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What news media provides the most objective, non-editorialized, non-partisan news?
Posted Tuesday, November 29, at 7:06 PM
So much has been reported during this election season that seemed "tainted" with editorial content that I no longer feel confident in ANY news outlet. Social media is, for the vast majority, not a reliable source. Nor are most of the "fact checking" sites, including the much quoted Snopes, although that comes closer than most (I guess)...

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Needs a new home, without cats.
Posted Sunday, November 27, at 5:19 PM

As most of you know, we have cats, LOTS of cats and this two year old Dalmatian mix has been living a conflicted life too long. She wants to be good but she has a, so far, uncontrollable urge to chase cats. I am not sure what the trigger is since right now she is sitting outside with one of our oldest cats looking like best buddies. We have pictures of her going nose to nose with many of them and until last night, slept with 4 of them in an attached greenhouse...

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*9/86523 The equation for making smokable banana.
Posted Saturday, November 26, at 9:08 AM

Actually, the first part is where Mirrah our cat walked across my keyboard. She had something to say, so maybe other cat lovers can interpret it. We enjoy bananas today because no one could decipher the equation well enough to make more than banana bread. A banana daiquiri worked better, but I suspect it was because of an additive...

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Red skies at morning, sailor's warning.
Posted Thursday, November 24, at 7:03 PM

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving but mine would have been better if a little rain had fallen yesterday or even a week ago. The signs were there as you can see from my early morning shot taken several weeks ago.

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Graham and Dusty get their vet visit today to change their outlook on the future.
Posted Wednesday, November 16, at 5:52 AM

We might not be able to catch the main breeders of the semi-feral colony, but we are slowly getting the kittens spayed/neutered. We could get it for half price if we drive to Shelbyville but the mileage, time and hassle seem to equal out. We brought a new kitten in this week and have at least three remaining of those that are old enough to separate from Mom. ...

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The Day After. Strangely more interested in who lost than won.
Posted Wednesday, November 9, at 6:38 AM

I can't recall a feeling where I was more concerned to see who lost than who won. At this time, I have carefully avoided any media that might tell me, so I really do not know who won the presidential race. (I am presuming it was settled last night)...

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Remember tonight!! An eating, social at the Ag Extension office.
Posted Friday, October 28, at 2:01 PM

6:30 and DO NOT worry about bringing anything. We usually have more than enough and we want to see, meet YOU more than anything! 2105 Midland Rd, Shelbyville, TN 37160 I have three more, smaller, Long Island Cheese squash to use as table decor but happy to let them go to a new home when we are done...

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How does everyone feel about the new medical landscape since Obamacare?
Posted Wednesday, October 26, at 6:46 PM

I ask because I am frustrated, ticked-off, and a lot of other expletives about MANY aspects of getting medical care. Luckily, I am not experiencing issues the actual medical practitioners, but all the do's and don'ts are almost ridiculous. (in my opinion of course) No, some ARE ridiculous!...

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Fall Harvest Social for Weed'em and Reap Garden club. ALL INVITED.
Posted Monday, October 24, at 3:20 PM

Weed'em and Reap will have a Harvest Social this week (Friday 10-28-16) at the UT Ag Extension community room starting at 6:30. It is a pot luck but the food has pretty much been taken care of unless someone wants something special to drink (non-alcoholic,of course). Great time to come visit, get to know us in a relaxed, casual environment...

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The growing forecast
Posted Sunday, October 23, at 11:04 AM

Check the T-G today for what the forecasters are saying http://www.t-g.com/story/2350835.html. I see a somewhat bleak forecast but one that could/might change our way of gardening for the better. 1. It might be a great time to try cold weather gardening. It looks as if we will not have to prepare for sustained cold weather but instead short bursts. So if you have always wondered about growing bok choy, kale, brussel sprouts, carrots, etc during the Fall, this might be the season to try...

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Weed identification 101
Posted Monday, October 17, at 9:18 AM

Donna brought us a great quote to identify the difference between a weed and a (more than likely) valuable plant. "While weeding, the best way to make sure you are removing a weed and not a valuable plant is to pull it. If it comes out easily, it is a valuable plant". :-)...

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A non-political question, brought up by today's politics.
Posted Monday, October 17, at 8:58 AM

Everyone, (or at least the National news media) is obsessed with morals lately. If nothing else, this might be a silver lining to the clouds we have in the political arena. There seemed to be little when Bill Clinton had issues with right and wrong, but at least now, they do...

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Posted Monday, October 10, at 2:33 PM

Wow! I can't remember an election that turns my stomach like the present one and the first real election I paid attention to was Nixon/Kennedy. (a few years ago) It is not just mud being thrown, it is stuff that smells a lot worse. I am not picking a side to criticize, it is BOTH. BOTH campaigns stink. Worse than (plug in your most obnoxious smell)...

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The Fall season of meetings is underway this Friday October 14th
Posted Sunday, October 9, at 3:24 PM

Haven't been to a meeting yet? Come on, what's holding you up? We all get so excited when a new face shows so please make our night. We are getting our gardens ready for the cool months, preparing for the Spring, but some are in the midst of the fall growing season, so there is still plenty to talk about...

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Is there a place that NEEDS cats?
Posted Thursday, September 29, at 8:54 AM

I seem to have read that there are parts of the country that a "rescue bus" takes dogs because the area has a low population of doptable canines. (Up North somewhere) Is there a place like that for cats? You all know that we have an over-abundance and close to a desperate need to re-locate some furry friends. Any suggestions?...

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A funny thing happens when I clean the cats' litter boxes.
Posted Wednesday, September 28, at 9:31 PM

How's that for a title? It actually happens when I am bending over weeding as well. Enough that I wonder if the position of the head, hence brain can affect memory and thoughts. Oh yeh, what is it? When I bend over to clean the litter box my mind wanders to past events, sensory memories from my latest teens to early adulthood...

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Presidential debate. Thoughts?
Posted Monday, September 26, at 2:19 PM

I could not give equal billing by saying one name first so... I settled for presidential debate title. Will you be there? Put me down for a definite maybe. Nothing like a firm commitment. My mind is usually blurring by that time of night and I don't sleep well as it is, so watching this just before bed may not be the best idea. BUT I am still undecided so if I can stay awake, I should be there. Yawwwwnnnn...

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Introducing.... Barbie the kitty cat!!!
Posted Sunday, September 18, at 4:31 PM

Barbie is from a litter of seven. Since two mothers are caring for them, I don't know if they are all together or two separate batches. One left us early and Barbie was brought outside two days ago. she was walking but weak and showed no e=real signs of distress until I picked her up. I could feel the rattle in her chest as she breathed...

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Calgon, take me away.
Posted Friday, September 16, at 1:12 PM

By chance do you remember that advertising campaign? I believe it was in the 70's, maybe 80's as well. It showed a woman, at the end of a particularly rough day wistfully calling on the Calgon bath salts, crystals, powder to soak their troubles away...

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With all the talk about health records, should we be looking closer at the Vice Presidential candidates?
Posted Tuesday, September 13, at 3:06 PM

There is a lot of chatter about health records and who is healthier. I don't wish ill health on anyone but should we be evaluating what one of the VPs becoming president? They both look normal. I don't see any outward sign of illness, but other than that, I know little about either one...

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