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More garden ramblings

Posted Saturday, December 27, 2008, at 9:44 AM

I have not been as dedicated to submitting entries as I should, so the upcoming new year is as good as any excuse to try again. By the way, we ALL need to wish each other a GREAT New Year. It will certainly have its' challenges.

I know I have said this before, but if you REALLY REALLY want certain seeds for your garden this year, you might want to order early. Hard economic times have a way of increasing the interest in gardening, so they may sell out faster.

I spread the last of my collected grass clippings yesterday. They have been sitting in black plastic bags for months, so they were already well on their way to compost. I could use a bale or two of spoiled hay or straw, if anyone knows of some. You can never have enough.

I put aside some giant marigold plants for seeds. I am sure there are many already reseeded in the area, so these are for placement elsewhere. Marigolds are great companion plants for my veggies. Thanks to Mike who shared them with us during a gardening club meeting.

I also got the lawnmower out for a couple mulching runs over the wildflower bed. It runs along the whole length of the veggie garden.

I am afraid there will be many volunteer tomato plants in there next year since I threw the culls from the garden over there. Wish I could tell a tomato from a tomato, but that is part of the surprise. The hard part is not letting everyone grow.

There is a section at the bottom of this garden that our daughter designed to be a sitting area. It has an old claw-foot bathtub that we grow some water plants. I forgot the name, but they have spikes of blue flowers and are very prolific. I had to move them from our goldfish pond because they were taking over.

Anyway, no one sits down there anymore and I have been using the boxed in area as a compost catch-all. I am thinking about adding some more chips and compost and soil to make it another growing garden. The bath tub will harbor the frogs and toads I want for the garden area and maybe I will make it a summer home for some goldfish.

Now don't get to thinking that we have great beautiful gardens. They are functional and basic. I don't have enough energy or money to make them into showpieces.

Christmas Day was beautiful but these last few overcast and sometimes wet ones are not too bad either. I used the wet leaves to quiet my footsteps and took a "walk about" in the woods. Great way to observe nature and check for a few dead trees that I will bring in for the fire.

When I was young, I was not the most religious kid, but I loved nature. Living 6 miles out of town in those days was enough distance to force you to find your own entertainment instead of running with the kids from town. As I grew older, I marveled at the diversity of nature and it actually brought me closer to our creator.

Some people think that we who believe are not thinking logically amaze me when they can believe that one cell has created the amazing diversity in nature. One cell has created a male and female of each species, the unique intricacies of each living thing?

It is easier for me to believe in a creator than it is to believe the one cell theory. That not to say that things do not evolve, but they had to have had an intelligent creator.

Now I truly am rambling, so......I end.

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I can tell it is getting time to start some of my early vegetables. My grow-lights are coming on by themselves. They are on a pull chain switch, so I am at a loss as to how this is happening. I finally unplugged them. If they come on now, I have a bigger problem.

-- Posted by stevemills on Sat, Dec 27, 2008, at 4:38 PM

We watched four deer browse through our garden this morning. I watched carefully to make sure they were not going after the artichoke or garlic but they were just munching on the old wildflower stalks (and a few weeds).

They were only about 30 yards away, so we had a nice long visit. Our dogs had come inside for their breakfast, but I don't think Shelly would do anything to them unless she thought we were looking. Neither do I think that the deer are too worried about them.

Got about four more seed catalogs in the mail this week. The Burpee's cover had a beautiful tomato on it until I noticed that it was a seedless. Being seedless did not make it less attractive, ot just made me think that there is not way for "us" to grow it again without buying special seeds from Burpee again.

That reminded me of the warning that we keep getting about genetically engineered plants and seeds. If we lose our seed base of heirloom vegetables, we are at the mercy of the seed corporations. Makes a person stop and think.

-- Posted by stevemills on Sun, Dec 28, 2008, at 10:43 AM

Steve, I have an idea---

Lets get a list of plants wanted from club members, and then get a list of seeds that members have.

There is a very good possibility that all of us would not have to spend much to get our gardens full this spring, if everyone came through with the seed started plants.

I know I should have some watermelon. egg plant, and tomatoes. Maybe more if I get off my lazy butt and check.

What say you?

-- Posted by espoontoon on Mon, Dec 29, 2008, at 7:28 AM

Sounds like a good idea. I would bet we ALL have more seeds in a pack than we can use and most do not reliably last more than one or two seasons.

Maybe those who were not club members last year would still like to participate? We also need to reach the non-tech members who do not access this blog site.

Barbara wanted to have a meeting on January 9th. Maybe we could use this meeting to bring our list of current seeds, along with our potential order for this year and do some comparing.

What are everyone's thoughts?

-- Posted by stevemills on Mon, Dec 29, 2008, at 8:15 AM

I would really like to join your gardening club, if you would be kind enough to post the next meeting,time & location, and any requirements you have for joining that would be wonderful.

-- Posted by tamerajesch on Mon, Dec 29, 2008, at 2:55 PM

We are REAL easy with our requirements Tamera, just come say hello. Well, you don't even need to say hello, but.....

We are still discussing the date, but we always have it on Friday evening, usually at 6:30. I will post it as a new blog as soon as we have decided. Hope to see you there.

-- Posted by stevemills on Mon, Dec 29, 2008, at 3:34 PM

The ninth sounds fine.

Bring paper and a pencil with an eraser--haha!

-- Posted by espoontoon on Tue, Dec 30, 2008, at 6:59 AM

I know from off-line discussion that others find the 9th works so WE'RE ON.

Friday the 9th of January at 6:30.

Now we need a place that we can easily group together, has a convenient layout for displaying internet web pages and operating the equipment and one that does not bother other patrons.

Our current meeting place has some parking issues, and is using the space we had previously that gave us semi-privacy. Someone suggested Richard's, and I would bet we can return to Hong Kong. Any other thoughts?

-- Posted by stevemills on Tue, Dec 30, 2008, at 7:40 AM


A little off subject but, how did your collards do?

-- Posted by dmcg on Wed, Dec 31, 2008, at 3:06 AM

Ouch! My past has come to haunt me. I never got around to planting the collards. Based on how well my Chinese cabbage did though, I think they would have performed nicely.

My garden in on a light Southeastern slant and we live on a hill, so the cold air slides down the hill and frost usually comes to us last. Same thing for hard freezes. My cabbage did not give up until we hit single digits last week.

Speaking of cold air, I should have done all my outside work yesterday. When I saw the clouds coming from the Northeast, I knew I had delayed too long. That pesky thing call "making a living" got in my way.

I need to bring another rick of wood closer to the house. I used to bring the whole season's worth at one time, but the fear of inviting termites nixed that.

Bringing the wood in reminds me that over half of my supply has to be split. It is dry two years now and I have been holding off until I had enough to warrant renting a splitter, but $60 a day, plus the expense of picking it up and taking it back seems to eliminate the savings I was hoping for.

I need to find my splitting wedges. Deb does not like me doing it that way, so I will have to wait until she heads out for the day. No, she does not read the blog.

-- Posted by stevemills on Wed, Dec 31, 2008, at 8:16 AM

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