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Calling all people who like to fish.
Posted Wednesday, January 18, at 11:59 AM
I had a question come in from mybedfordcounty that asked about fishing in our area. I advised the person that besides a few lakes in the area like Normandy, Tims Ford, Bedford Lake, the only streams of any size are the Garrison Fork and Duck River...

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If you have a creative bone, believe in recycling, repurposing and need a good read
Posted Sunday, January 15, at 10:44 AM

I started reading Rita Allen's article in today's paper and got hooked after the second book title. http://www.t-g.com/story/2376379.html Repurposing has some of the most appeal to me right now since I have hundreds of record albums that have great jackets, many still in plastic, but the record is worthless for playing and certainly has no value for me to sell on ebay...

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Imagine there's no blogsphere, I wonder if you can
Posted Wednesday, January 11, at 10:01 PM

No false-news websites No anonymous taunting jabs Imagine talking to face to face It's easy if you try "You may say I'm a dreamer But I'm not the only one I hope someday you'll join us And the world will be as one" I wonder how John Lennon would see this world today. Would he sing songs of hate, 'cause ya know he would be labelled a true, to the core Liberal...

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Has every presidency been judged like Trump's, before it ever starts?
Posted Tuesday, January 10, at 10:04 PM

I was not pleased when Obama won 8 years ago, but shrugged and wished him and our country well, hoping he would do better than I thought. The results are in, but no reason to beat that any further. Part of my concerns about Trump were that he is really a Liberal in "Conservative's clothing" but everyone is boxing him in and KNOWING what he will do before he ever gets started that I don't think they will see it when it happens. (or be willing to accept it)...

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Can you guess what happened?
Posted Saturday, January 7, at 1:29 PM

We have our garbage cans close to the door during this cold weather and yesterday when Deb asked me to take some out I had to knock about 1.5" off the lid. No problem, I just tilted the can over and tapped it against the slanted boards you see in the picture to the left of the dogs...

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Pleasant memories from a piece of cornbread
Posted Wednesday, January 4, at 9:59 AM

Cornbread is exactly what stimulated this post and I am HAPPY to get back on topics more to my liking, in this case taste buds. My wife made some cornbread the other day and I grabbed a few pieces this morning for breakfast. Mmmmm, one of the best I ever had, but there is more to the story and memories...

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Are we really rattling swords because emails were hacked?
Posted Monday, January 2, at 3:32 PM

Just thought you folks would appreciate a new post to share your opinions. For those keeping track, I am as amazed at BOTH parties being so naive, and disappointed that they are playing a dangerous game over such a matter. I am not a techie by any means, but I've known to not trust email security since just about the time I started using it. ...

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The National Playoffs not on National TV?
Posted Saturday, December 31, at 5:12 PM

With all the hard work put into developing a National Playoff for College football, how did it find itself on a restricted access channel? I believe all the actual games were on one of the major networks, unless it was blacked out for ticket sales, (which is normal). But here are the games that narrow the field down and John Q Public is not included...

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Daylight is growing once again!
Posted Monday, December 26, at 11:13 AM

I am sooooo ready for lengthening days! Feeding the outside cats in the dark is so depressing, not to add that it is hard to check on the health and well being of everyone. It was an excellent Fall and early Winter for growing cold weather plants once it started raining again. My tractor has decided to give me trouble, but maybe that is a good thing. We'll see...

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A few question for artists who protest Trump
Posted Thursday, December 22, at 6:33 PM

First, I cannot believe that these folks are really asking for someone to take their creation off the wall. I never heard their names until now so it is probably more of a publicity ploy, but assuming they are serious, 1. Are they willing to buy it back off that wall for today's price? It is probably worth much more because of who's wall it is on than the original work...

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OK, how about something positive, creative? A step in the right direction.
Posted Tuesday, December 20, at 9:46 AM

The election is now "officially" over. Obama will be leaving office and for better or worse, we have Trump. Can we take a challenge and NOT talk about those, or the appointees, past office holders (or politics in general) for ONE blog post and instead see if we can come up with one positive, creative solution toward stopping terrorism?...

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What is an appropriate response IF the hack on emails was a Russian government action?
Posted Thursday, December 15, at 9:56 AM

I keep hearing (reading too) that Russia was behind the hack of emails and that it was an effort to influence the US. elections. I know, I should not have been listening to news, but it was on the channel when I turned it on and I heard it before I could change to music...

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Somone has the gardening bug, ALREADY!
Posted Wednesday, December 14, at 1:12 PM

Spottie is becoming an expert at "turning " the soil. She is digging almost everywhere she can reach, but I can't blame her since I know she is bored. A few weeks ago she had to be confined to a tether. Although she can go in and out of the greenhouse and even get to the goldfish pond, she quickly runs out of things to do...

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Should we take this spinach back to the grocery?
Posted Tuesday, December 13, at 11:54 AM

When we bought the spinach this Saturday, it looked a little different. Deb put the container on my desk for any projects I might have and it became a purrrfect bed for Graham. He's a lover-boy and likes to be close.

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What news media provides the most objective, non-editorialized, non-partisan news?
Posted Tuesday, November 29, at 7:06 PM

So much has been reported during this election season that seemed "tainted" with editorial content that I no longer feel confident in ANY news outlet. Social media is, for the vast majority, not a reliable source. Nor are most of the "fact checking" sites, including the much quoted Snopes, although that comes closer than most (I guess)...

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Needs a new home, without cats.
Posted Sunday, November 27, at 5:19 PM

As most of you know, we have cats, LOTS of cats and this two year old Dalmatian mix has been living a conflicted life too long. She wants to be good but she has a, so far, uncontrollable urge to chase cats. I am not sure what the trigger is since right now she is sitting outside with one of our oldest cats looking like best buddies. We have pictures of her going nose to nose with many of them and until last night, slept with 4 of them in an attached greenhouse...

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*9/86523 The equation for making smokable banana.
Posted Saturday, November 26, at 9:08 AM

Actually, the first part is where Mirrah our cat walked across my keyboard. She had something to say, so maybe other cat lovers can interpret it. We enjoy bananas today because no one could decipher the equation well enough to make more than banana bread. A banana daiquiri worked better, but I suspect it was because of an additive...

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Red skies at morning, sailor's warning.
Posted Thursday, November 24, at 7:03 PM

Hope all had a great Thanksgiving but mine would have been better if a little rain had fallen yesterday or even a week ago. The signs were there as you can see from my early morning shot taken several weeks ago.

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Graham and Dusty get their vet visit today to change their outlook on the future.
Posted Wednesday, November 16, at 5:52 AM

We might not be able to catch the main breeders of the semi-feral colony, but we are slowly getting the kittens spayed/neutered. We could get it for half price if we drive to Shelbyville but the mileage, time and hassle seem to equal out. We brought a new kitten in this week and have at least three remaining of those that are old enough to separate from Mom. ...

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The Day After. Strangely more interested in who lost than won.
Posted Wednesday, November 9, at 6:38 AM

I can't recall a feeling where I was more concerned to see who lost than who won. At this time, I have carefully avoided any media that might tell me, so I really do not know who won the presidential race. (I am presuming it was settled last night)...

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