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Friday, Aug. 29, 2014
Morning after our garden club meeting. Developments and ideas.
Posted Saturday, August 16, at 1:38 PM
Mornings are just full of action around here. I bet if you think about it, it is where you are too and when it all boils down, you have not gotten anything done that you planned on. We had a nice (but small) meeting last night. Between the chicken wings, brownies and veggies, no one should have been hungry for long. ...

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Garden club meeting coming up TONIGHT, August 15th at the Ag Extension office.
Posted Sunday, August 10, at 5:07 PM

Using our 1st and 3rd schedule it should be our "social" but we have had two of those in a row for different reasons so what about a regular one where we can get back to more gardening talk? This also brings to light the flaws in our attempt to develop a workable schedule. It ain't workin' like we thought...

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Are you teaching, nurturing your successor/s?
Posted Wednesday, August 6, at 6:59 AM

If you are wondering from where this question came, so am I. All I know is I woke up thinking I needed to ask this to a particular person but as it developed in my head, I thought, why not share this, and why not ask myself the same question? If you have children, you should have been doing this all along. Training and nurturing those children to be good stewards to this world, society, community. For those of us with religious beliefs, the "rest of the story" should be a natural...

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Weed'em and Reap this Friday (TODAY), at a new location!!
Posted Wednesday, July 30, at 5:40 PM

Because of the County Fair making the Ag Extension office almost unreachable Friday, we will meet in the back room of the New China Restaurant in the strip shopping center to the right of Walmart in Shelbyville. Ask to sit in the back room. We will meet at 6:30 and those who wish to enjoy the buffet will have plenty of time...

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Wartrace Walking Horse Show is coming up this weekend!
Posted Wednesday, July 30, at 7:09 AM

Regardless of your feelings about the WH industry, come out to support your local students with your entry & gate fees, food concessions and even the vendors who have paid an entry fee to be there. ALL profits are used to fund the Cascade PTO and the East Bedford Civic organization and ALL of their efforts are for our children...

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Double Rose of Sharon "blues" or in this case black.
Posted Wednesday, July 23, at 1:36 PM

Haybar had a question about some Double Rose of Sharon they recently bought and planted. Since I am sure there are numerous experts with this type of Althea, I thought I would post the pictures sent and see if anyone wants to add their three cents. (I already added my two cents.)...

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Sunday morning ramblings
Posted Sunday, July 20, at 10:15 AM

After morning chores of feeding the pets and cleaning up after them, I came into the kitchen with a few prizes from the garden and realized that since Deb is busy on another eBay project, these veggies needed my attention. They could not wait either so.... I turned on a station called coffee shop rock, made a pot of coffee and started to work...

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Weed'em & Reap, "The Social" We had it, at Legends
Posted Wednesday, July 16, at 5:29 PM

6:30 folks. Dutch, but some don't eat, just get a drink, so it should not break the budget. We slipped out of our last meeting without designating where we would meet for our social of the month. Guess everyone had fireworks on the brain. ...

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HUGE attagirls go out to Heather LaFarlette and Jessica Wilhelm
Posted Tuesday, July 15, at 12:48 PM

Just in case you don't get the paper, be aware that these two young women stood firm and most likely saved a life Saturday evening. The story is in the T-G or here http://www.t-g.com/story/2100697.html if you have an online subscription. They had the presence of mind to keep a man who was desperate to save his belongings but lost the ability to realize he would likely die trying...

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Got your BUZZ on? Then reconsider wearing yellow in the garden.
Posted Sunday, July 13, at 5:55 PM

Actually, you might reconsider wearing any bright colored clothing or expect a number of curious insects to check you out. I guess you could wear enough bug spray to warn them before they get too close, but they are going to want to know if you are not only as pretty as a flower but have pollen and nectar too...

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What do you want?
Posted Thursday, July 10, at 8:20 AM

There seems to be a lot of inactivity on the blogs. I occasionally ask what is on your mind and Bo has asked that as well in his recent post, "Just some thoughts". I am asking from the standpoint of a constant topic you would like to see discussed. I won't get involved in name calling or hate topics which regrettably get a lot of interest, but surely there are other things you are passionate about...

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Details and pictures DO matter when selling on-line.
Posted Thursday, July 3, at 1:46 PM

If your eBay sales are going strong, then you probably don't need to read on, but if not, maybe the following could help. Sunday night I finished up some pictures of a promotional (fan club) brochure that was printed for an actor and actress who were big in the 30' and 40's. I did not even know it was in a box of records I had bought, but if I counted it as a record, it cost me 25 cents...

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Garden Club meeting on the Fourth of July? Sure! Come be with us tomorrow!
Posted Monday, June 30, at 11:45 AM

The Weed'em & Reap Garden Club meeting will go on as scheduled this Friday even though it is the 4th of July. It will start at 6:30 P.M. and be held at the UT Extension Office 2105 Midland Rd. Shelbyville, TN 37160. A special door prize will be given away, a 351 page "Practical Gardening Encyclopedia" color book with its' original dust jacket. ...

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More garden meanderings and who knows what else.
Posted Sunday, June 29, at 11:07 AM

The plant I pictured in the earlier post has not grown any further and seems to be wasting away. We'll see if this rain revives. I have not been watering it because I do not know if it is good or bad. My yellow squash are doing better than they have in many years. Not sure what is different except a later planting. I've been patrolling like I do every year for squash bugs but have not had many...

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Walden's Puddle needs help.
Posted Thursday, June 26, at 12:56 PM

From a Facebook posting on Middle Tennessee Plant Swap: "There was a fire at Walden's Puddle, besides monetary donations they also need donations for animal bedding and fresh produce. Figured if anyone here had excess produce, this would be a great place to donate:...

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Garden ramblings and probably more disassociated blurbs.
Posted Wednesday, June 25, at 9:46 PM

A walk in the garden this lunch time brought some interesting observations. One is this volunteer plant that spouted in an unused bed. I have no idea what it is or how it got there. I've planted some wildflowers seeds in other parts of the garden, but not here...

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Having FUN as deterrent to extreme antisocial actions.
Posted Monday, June 23, at 6:30 AM

As you can see, I had trouble with a good headline but Palindrome brought up such a good idea in a post that lived long enough about school violence. I liked the idea very much and wanted to get this up right away. The title can change at any time to bring more participants so if you have suggestions, let me know...

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Weed'em & Reap Garden club "social" at La Cabaņa on North Main in Shelbyville
Posted Tuesday, June 17, at 11:52 AM

June 20th, 4 days if you count today, we will meet at La Cabaņa restaurant, same place as our last social. I could not get enough consensus on changing locations, so in the interest of continuity, let' return. 6:30 is the ballpark start time, but if you are running late, don't let that stop you. No program is planned just meeting with other who have or want to have a green thumb...

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A conundrum of the feline kind or, what to do about the cats?
Posted Monday, June 16, at 5:21 PM

We continue trying to "manage" our cat population. Oh, they're all being fed and all have a dry place to call home, but we have not been able to catch all of those who are capable of reproduction, nor are we able to afford what it takes to "fix" the problem. So just when we think we have got it controlled, another batch of babies are challenging our resources...

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When will we (American Society) acknowledge that something is wrong in our "village"?
Posted Thursday, June 12, at 7:20 AM

When young people go on rampages and kill other students, there is more at play here than just gun control. Yes, freely available firearms make it easier to wreak more death and destruction but they were available when I was growing up and I rarely (if ever) remember someone turning them on fellow students...

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