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Garden Club meeting this Friday and MORE!

Posted Monday, May 19, 2008, at 12:06 PM

Main lower garden with wildflower garden next to it.
Good Monday morning Bedford County!! What a beauuuutiful day. After a weekend of 'workin' the yard, I am ready to go back to work and rest.

Don't forget our meeting this Friday at Hong Kong Restaurant!!

Aside from the cutworms, this spring has been pretty good for the garden, meaning RAIN! The cool weather has slowed my okra and artichokes, but everything else seems to be prospering.

I was a good boy and waited until this weekend to plant the first crop of corn. To some, it may still be early, but....

In between each kernel I placed an edible soybean or bush bean. One growing tall and the other short, they should not only fit comfortably but the bean should complement the corn replacing some of the nitrogen the corn will consume. Some might have tried a squash as well but I have too many out there already.

At the moment, I am pleased with the lower garden. The soil is staying soft, the plants are flourishing, the weeds are in check and beneficial insects seem to be doing their job. The wildflower garden next to the main vegetable garden has come back well and feeding the beneficials. (and a great hiding place for our cats)

It is hard to see the individual plants in the picture, but there are zukes, yellow squash, red winter squash. acorn squash, a huge gourd, green beans, edible soy beans (edamame) Chinese cabbage, lemon mint, sugar snap peas, coriander (cilantro), several varieties of tomatoes, potatoes and now corn. Other plantings of corn will be staggered in two week intervals and the cabbage is about to complete, so I will fill in with something. I have not thought that out yet.

Oh yes, there is also a taro root plant, more for decoration than the roots. The sugar snap peas were SLOW to grow, so I do not expect a decent crop from them since the heat and long daylight will quickly wipe them out. I will replant some for fall.

The planters and old washing machine at the patio have more 'maters, lettuce, squash, cucumbers, eggplant and swiss chard. All but the swiss chard seem to be doing well.

The upper gardens needs more additives to the soil. I did not rework them because they were overwintering garlic, asparagus, the strawberries that survived last summer, intentional wildflowers and and now have the artichokes and okra in them. I believe these beds will receive the "Ruth Stout" method of mulch, mulch, mulch with straw. Maybe a good test.

By the way, We are just growing for fresh eating for 3 people, so we do not plant large quntities

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