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Educational Correctness

Posted Wednesday, August 22, 2007, at 8:48 PM

I just got off a discussion board for eBay Education Specialists and the topic was teaching high school students how to use the internet, merchandise, advertise, and all around run a business while making non-profit income for their school.

The conversation got locked up in legalities and the typical educational BS that seems to ruin a lot of good ideas. Sometimes this crap just sets me off and tonight was my night.

A program of this sort has very few downsides with good adult leadership. The students never actually access the internet to sell or buy, they just source things to sell, evaluate the value of these items, develop a marketing plan, create graphic designs and advertisements to sell the product, analyze success and failure, do accounting, and manage a business.

This experience can encompass ALL the subjects we teach our students in school. They can learn the practical value of math, English, languages, history, art, sports, music, economics, accounting, science, programming, keyboarding, etc.. Bring up a subject and we'll see if we can not apply it.

They learn how to work with others, think creatively, plan, schedule, analyze, you name it! But we sure don't want to ruffle any feathers or do things out of the norm. Yuk, that is what can make education boring! Teachers can't teach creatively if they have to conform to so much "educational correctness".

From here I started ranting and making even less sense than I did above so, I'm done. Have a good one.

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