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eBay, gardening, education take your pick

Posted Thursday, August 16, 2007, at 10:00 PM

At least someone finds my wrting interesting.
Good day Bedford County!

I probably had way too much time to think about things for this blog, because the topics just keep coming. The title hits my top three interests after God and family, but there is sooooo much that "rings my bell".

If you want to talk eBay, we are fanatics, as well as instructors educated by eBay. Most conversations seem to end up there eventually. Thus the label fanatics.

Gardening? I lean heavily toward natural methods, but I have learned that it does no good to get on a "high horse". I would just love to compare notes about how we grew our backyards gardens before the magic pills of insecticides, synthetic fertilizers and weed killers.

Besides learning how to pull weeds, hoe, shovel manure and pull weeds, I eventually became certification chairman for the TLSA, a group who certified organic farms in Tennessee before "big brother" took it over. So...........

Have you noticed that I like quotation marks?

Now that our daughter is out of the local school system, I am ready to go on and on about education, the rights, wrongs, good, bad and ugly. Grew up in an educator's house and would have loved to be a teacher if I could have afforded it and the @#$% regulations, government and paperwork got out of the way, so one could teach!

Enjoy photography? I do too and would love to learn more about the digital world. I can get by, but there is a big new world out there. I have done the 35mm thing and still like what it can do over the digitals, but when it comes to developing, wow! Photoshop sure does beat the smelly darkrooms. What headaches!

Well, now you have an idea of my main focus starting out. Watch the blog, participate or tune me out. Just forgive my fat finger typing 'cause I don't see a spell checker here. I know, there are ways around that, and I will probably use them to avoid too much embarrassment.

Until tomorrow.

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Hello Steve. I am looking forward to discussions on eBay and digital photography. I don't know much about gardening.

You may want to give the google toolbar a spin if you are in need of a spell checker for your web browser. Works with Microsoft Internet Explorer on Windows and Mozilla Firefox for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. :)


-- Posted by nathan.evans on Thu, Aug 16, 2007, at 10:43 PM

Thanks Nathan. My fingers (fat or not) never seem to go where I expect them to go.

eBay started off with a few small purchases, then trying to sell a few pieces of test equipment from a previous work life. The success surprised us so much that we started cleaning out closets (plenty more to do).

From there we had people asking us to sell their things and we decided it was better to teach them to do it themselves. We still sell a little for others but we have so much of our own that time just runs out.

I talk eBay almost any chance I get. It certainly helped us ease through some financial issues (like medical, sorry Doc) and it is totally up to us.

I say that because we sell multi-level marketing stuff and we never felt comfortable recruiting others, we just sell the stuff. No one else is responsible for our success or failure.

Well, the Post Office and other shipping companies could help, but they have to make a buck as well. Just wish they made more sense of how they calculate fees.

ANYWAY, if you have a question on your mind, fire away. If I don't know it, I will learn by getting your answer, so we both win.

We have a lot of fun watching a small round record cleaner (for those a bit younger, those are the earlier generation's Circular Disk) that I threw around the garage for many years sell for $54 to a fellow in Australia and a toy that has been in the closet for about 40 years sell for $850. The buyer was in the U.S. but the bidding was from all over the world.

Reality is that not all our stuff sold like this, or even sold at all, but it has been a real enjoyable trip trying to figure things out.

On photography, I am trying to hold back on buying a Nikon D80, but I just did an internet search today and prices seem to have come WAY down. My restraint might be failing quickly.

Why Nikon, why D80? All my film cameras were Pentax but my brother just gave me his huge assortment of lenses and cameras and they all are Nikon. The D80 will accept the lenses. I may get one automatic D80 lens for the quickie shots.

My challenge comes from knowing how to get the most from all the options inside the camera. We have three digitals in the family and all I can take are snapshots. The D80 seems to have features I understand.

I'm gone for now.

-- Posted by stevemills on Fri, Aug 17, 2007, at 9:07 AM

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Steve Mills and his wife have one daughter. They previously owned two coffee/ice cream shops, currently operate an internet sales company and teach classes, but his primary job involves the paper industry worldwide. Hobbies and interests lie in gardening, photography, recorded music and of course, their pets.