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Garden Gleanings Good organic resource, benefits of gardening

Posted Thursday, March 12, 2009, at 9:24 PM

Look up when you're outside.
I ran across a very good resource article for organic gardening from a Florida professor. It has a number of links that also provide good in-depth information on composting, compost ingredients, etc.

I have worked with professors on organic projects before and usually got the feeling that they were presenting information with which they did not necessarily agree. The best way I can describe it is similar to a meat-eater teaching a vegetarian diet.

During one class the teacher answered a question about insect control this way. "Do you want to know the organic way, or the way that works?" You will sense this in the link, but it is still worthwhile. http://www.mybedfordcounty.com/gardengle...

You have probably read or heard that gardening is good for you and good for those who might be physically challenged. Here is a nice article and if you want more information, I will post it on the site. Just let me know. http://www.hobbyfarms.com:80/farm-indust...

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