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Editorial cartoons create discussion

Posted Monday, September 10, 2007, at 12:08 PM

A cartoon in Sunday's paper caught my eye and I guess I just have to say something about it. There is no doubt that I am a business person, so I notice when business is criticized and even more so when I think it might be unjustified.

The cartoon was about Mattel and showed a new outfit for Barbie with toxic waste can and lead and then dollar bills as a bottom line. I may be getting it wrong, but I believe the cartoonist is trying to say that Mattel is so interested in profit that they ignore safety.

I admit that some companies do not have a conscience, but I do not think it is the majority and from Mattel's response, I do not think they are guilty.

Mattel has done most, if not all the recalls voluntarily. They might be "guilty" of trying to use international suppliers to improve their bottom line, but NOT at the cost of our children. There are few companies that do not take advantage of the lower sourcing costs from overseas.

There are some, and I am one of them that resent international outsourcing, but until WE (the U.S. citizens) start buying with their conscience and not based on our own "bottom Line", international outsourcing is going to continue.

In moderation, doing international business is not bad. We want to peacefully co-exist in the world, but it seems as if it has gone overboard. Customer Service outsourcing may be finally returning and that is because of consumer demand, butů..

At any rate, the fault with Mattel is not so much with them as their sources and it does not stop with one company. Here is a quick blurb from a news source called Printing Impressions "WAYNE, NJ--Toy store retailer Toys "R" Us is recalling thousands of art sets produced in China due to excessive levels of lead in black watercolor paint. The company also found that printing ink on the packaging of the Imaginarium Wooden Coloring Cases also contained lead.

Toys "R" Us has severed its relationship with Funtastic, the Hong Kong-based distributor of the art set. The sets were manufactured by Danxiang International Trading."

Many companies ARE taking the right approach. The sarcastic cartoon seems to be indicative of the media's editorial campaign to demonize big business. I would bet that many readers shook their head in agreement with this cartoon, but I just wanted to say I resent it and hear your comments. (I think)

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