout! Wow!. When I was a kid these were just reams...

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New addition to the pet menagerie?
Posted Sunday, November 22, at 1:38 PM

Our young lady pictured has yet to be named and she is on a "test drive" to see how she gets along with our other family members. So far, nothing stands out that is not trainable. She does like to chase, but only if someone starts the race. She does not do it with open mouth as if to bite...

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What are the pros and cons of banning new drug ads?
Posted Friday, November 20, at 8:49 AM

The AMA has apparently decide to recommend a ban on commercial advertising of new drugs. You can read this to see their reasoning and then maybe come back here to share your thoughts? http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/11/17/us-pharmaceuticals-advertising-idUSKCN0T62WT20151117#iVWBKuEDPH8kJVlF.97...

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What a wonderful weather day! Unless it isn't.
Posted Wednesday, November 18, at 8:55 AM

So far, the wind has only been entertaining and at the moment it is almost quiet but WOW what gusts we have had today. If the ground had been real wet it probably would have toppled some trees, and may have but at least not on our house. Hope everyone else stays safe...

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Weed'em & Reap Garden Club social this coming Friday Nov 20th.
Posted Tuesday, November 17, at 10:07 AM

Usually this would be our last, but several are asking if we can have at least one more before the end of the year so..... that is up to ya'll. This one will be at: Legend's Steakhouse Restaurant 1609 N Main St. at 6:30 PM on Friday November 20th!...

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Terrorist actions, Paris, reactions.
Posted Monday, November 16, at 2:13 PM

One of our other topics understandably veered toward the tragic developments in Paris. I thought it would be better to have a post that clearly was on this topic. Here are the last three comments: The funny thing (depending on how you define funny)is that we really are all the same. We are driven by the same drives, and susceptible to the same manipulations...

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Now the Democratic "debate".
Posted Monday, November 16, at 9:24 AM

It may have had a little for testiness. What are your thoughts?

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Instant news, what a blesssing, what a curse.
Posted Saturday, November 14, at 8:35 AM

On a day that could otherwise be called beautiful, we wake up to the realization of last night's atrocities in Paris. My heartfelt and deepest condolences to those direct affected and to the human race.

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Did you notice the forecast for tonight and tomorrow night? 30 degrees!
Posted Friday, November 13, at 11:34 AM

Even I should be affected by this so I set up some frames for placing the "row cover" for protection. It is light enough to just lay on top of the plants, but our pets will undoubtedly walk on it so more "structure" is needed. I decided to open up the tomato cages I built from fencing. They opened to a nice 3' 5"+- hoop, so now I get extra duty from them...

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Pet adoption/rescue event in Tullahoma tomorrow, Saturday 11-14-15
Posted Friday, November 13, at 10:46 AM

I recently became aware of these folks while at my area veterinarian. From listening to them talk about their foster animals and seeing the care they were giving a little (I mean LITTLE) puppy dropped off, I have no doubt their heart is in the right place...

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The latest Repblican debate. Change or make up your mind?
Posted Thursday, November 12, at 7:44 AM

Life got in the way again. I am glad I heard a quick teaser that said something about the debate or I would have missed it altogether. Now I know you folks have opinions :-0 but before we talk about Clinton, the former Presidents, what Lincoln did etc., how did these folks do?...

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New holiday shopping procedures!
Posted Wednesday, November 11, at 10:18 AM

We have all seen it what happens when parents do not take, or have lost parental control. Some parents might need the same control but..... For some reason, this little rascal just seems to fit the part.

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Is there any doubt why we call him CT (Crooked Tail)?
Posted Monday, November 9, at 10:21 AM

I wanted to do 'Kinky T' for Kinky Tail but Deb won out. He was originally a 'garage cat' but kept getting sick. We would treat him outside for 7 days, all seemed well, then a few weeks later find him barely sitting upright, so this time treated inside...

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What does one think about when cleaning 10 litter boxes, twice a day? What brings the thoughts/memories out for you?
Posted Thursday, November 5, at 12:46 PM

Talk about ramblings! But the first thing is, why am I doing this? Second, why do we have SO MANY? Five are for our inside cats and the answer is obvious, but the second five are for our garage cats. More kittens than full grown cats, and we provide them for two reasons. One is so they are adoptable as litter box trained. (not that we get that many adopted, no fee by the way)...

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We really could use some adoptive pet parents for kittens
Posted Wednesday, November 4, at 8:25 AM

Two kittens have become "hard to find" and another 12 week old was killed by something yesterday. Somehow I think a wild animal would have carried off the kill, unless it was a bobcat who is protecting their domain. Yesterday morning I noticed several of the cat-house/cave colony were up a tree. That registered in the brain but I did not see any other signs of turmoil so it went on the back burner...

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Ken Whisenhunt. Was terminating him really a solution? Maybe so!
Posted Tuesday, November 3, at 10:21 AM

I guess time will tell but he seemed to be soooo close to putting it all together that I am about as surprised as most. Yes, we have a terrible win loss record but even the players seem to be acknowledging that the coach was not the issue. I kind of wish they had elaborated on what they think IS the problem...

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TONIGHT is the Duck River Beekeepers Association in Shelbyville
Posted Tuesday, November 3, at 9:50 AM

Meets: at 7:00 p.m. Location: Bedford County Farm Bureau 323 Bethany Lane Shelbyville, TN NOT the Ag Extension office where we have our monthly meetings. I called to confirm that the meeting is still scheduled so....... stop by and surprise them...

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Weed'em & Reap has one more "social" meeting to go.
Posted Monday, November 2, at 9:29 AM

Thanks to a friend who really wanted me to try a few new tomato varieties, I picked some ping-pong ball sized tomatoes yesterday, along with another ox-heart and some that I lost their identification to make a robust soup/goulash/succotash kind of dish, along with a beautiful roast supplied by a neighbor. (Not all that are picture made it in the pot since some had a little more ripening to do.)...

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Republican candidates, and Democratic
Posted Friday, October 30, at 7:52 PM

The original post had 269 responses and a request was made to make a new post so the discussion could be continued. I thought it might do well to combine. So..... here is the original Republican post http://www.t-g.com/blogs/stevemills/entry/63721/ and the original Democratic http://www.t-g.com/blogs/stevemills/entry/63999/...

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Some of our gardens are still rewarding us
Posted Tuesday, October 27, at 1:49 PM

On September 21 different cool weather crops. Yesterday started the rewards and today I made lunch with a healthy tomato (planted in July) radish and lettuce sandwich. I've always had very spicy radishes and a little tough but these cool weather radishes are almost sweet, just a little tang an tender...

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