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One search does not do it all on eBay.

Posted Thursday, December 27, 2007, at 3:29 PM

One of our prospective students in an upcoming class asked if I could help them find their product they just listed in their store. The key to this is that they put it in their eBay store, not on auction or fixed price.

Unless there are not enough search results to fill up a page, eBay search engines do not search the store items. Auction and Fixed Price are found first.

This points out a searching tip for buyers. Don't just search the original title bar search. There is a tab that will allow you to search Stores, Motors or Express as well.

After your first search there is also a check box to search the contents of listings and not just the title bar.

If I have lost you, write and we will discuss it more.

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It never hurts to bring these things to everyone's attention Cattleman. Thanks.

This type of deception has been a thorn in eBay's side for some time now. They constantly try to catch it but some get through all the time. Not only is it deceiving, it also avoids eBay Final Value Fees.

You should be able to report it through eBay's Trust & Safety, Security & Resolution department but there are so many links on eBay's page that it can be confusing, and hard to find.

Here is the link. http://pages.ebay.com/securitycenter/rep.... You have several choices. It would be good to write down, the item number. They will ask for it.

This clearly sounds like a violation, but sometimes I have found what appears to be a high shipping fee only to catch that it was being shipped from overseas. Postage and shipping is soooo high, it is discouraging.

Thanks for your observation. If you get caught in one of these, contact me before you pay and I will try to help.

-- Posted by stevemills on Thu, Dec 27, 2007, at 7:34 PM

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