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Ramblings - Early start this morning, rain, pond, coffee and beyond

Posted Monday, March 16, 2009, at 8:41 AM

I almost got to sleep late this morning, but the miracles of cellular technology saved me from that terrible fate. 5;45 came dark and early as the president of our company called to get directions to a place outside of Atlanta. The directions I gave him last night at 9:15 did not match up in the dark wet morning, so who do you call? No surprise here, it just got my morning going a few minutes early and with no warm up. Bang, your awake.

Soooo, I got to watch the light creep into this overcast day from the the sliding glass door overlooking the patio and pond. I could not resist taking a deep breath outside as my coffee was brewing. I have cut way back on coffee, but it still smells so great.

Anyway, during my outside sojourn, I noticed the stream is not flowing as strong as it should. I could not bring myself to go splashing around in the water this early, besides, it is more effective when Deb turns the pump off at the same time so I can blow the gunk out by using the reverse flow of water.

While it might be a dismal day outside, it is still refreshing to step out and hear the subdued silence of a wet landscape. Make any sense? It is almost as quiet as the morning after a heavy snow but a heavy snow keeps the cars and trucks from moving as well. I love it when I can go somewhere that I hear nature ONLY. No building, no cars, trucks or jets high in the sky.

I gave the 35th mouse an all expense paid trip to the edge of our lawn this morning (about 75 yards). They're field mice anyway, so I am just returning them home. I make sure none of our cats or dogs are around so they have time to acclimate before the hunters start looking for them, but Kit Kat occasionally brings them back to the house. How nice.

They are usually alive and he brings them to me at the patio. When I open the door to try to rescue them, he drops them. We then scurry around to get them under the deck before he catches them again. Sometimes they run IN the house, but each time, we have gotten them back out again. What fun and frivolity!

I received another call while writing this and now the day has started, so I am gone for a while. Cheers!

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that is the stuff of life! Good cuppa Joe and a beautiful morning with birds, fog and nature.

Man! Makes me almost wish i lived back in Flat Creek. (almost)

My Kitty has a tendancy to bring in a little of everything.

We have had birds brought in, let go and then the fun begins!

Catch the bird mom!

Catch the squirrel and catch the snake. No rodants.. they never make it alive..

-- Posted by 4fabfelines on Mon, Mar 16, 2009, at 11:01 AM

i can agree on living the quiet life, and enjoying the outdoors with only nature sounds. i love it. very fortunately tho, i dont have the luxury of having my "dinner choices" brought to me by my lovely kitties. i'm not sure that hunting is one of their hobbies, since they have never offered to protect our home from anything larger than a candle fly. morgan definitely prefers to stay tucked up in "her" bed - that she happens to have to share with my husband and me. allie isn't quick enough to catch anything that doesn't land in her bowl.

-- Posted by picaboo170 on Mon, Mar 16, 2009, at 11:57 AM

Steve it sounds like you have as much fun with the mice as your kittys. Love it.

-- Posted by rebelrosecountrymom on Mon, Mar 16, 2009, at 12:30 PM

I don't intentionally play with them, but when one went up pant leg the other day, we did dance a little.

We have had the cats bring back live birds but they have not come in the house yet, Great, I have something to look forward to. I had one bite me, but he was outside and I could understand the reason.

Squirrels? They are cute but their teeth are too much for me. They have a true rodent curve and could do serious damage.

-- Posted by stevemills on Mon, Mar 16, 2009, at 3:08 PM

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