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eBay, today is the day they take feedback away. (at least from the seller)

Posted Monday, May 19, 2008, at 1:26 PM

Today is when sellers can no longer leave a negative or neutral feedback for the buyer.

Buyers however, can still leave whatever feedback they feel is warranted. However, buyers who abuse this by extorting the seller will be penalized or removed by eBay.

While we are discussing feedback, eBay does not do a adequate job of educating the buyers that the Detailed Seller Ratings (DSR's) are used to reward or penalize the sellers.

Good is not good in eBay's eyes, only excellent, so if the seller has done good job describing the item to you, packaging it, communicating and shipping in a timely manner with fair handling charges, give them excellent. Anything else is a negative to eBay.

Just because you did not have to write to them does not mean that they did not communicate well with you. In fact, if you did not have any questions, then they did a GREAT job of communicating what they had to sell, the condition and terms.

Shipping, postage, or freight is expensive today and going to get worse. Be sure you are rating the seller and not the Post Office or freight company when you zing them for costs.

Surprisingly, even those who offer FREE shipping will get "good" on their DSR rating for shipping costs, which tells me that the customer does not understand what I said originally. "Good is not good in eBay's eyes."

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It is about time e-bay got smart and did this. I have gotten terrible service from sellers in the past, but would not leave a true feedback due to the eventual "payback" of bad feedback that would most assurdly come. I don't sell often on e-bay, but when I do, I didn't want my rating blasted simply because I gave a seller the bad feedback they deserved. I've gotten broken items, late items, terrible customer service, even off-brand products that were sold as name-brand. I have left zero negative feedbacks because they ALWAYS result in you getting one back. This is a move long overdue by E-bay in my opinion!

-- Posted by tgreader on Tue, May 20, 2008, at 6:50 AM

It is nice to get a positive comment about this subject.

Most of them on the net are saying how bad the policy is. As a seller, I had some hesitation, but since we leave feedback as soon as the item is paid, it really does not affect us, so I chilled.

I hope you reported the off-brand product to eBay. You can do it without using the Feedback system. In fact, it is better if you do not rely on eBay reading the feedback. They need it directly.

eBay has also increased the number of names you can block from doing business with, so if you have a bad seller, be sure to block them so they do not try to buy something from you and zing you back later.

If the sellers had been customer focused in the first place, these changes may never have occurred, but we are often dealing with people who have no business training and sometimes no ethics.

Overall I am very positive about the eBay trading platform but the "bad ones" get most of the publicity and leave the longest impressions. I hope you have better exchanges in the future and if not, contact me. I would love to try to help.

-- Posted by stevemills on Tue, May 20, 2008, at 9:10 AM

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