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Sunday, Feb. 14, 2016
Beauty amidst the cold.
Posted Saturday, February 13, at 12:31 PM
Snow can be beautiful, if it just did not come along with the cold. :-) Actually, beautiful pictures can come from this time of year, as we see here from one of our garden club members.

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Got your chili apron on? Help Bell Buckle Fire Department!
Posted Thursday, February 11, at 1:36 PM

Hot off the press! Bell Buckle Fire Department will be hosting its annual Chili Cook-off on Saturday, February 27th at 6 PM at the Fire Department. Entries need to be there at 5 PM!To-Go plates will be available. Come join the fun and fellowship and help support our local fire department!...

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Bell Buckle historians. Who knows history of Lynch Hotel
Posted Tuesday, February 9, at 11:23 AM

We know some of the history such as Funeral Home, Hotel, personal home but I had a question come in from a reader more involved with who the people were who owned the Lynch Hotel and where did they come from. The writer seemed interested in tracing their roots. They used two spellings, Lynch and Linch, so I am not sure if there was a distinction in names or just a misprint...

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Four cat legs on one side?
Posted Friday, February 5, at 2:20 PM

I walked by Bobby and C.T. a few minutes ago and had to do a double-take. Something looked out of sync. I saw an unusually large orange cat with four LEFT legs! Look close at the picture and you will see that there are actually three cats there. Mikey is wedged in between...

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First planting in the soil with many more to come
Posted Wednesday, February 3, at 1:23 PM

Who has started putting seeds in the soil outside? I can't be the only anxious one so....speak up. Actually, it is not really early for peas but may need to protect a little with straw if it goes below 20ish. If they are not up yet, no worries. My first row of snap peas went in last night, probably 5:30 or later since since there was very little light to see. Luckily pea seeds are light in color so I could still see them a little against the dark soil...

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Ice storm February 1st, 1985 in Jackson Mississippi
Posted Monday, February 1, at 11:56 AM

Ice storms are usually a double-edged sword. Beautiful yet dangerous. What is so special about this ice storm on February 1st in Jackson MS? It is actually the first date my wife and I had. Ice had closed the business at which she worked and I decided to cut my trip short in Baton Rouge because I did not want to get stuck "on the road"...

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Seed swap this Saturday! January flew by.
Posted Tuesday, January 26, at 11:49 AM

If you don't have seeds to swap, don't let that stop you from dropping by. There is no one checking you at the door and it would still be a great opportunity to meet and greet fellow gardeners who are ready to plant (if they haven't already). Here is the info on time and place. https://www.facebook.com/events/931014323641583/...

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Snow is pretty but it is time to leave.
Posted Sunday, January 24, at 11:13 AM

I am guessing that most of us have survived this snow, although that all depends where you are while reading this. If you are reading this in the Northeast,my prayers are with you. But here, the snow was nice but as you can see from the picture, even the puppies are ready to touch ground again...

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Got a call from a number that has not been assigned yet to ANYONE!
Posted Wednesday, January 20, at 3:56 PM

I love it! Someone, somewhere has to be able to make a "blaster" that scrambles automated callers. If they don't like it, DON'T CALL ME!!! How about it techies? Can you make a sound that in computer language says "Wipe out my memory", or "Let the smoke out of my hard-drive"?...

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This time of year can bring about such great photo opportunities but DARN, couldn't it be warm too?
Posted Tuesday, January 19, at 2:56 PM

I believe I have refrained from using the word that describes this cold season of the year. You know, the one that starts with a "W". There are redeeming aspects of "W" but not enough to ge me excited about it. Visiting a "W" wonderland is OK, as long as getting to and from is safe and there is a warm place to come in from after the "W" activities but...... I still think I could do without it...

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If you have ladybugs, turn the lights on when you get a drink at night!
Posted Tuesday, January 12, at 5:48 PM

You guessed it, I have not been watching that closely so when I take my vitamins or medication, I sometimes get a strange flavor in there. Hope they are nutritious. Actually, one of our stray dogs must have lived on them at one point because she will often seek them out for a quick snack. They are known for their bitter taste and smell. Maybe that explains why she does not like dog treats. LOL...

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Alabama won the game but Clemson may have had the better team.
Posted Tuesday, January 12, at 9:58 AM

Not taking away from Alabama, Nick has quite a team and I am one of their fans, but Clemson may have played a better came except for a few special plays. Special enough to win the game. The end winner was us, the fans and viewers. That was one heck of a game, great entertainment. One that does justice to the playoff concept and I hate that there had to be a "loser"...

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Good chilly Sunday Morning Bedford County
Posted Sunday, January 10, at 9:24 AM

This isn't the first icy morning but with so much warm weather in between, it seems like the first, again. Some light flurries added to the experience and not all unpleasant but the cold coming in tonight is NOT appreciated. I had some coffee left over from yesterday and having been in the restaurant business, old coffee is "A OK" for me, but I really miss the smell of freshly brewing coffee, so..... ...

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Jack, Jill and Dottie. How are they doing?
Posted Thursday, January 7, at 9:55 AM

It is hard to find the words for all that puppies and an 9 month old dog can get into. At least nice words. LOL But, as I watch them play outside, they seem to be molding as a family. NOT THAT THEY HAVE TO! Someone could always adopt the two pups. :-o...

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The garden is still producing and reaping unexpected benefits
Posted Tuesday, January 5, at 8:41 AM

Kale,collards, radishes, spinach,and a few bok choy, but the surprise is some lemon grass, even though I gave all mine away at the last garden club meeting. Anoxygen delivery service that I gave some radishes to about a month ago made a special effort to bring me some of their lemon grass. It actually seems to have wider blades than what I was growing but it also has a larger base bulb so maybe it is just more mature?...

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Just for the record.... Happy New Year!
Posted Friday, January 1, at 12:41 PM

Over the past few months I have been trying to fill a void for bloggers who are no longer blogging. Whatever ever their personal reason, I thought you folks wanted to discuss more than just what hits my fancy. BUT, the new year is bringing an evaluation of that approach and I may return to my little corner of the world. Anonymity brought in too much nasty stuff and I do not think I can be a facilitator of that in the future...

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Drop of puppies a new Holiday tradition?
Posted Tuesday, December 22, at 12:03 PM

We got our last drop off on Thanksgiving and now two puppies show up the week of Christmas. What Joy! If anyone would like a male and female puppy of unknown origin, please speak up. A few weeks ago we brought home an 8 month old to keep PITA company. Now we have a few more but we won't mind adopting them out...

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How does an employer and employee find each other these days?
Posted Monday, December 21, at 12:39 PM

There is more to that question, like how does a GOOD employer find a GOOD employee and vice versa. (No, I'm not looking for a job) From talking to a few managers recently, they seem to be having difficulty find some good hourly employees. Good to them is the employee shows up for work, can work without a lot of supervision and has some common sense...

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My cup of.... whatever.
Posted Monday, December 21, at 10:44 AM

Normally coffee, but cup of "joe" is well worn. Either way, it is just miscellaneous comments. I got an important email yesterday about my upcoming "appearance in Court #000886241" Brian Roth was mine "faithfully" and wanted to remind me to bring my documents and of course to be there since the "case may be heard by the Judge in your absence if you do not come". (Sounds reasonable since if I am not there, I may not know)...

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New ideas for stopping repeated impaired drivers?
Posted Tuesday, December 15, at 10:54 AM

I realize that people have problems, but how can we put a stop to someone getting behind the wheel and driving, PERIOD? Are there laws that stop them from owning a vehicle, like a felon with a firearm? Revoking a license does not stop them. Should we hold anyone who "lends" them or buys them a vehicle to the same level of liability as if they are driving impaired? I would not chance losing my license to empower a drunk driver, would you?...

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