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Have you felt your thumbs itching? Just a little? (01/21/17)

Calling all people who like to fish. (01/18/17)

If you have a creative bone, believe in recycling, repurposing and need a good read (01/15/17) 2

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Are we really rattling swords because emails were hacked? (01/02/17) 111

The National Playoffs not on National TV? (12/31/16) 6

Daylight is growing once again! (12/26/16) 9

A few question for artists who protest Trump (12/22/16) 95

OK, how about something positive, creative? A step in the right direction. (12/20/16) 51

What is an appropriate response IF the hack on emails was a Russian government action? (12/15/16) 74

Somone has the gardening bug, ALREADY! (12/14/16) 2

Should we take this spinach back to the grocery? (12/13/16) 2

What news media provides the most objective, non-editorialized, non-partisan news? (11/29/16) 87

Needs a new home, without cats. (11/27/16) 2

*9/86523 The equation for making smokable banana. (11/26/16) 3

Red skies at morning, sailor's warning. (11/24/16) 3

Graham and Dusty get their vet visit today to change their outlook on the future. (11/16/16) 12

The Day After. Strangely more interested in who lost than won. (11/09/16) 175

Remember tonight!! An eating, social at the Ag Extension office. (10/28/16) 2

How does everyone feel about the new medical landscape since Obamacare? (10/26/16) 41

Fall Harvest Social for Weed'em and Reap Garden club. ALL INVITED. (10/24/16) 1

The growing forecast (10/23/16)

Weed identification 101 (10/17/16)

A non-political question, brought up by today's politics. (10/17/16) 55

RE-SET, PLEASE!! (10/10/16) 99

The Fall season of meetings is underway this Friday October 14th (10/09/16) 9

Is there a place that NEEDS cats? (09/29/16) 11

A funny thing happens when I clean the cats' litter boxes. (09/28/16) 5

Presidential debate. Thoughts? (09/26/16) 134

Introducing.... Barbie the kitty cat!!! (09/18/16) 10

Calgon, take me away. (09/16/16) 4

With all the talk about health records, should we be looking closer at the Vice Presidential candidates? (09/13/16) 19

Dusty and Graham getting some cat cuddle time (09/12/16) 3

Are the National Anthem "demonstrations" well placed or off target? (09/12/16) 17

Garden Club monthly meeting this Friday Sept. 9th (09/07/16) 4

So how is it going for Clinton and Trump? (09/04/16) 98

I've been absent. I admit it. (08/23/16) 4

Garden meeting topics for August 12th, TONIGHT! (08/08/16) 3

How about something a little closer to home? (08/03/16) 16

Another added to kitty I.C.U. (and another) (07/28/16) 15

Invasion of the squash. (07/26/16) 5

DNC Convention. Now the National Democrats have their days! (07/25/16) 25

Continuing saga of Snowflake and Grahmi and.... another. (07/23/16) 13

Weed'em & Reap "The Social" (garden club) this coming Friday (07/20/16)

OK the Republican convention is now in full swing so.... (07/19/16) 44

What can be said. France, you are in our prayers. (07/15/16) 4

Rescuing kittens (07/15/16) 20

Where was this man during the Republican selection process? Dr. Ben Carson (07/12/16) 43

Meanderings but mainly of the feline kind. (07/12/16) 2

Another tragedy for us to morn, and contemplate. (07/08/16) 88

I had too many requests not to put up this post about Hillary Clinton ....... (07/07/16) 42

Phasing out of a TAX??? (07/05/16) 6

Sugar, what a difference in then to now! (07/04/16)

Want to know how to get this book ...... free? (07/04/16) 5

Dieffenbachia-dumb cane. Any pets that might nibble on it? (07/03/16) 1

Yikes! My doctor did not look this uhmmm, excited? (07/02/16) 4

New use for retired field fencing? (07/01/16) 7

Patricia Sue Head Summitt. Just her name means so much to us. We have lost a great human being. (06/28/16) 8

Will your garden be a good, bad or record? (06/26/16) 4

Surprise surprise! Maybe from the rain storm? (06/25/16) 6

Why is the UK leaving the EU? (06/24/16) 19

Hey! Tonight is the Weed'em & Reap Social dinner! (06/24/16)

Are there copies of the actual bills being put forth for gun control? (06/23/16) 75

A gardener's garden memorial and garden ramblings. (06/20/16) 10

Is there a national news media that reports the news without bias? (06/16/16) 20

Does it help or hurt to have these two overlap? (06/08/16) 3

Will Bernie continue? (06/07/16) 27

Full Garden Club meeting this Friday June 10th (06/05/16) 5

Scenes around Shelbville. (06/04/16) 7

What is involved in the new "justice center"? (06/02/16) 25

Determination, Perseverance, downright TOUGH! (06/01/16) 5

Well.... should we try again? (06/01/16) 20

Another great article in the T-G THIS Sunday May 29th. (05/29/16) 4

A great story for Memorial Day weekend. (05/29/16) 1

Mixed emotions about eBay this week. (05/27/16) 1

How do trees sleep? Huh, Sleep? (05/23/16) 5

Rain, rain, please come again to our hill in Bedford County. (05/20/16) 14

Yeesh! stayed up late to watch an auction of mine and.... (05/16/16) 7

Weed'em & Reap garden club comments. (05/10/16) 17

Just too cute to not post (05/05/16) 1

What's that weed in my garden? Weed? Really! (05/04/16) 10

Oops! Garden club meeting coming up NEXT Friday, the 13th. (05/03/16) 1

Changing from meat to veggies, almost. (05/01/16) 11

Latest garden in many years but..... (04/26/16) 7

Earth Day! Hope you take a moment to consider. (04/22/16) 3

It is TIME! Time to get your plants and time to gt that garden going.. (04/15/16) 13

Ripe Near Me (04/13/16) 1

Anyone know the background on how this "bathroom" thing got started? (04/12/16) 27

Saturday musings and safety cats? (04/09/16) 5

When does 2 cups not equal 2 cups? (04/07/16) 16

Those who use eBay for income, the new Spring Update is here. (04/05/16) 1

Full Weed'em & Reap Garden Club this coming Friday, April 8th. (04/03/16) 7

Great success at a local pet rescue group. (04/01/16) 1

Tire Garden Beds and upcoming garden club meeting. (03/31/16) 8

Oh, what a beautiful morning! Oh, what a beautiful day! (03/26/16) 9

Is it auction / yard sale season! Yes!!!!!! (03/24/16)

First recorded spotting of a hummingbird 3--22-16 in Nashville! (03/24/16) 3

Can we get back to gardening now? (03/23/16) 9

Stopping mass murder by whatever name. (03/22/16) 18

Redbud Winter? FREEZE WARNING! (03/18/16) 6

This isn't a plug for the T-G, really, but....... (03/14/16) 8

About coffee. (03/09/16) 19

Yes!! First garden club meeting of the season! March 11th, this FRIDAY! (03/07/16) 7

Does water ever really disappear? (03/05/16) 5

My candidate did not win, placed but not a win by any means. (03/03/16) 167

Fleeting beauty from the sunrise's warm glow. (03/03/16) 6

Thaaaanks Kay. No really, thanks. (02/28/16) 4

Volunteer becomes a true cat magnet at grooming time. (02/27/16) 2

Musings of a tired mind and the excitement surrounding our first daffy's (02/24/16) 1

Would relaxing the self-employment tax encourage entrepreneurship? (02/24/16) 20

OK, OK, I'm getting back into the 'generic' blog posting. (02/23/16) 7

If you write a blog of your own, do you get "far out" responses? (02/23/16) 17

Weed'em & Reap "Winter Break Social" this Friday Feb. 26th at Legend's! 6:30 pm (02/22/16) 5

The first NEW garden bed of the season for which I was supposed to be cutting back. (02/21/16) 6

Beauty amidst the cold. (02/13/16)

Got your chili apron on? Help Bell Buckle Fire Department! (02/11/16)

Bell Buckle historians. Who knows history of Lynch Hotel (02/09/16) 17

Four cat legs on one side? (02/05/16)

First planting in the soil with many more to come (02/03/16) 5

Ice storm February 1st, 1985 in Jackson Mississippi (02/01/16) 2

Seed swap this Saturday! January flew by. (01/26/16) 7

Snow is pretty but it is time to leave. (01/24/16)

Got a call from a number that has not been assigned yet to ANYONE! (01/20/16) 2

This time of year can bring about such great photo opportunities but DARN, couldn't it be warm too? (01/19/16) 1

If you have ladybugs, turn the lights on when you get a drink at night! (01/12/16) 7

Alabama won the game but Clemson may have had the better team. (01/12/16) 5

Good chilly Sunday Morning Bedford County (01/10/16) 8

Jack, Jill and Dottie. How are they doing? (01/07/16) 2

The garden is still producing and reaping unexpected benefits (01/05/16) 7

Just for the record.... Happy New Year! (01/01/16) 21

Drop of puppies a new Holiday tradition? (12/22/15) 5

How does an employer and employee find each other these days? (12/21/15) 9

My cup of.... whatever. (12/21/15) 4

New ideas for stopping repeated impaired drivers? (12/15/15) 23

Any tips for weaning oneself from packaged, processed food? (12/15/15) 12

The first seed catalog of the new season has arrived. (12/12/15) 2

Revisiting the drone question. Could it be a tool for farmers and landowners? (12/09/15) 10

Climate Change. Anything new? Anything that can be done? (12/02/15) 24

Like Nature, being outdoors, water, invigorating and restorative natural beauty? (11/28/15) 5

New addition to the pet menagerie? (11/22/15) 13

What are the pros and cons of banning new drug ads? (11/20/15) 4

What a wonderful weather day! Unless it isn't. (11/18/15) 5

Weed'em & Reap Garden Club social this coming Friday Nov 20th. (11/17/15) 8

Terrorist actions, Paris, reactions. (11/16/15) 91

Now the Democratic "debate". (11/16/15) 10

Instant news, what a blesssing, what a curse. (11/14/15) 9

Did you notice the forecast for tonight and tomorrow night? 30 degrees! (11/13/15) 4

Pet adoption/rescue event in Tullahoma tomorrow, Saturday 11-14-15 (11/13/15) 2

The latest Repblican debate. Change or make up your mind? (11/12/15) 21

New holiday shopping procedures! (11/11/15) 7

Is there any doubt why we call him CT (Crooked Tail)? (11/09/15) 4

What does one think about when cleaning 10 litter boxes, twice a day? What brings the thoughts/memories out for you? (11/05/15) 5

We really could use some adoptive pet parents for kittens (11/04/15) 4

Ken Whisenhunt. Was terminating him really a solution? Maybe so! (11/03/15) 10

TONIGHT is the Duck River Beekeepers Association in Shelbyville (11/03/15)

Weed'em & Reap has one more "social" meeting to go. (11/02/15) 12

Republican candidates, and Democratic (10/30/15) 83

Some of our gardens are still rewarding us (10/27/15) 8

Drones. Like them, hate them, scared of them. What are your thoughts? (10/27/15) 17

Need advice, comments from my readers, please. (10/26/15) 26

Benghazi. Here we go. (10/23/15) 66

Social Garden Club meeting is over and gone for Friday 10-23-15. (10/22/15) 5

Our cat family is growing in ways we never planned. (10/21/15) 6

I missed it! Did you? (10/21/15) 7

It had to happen. Another rambling post of disassociated thoughts.. (10/21/15) 1

Do we? Would we? (10/20/15) 15

Hey retailers, check out the opinion survey in the Times Gazette! (10/20/15)

Middle Tennesse Plant (and seed) Swap is over for this year (10/16/15) 4

And now, for the Democratic debate..... (10/15/15) 66

Could our first FROST be TONIGHT? (10/15/15) 2

Do you visualize a reoccurring theme to help you relax for sleep? (10/11/15) 6

And MORE Kittens of the feline kind. (10/08/15) 5

How do they do it, is it legal and if so WHY? (10/07/15) 16

Weed'em & Reap meeting tonight, October 9th. (10/05/15) 5

Something about a soft rain that is comforting. Plus, the sprouts! (09/30/15) 11

Where does one go to find non-credit classes for personal interest or development? (09/30/15) 6

Domestic violence. Does our community have more than normal? (09/29/15) 27

The Fall garden is IN. Only 3-4 weeks late. :-) (09/26/15) 7

Bell Buckle Farmer's Market is over for this week. (09/25/15) 1

OK, it is officially Fall so ..... (09/24/15) 6

Garden club social meeting to be TODAY Friday, September 25th. (09/23/15) 12

Headline from the Times Gazette "Wheel tax recommended again" (09/23/15) 9

Lagniappe, the practice of giving something more. (09/22/15) 7

Social Networks. Love'em, hate them? Social what? (09/21/15) 6

Garden meanderings and a little more (09/18/15) 3

Well... anyone watch the Republican debate. Winners, losers (09/17/15) 269

Bell Buckle Fire Department Open House (Saturday, Sept. 12th) (09/11/15) 1

Ooh, ooh, ooh, the new eBay update looks goooood! (09/10/15) 2

Garden Club meeting was Friday September 11th (09/10/15) 3

The urgent state of fundraising in the county? What are some solutions? (09/06/15) 27

Horse Show controversy (continued) (09/03/15) 5

The Weed'em & Reap garden club will meet this coming Friday August 28th. (08/25/15) 10

Politics aside for a moment, what are your thoughts about these two statements (08/21/15) 18

If I could live anywhere in the world, it would be....... (08/18/15) 5

Democratic Primary, what looked boring is livening up! (08/12/15) 100

Weed'em & Reap Garden Club this Friday August 14th. (08/11/15) 8

Opossums have become part of the family. (08/11/15) 6

Well, the debate is over and we've had time to talk it out with friends (08/10/15) 16

When I say miscellaneous chatter, mean it! (08/07/15) 6

Garden stuff and miscellaneous chatter (08/05/15) 13

Good morning World! (08/04/15) 4

Well, the votes are in and Weed'em & Reap will have another social this Friday. (07/28/15) 7

Any super-tech out there who can shed light on this issue? (07/23/15) 4

Do they still have campaign fans with themes like this? (07/22/15) 1

eBay split from PayPal yesterday and a new eBay leader Devin Wenig took over (07/21/15) 3

Tomato Art Festival is coming up soon in East Nashville community. (07/20/15) 1

Two weeks, already? Weed'em & Reap Garden club will break bread (rolls) this coming Friday, the 17th of July (07/15/15) 8

How safe are the fish in the Duck River to eat? (07/14/15) 2

Your turn again, what's on your mind? (07/13/15) 5

Wasps communicating? Can they do it through glass? (07/08/15) 7

Photography club organization, testing the "waters". (07/02/15) 44

Walking Horse show this weekend moving to Calsonic? (06/30/15) 1

Want to talk local "dirt"? (06/29/15)

Start the 4th of July weekend off TONIGHT with Weed'em & Reap! (06/28/15) 6

Got a fish pond in your yard? Watch out for this heat! (06/25/15) 8

Weed'em & Reap Garden Club Social Friday June 19th (06/17/15) 4

June is National Dairy month so.... have you had your milk on a stick? (06/16/15) 3

Are other people's cats a little squirrelly lately? (06/12/15) 6

Watch out for pink flamingos migrating from Mississippi! (06/11/15) 6

Kudos to Charlie & Mai Coffey AND kudos to Sharon Edwards. (06/07/15)

Now a part of history. :-( Ooh, ooh, need something to do Saturday? How about the Wartrace Music Fest? (06/03/15)

Garden club to meet this Friday, June 5th (06/02/15) 1

Garden updates with a dose of cats. (05/30/15) 4

Gaining an hour or more a day by cutting back on "social media"? (05/27/15) 2

Garden Club "Pot Luck" meeting Friday May 22nd.It' over! (05/19/15) 19

Middle Tennessee Plant Swap is over! (05/15/15) 5

Garden gleanings of a twisted mind. (05/13/15) 8

Are shade tree mechanics going the way of the '57 Chevy? (05/13/15)

Weed'em & Reap Garden Meeting is now over until May 22nd. (05/07/15) 4

May 8th is our next full meeting of Weed'em and Reap (05/05/15) 2

Farewell to another of our four-legged family, Sandy. (05/03/15) 10

Mmm,mmm I have a new weeding program, I drink my weeds! (04/30/15) 14

The devastation in Nepal is enormous. Want to help? T-G article might just hold a local answer (04/29/15) 2

Next Garden club meeting coming up Friday May 8th. (04/19/15) 21

Good Sunday morning everyone! (04/19/15) 5

Tomato intervention needed. Specifically Cherokee Purple tomatoes! (04/14/15) 5

Ou next garden club meeting is Friday April 24! (04/09/15) 1

Our first traveling Hummingbird of the season (04/08/15) 11

Farmer's Markets are gearing up! (04/07/15) 4

April 10th. Garden club meeting! UT Ag Extension Bldg, Shelbyville TN (04/02/15) 11

It is about time to talk Weed'em & Reap. Ready? Got the gardening itch? (03/27/15) 14

Optimistic peppers can't wait for summer (03/19/15) 12

I heard the peepers! Yeah!! (03/12/15) 23

Chamber's goals look promising and exciting. (03/11/15) 10

When does "progress" trump leaving things well enough alone? Rezoning good or bad. (03/10/15) 20

It's TODAY! Above freezing and daylight savings time! (03/07/15) 3

I mean it now, I AM DONE WITH WINTER! (03/06/15) 11

Nashville Lawn and Garden Show is going on now! (03/04/15)

Do what with that cup? Here's some innovative recycling. (03/04/15) 10

I need to listen better when that "inner voice" says to do something. (02/27/15) 12

I am DONE participating in Winter! (02/25/15) 20

Baking the Banana squash from summer. The heat is great! (02/22/15) 7

Dichotomies of Winter and Spring (02/19/15) 10

Can I choose the forecast I want for my property? (02/17/15) 3

Ice storm damage, the beginning (02/16/15) 8

Valentine's Day of a different nature. (02/14/15) 9

Wartrace Music Festival looking to add more artisans (02/13/15)

Geoponic, Hydroponic, Aquaponic, Aeroponic. Almost sounds like a song I know. (02/09/15) 13

It is always time to get your hands dirty, at least in dirt. (01/21/15) 31

My bad, I forgot to tell you about the Winter Seed Swap tomorrow (01/16/15) 9

How do we protect ourselves from terrorists while protecting our freedom as well? (01/14/15) 51

Saying goodbye to our last "intentional" cat (01/13/15) 7

Starting seeds, what a "pick me up" at this time of year. (01/10/15) 16

What is so humorous about mocking someone's religion? (01/09/15) 92

WHOA, watch out for Wednesday night/Thursday morning! (01/04/15) 13

Can you feel it? The days getting longer. Nah, I can't either. (12/30/14)

Here is another question, what about oil prices? (12/22/14) 9

OK, so what about Cuba? (12/21/14) 7

Taking care of baby kitten is fun and enlightening! (12/04/14) 13

At what point does someone breaking the law become responsible for what happens during that event? (12/03/14) 27

Organic Gardening, say it isn't so! (12/02/14) 3

Watch out, I feel a surge of blog posts coming on. (11/30/14) 2

Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all. Hectic two weeks, kitten and who knows what else. (11/26/14) 4

Final "social" meeting of 2014 is coming TONIGHT. (11/18/14) 3

On last "Social" meeting of the year for Weed'em & Reap coming up, see a new post (11/04/14) 5

Any other voting issues needing to be discussed before Nov 4th? (10/28/14) 33

Next Weed'em & Reap garden club meeting will be November 7th (10/28/14) 16

I THINK I have made up my mind on voting but anyone want to voice an opinion? (10/15/14) 28

Weed'em & Reap Garden Club Social this coming Friday. (10/13/14) 9

Wartrace Arts Community will meet next Thursday, Oct 16 (10/12/14) 1

A beautiful rainy day. Maybe only a gardener or naturalist can appreciate that, but...... (10/10/14) 10

Garden club meeting is over until October 17th (10/02/14) 6

How do you pull weeds that look like this? (09/25/14) 6

Cat in can, can be deadly not funny. (09/16/14) 13

The next Weed'em & Reap meeting will be our social, this Friday Sept. 19th (09/16/14) 3

This Weed'em & Reap Garden Club IS OVER! Next One Sept 19! (09/03/14) 12

Just in case you are wondering, there was no garden club meeting last week, BUT THERE IS THIS WEEK Sept 5th. (08/29/14) 17

Morning after our garden club meeting. Developments and ideas. (08/16/14) 14

Garden club meeting coming up TONIGHT, August 15th at the Ag Extension office. (08/10/14) 20

Are you teaching, nurturing your successor/s? (08/06/14) 4

Weed'em and Reap this Friday (TODAY), at a new location!! (07/30/14) 5

Wartrace Walking Horse Show is coming up this weekend! (07/30/14) 6

Double Rose of Sharon "blues" or in this case black. (07/23/14) 1

Sunday morning ramblings (07/20/14) 5

Weed'em & Reap, "The Social" We had it, at Legends (07/16/14) 26

HUGE attagirls go out to Heather LaFarlette and Jessica Wilhelm (07/15/14) 1

Got your BUZZ on? Then reconsider wearing yellow in the garden. (07/13/14) 8

What do you want? (07/10/14) 7

Details and pictures DO matter when selling on-line. (07/03/14) 1

Garden Club meeting on the Fourth of July? Sure! Come be with us tomorrow! (06/30/14) 33

More garden meanderings and who knows what else. (06/29/14) 8

Walden's Puddle needs help. (06/26/14)

Garden ramblings and probably more disassociated blurbs. (06/25/14) 27

Having FUN as deterrent to extreme antisocial actions. (06/23/14) 15

Weed'em & Reap Garden club "social" at La Cabaña on North Main in Shelbyville (06/17/14) 23

A conundrum of the feline kind or, what to do about the cats? (06/16/14) 3

When will we (American Society) acknowledge that something is wrong in our "village"? (06/12/14) 100

Great garden club meeting! Plus peppers and tomatoes, tomatoes and MORE tomatoes! (06/08/14) 27

Don't let D-Day, the start of the end of WWII in Europe pass you by without some reflection (06/05/14) 1

Weed'em & Reap garden club meeting has come and gone at UT Ag Extension office in Shelbyville. 6:30 (06/03/14) 7

Would our Lord save a kitten? I have no other explanation and give him credit. (05/31/14) 9

Anyone happen to know what this plant is? (05/28/14) 9

Is anyone local growing Yacon? (05/28/14) 4

Cats, gardening and whatever else is on YOUR mind. (05/25/14) 14

Change your eBay password! No maybes, do it! (05/22/14) 7

Lost Bassett hound in Bell Buckle area (05/20/14) 5

Ramblings (of course) and building an attached mini-greenhouse. (05/18/14) 5

Friday (today) Garden club "social" at La Cabaña on North Main in Shelbyville. Mid TN Plant Swap this Saturday!! (05/14/14) 6

Victoria Armstrong left our world. (05/06/14) 7

Garden club met Friday May 2nd. CMG Mark Murphy discusses composting with slide presentation. (04/28/14) 8

Power of the printed word. A different meaning. (04/24/14)

Money plant, iris, next garden club meeting, repairing an old garden (04/23/14) 5

Wartrace Arts meeting was, April 17th! (04/17/14) 3

First 'social' meeting of Weed'em & Reap garden club was Friday the 18th (04/15/14) 11

Weed'em and Reap Garden club highlights April 4th 2014 (04/05/14) 8

Friday April 4th is the first night of a new growing season of meetings for Weed'em and Reap (04/03/14) 9

Coming to your road soon? (03/28/14)

The subject? Garden meeting, FINALLY! (03/27/14) 8

One of our own, his family and friends need our support. (03/13/14) 2

Can Spring really be near? Are we ready for a garden club meeting? (03/10/14) 13

Reader writes in with questions regarding the situation in the Ukraine (03/03/14) 14

Today, March 1st is Spring!? Well, kinda sorta (02/28/14) 6

Anytime you see the word "rambling" in my title line, you can bet it will live up to its' name. (02/24/14) 5

Can Spring be far away? Ooooh that looks cold! (02/16/14) 8

A new variety of crepe myrtle? The snow myrtle. (02/13/14)

Thinking of starting a garden this year? (02/12/14) 16

I'll take solace where I can. The weather HAS to be getting warmer. (02/10/14) 4

What are your thoughts on searches and confiscation of your electronic devices? (02/03/14) 4

And so starts my next growing season (02/01/14) 2

Sometimes the little bird wins! (01/29/14) 12

To what ecological disaster do we attribute these blasts of cold? (01/27/14) 7

True ramblings from the hill. (not Capital hill) (01/18/14) 15

Middle TN Seed Swap is over. Great turnout. (01/09/14) 8

Garden Club organization meeting since it is almost seed starting time! Really, I am not crazy! (01/08/14) 8

Are you ready for the cold? (01/02/14) 12

Happy, happy folks. Wishing you the best yet New Year. (01/01/14) 2

"I Just Want To Celebrate another day of living" (12/28/13) 18

Gardens are starting to shape up for Spring and today the days are starting to get longer again! (12/21/13) 16

I like to write about gardening, eBay, photography, nature, ballet,....what? (12/20/13) 2

Politicians, Press, let the Olympics be about the competitors not politics! (12/18/13) 3

Ever try growing your own pomegranates? I never even considered it until now. (12/18/13) 11

Considerations for saving your OWN seed from YOUR own garden (12/16/13) 7

What are your favorite aromas? (12/16/13) 10

Reader concerned about mobile device tracking. What do you think? (12/11/13) 15

Like going to thrift shops? Check out a new reality show coming up. (12/10/13) 4

The mysterious "Night Flower" Cornplant (Dracaena fragrans) (12/08/13) 7

As discussed and shown at the last garden club meeting. (12/03/13) 4

The new Bypass and driver safety. (12/02/13) 12

Putting our thankfullness into a balanced perspective. (12/01/13)

Hey Bell Buckle and those of Bell Buckle lineage. (11/29/13)

Happy Thanksgiving folks. I hope it develops to be a pleasant one. (11/28/13) 2

A beautiful day to view from inside, warm and toasty. (11/26/13) 2

Time for "What's on your mind" again! (11/25/13) 3

The best-laid plans of mice and men oft(en) go astray, (11/23/13) 5

The final Weed'em & Reap garden meeting of this year is over. (11/18/13) 19

Whew, the weekend is over. Time to relax! (11/17/13) 3

Happy America Recycles Day! The Federal buildings are open?! (11/15/13) 6

First seed catalog of the new season. What is yours? (11/13/13) 7

More ramblings from a twisted mind. (11/12/13) 2

Sometimes ya' just gotta disconnect. But the payback is ..... (11/11/13)

Next to the last garden club meeting for Weed'em & Reap is tomorrow. Friday the 8th & a quick comment about Baker Creek Seed Company. (11/07/13) 9

Seen any ladybugs lately? Seen a BUNCH of ladybugs lately? (10/29/13) 2

eBay. The movie revisited! (10/27/13) 3

Hey, did you remember? TONIGHT!! Friday. You know. Garden Club meeting? (10/22/13) 10

OK Mr. Obama, & members of Congress. You've made your point. (10/11/13) 30

Next garden club meeting is October 25th. Read below for an update on the past one. (10/10/13) 9

As a buyer on eBay, Amazon or any other internet selling venue... (10/07/13) 19

Garden Club meeting Friday the 11th. The Chinese City reality. (10/05/13) 7

Observations from a recent trip to China (10/02/13) 18

New time for Weed'em & Reap Garden Club!! (09/21/13) 8

Aloe Vera alert! Meeting time is changing (09/13/13) 6

It is garden club meeting time in Tennessee. (09/10/13) 14

Wow! There are OVER 50 places to eat in Shelbyville and Bedford County (09/03/13) 23

Is there a short version of what the Common Core Education Initiative is all about? (09/02/13) 11

I think I like blogging. Are you surprised? Got anything you want to talk about? (09/02/13) 8

An excellent article, and a fine man honored, Tom Neese of Wartrace. (09/01/13)

Friday, August 30th is our bi-monthly garden club meeting (08/27/13) 5

Does anyone know where a 4 year old could get a pony or horse ride? (08/20/13) 5

Cats asking "Is it time to eat yet". (08/18/13) 6

eBay to close the Trading Assistant program in September (08/14/13) 2

Next Weed'em and Reap over for another two weeks. (08/13/13) 7

Mystery tree - shrub identified (08/10/13) 5

107th Wartrace Horse Show is in the books. (08/06/13)

Weed'em & Reap meeting is over for another two weeks. (07/30/13) 2

Do you like bloopers? Like fishing? How about Bill Dance? (07/28/13) 2

Helenium amarum, a tough annual for tough growing sites (07/23/13) 6

Nutgrass is such a pain in the .................. (07/20/13) 1

Pondering eBay (07/17/13) 9

Next Weed'em & Reap will be Friday. August 2nd (07/16/13) 8

Hot, hot, hot. (07/15/13) 8

Even the plant world joins hands occasionally (07/14/13) 3

Some garden thoughts from the hills around Bell Buckle. (07/07/13) 4

Happy Fourth of July and to others, have a good July 4th or maybe 5th. (07/04/13) 6

Yup, we have a garden club meeting TONIGHT. Bring your folks in from out of town for the 4th! (07/02/13) 3

Pickling Spinach? Other garden ramblings. (07/01/13) 3

Pseudoephedrine vs. methamphetamine (06/28/13) 13

Animal starvation and cruelty. Grrrr. (06/27/13) 12

Parking on the Shelbyville Square. Share your opinion. (06/23/13) 12

Today is Friday AND is GARDEN CLUB! (06/19/13) 9

I try to embrace new tech, but Windows 8 is less than desirable. (06/18/13) 14

A few thoughts about the Marketplace Fairness Act (06/17/13) 5

What a beautiful, beautiful morning! (06/14/13) 5

New baby cats needing adopting, Picture links included! (06/12/13) 5

Whew! Light gardening today. The sun, the humidity, enough! (06/12/13) 9

Old film photgrapher? Making digital is even easier than before! (06/11/13)

Did you watch the Tony Awards last night? (06/11/13) 6

Here is a question for you real estate gurus. Property values. (06/08/13) 4

High utility and energy bill is our next topic up for discussion. (06/07/13) 2

How About Foraging? Foraging for food, and other things. (06/07/13) 6

Come on. It's your turn. Let me know what topic you want to discuss. (06/07/13) 13

Good Garden club meeting, next one in two weeks! Friday June 21st at 7:00. (06/05/13) 5

Anyone care to share your results trying to grow cauliflower in Mid TN? (06/03/13) 4

Ramblings from our hill in Bedford County (05/30/13) 14

eBay the number one "checkout" charity for 2012 (05/29/13)

Great garden meeting. Shared plants, seeds, cuttings and of course information. (05/26/13) 3

Garden Club Meeting Friday 24th and developments in the garden (05/21/13) 6

My peas are looking great, numerous flowers, but no peas! (05/17/13) 5

Are we done with this roller coaster temps? Garden tidbits. (05/13/13) 9

Lenticular printing put to good use for child abuse prevention (05/08/13) 6

Garden Club meeting Friday May 10th. (05/08/13) 6

A question worth its' own blog post. Tomato pests, including squirrels. (05/05/13) 6

Request to explore Bell Buckle's past. (05/02/13) 24

Today May 2 seems like a good day to plant or transplant, IF the weather forecast is accurate (05/02/13) 9

Reality shows, thumbs up or down? (04/27/13) 20

Garden Meeting this Friday, April 26th. Door prize of a huge gardening book! (04/24/13) 10

Do you trust organic produce in the supermarket? Is it worth the difference? (04/23/13) 10

DARN! Watch this weekend for some cold nights! But hope keeps me planting. (04/14/13) 10

I finally took the hint, but the Hummers had to almost knock on the door. (04/14/13) 2

The next garden club meeting will be this Friday the 12th. Need Morning Glories (04/09/13) 5

Garden Club Meeting this coming Friday 29th. (03/26/13) 13

A little EXTRA chilly tonight so don't forget to protect your plants. (03/20/13) 3

eBay Spring Seller Update looks promising but look for yourself. (03/19/13) 7

Should our elected officials legislate healthy living? (03/19/13) 7

The future of the Weed'em & Reap Garden Club. (03/16/13) 7

A few quick comments about my smoothies. (03/13/13) 10

Weed'em and Reap coming up next Friday, The Ides of March 15th. (03/11/13) 4

This weekend promised great outdoor weather, and it delivered. (03/07/13) 9

Curious what comprises Google Search? (03/05/13)

Snowy day ramblings, garden, cats, dogs,opossums, anything else? (03/02/13) 2

Hey, the first garden club meeting of the year for Weed'em & Reap! (02/25/13) 3

What a surprise to greet me late Friday night! (02/24/13) 8

Is the right to keep and bear arms still valid? It was written so long ago. (02/23/13) 43

I could not believe I lifted my tractor! Garden ramblings. (02/15/13) 1

The Battle of Athens - 1946 Notice the Date not Civil War (02/14/13) 4

Spring's a comin'! Happy Valentine's Day! (02/14/13) 1

Souvenir state deviled egg collection? (01/31/13) 7

A most excellent seed swap and winter sowing demonstration. (01/28/13)

Still "smoothing" after all these...months, and other ramblings. (01/24/13) 9

I enjoy and appreciate the internet, but..... (01/18/13) 3

If you sell online, do you sell internationally? Consider using this tool. (01/16/13)

Is the new ethanol gas a blessing or curse? (01/06/13) 6

Seed swap and winter sowing workship coming up (01/06/13) 3

One of the first gardening decisions of the year. (01/03/13) 2

A happy and prosperous 2013 is fervently prayed for everyone! (01/01/13) 2

Hey Vicky, any idea on why this mockingbird is doing this? (12/31/12) 12

Year end ramblings, cats, smoothies, gardening and probably more (12/30/12) 2

Has anyone tried growing grafted vegetable stock or even better, tried doing it yourself? (12/24/12) 11

Yahoo! The Winter Solstice has passed! (12/21/12) 8

Does your cell phone make you laugh? (12/18/12) 5

My smoothies started 3 months ago and I am now down 20 lbs! (12/12/12) 16

For those who know motivational speakers/writers, Zig Zigler has left us. (12/11/12) 2

Mr Morton Renegar noted as a sharing, caring gardener. (12/05/12)

Have you been enjoying the first seed catalog of the new season? (12/04/12) 7

WARNING! Bird lovers of ANY kind. Teflon fumes will kill. (12/01/12) 6

Weed'em and Reap is over until March. Plus other garden ramblings. (11/30/12) 6

Planning your next garden project? How about square watermelons? (11/29/12) 2

Does local shopping mean LOCAL? If so, who is local? (11/21/12) 18

Concern over hunter's lack of etiquette and respect for landowners (11/21/12) 7

Sidewalks, man-hole covers and noise ordinances (11/21/12) 8

Do Bell Buckle water issues still exist? (11/19/12) 22

'Tis the season for coming together. (11/17/12) 9

Dahlias, do you overwinter in or out of the ground? (11/16/12)

The final garden club meeting of 2012 is coming up TONIGHT! (11/13/12) 2

How much do radio and TV talk show hosts affect election results? (11/12/12) 2

Money is tight so what can you do to earn some extra income? (11/07/12) 4

Well, another election season is over. Comments? (11/07/12) 55

Lady bug, is not a lady? (11/04/12) 12

Did someone lose a kitten near Vine street in Wartrace? (10/29/12) 10

What happens when you tinker with Mother Nature. (10/24/12) 5

Chronicles of Juicing/Smoothies - Reloaded (10/24/12) 15

Getting back to basics in the garden (10/23/12) 4

The Weed'em & Reap countdown is now at three. (10/17/12) 1

Are you knee deep in Fall gardening and want to extend some more? (10/14/12) 6

The second Presidential debate. Did you hear what you expected? (10/12/12) 27

Vice Presidential debate. Your thoughts? (10/11/12) 39

Chronicles of a juicing/smoothie neophyte (10/07/12) 20

The first presidential debate. Did you see/hear it? Your thoughts? (10/05/12) 34

Gardeners, watch the temps on Sunday night. Meeting on Friday! (10/03/12) 9

Well, it is official, you can now send pictures through the eBay email system. (09/25/12) 10

Hey, here's a new one, ebay is changing. (09/13/12) 8

Anyone used these "juicers" and what were your results? (09/08/12) 37

Ever had an incomplete card game play in your head non-stop for 3 days? (09/06/12) 4

Well, the Democratic Convention is a wrap! (09/06/12) 114

Early morning or late evening, which is your preference? (08/31/12) 4

A good reason to check both sides of an eBay Trading Assistant relationship. (08/23/12) 1

Will this help fight back with scams and phishing? (08/22/12) 2

Whew! Has time slipped by. Weed'em and Reap Garden Club this Friday (08/22/12) 1

What a disappointment at the Shelbyville airport! (08/18/12) 16

Anyone want to comment about Mr. Romney's choice for VP running mate? (08/16/12) 90

A welcome sound to gardeners and maybe bee keepers. (08/12/12)

If you are using mobile apps to buy things on the internet, take your time. (08/11/12) 3

Weed'em & Reap Garden this Friday 8-10-12 AND Botanicus Interacticus from Disney (08/08/12) 5

Thanks to all who supported the 106th Wartrace Walking Horse Show (08/06/12)

After 26+- years on the computer a malicious virus finally got me. (08/03/12) 13

There is something about this situation that just chokes me up. (07/30/12) 3

Should online buying/selling sites offcially allow teenagers under 18? (07/27/12) 5

Weed'em & Reap is coming to town this Friday night, July 27th. (07/26/12)

Heard of the "Owl & the Pussycat"? Well, here is a different version. (07/25/12) 2

Mornings are great, if you just did not have to get up to enjoy them. (07/23/12)

Thoughts from the garden, what to do with okra, goodbye tomatoes and who called this meeting (07/22/12)

Storm over Shelbyville (07/21/12)

Hold on tight folks, eBay is making changes to their Best Match Search Algorithm (07/21/12) 13

We're finally going to mow our grass. The cracks in the ground are closing up. (07/17/12)

Historic Bell Buckle? It lost some history today. (07/11/12) 25

If you are making custom items for eBay or ship time is longer than two days expect change (07/11/12)

Hey folks, I need some suggestions for internet out here on the hill (07/08/12) 16

Greetings from the Garden, HOT Garden! (07/04/12) 1

Missing 13 year old girl, FOUND SAFE (07/04/12) 1

Quality control in making cupcakes is an important job (07/02/12) 3

No burn ban, no water rationing? What are we waiting for? (07/01/12) 14

A hundred and what?! Cool wave in the 90s! (06/29/12) 2

Hey, guess what is coming up this Friday, June 29th? (06/26/12) 3

An epiphany of miniscule proportion, at least for the world. (06/20/12) 9

Do you love dogs? Love Pit Bull dogs? The Bell Buckle RC/Moon Pie Festival turned up a Big surprise. (06/17/12) 8

Anyone need decorative Money Tree seeds (06/15/12)

Mark you calendar for June 15th, this Friday. (06/11/12)

Getting the most from this T-G blog. (06/07/12) 19

Star Trek, we are getting closer! Injection without needles. (05/28/12) 9

Garden club Friday June 1st (05/27/12) 8

A boiled egg without water and without boiling? Huh? (05/25/12) 2

A court is being asked to make eBay & Paypal do WHAT for Ford? (05/23/12) 8

Any opinons on Society's transformation over the years of your life? (05/22/12) 1

Too much rain? Anyone having problems with their gardens? (05/21/12) 15

Pocket garden on the square got a few additons today (05/19/12) 3

Using craigslist and facebook to source products to sell or satisfy your need to find treasures. (05/16/12)

Watch out for phishing e-mail looking very much like a Verizon notification (05/16/12) 4

Found at recent yardsale! What a gem! (05/14/12) 2

The second annual Mutts in May celebration is over (05/12/12) 5

Bell Buckle Water, what are your thoughts? (05/11/12) 4

Were things this crazy 40-50 years ago or....? (05/08/12) 9

That's it! That is all that is on your mind? (05/08/12) 29

Recent boost of referrals from eBay for Trading Assistants (05/07/12) 2

Is a Publix grocery store coming to Shelbyville? (05/05/12) 22

It is time for another "What's on your mind" (05/04/12) 3

Mega dairy farm apparently done right. (05/03/12) 2

Is anyone else missing their hummingbirds? (05/03/12) 15

Weed'em & Reap garden Club meeting same place same time and where are our hummers? (05/02/12) 1

Mystery wildflower (04/23/12) 6

Saturday morning, April 21st, 8:00 AM, on the Square, we are going to play in the dirt and mulch. (04/21/12) 1

If we gardeners can just make it through the next two nights! (04/10/12) 10

Are you ready to Auction? Collectibles, antiques, storage wars (04/09/12) 2

Garden Gleanings "My iris changed color when I moved them" (04/07/12)

Give-a-ways for tomorrow's Weed'em & Reap meeting (04/05/12) 4

Weed'em & Reap this Friday folks. The 6th at 7:00 PM (04/02/12)

Where are the Knights of the Round Table? Are there none left? (03/29/12) 24

Hey, Weed'em & Reap is back this Friday at New Century in Shelbyville (03/22/12) 8

Well.....what do you think about Peyton? (03/19/12) 9

Just curious, do our local schools teach entrepreneurship? (03/14/12) 25

Local honey bees,potting up seedlings, under lights (03/11/12) 3

Great garden club meeting last night! (03/10/12) 4

Sitting on the fence about using YouTube? Check this out. (03/08/12)

CORRECTION Garden club Weed'em & Reap meeting this Friday March 9th. CORRECTION (03/07/12) 11

Here is a great eBay info page for taking pictures (03/03/12)

Spring/Summer eBay updates. Anyone want to comment? (03/01/12) 9

Some random notes regarding eBay. (02/25/12) 4

Garden club meeting, saving the pollinators, reducing pesticide use (02/20/12) 4

Whitney, what a tragic end to a fabulous, God-given talent. (02/12/12) 4

Go away for a few days and someone leaves the freezer door open!! (02/12/12) 1

Finally, eBay may be about to release old eBay I..D.s that have not been used for a long time. (02/05/12)

Weed'em & Reap coming back for an encore this coming Friday. :-) (02/05/12) 2

A post of the rambling kind. (02/04/12)

Time for a REAL Spring cleaning? (02/03/12)

Weed'em and Reap report. Your thoughts needed. (01/28/12) 19

Weed'em & Reap Snake plant Sansevieria free (01/27/12) 5

Social Media and eBay, new guide to stimulate your ideas (01/25/12)

Looks like we will have a mild winter so let's Weed'em & Reap! (01/24/12) 8

Have you checked your eBay store statistics lately? (01/23/12) 3

Have YOU been asked about composting leaves and organic waste? (01/17/12) 3

Can someone help me understand botnets, spam, etc.? (01/17/12) 4

Allright already, enough with the Holidays! (01/16/12) 2

Think you have unfiltered access to the World Wide Web? Maybe you do or maybe you don't. (01/16/12)

Tim Tebow mania is probably giving many indigestion. (01/14/12) 5

How about growing the packaging trays inside boxes. (01/12/12) 2

We're On! Weed'em & Reap garden club this coming Friday Jan 13th (01/11/12) 10

Rainy Saturday morning ramblings (01/07/12) 2

Do you have any special foods for the New Year? (12/31/11) 13

eBay starting some new videos about real users (12/30/11) 3

Getting the itch? Weed'em & Reap coming up on Jan 13th (12/27/11) 13

A Holy and Merry Christmas to all. (12/25/11) 2

E-Verify law - just curious (12/23/11) 1

Sharing the same space on a rainy afternoon, cat and deer (12/22/11) 4

Running garbage through the CSI process. (12/19/11) 5

Continuing saga of the PITA (12/15/11) 9

Bell Buckle loses a fine lady with Thelma Haskins' passing (12/12/11) 3

Their future is our future. (12/07/11)

December 7, 1941 (12/07/11) 2

Garden and nature ramblin'. What else on a late Fall day? (12/02/11) 4

Had your truck up a tree lately? (11/29/11) 3

Myasthenia gravis, ever heard of it? I had not until yesterday. (11/29/11) 9

Ramblings from a water soaked, one armed, weekend warrior. (11/27/11) 4

How does operating expense go from $423,000 almost empty to $198,712 with more occupants? (11/24/11) 2

Need something new to do for next year's growing season? (11/22/11) 13

If you are in the Bell Buckle area tomorrow, Wednesday, 11-23-11 (11/22/11) 2

A Community Compost project. For it, or against it? (11/14/11) 10

No eBay Trading Assistant in Shelbyville? (11/11/11) 5

The perplexities of leaf disposal. (11/11/11) 15

A little disappointed in Lamar Alexander and others (11/10/11) 4

The LAST Weed'em & Reap meeting of this year. 11-11-11 (11/07/11) 4

Growing catnip inside, and hydroponic VENDING MACHINES? (11/03/11) 10

What a great weekend, and I survived it without incident! Almost. (10/31/11) 4

Next to last Weed'em & Reap meeting of the year this Friday (10/26/11) 7

Could this come to Tennessee? Should it? (10/21/11) 19

Ooooh, what a delicious, fresh veggie for dinner tonight! (10/20/11) 1

Should marijuana be legalized, or at least be left up to individual states to decide? (10/20/11) 25

Uh-oh, the shopping cart link has shown up on our home eBay page. (10/20/11) 4

Garden Alert: Watch for frost Thursday night and Friday! Is your chimney clean and ready? (10/19/11) 11

Writing by voice not thumbs (10/19/11) 3

Is Customer Service and Patient Service any different? (10/18/11) 4

Have you removed your e-mail from your eBay listings? (10/13/11)

I know Pittsburg beat the Titans but this is neat youtube video (10/11/11)

The Middle Earth Garden starts to take new form. (10/08/11) 5

Some small changes at eBay. Change is not new but....you may like these. (10/07/11)

The Middle Tennessee Plant Swap is next weekend. (10/07/11) 1

Great garden meeting this past Friday. (10/02/11) 12

Yeesh! The Post Office makes more than we do on an eBay sale and they are going broke! (09/30/11)

Another garden meeting? Yup, this Friday the 30th. Other thoughts as well. (09/26/11) 15

A magazine called Garden & Gun ?? What is that all about? (09/23/11) 9

Have you tried the new listing tool on eBay? (09/22/11) 1

Ever have trouble taking a photo in bright sunlight with your digital camera? (09/22/11) 2

Figs have finally stopped trying to bite us and now, we bite them. (09/21/11) 6

Interested in vintage or antique items? Want to talk with others about it? (09/20/11)

Are you missing the A-Z index on eBay? (09/18/11)

Like hummingbirds? Like Alaska? Take a peek at this video. (09/18/11) 2

Half price seed sale called in by club member (09/18/11)

Why am I not writing about eBay much lately? (09/17/11) 9

If your eBay/PayPal sales get strange, contact eBay or PayPal immediately (09/16/11)

Garden club meeting this Friday the 16th (09/14/11) 5

How do I make sense of losing a great salesperson? (09/14/11) 2

Decisions of the gardening kind, mostly. (09/04/11) 5

How do you say no to a pet that depends on you? (09/01/11) 7

Weed'em & Reap Garden Club meeting this Friday. EVERYONE welcome. (08/31/11) 2

What do you suppose eBay's motivation is for the 1 cent auctions? (08/30/11) 2

Mad Men Casting Call Contest (08/20/11) 7

Spooky new phone or Spooky NFL? (08/20/11) 2

Great, GREAT Weed'em & Reap meeting last night! (08/20/11) 1

You haven't forgotten have you? Weed'em & Reap this Friday. (08/16/11) 6

Mother Nature fooled me yesterday. It was hotter than I thought. (08/15/11) 4

Reminder! Farmer's Market every week in Shelbyville. (08/14/11) 16

One blog post a day is usually enough but.... Check this video. (08/09/11) 7

Anyone in the Bedford or surrounding Counties going to the eBay event in Orlando this year? (08/08/11)

Weed'em & Reap Garden Club meeting this Friday (08/03/11) 2

Anyone care to comment about the debt ceiling? (08/03/11) 33

The expanding donut (07/28/11) 2

Will private information be private anymore? (07/19/11) 10

Garden Club, Blueberries, WEEDS and probably more. (07/17/11) 2

One of our newest cat REALLY wants to help our eBay sales. (07/15/11) 3

To a guy who is nervous on a rooftop, this is insane. (07/15/11) 6

Aah eBay, the one constant, is change. (07/12/11) 4

Speed change on 231N. Anyone care to comment? (07/12/11) 20

What does your family like to do in the Shelbyville area? (07/11/11) 9

From What's On Your Mind: Is the U.S. in danger of following Greece's financial path? (07/11/11) 10

Is your workspace overflowing with packing materials? (07/10/11) 6

Garden club meeting, lightning bugs, garden links (07/09/11) 5

What's on your mind? (07/09/11) 32

A step to head off disputes with customers using PayPal (07/08/11) 2

One for the good guys against phishing and spam (07/08/11)

Tilt-Shift photography? Anyone have experience with this? (07/07/11) 9

What about the coupon thing? (07/07/11) 36

Weed'em & Reap this Friday and what's your music this morning? (07/06/11) 8

eBay is picking up again. Maybe because I am finally listing again? (07/05/11) 1

My Middle Earth garden took a hit yesterday. Of course, so did I. (07/04/11)

If it ain't broke, don't fix it. How often have we heard that? (07/02/11) 7

Should you change your e-mail password? (06/30/11) 1

Sales of religious books up for fourth straight month? (06/29/11) 21

It must be true! Watch out what you wish for (06/29/11) 7

Concerned about Candian Postal stoppage? (06/28/11)

Talk about wildlife photography. (06/28/11)

Sometimes, just taking a deep breath can do wonders. (06/26/11) 3

Can someone help me STOP this particular spammer? (06/23/11) 13

Hey, tomorrow is Friday and that means Weed'em & Reap!! (06/23/11) 6

Rambling,Father's Day, PITA, spam,gardening,nature, dreams, etc. (06/20/11) 6

You probably thought I forgot but ... I didn't. (06/19/11) 2

Is blossom end rot ruining your first tomatoes? Other issues? (06/17/11) 18

Homeschoolers denied participation in public school activities? (06/17/11) 14

Interested in developments with the State Fair in Nashville? (06/14/11) 1

The garden club meets this very night, June 10th. Take a break from the heat. (06/10/11) 6

Sorry to hear of Parker Sain's passing. (06/07/11) 4

How 'bout them onions? (06/07/11) 5

Weed'em & Reap and other garden things (06/05/11) 14

Where are 60% of our bloggers? (06/05/11) 30

Interesting photo site to show what different settings do to the picture (06/04/11) 3

Just in case you missed it, the Farmer's Market opens TODAY, Thursday June 2 (06/01/11)

Talk about a commuity getting together, check this out. (05/30/11) 4

I almost feel like a proud parent again. (garden speaking) (05/27/11) 3

Garden, garden, garden club gathering this coming Friday 27th (05/22/11) 2

Strangely, I can not seem to find any catnip. (05/19/11) 6

Can't find Princess Beatrice's hat on eBay? Time is running out! (05/19/11) 1

Is everyone aware of AOL radio? (05/19/11) 6

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I almost made the news yesterday, but not for good reasons. (05/15/11) 12

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Momma's Day, garden and ramblings. (05/08/11) 10

Boy, I would just love to find a way to zing phishers (05/01/11) 13

Snake Palm sent by fellow T-G blog as well as Weed'em & Reap member (04/29/11) 12

eBay's Spring seller updates are happening folks! (04/28/11)

Hey, another Weed'em & Reap is around the corner! (04/27/11)

Miss Sophie left us today. One super big, little dog. (04/26/11) 8

Watch for the new "Shopping Cart" in eBay (04/24/11)

We HAVE to find a better solution for ticks (04/23/11) 10

Hummingbirds, coffee filters, spell checkers, love-crazed woodpeckers (04/21/11) 12

First eBay / PayPal charge-back. We'll see what happens. (04/16/11) 15

Weed'em & Reap tonight! and red pepper to discourage pets and pests. (04/15/11) 4

Hummingbird feeders out? What are you planting? (04/09/11) 8

Skunks, dogs, rabies and a stinky, eventful afternoon (04/08/11) 13

Winter lettuce seedlings looking for a welcoming garden. (04/05/11) 7

Another Friday night and we ain't got no weeds. (03/27/11) 10

Are you tracking your eBay and other internet sales expenses, NOW? (03/25/11) 2

eBay can sure make the world small (03/18/11) 2

Weed'em & Reap garden club this Friday the 18th (03/13/11) 2

In case you are going to Las Vegas in April.... (03/12/11)

The PITA method of container gardening. (03/06/11) 4

Were any of you shouting at the Tennessee Gardener program this morning? (03/06/11) 3

Meeting held, Weed'em & Reap at new place 7:00 p.m. (03/04/11) 4

What to do about Charlie? (03/01/11) 14

New site for Weed'em & Reap this coming Friday March 4th (02/27/11)

Searching for local community gardens. (02/25/11) 3

Something from California that makes sense, internet non-taxes (02/23/11) 8

Quest for the first daffodil. Do you have it? (02/22/11) 10

National Federation of the Blind and eBay join forces. (02/21/11)

Should hummingbirds be made suspect? (02/21/11) 1

An ounce of prevention regarding an e-mail supposedly from Microsoft (02/19/11) 4

What are the arguments about using photo i.d.s for voting? (02/16/11) 24

Garden club meeting coming up this Friday, February 18th (02/15/11) 4

What a great garden club meeting! Thanks folks. (02/06/11) 10

Start watching your eBay announcements the next week or two. (02/05/11) 2

A cat (feline) food challenge, why little balls are forming? (02/02/11) 11

Weed'em & Reap this Friday FEBRUARY 4th at 7:00 PM (02/01/11) 6

eBay buyers & sellers donated $54.8 million to U.S. and U.K. nonprofits in 2010. (01/28/11)

eBay help is now Customer Support, DSR change, free auction listing (01/26/11) 1

Questions for the medically oriented. (01/26/11) 14

Researching your treasures online with eBay or other sites (01/24/11) 3

Next Weedem & Reap February 4th (01/24/11) 2

We are one week away from the start of a new season for Weed'em & Reap (01/14/11) 9

Some snowy day ramblings from the hill about snow, woodpeckers and seed starting.. (01/10/11) 8

Why elastic bands on football players arms? (01/01/11) 4

I sure hope this is not a theme for the New Year. (01/01/11) 7

I want to share an eBay feedback to show you something neat (12/23/10) 5

I could not help myself, the budget made me do it. (12/18/10) 2

The NEXT Window upgrade, is constant change worth it? (12/15/10) 18

This has more appeal to more than farmers, so check it out. (12/13/10)

schmutzhaken, or in my world, a broom left outside in one position too long. (12/13/10) 1

Garden and all around meanderings on a cold, snowy Sunday morning. (12/12/10) 8

Should you sign up for internet get rich quick programs? May I offer an opinion? (12/09/10) 10

Class follow up and plans for the future (12/05/10)

What is your opinion of this conundrum (I just like the word) (12/02/10) 8

Wiki leaks discussion from another blog (11/30/10) 21

Thanksgiving night musings (11/25/10) 7

Any dog whisperers out there? PITA & we need your help. (11/24/10) 14

Texting and even calling while in a car? Read this (11/22/10) 10

Brandy needs a loving family (11/20/10) 3

Preparing your garden for winter is the discussion topic tonight. Ya'll come! (11/19/10) 5

Last Garden club meeting of the year this coming Frdiay, 19th (11/15/10) 4

Getting rid of musty, or smoky smells from antique furniture (11/11/10)

Next to the last garden meeting for this year on Friday the 5th. Some re-evaluation needed (11/03/10) 3

Pita, PITA! (11/03/10) 5

Tom Waits makes a new 78 (10/19/10) 12

Hey, the garden club is coming up again. (10/18/10)

Did everyone have the same idea? (10/17/10) 7

YESTERDAY! First Birthday Celebration for Middle Tennessee Business Network (MTBN) (10/12/10) 1

Want to see a different side of eBay? Technical, not selling. (09/23/10) 2

Anyone know of Nikon replacing D-90 with newer model? (09/22/10) 15

Garden Club! Garden Club! Garden Club! This Friday Sept. 24th (09/21/10) 3

How would you like over 21,000 responding to your business Facebook page? (09/21/10) 1

Another reason to consider dealing local when you can. Online travel scams. (09/20/10) 7

Payment providers like PayPal will have to start reporting as of January 1, 2011. Happy New Year from our leaders! (09/16/10) 6

Why is one court case referred to as "the law"? (09/15/10) 12

MTBN Special Session: Social Media Networking (Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) (09/14/10) 3

Ever get too many responses when you search on eBay? (09/08/10)

Found an internet music site that seems to work with slow internet service. (09/08/10) 2

Do you remember the singing duo Mr. & Mrs. Garvey? (09/06/10) 25

Garden ramblings and club meeting this Friday (10th) (09/06/10) 4

Blueanjell, you are on our minds and in our prayers (09/06/10)

eBay adds some new features. Check out your announcements (09/05/10) 3

Is this a resurgence of the eBay we came to love? (09/03/10) 2

Is it time for a tune-up with your eBay shipping? (08/28/10) 4

Weed'em & Reap garden club meeting this coming Friday 27th (08/25/10) 2

Youngest Weed'em & Reap members ready for Friday. (08/22/10) 2

Weed'em & Reap Gardening news (08/21/10) 5

Just got the official word that we will be discussing the uses of Facebook at tomorrow's meeting (08/11/10) 11

A garden club meeting on Friday the 13th? Nothin' better! (08/10/10) 5

Have you seen our maybe even found Scooter? (08/08/10) 4

Another Wartrace Horse Show is "in the books"! (08/08/10)

What a joy! I got to rebuild our pond filter on one of the hottest days of the year! (08/03/10)

Music of our Lives going back to the "Swanee River" (Suwanee) (08/03/10) 4

It is time to pull out Klinger's special pills (08/03/10) 3

Hey, you almost let me forget to announce the next Weed'em & Reap meeting! (07/28/10) 16

Say it ain't so Kodak! The last roll of Kodachrome? (07/26/10) 2

The secret of being a good picker (of berries, beans, etc) not guitars (07/24/10) 1

Farewell Blackie, you lived a good life and passed on your own terms. (07/23/10) 16

Even the moon looks hot tonight. Cat update. (07/22/10) 2

Music we grew up with (07/20/10) 30

Interesting cue ball zucchini squash from Jere's garden (07/20/10) 5

To whomever is promoting the new internet sales tax, please stop. (07/19/10) 10

Ramblings on the tech side, Twitter, software and other nonsense. (07/19/10) 4

Are you ready for Shelbyville's 200th birthday party? (07/15/10) 3

Can't tell the Democrat from Republicans (07/14/10) 8

Another wave of changes with eBay but these are adjustments (07/13/10) 3

Garden club meetin' time is coming up again next Friday July 16th (07/10/10) 4

Shelbyville - Bedford County Chamber of Commerce (07/08/10) 4

Farmer's Market, is it still around? (07/06/10) 13

Records are coming back but a word of caution for record makers. (07/05/10) 18

Fourth of July garden musings. Hope you had a good one! (07/04/10) 1

Sometimes I let things grow to FEED the bugs. (06/29/10) 16

Garden Club meeting on its new night this Friday July 2 (06/29/10) 2

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to 5 kittens born to Sally June 16th 2010! (06/27/10) 6

Back in the garden,great source for information (06/24/10) 8

Out of the garden, well , at least a little bit. (06/21/10) 2

Out of the Garden: The Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act may be a real eye opener! (06/21/10)

Whew! I get to start another week. I'm ready! Plus, a cat update! (06/21/10) 4

Garden Club to develop topic schedule at this Saturday's meeting (06/17/10) 2

Community Outreach Partnership of Bedford County COPBC needs diapers (06/16/10) 2

The pros and cons of PROGRESS. Where do you stand? How do you define it? (06/16/10) 17

What would make a successful, long-lasting, teen gathering place? (06/15/10) 22

What's on your mind? Got a topic that just begs to be explored? (06/15/10) 16

A long-needed improvement for checking eBay feedback (06/14/10) 2

Did I miss the Nashville TV stations coverage of Bonnaroo? (06/13/10) 6

Regarding this T-G blog, what is the best way to keep a topic "fresh" (06/11/10) 14

Garden club looking for presentation topics for upcoming meetings. (06/09/10) 13

Tonight is the first big night of the month. (06/05/10) 5

Wow! Today is a big networking day! (06/02/10) 1

Coming to the Weed'em & Reap social this Saturday? (06/02/10)

Weed'em & Reap garden club for ALL this Saturday June 5th (06/01/10)

And then there were two, maybe one. (05/27/10) 7

Hey, this evening is Weed'em & Reap at Celebration Assisted Living (05/21/10) 4

Need an instant cat family? Holly comes prepackaged with kittens. (05/21/10) 3

Having trouble logging in to eBay? (05/20/10)

"Information technology and manure have a symbiotic relationship," (05/20/10)

Youth Soccer League Sign-ups (05/18/10) 3

Got an extra tractor? Give it away. Really! Consider this. (05/18/10)

Are these chemicals being tested and if so, for what? Why are they surprised? (05/17/10)

Weed'em & Reap work day and ramblings (05/15/10) 3

Here is something to sleep on, or at least to think about. (05/13/10) 15

Please, PLEASE use common sense (safe common sense) when selling to strangers!! (05/10/10) 2

History in tools, any stories to tell? (05/09/10) 14

Weed'em & Reap Tonight , Pot Luck, plants & book giveaway.swap (05/08/10) 8

Monsanto's Roundup starting to show problems (05/04/10) 11

Re-scheduled Weed'em & Reap this coming Saturday May 8 (05/03/10) 2

Come see Richard's garden (05/02/10)

Flood zone maps posted on internet? (05/02/10) 5

Weed'em & Reap RAINED OUT (05/01/10) 5

Weed'em & Reap RAINED OUT RAINED OUT!! (04/30/10) 3

Who knew? Copiers have hard drives that store scanned images. (04/28/10) 7

Weed'em & Reap this coming Saturday. (04/26/10)

MTBN (Middle Tennessee Business Network) to meet this Thursday morning. (04/20/10)

Weed'em & Reap resumes garden meeting this Saturday with a Pot Luck event!! (04/15/10) 3

Is a "dyed-in-wool" politician a wise choice (from any political party) for Supreme Court Justice? (04/12/10) 5

Who left the refrigerator door open? (04/09/10) 3

Bye bye daffodils. (04/05/10) 9

eBay Ramblings (04/03/10) 11

Spring sprucing of greenhouse plants and cats of course! (04/03/10)

Indentity theft during Easter. Kitty and Bunny fans (04/01/10) 4

Remember something called "Free Trade"? Well it ain't so free going the other way. (04/01/10) 1

The mowing season has arrived and I am tired already. (04/01/10) 10

Apparently we have not said it enough. Watch out for phishing e-mails. (03/28/10)

Garden rambings and more on cats (03/26/10) 7

Garden club this Saturday!!! (03/18/10) 11

Middle Tennessee Business Networking, 8:00 A.M. Thursday (tomorrow) (03/10/10) 4

Is eBay coming alive for you? Especially store entries? (03/09/10) 1

The Tax Man (or woman) cometh! Taxing internet income is around the corner. (03/07/10) 5

The wonders of nature. Gotta love it. (03/06/10) 6

What a morning! Have a great one, but don't forget tonight! (03/06/10) 2

Garden Club meeting is NOT tonight but SATURDAY night instead. (03/04/10) 1

The best weekly business networking opportunity is coming up Thursday morning. (03/03/10)

Snow again! Oh come on, enough already! (03/02/10) 5

Olympic effort on eBay to help family of Nodar Kumaritashvili and keep his memory alive. (03/01/10)

Gardening fever is starting to rise. Will you join us? (02/28/10) 11

Please KNOW that my documents are destroyed, and how. (02/28/10) 1

Impressive Business After Hours (02/26/10) 7

Garden Gleanings from Weed'em & Reap: Squash plants dying (02/24/10) 2

Weed'em & Reap has a new meeting place!! (02/23/10) 1

MORE business networking on Thursday evening!!! 5:00 -- 7:00 p.m. 2835 Hwy. 231 North (02/23/10)

Business networking at MTBN this Thursday (02/23/10)

For those of us with less than accurate typing skills, assitance for inadvertantly turning on "lock keys". (02/22/10)

Garden club meeting tonight at Parkway Cafeteria (formerly Richard's) (02/19/10) 7

Weed'em & Reap this coming Friday but WOW do we need to think WARM! (02/14/10) 2

MTBN members reap various rewards from attending meetings. (02/14/10)

MTBN (Middle Tennessee Business Network) tomorrow morning at 8:00 A.M. (every Thursday) (02/10/10)

Newest Weed'em & Reap member identifies Hollyhock Rust (02/07/10) 2

The roller coaster named eBay (02/07/10)

Weed'em & Reap update (02/06/10)

Hee Haw Howdy Tryout (02/06/10) 2

First Weed'em & Reap garden meeting of 2010 TONIGHT (Feb 5th) at Parkway (old Richard's) Cafeteria (02/05/10) 4

Middle Tennessee Business Network meeting every Thursday morning TOMORROW!!! (01/31/10) 2

True Ramblings of a rambling mind (01/31/10) 12

Weed'em Reap this coming FRIDAY. February 5th at Richard's Cafeteria 6:00-6:30 (01/30/10) 2

School's out for the Summ.... uhm, wait a minute, maybe for the Winter? (01/30/10) 4

Party with Weed'em & Reap TWO days before Super Bowl (01/27/10) 4

Getting ready for the season with new tool? (01/22/10) 7

Spring showers? Not yet my daffofil, slow down! (01/20/10) 7

MTBN this Thursday. Be there or be squ........! Kind of dates me, huh? (01/18/10)

Gee, look what PITA brought in! Such a nice gift for bedtime. (01/18/10) 8

Is it time for Weed'em & Reap? (01/13/10) 12

Cats and dog update. (01/11/10) 10

Start of a new week, so maybe you should start something new! (01/11/10) 2

Kids of all ages and types like to play on ice. (01/03/10) 6

Brrrrr. What more needs to be said? (01/03/10) 8

Happy New Year Gardening! Well, happy New Year as well, but.... (01/01/10) 11

Caution about selling unwanted gifts on eBay. (12/27/09) 1

Pita the milk-jug dog. (12/24/09) 9


How about an adoption of the Canine kind? (12/19/09) 4

Look into my eyes, adopt me, adopt me, adopt me (12/18/09) 6

Have your heard about MTBN yet? (12/17/09)

Sign, sign everywhere a sign, breaking up the scenery blowing my mind? (12/14/09) 34

Wow! What a morning to go back to bed, but wait, I tried that! (12/13/09)

Saturday morning musings from Bell Buckle, TN or there about. (12/12/09) 2

To blog or not to blog, about blog development? (12/10/09) 9

It is going to be breezy today. BREEZY? (12/09/09)

Weed'em & Reap may not have many attend tonight on account of.... (12/05/09) 2

Time to put away the sandals? They don't work well in snow. (12/05/09) 6

Garden Club meeting THIS Saturday (Change of day) (12/02/09) 3

Ouch, ouch ouch! Did I mention OUCH? (12/02/09) 7

Coffee with a twist, eBay listing doldrums, missed Black Friday deal and of course some gardening. (11/28/09) 3

Ramblings from an incurable gardener, coffee lover, animal lover, etc. (11/26/09) 2

What a weekend! I am beat, but it was great! (11/16/09)

Difference between Spanish & Mexican language (11/15/09) 10

Tonight, tonight, tonight at Richard's Cafeteria!! What? (11/13/09) 3

Faithful readers send pictures of amazing craftsmanship (11/12/09) 7

Could the dominant thought patterns of Jihad, so widely promoted, be changing? (11/11/09) 7

The continuing saga of dropped cats. (11/10/09)

Friday the 13th Garden Club meeting. (11/08/09)

UPDATED THEY"RE BACK! 3 cats are missing and another is hurt. (11/06/09) 5

Question about our Garden Club Meeting and one of our own gets international notoriety (11/05/09) 3

Another interesting twist from eBay. Oh, by the way a little about TRS. (11/05/09) 1

A moral conundrum of the feline kind. (11/04/09) 11

The first of November garden notes. (11/01/09) 1

Finally eBay, FINALLY! Where have you been? (10/31/09) 23

Hot off Tuesday's press, Weed'em & Reap Garden Club this Friday (10/28/09) 2

We can probably get any one of your choice! Need a good mouser? (10/26/09) 4

Saga of the remaining cats (10/23/09) 4

The missing kitty, a mouser update. (10/22/09) 3

Cat & garden update. One group is growing, the other, not so much. (10/19/09) 11

Cats, cats, cats! (10/15/09) 7

Its basketball time again in Tennessee, or almost. (10/15/09)

Weed'em & Rap Garden Club meeting this Friday, 16th (10/14/09) 8

Preserving your identity is not just someone else's responsibility (10/12/09) 6

Garden Club meeting tonight. Friday Oct 2 (10/02/09)

Weed'em & Reap Friday Oct 2, Richard's Cafeteria (09/29/09) 4

Garden ramblings that got out of control (like my weeds) (09/27/09)

All this rain, and our goldfish almost ran out of water! (09/21/09) 2

eBay takes the honor of being 2009 Most Trusted Companies in Privacy (09/17/09)

Weed'em & Reap Garden Club (09/15/09) 2

What is wrong with chemical companies and our government and our ag educational research facilities?? (09/12/09)

Hummingbird social? (09/09/09) 3

Is there a legacy in your family waiting for you? (09/07/09) 7

Grey rocks hurt our fish? (09/07/09) 2

Weed'em & Reap garden club at Richard's Friday evening 6:30 (09/03/09) 4

eBay Gleanings of a less serious nature (08/31/09) 3

Enjoyable License Renewal (08/27/09) 3

Weed'em & Reap Cacti Delecti was not what I thought. (08/21/09) 5

As promised, two plants going as door prizes at Friday garden meeting (08/19/09) 7

Grassroot healthcare reform. (08/18/09) 14

Weed'em & Reap Garden meeting this Friday at NEW LOCATION! (08/18/09)

Woodstock 40 years ago. WOW! Where did the time go? (08/14/09) 14

Garden club meeting at NEW location next week (08/14/09) 3

Please help me understand Mr. Obama's personal secrecy. (08/11/09) 61

eBay Product Catalog plans to use seller's pictures (08/11/09) 2

Why are callers allowed to block their number from caller ID? (08/10/09) 11

Do you want to win a gardening book valued at $21.95? (08/07/09) 4

Ever wonder what barcodes can tell you? (08/06/09)

Straw bale gardens continued (08/05/09) 2

Google based gadget sounds exciting for independent web sales and it is FREE! (08/04/09) 2

Garden meeting this Friday August 7th at Hong Kong. (08/04/09)

We the people put a stamp of approval on the current government, but we better watch carefully. (08/03/09) 7

Yesterday's eBay changes (07/28/09) 7

Garden gleanings (07/27/09) 8

FINALLY got Jere's garden photos up and the garden meeting (07/24/09) 4

Garden meeting and Jere's garden photos (07/21/09) 2

Some common sense for printing publishers (07/17/09) 2

Should vehicle being towed backward have extra lights or flashers (07/15/09) 5

More garden creativity (07/12/09) 3

Weed'em and Reap meets tomorrow (Friday) at Hong Kong Restaurant (07/09/09) 2

Waiter, waitress or server, tip credit can be a hard reality, especially in today's economy. (07/07/09) 12

Do WHAT with your camera? (07/03/09) 3

Garden gleanings (07/02/09)

eBay for thrift stores, regular retailers and who else? (07/01/09) 2

Thank you for another enjoyable and invigorating garden meeting. (06/27/09) 10

Work day for Weed'em & Reap at VFW (06/22/09)

Weed'em & Reap Garden Club moving temporary change to Friday night, and Happy Father's Day! (06/21/09) 3

Fox in the garden shed brings home burglarized items. (06/19/09) 1

What the heck! Government is considering taxing personal use of business phone? (06/15/09) 7

A new or old way to control garden insects. Hide them. (06/13/09) 3

Weed'em & Reap tomorrow (Saturday) at Hong Kong Restaurant (06/12/09)

Does GM's proposal to the State of Tennessee walk a legal tightrope? (06/12/09) 4

Out of work or looking? Here is an interesting "for what it's worth" (06/08/09) 4

Garden club, plant swap, and all around good time. (06/03/09) 12

Earn extra money as an eBay Trading Assistant. (06/01/09) 5

New Hibachi & Fine dining in Murfreesboro (06/01/09) 4

Garden Club meeting tomorrow! May 30th at Hong Kong. (05/29/09) 2

Kittens, Kittens KITTENS! How many do you want? (05/29/09) 5

eBay diluted by Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, (Kittens?) ridiculous, but wait, they may be on to something! (05/24/09) 8

Observations of selling trading cards (or not) on eBay (05/23/09) 2

The tough economy has them coming out of the walls. PLEASE rethink spending thousands to learn eBay or the internet!. (05/19/09) 4

Since I brought up eBay's whacky policy, here is the change. (05/18/09) 2

From another blog, a reader wants to learn more about puppy adoption. (05/18/09) 12

REMEMBER Weed'em & Reap is TOMORROW (Sunday May 17) at the VFW (05/16/09) 1

eBay!*%@#! Sometimes only family can love it. (05/15/09) 1

Weed'em & Reap this SUNDAY at VFW at 1:00 PM (05/12/09)

Richard's garden progress FINALLY posted (05/11/09) 3

Mr. Elkins -- Until we meet again (05/07/09) 7

Garden Gleanings - Growing in bales (05/07/09) 13

Garden club report from Weed'em & Reap (05/03/09)

Garden Gleanings Water, then bail out. What fun! (05/02/09) 4

Weed'em & Reap will finalize VFW plans (05/01/09)

Tomato challenge. They are being eaten and no tell-tale evidence left behind. (05/01/09) 3

Wow! It is almost time and I have been slow to let you know! Weed'em & Reap (04/30/09) 2

Garden Gleanings - Pesticide and Parkinson's evidence keeps on coming. (04/27/09) 4

Garden Gleanings, meeting and miscellaneous (04/25/09) 2

When did newspapers start getting taxed? (04/22/09) 8

After last night my garden moves OUTSIDE. (04/21/09) 4

Chiggers, coffee, seedlings, gardens, hummers, etc. (04/20/09) 13

Kings Firecrackers- Want to be energized and amazed? (04/19/09) 1

Check out page 8A in Sunday T-G Cascade Band at DisneyWorld (04/19/09) 1

Garden Gleanings -Weed'm & Reap plus more (04/19/09) 1

Garden fun, save money, enjoy new plants and new friends! (04/18/09) 4

Remember! Weed'em & Reap this coming Saturday at the Hong Kong Restaurant! (04/16/09) 11

What? eBay is making more changes? Couldn't Be! (04/14/09) 2

Wow! What flower photographs! Maybe I should say portraits! (04/14/09) 5

It's Hummer season! What was I thinking? (04/13/09) 13

Oh Hail. Ouch! (04/10/09) 2

Navy Petty Officer Mike Monsoor: A Hero we all need to read about (04/09/09) 5

U.S. Department of Agriculture starts "People's Garden" and guess what? (04/08/09)

Garden Ramblings The perfect garden? (04/07/09) 2

Whew! What a garden meeting! (04/04/09)

Garden GLeanings: Weed'em & Reap Tomorrow Evening (04/03/09)

Garden Gleanings: End of workday musings (04/02/09) 3

A goodwill impairment?? Huh? (04/01/09) 1

Garden Gleanings: Weed'em & Reap, rooting begonias (03/31/09) 4

My apologies if you heard the SCREAM at 1:08 this afternoon. (03/30/09) 13

Garden Ramblings: Fuel line update, slow gardening, pond developments, pea popping (03/28/09) 6

Why does organic or sustainable food production get the bad rep for being expensive? (03/27/09) 4

Bedford Ramblings: garden, work, pets, feng shui... (03/25/09) 2

Wildflowers, sunflowers for large plantings (03/24/09) 3

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Steve Mills and his wife have one daughter. They previously owned two coffee/ice cream shops, currently operate an internet sales company and teach classes, but his primary job involves the paper industry worldwide. Hobbies and interests lie in gardening, photography, recorded music and of course, their pets.