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Garden Gleanings, meeting and miscellaneous

Posted Saturday, April 25, 2009, at 10:58 AM

Sophie and me tractoring earlier this year.
Just got off the phone with Stephanie about our garden club meeting. We hope to see you and Chad there next week. We always like new folks to drop by with new experiences, new challenges, so 'come on down'!!

Next Saturday, Hong Kong Restaurant on Madison Street in beautiful Shelbyville, Tennessee. If you have questions, try me on my e-mail Steve@befordtradingpost.com

No application, no referrals needed, no officers and no DUES. What a deal, plus you can usually leave with seeds, plants, maybe some books but surely new friends and new ideas. I may start cleaning my bookshelf again, so let the door-prizes begin!

Mike, I am going to go out first thing and see if I can snatch a sprouting fig to replace that one from last year. We don't want your garden to miss this growing season.

We need to choose our plants for the VFW this next meeting. Hope the two project leaders can make it, or at least send in your choices. Shortly after that we need to get them and plan a planting day.

I am back early from our auction hopping. Beautiful day, but they just did not hold our interest and we held our money. Soooo, I need to get more plants in the ground. I am not sure when our dreaded cutworm will slow down, so most of my seeds are being started and then transplanted.

I have tried that for corn in the past but was not happy with the results, so I don't think I will start this year either. Corn kicks out a long root quickly and the few times I have tried it, blah. I may sprout them in between wet paper towels though. Space is limited and I have a lit of things I want to grow, so I hate it when 3-4 spaces do not have any sprouts.

We need the sunscreen today. It may seem like it is just spring, but I flirted with sunburn last week, so on with the screen. Besides the smell makes me think of summers at the beach when I was a whipper-snapper, with no cares except what girls I might meet that day. Ooops, better stop reminiscing.

Well, time a-waistin'. Maybe I will chat more during a break.

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I'm pooped. Had so much fun, I can't stand anymore. Ever since we got a riding mower that does not smoke, Deb cuts the grass so I was able to till with a hand tiller, plant, till and plant, till and plant.

Having our first Bok Choy tonight. Could have had it sooner but just never got around to harvesting some. Sugar snap peas are still dismal. I planted more today using the nitrogen fixing bacteria I bought from Jungs. Half a row with and half a row without. We'll see if ti helps.

I try not to till the whole garden any more, just the rows or area I plan to plant. The rest will stay mulched.

I believe I will replace half the water in the pond tomorrow. See if I can get ahead of the algae flush.

With this dry spell, it is a good time to try finishing the deck sealer as well. I'll probably be happy to see the work week start again. Well, at least a little bit.

-- Posted by stevemills on Sat, Apr 25, 2009, at 6:53 PM

I took advantage of the nice day to plant some cucumbers, a cantaloupe, a couple serano chiles to finish out my row of peppers. Planted a wide row of Blue Lake bush beans.

Worked on the drip irrigation system in the garden, almost got it all done just waiting on a few more fittings I had to order last week. Steve, I'll get you some pics of the system soon. Using a combination of drip lines, emitters and some microsprays to cover the various crops.

I'll be gathering some Mustard greens this week. Noticed some small heads on some of the cabbage, and some of the Broccoli is almost knee high and shading the row nicely.

-- Posted by rtdavis62 on Sun, Apr 26, 2009, at 10:13 PM

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